Satellite P300 - CD does not read DVD

Purchased by Satellite P300-16 t about a month ago, using Vista Home Premium. Until today, my cd/dvd rom drive worked very well.

Now when I try and insert any dvd is not be recognized at all, i.e. that there is no disc in the drive. Audio CD play well, but any type of dvd or original dvd-r/rw is not recognized.

When you click on the player itself in 'computer' drive ejects then and I get a message to insert a floppy disk in the drive. I'm not too knowledgeable about these things, but I checked the drivers are up to date.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and also to set a system restore point upward on a week but still no luck. I prefer not to take it back to the store that I have pictures and videos now on the laptop and one galley to remove so if someone can provide that a solution would be grateful. I also deleted the values of upper register in redegit and deleted any software addition burning like nero. Now driving me crazy

Thank you

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> I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and also to set a system restore point upward on a week but still no luck.
OK... you have attempted to assign the OS to the point of time at the beginning, but have you also tried to boot from a Toshiba Recovery DVD.
If this problem is related to the hardware of the CD/DVD drive problem, then it shouldn't t possible to boot from the Toshiba Recovery DVD.
In this case, the CD/DVD drive should be replaced by ASP.

But if it of possible to boot from the recovery Toshiba DVD so your ODD is not damage which could be only a software problem.
In this case a new installation of operating system and use of recovery DVDs should help solve this problem of CD/DVD drive.

In my opinion it s worth a try

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