Satellite P300 - 23L - adjusts the frequency of the music

Hey, recently bought a toshiba p300 - 23L.

Listening to my music through speakers the impressive laptop I noticed that the laptop seems to set the frequency of the music according to the high and low points of a song? I can see why this was presented as a function, but it made my ears go funny and I don't like.

Can someone tell me if I can disable this option at all, and if so, where, I do this.

Other than the laptop has an audio system coming out, just like shame it varies throughout each song!

Thank you all,



Are you sure that the music files are not reported in the different volume levels.
From my experience, no all songs have the same volume level.
My MP3 don t even support files volume most of the files are different

To be honest I have never heard that the laptop would control automatically the volume level according to each song

However, the P300 should contain an Audio chip (can be found in Control Panel).
Check that maybe you can change some parameters here.

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    I have a satellite P300-156, and it has a numeric keypad.
    I have problems because the Enter key and the Return key give the same values. I believe that it is incorrect.
    Can anyone help.

    Key on the numeric keypad should give an input it does.
    the Enter key on the main keyboard should give a carriage return value, but it gives an input value.

    Usually this does not cause a problem, but with software like photo shop that makes the distinction between a carriage return and a hard fall it does not work.

    Can someone help me please

    Thank you


    To my eyes the entry and return keys are the same keys that provides the same functionality.
    I really put t know why you believe that there is something not right

    By the way; Check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS!

  • Satellite P300 - 18 M; The clean installation of Vista Ultimate failed

    Hello everyone,

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite P300 - 18M. Now, I want to install Vista Ultimate on a totally clean system. The installation runs, but at the final stage (end), which takes about 2 hours, the screen becomes black with just the mouse showing pointer. I sometimes triep to leave from one day to the next day, she who does not help.
    Anyone who has ever heard of this problem and knows how to solve? If all goes well...


    Never heard of this issue, but it would be interesting to know if you can restore the laptop using the recovery disk Toshiba of origin.
    It work?

    By the way; Did you include the SATA drivers before starting the installation of Vista?

  • Satellite P300 connected to the WiFi router, but no internet connection


    I have a Satellite P300 installed with Windows Live Onecare... and a netgear Rangemax wireless router
    I have no idea as to overcome this problem... I just moved house and it worked just dandy in the old place

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    If everything worked correctly in your old House, then I guess there is no problem with the laptop but the router is simply not configured property or there is a problem with your ISP (internet service provider).

    Maybe you should get in contact with the ISP and need to check if the connection is ready and available!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P300 - problems with the buttons of enlightenment

    First of all, I would like to apologize for my bad English, I'm French actually.

    Hi, I bought a laptop Satellite P300, a couple of days, and already I have a problem with tactile keys (one on top of the keyboard).

    Actually, the only one of the left, which is supposed to turn off the sound used to keep away the keys lights and Satellite logo. One day (and I don't know why), when I pressed her, she actually cut the sound. And now, the first two keys (mute and shortcut of windows media) do not work, but the other four (Media Player control).
    I tried Toshiba Assist, and the tool for the configuration of the pushbuttons (I don't know the English name of this tool) but I couldn't set the keys, they were not on the list "button name".

    So, does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

    I apologize again for my English.


    I assume you are using Windows Vista because you bought the laptop a couple of days and so I think that you should try to reinstall the Toshiba value added Package. This package determines the buttons of the lighting that you mean and others (for example the FN keys too).

    The latest version, you can download the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    1. download the latest PPV on the Toshiba site
    2. go in Control Panel > Add/Remove programs. Find the Toshiba value added package and remove it
    3. restart the laptop
    4. download and install CCleaner. This cool cleans up the registry of Windows and system files. He should find some registry keys of Toshiba you should remove with CCleaner.
    5 reboot the laptop
    6. install the PPV that you already downloaded
    7 restart once again

  • Satellite P300 - I need the number of the part of the original screen

    Please can someone help?

    I need to get the part number for Toshiba for the original screen in my Satellite P300 - 20H. My laptop fell out of the bed and the only way I can use it with an external display
    all this is fine with the laptop, but it would be a great help if I could get the part number for the original 17 "WXGA + TruBrite.

    Please do not hesitate to any help you send an email: Email: [[email protected]]

    Thank you very much


    The original Toshiba parts can be ordered from the Toshiba ASP.
    Guys could order to directly from Toshiba.

    I also found this page:

    You will find a display that are compatible with Toshiba laptops.

  • Satellite L500 - cannot adjust the brightness of the screen

    I have a L500 - came out with Windows 7. I can't also adjust the brightness - the external monitor is fine. 17 other laptops in the same school are fine - just this one.
    The FN key doesn't seem to work - the laptop screen is so dark, that it is not readable.

    I didn't know all the answers that respond to that?

    Hi redmg,

    The FN keys are controlled by value added and Flash Cards Support utility package. So if you can use t FN keys correctly reinstall these two tools of Toshiba. You can download on the official page of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers

    But remove older versions before installing the new versions.

    After that all FN keys should work properly again.

  • Satellite P300 - cannot set the password in the wizard of Toshiba utility

    I have a Toshiba P300, Windows Vista SP1 32
    I have a Manager password of my Toshiba setting of the problem in the software or utility Wizard from Toshiba.


    Maybe you could post more details?
    What password you want to set?

    As far as I know the Toshiba Assist-> secure tab provides two passwords:
    Supervisor and user password password

    The supervisor password can be set in Toshiba Assist-> tab secure-> supervisor password utility
    The password can be set in Toshiba HWSetup-> password tab

  • Satellite P300 - player of the Partition with Vista


    I bought a P300-PSPC4C-SE308C demo, and it has installed Vista. I want to downgrade to XP. The drive is 300 GB and is distributed as a single drive. I would like to partition a drive C: and D:. I went into the BIOS and changed the AHCI on the 'compatibility' mode, if I understand correctly that he need to change than the AHCI setting, so that the laptop to 'see' XP. Now, I need to partition and format the drive. At first, I tried to install my Partition Magic 8, but it does not work with Vista. I tried to use "fdisk" to boot Windows 98 drive program, and he acknowledged only the reader as 49GB.

    I need to know how to partition and format the drive and then install my XP. Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much... DJ


    You can also use a free program called GParted.
    It s partitions management software that allows you to erase, to create, to shrink the partitions.

    Nice tool and free!

  • Re: Black screen on Satellite P300 after removing the SD card

    Hello @ community!

    I had a P-300-21Z. 1 month.
    Last time I got the shot screen SD card in black and never returned to normal...

    The PC works fine on the external screen...
    I can see what is on the computer laptop screen at the back but is almost completely black...

    My guess is it is the lamp of the screen burned!

    What do you think?

    Thank you.

    > I can see what is on the computer laptop screen at the back but is almost completely black...
    Sounds like an inverter problem.

    The FL inverter (very small part behind the screen frame) is responsible for the backlight of the screen and it controls the backlight.
    If the FL inverter will start to malfunction, then you would see everything as behind a fog of ticks, I think this is your case

    I recommend contacting ASP which would be able to help you.
    The P300 notebook is not very old, and I think the warranty to be valid.

    See you soon

  • Re: Satellite P300-276: on the right side of the keyboard keys become numbers when NUM LOCK

    When I commit to NUM LOCK keys on the right the number keys on the main keyboard also become as well as on the numeric keypad on the right.
    I tried pressing Fn and NUM LOCK at the same time as on a not extended keyboard, but that makes no difference.

    I also tried different input languages and keyboard styles.
    I can't test with an external keyboard, because I do not have. I downgraded from vista to XP.
    I don't know if this makes a difference because I did not notice this after the downgrade.

    Any ideas?


    Sorry, but I think I put t understand your question
    Made, it is whether the digital LOCKING is enabled (FN + F11) and buttons; U, I, O, J, K, L and M becomes to numbers:
    you 4
    I have 5
    O to 6
    J 1
    K to 2
    L 3
    M 0

    If you press FN + F11 again then the buttons must be on back letters...

  • Re: Satellite P300 - conflict with the display driver

    Yesterday, I suddenly had a conflict with my display driver. While working on my laptop, a blue screen appeared and then the screen went black and stayed like that. When you use an external monitor, it is possible to start in SafeMode (in normal mode, a blue screen appears). It is possible that a Windows Update has occurred, but I can nog
    cancel anything (no Windows recovery point).

    I uninstalled the display driver and downloaded the latest version, but it doesn't seem to help. Reinstalling Windows won't work or the other cause the installation DVD detects a hardware error (the display driver).

    Does anyone knows how to fix this?

    Kind regards

    Hey Buddy,

    > Reinstall Windows won't work or the other cause the installation DVD detects a hardware error (the display driver).
    What Windows disk, you used exactly?
    Normally before starting with the installation of Windows, you must format the hard disk and create partitions. If everything is clean at the disk Windows installation starts.

    I advise to use the Toshiba recovery disc. This disk can restore the original settings of the case and before Installation starts the drive HARD to wipe completely.

  • Satellite P300 begins after the judgment

    Computer starts 30 seconds after stopping in itself.
    OS: Vista Home Prem, 32-bit.
    Help, please!


    Strange. ?:| Are you sure you used the stop instead of restart option?

    You use the latest version of the BIOS?
    Check it!

    If a newer BIOS is available, then you need to update it!

    In addition, please disable following upward on the LAN feature in the BIOS.

    See you soon

  • Satellite A200 - cannot adjust the brightness of F6/F7

    Hello world

    First of all, excuse me for my English ;)

    So, I am owner of an A200 and I install my own copy of Windows XP because I don't like Vista (like many...).

    Under Vista, my FN - F6 or FN + F7 strives to set the brightness, but NOT XP. Can I use the FN - ESC to mute, etc, but NOT the function FN - F6 and FN + F7.

    I install the application 'Save energy', but after a reboot, it does not work. I see the icon (a small battery with both hands... one each side of the battery), the energy saver works because if I unplug my laptop, the brightness drops by a few degrees (and the icon for a bulb change 'orange'.

    So, here, something I miss to install or I did not properly confugure?

    Thanks for helping me!

    Update you the BIOS to the version of Win XP?

    This is necessary, because without this BIOS update some features of the laptop as FN keys would not work properly.

  • Cannot start from the CD in my Satellite P300-23F


    I'm trying to fix the old laptop from my brother. It's a Toshiba satellite p300-23f. The laptop did not work well, so he bought another. I think he might have a problem with the HARD drive, but I'm not sure about this and want to try to format the HARD drive and reinstall the operating system.

    When I start from the disc HARD I have no problem, insiders of OS normally, and I can 'use' laptop. The problem is when I try to boot from the OS CD. I get this message "Media test failure, check cable". I know the CD works, because recently I have instaled the operating system with this CD on another computer. I know that the CD player (not sure if it is called like this, but I think you understand what I mean) also works very well, because I tried different CD and it worked.

    I've tried pressing F12 and boot from CD it and also tried to change the BIOS and put the CD in the first place, but it does not work.

    No idea what's going on? Is it possible to make it work?

    Stand by.
    When Windows is completely loaded, you can use the optical disk drive and it reads all CDs and DVDs?
    When you put your Windows Windows installation disc can see the contents of the disc in Windows Explorer?

    Maybe you can use the CD but not DVD. check it out please.

Maybe you are looking for