Satellite P30 Pro: Will not properly sleep mode


I do not normally use the standby feature, but it hibernates.
Recently, I started using it, so I keep the supply charge of the power supply of the wireless mouse.
Unfortunately, he's not exactly going in standby mode it used to - I close the lid and I can hear the fan turns off after a few seconds (about 20) standby red LED flashes and then they come back after 5/10 seconds and stays on.

The standby light goes green on and in practice, it is, switches the screen off the power and the ADSL connection - that's all.
I did close the cover of the last night and found this morning with 3 green LEDs on the fans running!

Any help?
Please note that the settings are correct - I just checked and it is set to go into sleep mode by closing the lid.

Thank you

PS: Lately, I have day a few drivers from the Web from Toshiba site (can't remember which)



If I understand you right, the laptop is on standby and it s is always connected to the local network.

Well, maybe there is a wake-up on LAN enabled mode who wakes the machine automatically to standby mode.

Try to access the BIOS and LAN / WLan, settings on the card and if necessary to disable this option.

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    Windows settings are OK (I'm an experienced user).
    He goes to sleep, if I do it manually (by pressing the power button) - but not after inactivity,

    Any idea?


    Hello, Norbert

    Maybe you should check the settings of Vista power again. I have too many A300 and everything works fine.
    I tested it with all three power plans. Have you done the same?

    Usually, I use the BALANCED power plan and enter mode standby 20 minutes correctly.

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    Very well.
    My laptop will charge when turned off.

    As soon as I turn it on, it does not recognize that there is a power he goes and goes directly to the battery.

    If I take the battery and turn it on with PC network, it will stay on for a second, then turns off.

    any ideas?


    To me, this looks like a hardware problem. Maybe there is something wrong with the motherboard plug or power on the laptop. I put t know
    I think that this should be checked by a technician of the laptop.

    On the Toshiba site, you can find the nearest authorized service provider. They can help you.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P30 - battery will not work correctly

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite P30 for more than a year now and overall I am very satisfied with this mobile 'desktop '.
    The worrying thing is that I keep the laptop high time constant to allow room for the fans. (If they get hot the laptop just turns off).

    My question is about my battery about 3 months ago, the problem began, suddenly at random time my laptop can not regocnize battery which mean that even if the cable ca is in hes runnin on battery and goes so goes out after a while. I always leave the battery in the laptop when I use it because the cable ca is not quite stable more unfortunately so I need to keep a book on the cable in order to make it work.
    Is it possible that I can claim a new battery or do something about the problem? It is very difficult when I'm workin and all of a sudden the light just goes and I know that I have a max of 30 min before he died.
    Please let me know what I can do, thank you

    Alexander Wiegand

    Hi Alexander,.

    I don't think that the problem is with your battery, it is more likely to be a bad contact on the ca cable where it plugs into your laptop. In general, the ca card makes an intermittent contact and that the power of fools management system into believing that AC power has been disconnected. It follows that the power, then transfers to battery power and it ejects then until the powers of the unit off.

    I managed to solve this problem on my SA30 anchoring the power cable at the back of the laptop so that there is no constraint on the card.

    With regard to the problem of overheating, computers laptop modern can generate a lot of heat and requires a lot of cooling air to keep things cool. Make sure that the cooling system is cleaned of dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner pipe placed on the intakes on a regular basis.

    Kind regards

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    Have you gone through the steps in the documents?
    If you need help on the specific steps it please let me know who and I will try to provide more help. If you try to make a step and it does not please let me know what it was.

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    You can try the steps in these links:

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    I have a Dell desktop with Windows 8 and he will wake up sleep mode, if it isn't being used for awhile but if left for a long time he goes to sleep and won't wake up. I tried to turn it back on

    • touch mouse
    • touch the power button / stop
    • using the windows key + C
    • no result except if I make a strong power down
    Now, he has started to download windows updates without installing
    The best that I have saved for the end... It will not cut down, it will only in power saving mode
    very frustrating... suggestions please?

    Was given this same problem and I fixed it.  Check to make sure that she is not actually wake up!  In my case was wake the computer itself, but the graphics card was not.  I could hear the processor fan back, hard disks turn upward, but nothing on my screen.  In my BIOS, there is an option to do not allow the built-in graphics adapter sleep.  It was called "RC6 make Standby" and I turned it off - fixed!

  • Satellite M30X Pro does not charge on current alternative

    Hello. My satellite M30X pro does not load when it is connected to the adapter sector, I have had the laptop for about a year and a half now

    Is this problem likely to be due to the charger doesn't work does not correctly? I don't want to spend £60 for a new charger, namely the charger works fine, and it's actually something else no longer works correctly!

    Thank you

    Is it possible to use the laptop with the adapter?
    No AC lights?
    If yes then the AC adapter works fine.
    In this case, if the battery is not either of the malfunctions of the battery or the thing will not on the motherboard.
    But mostly the battery fails.

  • Satellite A 200 will not be stopped correctly

    My Satellite A 200 will not be closed down whemn I close the system. Only solution I can use is now 'hard' shut down, using power button, but this isn't the right way.

    Is this a known poblem? Can you give us some solution?
    Jeroen pool

    Maybe a process that runs in the context of the operating system can't shut down properly and therefore the Windows operating system cannot stop.
    I've seen questions on different computers.

    I think you should try to clean the registry with the 3rd tools i.e. CCLeaner. It s for free and can be downloaded from various sites.

    If it does not help check if the new OS install helps solve this problem.

  • Satellite M35x-S161 will not work on battery

    My Toshiba Satellite M35x-S161 will not work on battery power.

    With external power supply, the battery status icon see the stack of 90 to 99%, but if the external connection is deleted the computer will immediately dead.

    By pressing the power button with the power supply disconnected, nothing happens. There is no light.

    I suspect the battery is dead, but why it doesn't show 90-99% full?


    In my opinion, your battery is dead.
    My old battery was always full, but I could use the laptop to only for 1 min.
    While the battery was empty

    There is nothing unusual issues you may encounter in using mobile phones
    The battery can die one day.

    In my opinion, the battery needs to be replaced

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    My satellite 2410-303 will not read my product recovery CD.
    When I turned off my pc with the drive in, I get messages saying that the disk is not formatted correctly.


    It of weird, is your CD the other disc drive? Have you tried to read your cd of restoration with another computer? If the same error occurs on another computer system, then the cd is probably defective.

    Just a question: I guess you want to recover your machine, Don t you?

    See you soon

  • My 2009 macbook pro will not load.  The technician said that the motherboard must be replaced.  Is there a less expensive repair?

    My 2009 macbook pro will not load.  The technician said that the motherboard must be replaced.  Is there a less expensive repair?

    Apple has set the rates, price around $300 repair program.  I don't think you can get a price of paste elsewhere.  However, there are third-party sites that provide repairs, parts and helpful videos.  Google is your friend.

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    the key of product used to install xp pro will not validate what I do now as ms I want just to sell me windows 7

    Hi Jim,.

    I suggest you look at this article for education and troubleshooting Windows XP activation problems:
    This section of the article can be particularly useful:
    How to activate Windows XP by phone-
    To contact a Microsoft customer service representative to activate Windows by phone, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, point to programs, point to Accessories, point to System Toolsand then click Activate Windows.

      Or, click on the Activation of Windows icon in the notification area.

    2. Click on Yes, I want to telephone a customer the service representative to active windows now.
    3. Click read the Windows Product Activation privacy statement, click new, and then click Next.
    4. Follow the steps in the Activate Windows by phone dialog box, and then click Next.

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    I'm afraid that there is no specific driver for this OS. The 990c driver will be the only option to get to work. I'm sorry.

  • Windows 7 Pro will not restart if printer on.


    When you click Restart, Windows 7 Pro will not reboot with a printer hp (L7680 or C309a) turned on.  The screen remains right on "Starting Windows".  Windows continues to load after that whatever printer is turned on.

    This problem just started.  Never happened before.  I could always click on restart without problem before.

    Any help?

    Hey joe_do,

    I see that you have a problem with the sequence of starting your Windows 7 Pro computer when one of your 2 HP printers are turned on.  How are these 2 printers connected to this PC?

    Looks like that devices can be connected to USB and somehow the computer boot sequence put the emphasis for USB on the internal HARD disk.


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