Satellite P300 - 19 p - how to improve the graphics for Microsoft FSX?

Please could someone tell me if and how I can improve the graphics of my laptop when I run Microsoft FSX?
Of course, I could buy a good laptop with a high-performance graphics card, but is it something I can do to improve the graphics?

Thank you very much.


Hi Ben

First of all, I must say that Flight Simulator X needs a lot of graphics performance and this game is really high system requirements. You need a powerful CPU, graphics card and enough RAM.

Regarding your question an update of the map for example graph it s is not possible. It s fixed/soldered on the motherboard and there is no Exchange possible on desktop.
So if you want a laptop that is faster for games, you can buy a new one, like the Qosmio X 500.

You can only improve performance if you reduce the resolution of the screen or the details of the game.
Make sure also that if the last page Toshiba display driver is installed.

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    Don, welcome to the forum.

    The first thing you need to do is to upgrade the power supply (PSU).  The current PSU is only 250W.  It is not enough to run a new intermediate level video cards.  They require a minimum of 400W.  It would be a good idea to buy at least one with 500W.  This will give you more choice of cards.  I love the Corsair and OCZ PSU.  I always suggest measuring the current PSU and comparing measures to whichever you choose.

    You should stay at 9 "or less for the duration of the video card.  This ensures that it fits in the space provided.  You would need a larger case to go further.  I like XFX, EVGA, Sapphire and PNY in that order.  The two cards in the links can be inserted into the computer and they will be good for the games.  Be sure to read the 'Détails' and 'Clients' to learn more about each of them.  I'm looking for products that have more than 100 customers and are at least 4 eggs.  Normally, this will be a very good product.

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  • Tips on improving the graphics for the app for iPhone and iPad

    I'm creating an application for iPad and iPhone 4 and it looks terrible on the iPhone 4.

    I created the Flash file in Flash IDE with Movie CS5.5 size 1024 x 768 and I use the AIR according to the parameters of IOS:

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    All of my graphics are vector, so I assumed that it would be the crisp air on both devices. It is not as perfect as you are looking for on the iPad as it appears on my PC screen, but I can live with that. However, I can't live with the appearance of the iPhone 4.

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    Nice vectors will look depends on the setting of stage.quality. Try it on medium or high instead of low. In addition, CPU or direct is likely to give more beautiful than GPU vectors only.

  • Satellite P300 - 1 7 - How to enable the project?

    I have the Satellite P300 - 1 7 with wifi link 5100. His work just to 54 Mbps. I don't have 300 Mbps connection. The distance is 1 to 3 metres.
    Why does only not with n-draft?

    -Operating system is Windows Vista 32 bit
    -Router W - lan is Vodafone Easybox A 602---> (identification of the software have n-project)
    -wifi link 5100---> (identification of the software do NOT have n-draft) why?

    These products have the latest driver updates.

    Help, please...


    What happens if you choose only the draft N speed in Device Manager? So go in Device Manager, select the wireless network adapter and click Properties. Here, you can change how fast WLAN should be used. Here, you define project N only!
    Also, make sure that the WLAN router uses N project only, too!

    Finally and most importantly make sure that this latest driver WLAN and BIOS version is installed. Both can be downloaded from the Web from Toshiba site.

  • Satellite P300 - 21 k - how to use the mouse Toshiba BT wireless


    I have a new Toshiba blue tooth wireless mouse and I tried to make it work with my Satellite P300 - 21 k, with a Bluetooth dongle.
    But the mouse does not work, help please.

    I'm not very good with technology is if there is a guide step by step to set it up with the dongle.

    Thank you


    I think it is not very complicated to install and configure this mouse.

    Simply activate the BT on your P300 using the FN + F8 key combination.
    This combination FN active WLan too so don't forget that you have chosen BT!

    I don't know if you have to choose new BT connection such as the use of a BT keyboard or a mobile phone, but first try without creating a new connection perhaps the mouse will be recognized automatically m.

    Here, on this Toshiba BT portal, you will find also some details about BT:

    Good bye

  • Satellite P300-1EI (PSPCCE) - how to upgrade the BIOS?

    Hello everyone,

    I want to update my BIOS and I am running Windows 7 32 bit. On the Toshiba site, I found this update: of the bios-20090226125740.
    It's the good update?

    How could I do to update Windows (I have no floppy).

    Thanks for your reply.

    Hi banditito,

    The first important question is: BIOS update is really necessary?
    I mean if you notice any problems with your laptop I n t see a reason to update. This update is a bit risky if never touch a system! ;)

    In addition, the update is designed for Windows and you don't need a floppy drive!
    Extract all files from the archive zip and start the update. But before this, close all programs running (also, AntiVirus and firewall), disconnect from the Internet and then start the update.

  • Satellite P300 - 1DT PSPCCE - how to change the keyboard


    I am looking for documentation of disassembly for my laptop.
    I need to change the keyboard. I have 2 letters that are broken.

    Thanks a lot



    Disassembly guides are not for the public, you can download the manual on the official website of Toshiba. I've never seen there other documentation.

    In any case, exchange of keyboard should not be complicated. Just remove the keyboard between the speakers and the keyboard stand. After that, you can lift the keyboard itself but be careful with the keyboard under the keyboard cable. You must remove it also.

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite A300-1PH - how to improve the battery life

    I want to get an extended battery...
    How to improve the battery life?
    I have the Satellite A300-1PH.


    You want to extend the battery work in order to use the laptop longer with the battery power?

    Well, in order to extend the battery work, you should check the Vista power settings.
    Here, you can assign some settings like brightness etc. who would save the energy of the battery of the screen.

    For more details, see this document how:
    + How to manage Windows Vista power management features? +

    If you want to know wow to get the most out of the battery, consult this FAQ from Toshiba:

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro A30 - RAM to help to improve the graphic system

    I have a Toshiba Satellite PRO A30 and I recently went to a computer fair when I learned that I couldn't change the graphics because it is built in processor, but the guy told me I could use the RAM on my laptop (which is 1.2 GB) to improve the graphics up to 128 MB? is it true on this type of laptop, I looked everywhere on the net for how to do and say everything, it is to do so through the phoenixbios I have tried to do so but do not cause on my bios it doesn't gives not the possibility to change it, will I need an update for my bios?

    Hi Mark,

    Your information is basically correct. The SA30 uses RAM shared for its graphics chip, so in principle, you can specify which part of your main RAM that you want to use for this purpose. However, the ability to specify the RAM allocation is controlled by the BIOS, and if the manufacturer of the BIOS has chosen to preselect the value of RAM graphic, then, you will not be able to change it.

    I know that Phoenix BIOS allows the allocation of RAM to specify up to 128 MB (16, 32, 64 and 128 values) and it can also be defined in the properties display ("Advanced" tab), select the Frame Buffer and check which is entered for the value of the AMU.

    I think that the option in the BIOS is also called UMA and appears on the second page of the BIOS update, about half way down the screen.

    Kind regards

  • How to improve the rendering time on MacBook Air

    Hi all

    Processor: Intel Core i7-4650U @ 1.70 GHz, 2.30 GHz
    Installed memory (RAM live): 8.00 GB
    System type: 64-bit, x 64 processor operating system
    Operating system: 8.1 Enterprise, 64-bit Windows (boot to the Windows partition with bootcamp, work is not as a virtual machine)

    Any ideas how to improve the rendering performance of a YouTube video that I created. I realize that the rendering is not ideal on a MacBook Air, however, there are free of RAM and CPU capacity according to the directives of the screenshot:

    Adobe Media Encoder v2.png

    For example, I put that he should leave 1.5 GB of RAM for other programs, but there are still 3 GB free.

    (FYI at 01:24 popped it up to 100% of the CPU)

    Any help much appreciated.

    Kind regards


    This isn't a very powerful machine.  It is probably not much to do.

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    No idea how to improve the performance of the import.


    Please, don't post duplicate discussions.

    Mark this thread ANSWER and continue to use your original thread where you are already helped.

    You have NOT given the info that has been ask in your other thread.
    Re: NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS = CHAR import is too slow

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    resolution of the image, please check the links below. They should give you a clear idea about the resizing and resampling of images. ain_Resizing_and_resampling_images

    Understanding vs Resample resize | Learn Photoshop CS6 | Adobe TV

    See you soon!

    ~ David

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    Good bye

  • Satellite L655-11Z (PSK1JE) - how to position the external fan coolers?


    I buy laptop cooler and I would like to know how to position the fan for best results rigorous. I read manual from top to down, but only the bottom showing pic of this laptop is only for "this is batery. I would like to know, where (from the bottom) is the position of the disc HARD, GPU and CPU and if the coolers are sucking air in or blow air.

    Pictures would be appreciated.

    This is the photo I found in the Manual:

    Click on: []
    (you can download and locate the position if you like, this will help a lot)

    Thanks for the tips!

    Hi zblebt,

    Of course, there s no problem using these external laptop coolers but I don t understand why.

    You have an internal fan problem or why you think external cooler?

  • Satellite A300 power suddenly goes out during the race for hours

    Dear users of the Forum,

    I am facing a strange problem in operation.
    My laptop Satellite A300 is suddenly down power during the race for hours.
    It is auto off not exactly. Not the way windows stop, is rather like strength to off (as when I press on & power button to stop force).

    This happens automatically, starting again, the screen saying "windows does not stop properly, start windows normally" is apperanig.

    I suspected virus infection, I tried full scan with nod 32, essential microsoft, kaspesky - 1 by 1 (previous uninstall and install the new), but all the antivirus intremediately scan stopped due to this power off.

    Watch movie also stopped in the Middle, attempted to convert the movie file format also was arrested several times because of this problem of automatic disconnection.

    I tried to run only on the power (remove battery) and got the same result.

    can anyone identify the problem? can you please give me the solution?



    I put t think it is s virus.
    En me it looks like overheating. Eventually the high internal temperature requires the laptop to close. This is done automatically to prevent the equipment from damage
    I'm not quite sure what could cause this exactly, but in most cases the dust inside the fans affects cooling performance and lead to a temperature higher than m.

    Higher temperatures could affect the RAM modules too, and perhaps that is the reason why some applications don't work properly.

    What to say; try to clean the cooling fans using a jet of compressed air and check out how the laptop would proceed

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