Satellite P300D-10U - how to enable the AHCI controller in the Bios

I have toshiba satellite P300D-10U with windows vista 32-bit, disc ssd drive 2nd hard drive
and I can't do IT controller SATA AHCI in the bios.


What can I do?
install the new windows 7 32 / 64-bit and updated the bios for this maybe windows I can ON AHCI Controller in bios

This bios has the ability to run on AHCI?

Thanks for replying,
Thank you.

BIOS of the screen:

SSD of the screen

I changed the value to 0

I install ATi SATA2 RAID (pilot preinstallation)


To my knowledge, the Satellite P300 series BIOS doesn t contain the ability to switch the AHCI compatible mode.

I don t think that even after updating the BIOS such option would be available in the BIOS.

I see on the first screenshot of the BIOS, the SSD drive is connected to the second controller.
I recommend you connect the SSD to the first controller (instead of the HARD disk).
Maybe then you could get better performance.

Just for the note: portable computers with a graphics card ATI supports the AMD chipset, and in this case the ATI graphics card driver contains the SATA driver files.

However, I guess the HARD disk controller specification allows the use of better performance of SSD drive.

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    Hey Buddy,

    I Don t Satellite P750 in front of me, but the wireless network card is in the Device Manager?

    On Satellite P750, there is a tactile button between the screen and the keyboard to turn the WLAN function. The second button on the left (symbol of the antenna), you need to press to activate the WLAN.

    Also, check the BIOS. As I know most notebook contains an option for the WLAN that must be set to active.

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    Best regards


    As far as I know Satellite P300/P300D comes with Vista and not with Win7 for Win7 installation drive recovery HARD work not at all. You can install Vista, maybe, but certainly not Win7.

    Because of this, I assume that you have installed your own version of Win7. Can you confirm this?

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    Your wireless network card is recognized correctly in the Device Manager, or you may notice a yellow exclamation?
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    Good bye

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    > What utility or driver must be installed to enable the WiFi module?
    You must activate the Wlan using FN + F8 key combination.
    Have you tried that?

    If this does not work, then you must install the VAP (value added package) and utility support Flash Card that controls the keys FN.

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    Just check this article:
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    As you can see it s not possible to remove the BIOS password. It can only be done from an authorized service provider.

    So, you should contact the guy and ask for help. They are able to remove a password from BIOS :)

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