Satellite P750-113 in stock to the United Kingdom?


I wonder when it will be in stock in the United Kingdom?
Can't find anywhere to buy it... only the Satellite P750-115.

Also wouldn't be worth it to pay extra 100 pounds to get rather than the i5 i7?

Thank you!

You have drilled down through the laptops to the to determine if it is on the British market (I think you can also buy them in this case).

If it is made in the Japan or Japanese substantive content so it may be that he is not for sale. Big camera online sellers are out of stock on the high-end of Canon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic products

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  • Satellite L350-171 not available in the United Kingdom

    Hello again!

    Does anyone know why the stock of L350-171 is all this?
    I'm trying to get a replacement from Tesco for mine failed, but Tesco do not know when they will receive the stock.

    Also tried to look away, online sales in the United Kingdom and they all show the laptop as out of stock. I hope that this is not an abandoned product! I tried to call customer service to ask Toshiba but abandoned after 15 minutes on hold: (.)

    Get very itchy to pay for a new gadget but do not record/play with it!

    Thank you


    I put t believe this laptop model could be interrupted at the moment.
    The L350 is one of the new series of Sam at the moment and maybe this is the reason why the Satellite L350-171 is not yet available

    Maybe you should wait a bit.

    Welcome them

  • Toshiba intend the Satellite X 205-59359 available to the United Kingdom?

    Toshiba intends to make this model USA, Satellite X 205-59359 or the X 205 series, available in the United Kingdom?
    How will I know? Or I'll just go to the Asus G2Sc?

    Hi Graham

    The Satellite X 205 is great! I've read some reports on another computer magazine websites. According to these articles the 205 X / 200 X supports 2 graphics cards! It was specially designed for gamer!

    Return to question you. The satellite X 205 seems to be designed only for the American market, and I think that you can only buy it in the United States or of any online merchant to the United Kingdom.

    But not don t worry as far as I know the Satellite X 200 should be published and sent to European countries! It seems that Sam block supports the specifications of identical or very similar material as the X 205!

    But I didn t find any info on the first version

    It seems that we have to wait...

  • Satellite Pro M505D - no output of the United Kingdom?

    Just got the phone to one of the advisers, who informed me that there is no release scheduled for this laptop is turned off.
    Just wanted to confirm this decision by Toshiba, because it looks like a great laptop.

    If true I guess I have to opt for the largest, hp dv6, I really don't want after having seen the m505D.
    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, you are right that the Satellite M505D looks great.

    M505D series seems to be a model of cell phone US. It s only for the American market.
    Generally, all series of laptops with the 5 at the end the model number are designed for the American market.

    Unfortunately, I didn't find any info about the Satellite M500D and if it would be released in Europe.
    The Toshiba European page contains no such details...

  • When Satellite E105 is available in the United Kingdom


    Does anyone know if the Satellite E105 (below) will come to the United Kingdom.

    See you soon

    Hmm, it's a series of Toshiba laptops we and this series is only available in the United States.
    I googled a bit and this time I didn t find any Satellite E released in European series.

    Well, what to say let's see if this series will be available in Europe in the near future

  • Satellite P100-347 with Vista Premium in the United Kingdom

    I am looking to buy the Satellite P100-347, but I want to get with Vista Premium - no upgrade.
    Does anyone know when this machine will be available with Vista Premium in the United Kingdom.

    Thanks in advance


    Hello Joel

    I heard that Toshiba will start notebook with Windows Vista at the end of January 2007. Perhaps the United Kingdom will be starts earlier (perhaps it is also a country, I put t know exactly).

    As you know Vista comes with several different versions, but it will be preinstalled on P100, no one can tell you with certainty.

  • Satellite P100: Why the graphics card Nvidia 7900 is not available in the United Kingdom?

    Why nvidia 7900 GPUs is not available in the p100 to the United Kingdom? Europe & Middle East the 7900gs is available in the continent. The 7900 gtx in the States is available.



    I put t believe that it of not possible to buy a P100 with the graphics card Nvidia 7900 to the United Kingdom. If you can't buy it forms mobile phone dealer in your city, so I'd check the shops online cell phone.
    I studied a little bi and found these P100 units with the graphic card nVidia 7900.

    Satellite P100-426; P100-194; P100-191; P100-196; P100-215; P100-222

    I found three different cards which were delivered with the P100:
    NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900; GeForce Go 7600 and Intel 945GM Express

    Anyway, the P100 is a new laptop and eventually you can't buy it in every store, but in my opinion several times this unit should be available in the United Kingdom with the GeForce Go 7900

  • Satellite P105-S921 available to the United Kingdom?

    I was wondering if anyone knows when this impressive machine to research will be available in the United Kingdom...

    Theres a comment here:

    Looks really nice and a good price (the United States) too.


    Well, the Satellite P105 is designed for an American market.
    Satellite P100 is designed for the European market, and I guess that it supports the same features as the Satellite P105.

    Please check this page from Toshiba for details on the different models of Satellite

  • Satellite click 2 P30W Pro - BST2N01 Ultrabook - purchase in the United Kingdom

    I am looking to buy Toshiba Satellite 2 click Pro P30W-BST2N01 Ultrabook
    It has a 256GB Solid State Drive

    The only similar product that I can find to sell across the United Kingdom is Toshiba Satellite click 2 Pro P30W-B-108
    But it has only 128 GB Solid State Drive

    Everything else is exactly the same

    Can someone help me find on models larger buy please I want 256 Gb SSD

    Maybe it may sound silly now but how to help you.
    Everything you can do is visit Toshiba UK page - and check all of the models available on the British market.

  • Where can I buy a Satellite A100-920 to the United Kingdom?

    I am buying a Toshiba A100 - 920 to the United Kingdom and although I saw him on the set of PCWorld, they say its not in stock and are unable to give me news of when it could come in stock. Other major retailers such as Dixons and currys also just say temp out of stock.

    Please can you tell me when it will come in stock in UK stores or where I might be able to buy one right now in the United Kingdom?

    This is the link that I saw:
    or[email protected]@@0101641657.116109055 [email protected]@@&BV_EngineID=cccgaddjedjggmkcflgceggdhhmdfhm. 0 & page = product & fm = 2 & sm = 0 & tm = 1 & sku = 618549 & oid =-28735 category_

    Hi Tom

    Sorry, but I think anyone on the forum can give you info like that. It comes to your local dealer. They should have contact with Toshiba and know all the conditions of delivery.

  • Complete list of authorized partners to sell certified pre-owned Apple iPhones to the United Kingdom?

    Some people (Source opportunity of certified Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5 s in Europe) previosly did not believe that these things exist as opportunity of certified Apple iPhones in the United Kingdom, with Apple warranty of 12 months. Whether it's, let's go to the business!

    Here are three examples:


    Already Giffgaff sold them as well, now, they seem to be out of stock, maybe you'd better check them later (they're cheaper):

    I am looking for the COMPLETE list of partners here. But if you don't believe your eyes, you can buy a certified pre-owned Apple iPhones to the United Kingdom in the first place, which will not help the cause, sorry. :/

    Amazon make no mention of Apple in their description (below)

  • Card TV Tuner that works in the United Kingdom and Switzerland

    Looking to buy a laptop computer running windows MCE. However, I need the TV Tuner card to be able to receive analog Switzerland and UK analogue or Digital TV signals. Integrated standard digital/analog hybrid TV tuner DVD-T sounds like it fits the Bill, but need to check if it works OK in Switzerland because they use the PAL B/G instead of PAL format I format used in the United Kingdom. Can anyone help?

    Hello Andy

    The fact is that the TV tuner is associated countries and if you buy laptop with integrated (for example Qosmio) TV tuner, you'll probably be able to use it only in the country where the laptop is purchased. Perhaps the external TV tuners from different manufacturers are more flexible and can be used in different countries.

    In my opinion you should speak with your local dealer. They have the best presentation of the product and you can get more accurate information. I also know that you can install WMCE on each item you purchase. I recommend for example P100. Large unit with fantastic 17.0 "TruBrite (1440 x 900) discovers Wide 16:10 color TFT display. I'm not 100% sure but I think that the Satellite P100-367 comes with WMCE.

  • Qosmio G20-139 of the United Kingdom - TV tuner does not work in Libya


    My name is m, k, sh I live in Libya.
    I bought Qosmio G20-139 until now it works normal but I would not use this pc to look at the possibility of using satellite channels. I get only the small screen in the screen of my pc.

    In the operating manual of the said (tv tuner may not only work in the country of purchase. means to the United Kingdom only)
    My equation, what can do to solve the broblem.

    Can I install any software for example or another TV tuner?
    The tv tuner in this pc, what they said is integrated.

    Thank you very much


    I think that the UK tuner will not work in Libya due to different video standards. I m talking about different settings PAL and NTSC.

    In your case, it would be desirable to use an external USB DVB - T tuner (if DVB - T is available in Libya) that supports PAL/NTSC in Libya settings.

    I think you have to look at some stores for local laptop/computer and should ask a few merchants for details.

    Welcome them

  • Qosmio G40-108 - when and where it will be on sale in the United Kingdom?

    I really want to buy the Qosmio G40-108, but I can't find anywhere to sell and have in stock.
    Nobody knows where and when they will be available for purchase?


    Do you like the G40?
    I think it is a fantastic laptop. I saw the pictures and find interesting information of material. Not bad! ;)

    As far as I know at this time G40 laptop isn't on the market, and unfortunately I can't find any info when this Qosmio could be available in the United Kingdom.

    But I found the info where the laptop can be purchased.
    Qosmio G40-108
    Go to the tab 'Where to buy' and you should get a list of retail partners. You can communicate with these partners and ask for the date.

    If you know more about the availability of Qosmio G40 please come back and post it!
    Thank you

    Best regards

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    Take it back to the Store where you bought it and ask them

Maybe you are looking for

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