Satellite P300 - 1DT PSPCCE - how to change the keyboard


I am looking for documentation of disassembly for my laptop.
I need to change the keyboard. I have 2 letters that are broken.

Thanks a lot




Disassembly guides are not for the public, you can download the manual on the official website of Toshiba. I've never seen there other documentation.

In any case, exchange of keyboard should not be complicated. Just remove the keyboard between the speakers and the keyboard stand. After that, you can lift the keyboard itself but be careful with the keyboard under the keyboard cable. You must remove it also.

Good luck! :)

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  • Satellite P300-1EI (PSPCCE) - how to upgrade the BIOS?

    Hello everyone,

    I want to update my BIOS and I am running Windows 7 32 bit. On the Toshiba site, I found this update: of the bios-20090226125740.
    It's the good update?

    How could I do to update Windows (I have no floppy).

    Thanks for your reply.

    Hi banditito,

    The first important question is: BIOS update is really necessary?
    I mean if you notice any problems with your laptop I n t see a reason to update. This update is a bit risky if never touch a system! ;)

    In addition, the update is designed for Windows and you don't need a floppy drive!
    Extract all files from the archive zip and start the update. But before this, close all programs running (also, AntiVirus and firewall), disconnect from the Internet and then start the update.

  • How to change the keyboard on Portege M300-101?


    I have a Portege M300-101, and I would like to know if there are instructions online for how to change the keyboard itself. Our unit comes with, I think, a Belgian keyboard installed... and a U.S. keyboard in the box. Are there instructions available for how to move on the keyboards? Also, I guess it's a good idea to switch the keyboard before turning on the laptop for the first time. Do you agree?

    Dainis W. Michel

    Hello Danis

    Unfortunately there is no public document on this subject. You can try to do it alone, but please don t forget that on this guarantee valid path will be cancelled. Basically, the replacement of keyboard is not well complicated and technicians may need 15 minutes to do.

    In my opinion, you can take a risk and pay for replacement before losing the valid guarantee. The Portege is very expensive and of damage to property, it is very risky to be unsecured.

    If you still think that you do not write anything again.

  • Satellite P300 - 19 p - how to change NTSC to PAL?

    Whenever I want to display on my TV, I have to change the PAL TV to NTSC as I can't find how to change the S-video output on the laptop from NTSC to PAL.
    Does anyone know how?

    See you soon.


    I m not owner of the Satellite P300, but you can change this option in the BIOS or in the display driver. Normally, here you have an option to change between PAL and NTSC on output S-Video.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite P300 - 219 PSPCCE - what should be the optimal heat of CPU?

    Hello there;

    I use for my laptop Satellite P300-219 (PSPCCE) newly bought about a week now. When you type I can't help noticing, the place where I put my left hand, I want to say the empty space to the left of the touchpad, feels much too hot. I looked for the manual and I have learned that it is where the CPU.

    Then I searched for a way to measure the heat of CPU, and after having tested some programs with too many different measures, I led to believe that the 'CPUID hardware Manager"gives the best results, after you set the correct value TJUNCTION.

    Here are the steps I get today while typing this message:

    ACPI hardware monitor
    Temperature 0 45note ° C (112 ° F) [0xC6E] (THRM)

    Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T6400 hardware monitor
    Temperature 0 56a ° C (° F 132a) 0 x [31] (Core #0)
    Temperature 1 54a ° C (° F 129a) 0 x [33] (Core #1).

    Monitor hardware ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
    53A temperature 0 ° C (° F 127a) (GPU Core)

    Hardware Hitachi HTS543232L9S monitor
    Temperature 0 37â? Â ° C (98A? Â ° F) (0 x 25) (Assembly)

    From now you mind, windows taskbar indicates that I use roughly about 15 & 35% CPU. After a little use, I even though the CPU heats by a maximum of 69a ° C.

    The truth is, I don't know what to do with these readings, is my laptop which works very well, or he has problems? Could someone please tell me what should be the optimal level of heat for a P300, or where I can learn?

    Thanks in advance.


    In my opinion, everything is ok with your laptop, buddy and the temperatures are quite good. Don t be to worry about this!
    If your laptop could overheat, it would have to close or freeze immediately. If this isn't the case, everything is ok with the temperatures.

    What you can do is to change the cooling method in Windows power management. Here, you change between performance and battery optimized cooling.

    By the way: you should also clean your laptop at any time. I clean my laptop every 3-4 months using a jet of compressed air. This blows the dust from the cooling fans.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite U400 - 15G - overheating-how to change the cooling module?


    My Satellite U400 15 G is overheating (CPU up to 70 ° c). NEITER in Google nor in the manual, I can find a statement, how to open and change the cooling module. (I'm only trying to change mine, because garranty is already gone)

    Does anyone know how to open the laptop/notebook and how to change the cooling module?

    Thanks in advance

    Post edited by: bla42

    Before you continue just a matter of discussion:
    Let's say I help you with this and damage you something or broke a plastic part, what you will do in this case?
    I mean you probably know that you can get a few small important parts as separate components.

    By the way: this description may be provided in the manual. Disassembly of the laptop is authorized personal only. When you buy a new car it is no description how to disassemble the entire engine, right?

    By the way: Jeanine's right. See this page. There are many useful tips on laptop disassembly procedure.

  • Satellite A200 - 23 X: how to change the app assigned to buttons on the touchpad

    Dear friends,
    I have the Toshiba A200 23 X with Vista.
    I installed the Synaptics pointing for the touchpad device. I assigned in the 3 buttons, 3 different possibilities for that when I touch each of these buttons to start the appropriate application.

    The question is how to change the applications that I assigned?

    The first time, before fix, when I touch for example, the first button, a small window appears asking to attach a request, the same happened with the rest buttons 2.
    But now I want to change these apps that I have attached to these buttons, I know no way th.

    If anyone can help please.

    Thank you very much


    I think you can change the settings of touchpad button in the properties of the touchpad.
    You can find properties of * Panel-> mouse-> device (last tab)-> settings button settings *.

    There are a few options. You must choose the option called Dual mode
    You will find the area where new applications could be affected.


  • How to change the keyboard on Tecra S


    I need a little help to replace my broken keyboard.
    I have not found any procedure here or in the user guide.

    Who is screwed, I have to remove to change the keyboard?

    Thanks for your help


    Myself and others here are not clairvoyant so maybe you could post your model of laptop. ;)

  • Satellite P300-1EI (PSPCCE) - how to allocate more memory to the graphics card?


    I have a laptop toshiba satellite P300 with this graphics card: ATI mobility radeon HD 3650.
    I want to allocate more memory for this graphics card. How could I do?

    I can't do this in my bios, I don't have this option...

    Another way?


    Something like that is not possible because the graphics card driver it controls automatically.
    If the graphics card would need more graphics memory then the driver assigns the amount of necessary RAM automatically.

  • Satellite P300 - 1 7 - How to enable the project?

    I have the Satellite P300 - 1 7 with wifi link 5100. His work just to 54 Mbps. I don't have 300 Mbps connection. The distance is 1 to 3 metres.
    Why does only not with n-draft?

    -Operating system is Windows Vista 32 bit
    -Router W - lan is Vodafone Easybox A 602---> (identification of the software have n-project)
    -wifi link 5100---> (identification of the software do NOT have n-draft) why?

    These products have the latest driver updates.

    Help, please...


    What happens if you choose only the draft N speed in Device Manager? So go in Device Manager, select the wireless network adapter and click Properties. Here, you can change how fast WLAN should be used. Here, you define project N only!
    Also, make sure that the WLAN router uses N project only, too!

    Finally and most importantly make sure that this latest driver WLAN and BIOS version is installed. Both can be downloaded from the Web from Toshiba site.

  • Satellite Pro C660-1JL - how to change the language of Windows 7?


    I bought Toshiba preinstalled official Windows 7 Professional 64 service Pack 1. And I would like to change the language from German to the Russia.
    In accordance with the instructions of the microsoft home page I could not get the result. MUI Pack does not appear when you are looking for Windows updated (some other updates are available only, but not language pack)...

    What would you recommend how to fix this?
    Its Satellite Pro C660-1JL


    > I bought Toshiba preinstalled official Windows 7 Professional 64 service Pack 1
    You can change the language on Windows 7 Professional t, this is possible on Windows 7 Enterprise (volume license) and Windows 7 Ultimate edition.

    So if you want another language, buy Windows 7 Ultimate or be happy with the current language of Windows 7 Professional. ;)

  • Satellite P300 - 21 k - how to use the mouse Toshiba BT wireless


    I have a new Toshiba blue tooth wireless mouse and I tried to make it work with my Satellite P300 - 21 k, with a Bluetooth dongle.
    But the mouse does not work, help please.

    I'm not very good with technology is if there is a guide step by step to set it up with the dongle.

    Thank you


    I think it is not very complicated to install and configure this mouse.

    Simply activate the BT on your P300 using the FN + F8 key combination.
    This combination FN active WLan too so don't forget that you have chosen BT!

    I don't know if you have to choose new BT connection such as the use of a BT keyboard or a mobile phone, but first try without creating a new connection perhaps the mouse will be recognized automatically m.

    Here, on this Toshiba BT portal, you will find also some details about BT:

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite A210 - 11 p: how to change the GPU shared memory

    Hi all,
    I recently bought this laptop with 2 GB of memory.
    I just bought 4 GB of Crucial, after doing the scan and it recommends the right Ram purchase.

    I installed it and when check in information system's watch than 3.3 GB.
    Now that I'm confused because according to this specification on blocks:

    «Graphic adapter: memory: 256 MB of VRAM dedicated (up to 1,023 MB memory graphics available using technology HyperMemory with 2 GB of system memory total) "»

    It seems that the graphics adapter card has took a little of my memory of the system.
    How can I change the settings so that it used only 256 MB or just a little more? I can't find a way to Vista.


    * waves *.

    Please check this Toshiba document on this subject of 3.3 GB memory.

    The windows and the BIOS cannot recognize all of the 4 GB due to the limitation of the 32-bit system.
    System resources need of addressing which overlaps physical memory below 4 GB.
    These requirements can reduce available addressable memory space to and reported by the operating system

    The GPU sharing only 256 MB.

    PS: I read somewhere on the net that the new Vista SP1 which is officially available in 2008 has solved the problem with limitation of 32-bit system

    Best regards

  • Re: Satellite P870 - how to change the keyboard backlight ON?

    We can see from the Web from Toshiba as Satellite P870 site (and other series like P850, L870, etc.) are NEW backlit keyboard. How to service this backlit?

    FN - Z does not work. Also, I do not see any symbol associated with this function on the keyboard of my P870. It is also very strange due to the fact that my P870 has all the other features "fantasies" (good screen, sound, Blu - ray, HDMI, Eco option connector (backlit keyboard does not respond on on / off Eco).)

    Thank you


    Can you please post exact model laptop (P870-xxx)? I just want to check the specifications for your model of laptop.
    The small keyboard symbol is laced on the Z key?

  • Re: Satellite A300-1 MW: how to change the button to start the sonique player


    I have a question.
    I want to change the option on one of the button control (this one with open windows media player) and it will open a Sonic player.
    I've read about change in winamp, but I can't do it in Sonic.

    Please help me!


    Yes, I read this also on the Winamp.
    I tested and it s true that you can change the configuration of the key and he might start Winamp instead of WMP.

    But the fact is that these can be configured in the Winamp software.
    There is an option that allows the use of these buttons.

    I don t know the Sonic player, but I guess that it is not possible

Maybe you are looking for

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