Satellite P300 - How can I change face recognition tool?

I have a Toshiba Satellite P300.
This laptop has the recognition of faces. There was an update on the facial recognition available so I tried to update the program.
But when I tried I got the message that there is already an existing version of the program and I should delete this first version.

So I tried to remove it using the remove program under Vista.
But then I had the message 1628 has not finished the install script-based.

So my question is: How can I update the facial recognition?

In my opinion you n t need any update. Please test the functionality and if the face recognition works correctly, you should be satisfied with it.

By the way: which version is preinstalled on your laptop now?

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    Thank you

    The boot priority, that you can change in the BIOS.
    Go into the BIOS with ESC, enter your password and then you can change it.
    But don t forget to save the changes.

    That s all and then you can boot from the CD.

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    Lighting you can enable/disable in the BIOS. There you should find an option to do this and it should be set to activate.

    But as far as I know the keyboard, there is no lighting. It is possible that the touchpad and multimedia keys between the screen and the keyboard.

    Good bye

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    The partition size can be easily changed in Vista. Therefore, you can use the Vista disk management utility. On the Toshiba site I found this document:

    I think that should answer your question. Isn t it then? ;)

    Good bye

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    CC, I could not find where to change it?

    You can even do this and if so, how?

    These options are available in Flash CC as well. If you do not see them at the bottom of your tool palette, they might cut a small size of the screen. Try to expand the palette of tools double column or just disconnect it and check again.

    Let me know if you still can't find them.


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    Gazz's right. It is not possible to switch off the LEDs. If just one LED is on the other must be faulty. Contact the customer Service of your country partner. I'm sure they can disconnect one too if you n t need her.

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    what someone of nowhere leaving to do this please



    As much as I know the of A40 Satellite Pro supports the Intel 852GME shared memory graphic card.
    S control Intel cards automatically memory allocation.

    This means that if the graphic card must more 16 MB of memory, the graphics driver will share the part of main memory!
    The whole process runs automatically and you do not need to change anything!

  • How can I turn off recognition of face and people in the library module

    How can I turn off recognition of face and people in the library module. I don't know how I turned it on

    Hi Stacy,

    Please click on your name in the upper left corner, and then Pause the face detection.

    Kind regards


  • Satellite P300D-220: How can I change the Toshiba Multimedia Buttos config


    How can I change the options for the buttons to support key Toshiba?

    I want to change the button to 'cut the computer', in 'turn led light on or off.
    Toshiba Button support shows only two possibilities: CD/DVD and in German "Your aus" what means "mute".

    What it means?

    In Vista was the button with the right option, now I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate x 86. Since then the mute only it.

    I hope you understand my question.

    This two threads did not help me, because I find no "utility control" in the list of the drivers for my computer.


    Win 7 is different!
    The configuration of keys on Toshiba utility is not available for Win 7!
    After the installation of the VAP (value added package) for Win 7, you can configure the keys by pressing the button for the first time.

    I did it on my laptop after changing from Vista to Windows 7.
    I pressed a button and the window a pop-up asking me which application should be attributed to this button.

    As far as I know after the configuration it of not possible to change this once again

    Maybe after the new TPC facility you could configure the new buttons

  • How can I change the BIOS on Satellite A40?

    How can I change the BIOS on the A40

    Hi Denis,.

    Toshiba ensure an update based on Windows and a traditional update of the disk of the A40. The new BIOS can be downloaded from the Toshiba web site where you can also read the complete instructions on how to apply the new BIOS.

    Please read the instructions very carefully, as errors in the procedure can lead to costly repairs.

    Kind regards

  • How to activate the face recognition login


    Can someone tell me how to activate the face recognition login my computer instead of the normal password


    You can run these steps:

    1. register new account
    2. Enter the parameters click the logon tab
    3. turn on last automatic selection of titles
    4. you can also choose the first option in authentication mode
    5 restart your laptop
    6. in the laptop restarts, click on change user
    7. Select start Face recognition

    All that s!

    It's working now?

  • How can I change the way resembles my email page

    How can I change my E Mail page face looks like. The place to read the emails it a narrow slit at the bottom of the page. I want her to be on the right side so that I can have an area more time to read my mail.

    The menu bar, select View-Layout and choose from 3 options.

    No bar menu with view? Press the ALT key.

  • How to use face recognition tool?

    I bought a new Toshiba notebook, getting on ok with it.
    Anyone is able to help me with my question is this, to use face recognition how I do it.

    What I need to download something? I got the impression that he was already implemented.

    All this is very simple. You want to protect your laptop with the face recognition tool. So it may happen that for some reason your face will be not recognized correctly but your laptop must always be protected.

    In this case, you can enter Vista using password. This password must be initially created for your ACCOUNT of USER of VISTA. Later when you create account in face recognition tool this password must be the same. On this way the software makes control and compares password on behalf of law.

    Can you imagine what will happen if a friend you create an account in the recognition of faces, and you don't know anything about. How you will be able to enter again in Vista?

    So with this mechanism of self-control all kinds of misconduct will be prevented successfully.

    Get you it now? ;)

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