Satellite P300D blocks everything by playing games

Hey all,.

I have the following problem with my P300D. I installed Win 7 32 Bit a week ago and it has worked well so far.
But now, every time I play a game it crashes at the end of 40 minutes or an hour.
I should mention that these games worked fine on Vista before.

Well the thing ist, that I have no blue screen or something, he just goes off. I can't, and then start the laptop for a minute or two.
For me, it seems that prevent to do not overheat. But I have no idea what this might be. It is possible that Windows 7 is the issue (got the latest graphics drivers, also update the BIOS) or is it perhaps CPU Cart ATI goes too hot? His only breaks down while he was playing, I can work on the PC with other software for hours and nothing happens.

IM really out of ideas so I'll be grateful for any assistance.


Hey forecast.

Looks like your laptop is overheating. If the laptop overheats it fate often without reason (blue screen for example). It's my experience
I would recommend so clean the laptop with a jet of compressed air. He could blow the dust from the cooling fans and this should be done to leave in time. Compressed air spray isn't expensive, it costs only a few dollars and you can get it from every computer store.
Check this box!

In addition, it would be interesting to know what display driver you have installed. No Toshiba display drivers are often cause problems because they don t have an overheating protection in order to check the Toshiba page for a new display driver.

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  • Satellite A500-1DN - crashing everything by playing games

    Hi all

    About 2 months ago, my friend bought a Toshiba satellite A500-1DN. After about 2 weeks, she decided to put 2 games on it (guildwars and jedi knight academy). We quickly realized that after about 1 hour of playing, the computer would crash to a black screen, rather than return to a blue screen of death. That meant there was no indication of what was causing the problem specifically and no dumps mini windows...
    Having trouble with these specific games myself on Windows 7, I thought about the games.

    A week later, she spent an hour watching videos to youtube to see his computer crashed in the same way as the game. So I put some on the computer diagnostic software. CPU / GPU overheating? But nothing, the temperatures are stable and supported and certainly wouldn t have been the cause of these accidents, unless I unfortunately missed the point where he did more heat cache-shoulders so I not outrule not he...
    Because of the problem it seems to be up to now video related, I downloaded the new nvidia drivers (unfortunately the official ones didn't work and I had to search a custom .inf file). It does not solve the problem, but the driver seemed to work adequately well.

    In our anger, we have sent it back stating that it would be cooling the laptop, that is to say of copper was not sufficient for the graphics card and Toshiba said they had cleaned up the computer until replaced thermal paste, typical stuff all... which seems very fair. We returned it. We played a game and it crashed within 10 minutes. Perhaps even worse than when he left.

    Is there anything that could cause this problem - video related activities causing crash computer without going to the BSOD or return specific errors. What is RAM? I even uninstalled protection HDD thinking it could be the source of compatibility problems.

    I need advice.

    The spec is:
    Intel core 2 DUO T6600 CPU 2.20 GHz processor
    NVIDIA Geforce GT 230M
    4 GB OF RAM


    This only happens if you play games or Surf Internet, office, etc.. ?

    The games aren't supposed to, but if they are a bit older, they are not compatible with Windows 7 maybe. Did you check that?
    Also look for a patch for the games. You can get it on the site of the factory.

    In addition, it would be interesting to know what you get exactly the code bluescreen. For the most part the stop codes you can find more information on Microsoft Knowledge Base.

    In most cases these bluescreens correspond to the drivers or hardware. If all Toshiba drivers are installed, check the RAM with Memtest86 diagnostic tool.

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite L650 - crackling sound while playing games and videos

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L650 and have problems with the sound... when I play, games or videos he makes a noise cracky and sort of trolling... it happens as well with slower and faster games and videos in all quality´s. I think that the problem started after the update drivers I did the site toshibas, with the right model and stuff...

    Can anyone help?

    Then I have another question! When you play games like civilization iv or nfs carbon (which are not so high end) after 1 hour reading of the temperature of my cpu is almost 70 Celcius... and when he's in the game call of duty 4 its same 80 c so I stopped to play... I know that this problem is regulair with toshiba , but even while surfing around its 55 ° c... should I accept this, or is there something to do? (this is a new Toshiba L650 psk1JE)

    0101 - operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.120305 - 1504)
    0102 - language: Swedish (locale: Swedish)
    0103 BIOS: InsydeH2O Version 2.40
    0104 - processor: Intel (r) Core i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53 GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz
    0105 memory: 4096 MB RAM
    0106 available OS memory: 3958 MB of RAM
    0107 - Page file: 2612 MB used, 5301 MB of available space
    0108 Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    0109 DirectX Version: DirectX 11
    0110 - DX setup parameters: not found
    0111 - DPI setting: using System DPI
    0112 - system DPI setting: 96 DPI (100%)
    0113 - DWM DPI Scaling: disabled
    0114 DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385

    02 - processor

    0201 legend: Intel (r) Core i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53 GHz x 4 ~ 2534 MHz
    0202 CurrentClockSpeed: 1190 MHz
    0203 L3 Cache: 3,00 MB
    0204 L1 Cache: 32,00 KB
    0205 L2 Cache: 256,00 KB

    03. video adapter

    0301 - card Name: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
    0302 manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
    0303 - Type chip: ATI (0x68C1) graphics card
    0304 DAC Type: internal DAC (400 MHz)
    0305 key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_68C1 & SUBSYS_FD121179 & REV_00
    0306 - display memory: 2737 MB
    0307 AdapterRAM: 1.00 GB

    > I think that the problem started after the update drivers I did the site toshibas, with the right model and stuff...
    Can you please tell us what drivers have updated you and why? What was wrong with the old drivers?

    When you start your next portable speakers test time using preinstalled Toshiba diagnostic tool and post the result here.

    What about the temperature of the laptop. 80 c is high temperature but still not critical, and if your mobile phone is placed correctly on the desktop and the cooling fans are not blocked I think you can continue to play the games.
    Before the games close all unnecessary applications and uses laptop computer on power plan to high performance.

  • Satellite L650-116 - can't play games online


    I have problem with my Toshiba Satellite L650-116. I can't play games online. "Every time when I m starting the game, top salons reviews failed to connect with the server.
    I tried with different games such as: Americas Army, World of Tanks and others. These are free games. I already removed antivirus and turned off the firewall windows but still nothing, I by default windows 7 installed. Any ideas?

    Please help me, I will soon buy diablo 3 and I don't want to spend money on the game that I wouldn't be able to play. Sorry for my English

    Have you noticed always the same error message when you try to play different games?

  • Satellite Pro M70 overheating when playing games or watching DVDs

    Hello world

    my laptop (Satellite Pro M70) overheating regularly, especially when playing games or watching DVDs.
    Initially the cooling gets really hard, then the laptop would become hot, and shortly after that it stops completely. I ran it about 50% cpu power (DVD mode) for some time, which helps a little, but makes it much slower games.

    I do not know whence this problem, you have any ideas what I could do?

    Don't know if it's important, my graphics chip is the ATI Mobility Radeon X 700.

    Thanks in advance

    > My laptop (Satellite Pro M70) is overheating regularly himself, especially when playing games or watching DVDs.
    Still is it playing games and watching DVD movies to emphasize material for portable computers.
    Devices such as the CPU and GPU run with maximum efficiency and produce a lot of heat.
    This could lead to problems of overheating, especially if the cooling modules n t work properly.

    > I do not know whence this problem; you have any ideas what I could do?
    I think that the cooling modules don't cool the laptop properly because fans could not run with maximum efficiency because of the dust and debris.

    The same thing happened to me. I just cleaned the vents using a jet of compressed air. This jet of compressed air can be ordered from different computer resellers and it s a professional tool to perform this cleanup.

    I think you should test this.

    Good luck

  • Satellite M60 freezes when I play games


    I bought a satellite M60, since 6 months ago.
    Somethimes when I played a game (Diablo II: LOD) then the phone freeze after 1.5 h.
    But only when I play games.

    Please help me.

    (Sorry my engl. is not so good because German Ia´m)


    To me, this looks like an overheating problem.
    It s a fact while playing the games the CPU and any other devices works with maximum performance. In this case all devices produce heat much and the temperature rises.
    If the cooling modules not run successfully if it possible of s the device freezes or stopped without any warnings.
    In my opinion, you should check the fans and try to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Strange temporary freezes everything by playing games?

    It all started about a year and I have still yet to find a solution. I have a Dell XPS 410, and the only thing that I replaced the graphics card is recently. anyway.

    So, I play many MMOS, and would really damage my gameplay and the fun of the game. By practicing a game, everything freezes for a few seconds and then speeds up real quick to take his place. Not totally sure why it does, but its driving me crazy. Any who have a similar problem and fix it? or maybe know what could be the problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    Try this link from Microsoft. It seems to have helped my Dell XPS 420 with a simular problem. Here is the address-

  • Satellite P850 - 31L - can't play game Hitman Absolution

    I tried to get Hitman Absolution working on my p850 - 31L with the 640 m from nVidia.
    I read a lot of topics about how updates to laptop not supported due to "problems of heating" which seems ridiculous, the game works very well until it crashes (can be within1min - 1 h).

    I recently bought this laptop & had with a dedicated nVidia GeForce GT 640 m map precisely to avoid this manufacturer cross!

    Tweaking not updated to point out the cards their overheating is very good, but I expect at least be updated to be compatible with the latest version of the software! The latest drivers are from last year?

    Why have a nVidia card & a laptop able to play the latest games if out-of-date drivers make it impossible to play?

    If this problem can be resolved or I'm looking for a suitable replacement where I bought my laptop?

    Of my knowledge Toshiba display drivers are modified for mobile use.
    Other manufacturers of graphics card drivers do not support protection against binge GPU.

    This means that using this driver allows the GPU to operate with higher performance but the heat dissipation would be too high and this causes a high temperature, GPU, resulting in overheating.

    As far as I know other manufacturers of portable don t care about this risk and allows the use of these drivers

  • Satellite L500D-11R able to play games like Fallout 3?

    I want to buy this laptop and would like to know if it can handle Fallout 3 on average low graphics. Please help, the model in question is in the link below as well as the specifications of Fallout 3. Cheers for the help.

    Minimum system requirements:

    Windows XP/Vista
    System 1 GB RAM (XP) / 2 GB RAM (Vista) system
    2.4 processor Intel Pentium 4 Ghz or equivalent processor
    Direct X 9.0 c compatible video card with 256 MB RAM (NVIDIA 6800 or better/ATI X 850 or better)
    Recommended configuration:

    Intel Core 2 Duo processor
    2 GB of system RAM
    Direct X 9.0 c compatible video card with 512 MB RAM (NVIDIA 8800 series, ATI 3800 series)
    Supported video card chipsets:

    NVIDIA GeForce 200 series
    Series NVIDIA Geforce 9800
    NVIDIA Geforce 9600 series
    NVIDIA Geforce 8800 series
    NVIDIA Geforce 8600 series
    NVIDIA Geforce 8500 series
    NVIDIA Geforce 8400 series
    Series NVIDIA Geforce 7900
    Series NVIDIA Geforce 7800
    Series NVIDIA Geforce 7600
    NVIDIA Geforce 7300 series
    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series
    ATI HD 4800 series
    ATI HD 4600 series
    ATI HD 3800 series
    ATI HD 3600 series
    ATI HD 3400 series
    ATI HD 2900 series
    ATI HD 2600 series
    ATI HD 2400 series
    ATI X 1900 series
    ATI X 1800 series
    ATI X 1600 series
    ATI X 1300 series
    ATI 850 X series

    Thank you.

    This laptop has an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics chip, which could be too underpowered to run intensive 3D games.

    Personally, I'd go for a model that can handle better 3D games like the Satellite A500 or P500 series.

  • Satellite A350-22Z - can't play game DirectX 9

    I can not play mount & blade warband game DirectX 9.0 with my computer toshiba laptop. I wanted to update the VGA card, but I could not find anywere.

    Please help in an emergency

    Hey Buddy,

    > I tried to update the VGA card, but I could not find anywere.
    You want to * replace * the VGA card with a new one or what do you mean exactly?
    VGA card can t be changed because she part of the motherboard and it s non-tradable.

    But if you want to update the VGA driver that s no problem. You can download it from the Web from Toshiba site:

  • Satellite L670-1KZ: can I play game 'RAGE '?

    Hello world

    any of you able to play RAGE with an ATI HD5650?
    Can I run it is said that my setup is fine, but can be slow...

    Any comment is appreciated.


    Thanks for the comments!

  • Sounds continue to increase everything by playing games

    Original title: Windows 7 sounds continue to increase

    During the last week, I noticed a problem that appears.  During games my noise level will gradually increase of his own volition.

    Most of my games is centered around the steam client and during the game, he will sometimes change.  I keep my windows to noise levels on 38-40 using my headphones Roccat Kaye.  Then of course when he suddenly pulled up to 100% it is very strong.

    I noticed that Windows 7 seems to have this problem, but most of the people are reporting in contrast, with a decrease in sound.  I tried to look for and try the suggestions but nothing works.  Y at - it a patch or hotfix due?

    I use Windows 7 64-bit Edition home premium.

    Hello... Thanks for your response

    Speaker Fill (healthy Option) does not work with several sound cards (any sound card and driver Win7 compatibility)

    For example:
    ALS 890
    ALC 889 has
    ALC 888
    and other




    and other

    Re-install reinstall the sound card in Device Manager, and she now has sound works perfectly. No problem at all... Thank you

  • Satellite P300D 10v stops unexpectedly

    Hello world

    I m new in this forum and I m having some problems with my new laptop Satellite P300D - 10v.
    While playing games or during a 'hard' application my pc stops by itself after a few minutes and all this when power management is set to high performance or balanced. So the only way to run my knees without fear of unexpected closure is either in terms of standby power something that has a lot reduced the performance of my pc. I m running on Vista 32-bit home basic SP1.

    Processor; AMD turion 64 x 2 mobile technology tl-64 2.20 ghz
    RAM; 3, 00GB
    DirectX 10
    GPU; ATI mobility radeon HD 3650 graphics card
    BIOS; (as written in dxdiag) ver.1.00PARTTBLv

    If anyone has the same problem with me or know solutions for it or anything PLS PLS PLS let me know.

    Thanks in advance.


    > BUT unfortunately the problem still exists... so I did a search on the internet and found out that most of the owners of Toshiba have the exactly same problem with their laptop. Well, I guess it's a bug of Toshiba for many years
    Sorry, but buddy I put t agree with you.
    The P300 is a novelty on the market. It s one of the new series of laptop and there may be a bug for many years.

    Is that sometimes the notebooks closed if the internal temperature is too high because the cooling modules are blocked because of the dust and debris!
    I doubt that this is a reason for you to stop the bottom because as I said the laptop is new and it shouldn't be a dust in the vents.

    There is a lot of heat all at stake and this is why you must make sure that there is enough free space around the laptop. It is important for the movement of air correctly. In addition, you should use this notebook on the table and not in his bed, sofa or on the lap.
    In addition, you should always use the graphics page of the Toshiba driver drivers because they are specifically designed for the use of the laptop and control the temperature of the GPU!

    However, if the question will always be present, I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country for a control of the laptop.

    Good luck

  • Can I play games like Counter strike on Satellite L300d-11V


    My Satellite L300D-11-v can play games like counter strike source?
    I installed, but they are unplayable.

    Any help please?
    U can change graphics shared in the Bios?


    I think that a Satellite L300 is not the laptop to play new games like Counter Strike Source. The Qosmio series is perfect for play.

    You have the latest graphics driver? Do not play on the higher quality settings, set it to medium or low.

    And if you buy a computer game on the back of the packaging are the required configuration. So that you can see if it s able to play (good) on your laptop.


  • Satellite A500-19W - suddenly restarts during games

    Hello guys,.

    I recently got a new Satellite A500-19W, but just playing games, it restarts all of a sudden.
    No idea what could be causing this and how to solve it.

    Thank you

    Hi Malek_1,

    This happened to me also on Satellite A300. The reason is because my laptop was overheating and so I decided to clean using compressed air stream. It's pretty easy because that's why it s not necessary to disassemble the laptop and it blows the dust from the cooling fans.
    Check this box!

    In addition, in Windows power management, you can choose between different methods of cooling. I use the maximum performance mode.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Installation of Windows XP on Satellite L300 11G

    Hello I have a problem installing windows XP on my Toshiba Satellite L300 11 G. It does not recognize the SATA HDD. SO I downloaded the files that were needed (Intel storage...) and then I get an error: iaStor is corrupt. I'm pretty new in computing,

  • Windows home server 2011 - remote access error - wrong password or account to GoDaddy

    My windows Home server remote access does not recognize the domain, I've implemented into Go Daddy. The login and the password are considered bad by the wizard. Of course I can access with login and password to and everything is nominal.

  • How can I disable or block my USB port to prevent access to removable devices?

    Hello I want to disable/block my USB port so that no one can insert any USB device like a USB, USB sticks, disks etc. Is it possible to do? Is it possible to password protect my USB port? Help, please. Thank you.

  • How to uninstall Windows 8

    I inadvertenly downloaded windows 8 on a pop up.  I have windows XP.  My pc is now erratic and Dome programs will not open with the message that the program was accompanied by a problem and needs to close.  Can not update SP 3.  In Add a remove windo

  • Windows could not complete the installation - Message in Vista 32

    Windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, run the Setup again. I get this message when I switch on my compaq CQ40 with Vista 32. From this screen, I can go into Manager tasks and go online, see the program file