Satellite P850 - FN keys not working not

I recently bought a PC Toshiba laptop p850/049 and reformatted it for windows 7 64 x (from windows 8). After installing all the software Toshiba etc. everything worked fine but recently I noticed that the special function keys have stopped working. They certainly worked after I reformatted the computer because I remember the first time annoyed that whenever I went to refresh a webpage (f5) it would pass the trackpad as I was not familiar with the new configuration.

I thought that the problem may be due to software "Logitech setpoint" I installed but I uninstalled since and the problem remains. Then I tried to uninstall and then reinstall the added value of packet and HW installation software and then check all card flash/keyboard settings.

Then I tried to check the BIOS setting with no luck. No matter what setting I put it to the special keys do not work. When I "special function keys" value and press function buttons, the keypad lights up but nothing happens, in this mode if I press fn + function keys, they work in their normal mode IE spell check or refresh or full screen, etc. When I have it value "normal f1-12 function keys" the same applies to this f5 refreshes successfully, but fn + f5 does nothing. I tried to play with the settings in accessibility and HW set up and flash cards and in the BIOS without effect (it seems that change the HW set up and bios configuration change from the other and vice versa).

It seems no matter what I set it on the keyboard seems to be impossible to access the option special function keys. I recently got sp1 under win 7 x 64, this could be a part of the problem? I'm not entirely sure when keys doesn't work but I don't know they worked after reformatting to windows 7.

any help would be appreciated


Did you restart the utility of Flash Cards, which can be found under:
All programs-> Toshiba-> restart Flash Cards

In addition, you must also install the utility Support Flash Cards next to the VAP (value added package)

This utility can be found here:
[Flash Card Support Utility for Win 7 64 bit v1.63.0.14 | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 152 & selProduct = 7507 selSh ortMod = null & language = 13 & selOS = 30 & selType = all & yearu pload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = a llMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = al l & selectedLanguage = 13 & type = all & page = 2 & ID = 82164 & OSI D = 30 & driverLanguage = 42]

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  • Satellite M40 - FN key not working not not on XP

    Hello world.

    I have a Satellite M40 (which is M43 in Australia) model number: PSM43A - 1100H, running on an XP Home Edition.
    The FN key is works but doesn't work don't not with others (F6, F7, F8 for the brightness of the screen and wireless).

    I'd appreciate any help.
    Thanks in advance.

    See you soon


    I think you should visit the Web from Toshiba site and reinstall all the FN keys tools. Therefore, you must download and install Hotkey Utility and Toshiba common Modules, they should be accountable for the function FN key.
    You can download everything here:

    Check it!

  • Satellite M30: FN keys not working not not after installing IE7

    I installed IE7 and noticed that the fn keys no longer work. (Satellite M30)
    I don't know if it was the catalyst because I do not know how long the problem has been.

    The only ones I use often are FN + f6 and f7 +.
    I really need to be able to adjust the brightness of the screen. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    First lights up the screen can be changed also in the Toshiba Power Saver utility.

    But it s very strange that, after the IE7 update the FN keys stopped working. I installed the IE7 on my laptop, and the FN keys still work very well.

    So maybe it of a simply wrung something in the registry. Who knows?  :|
    I recommend reinstalling the common Modules.

    Maybe it helps!

  • Satellite A130: Fn key not working only not with Vista - only FlashCards


    I've been looking around in the forums, but I couldn't find solutions to my problem.

    I have a satellite A130 and I am running a windows VISTA family Basic. I have a problem with my fn functions.
    I can only use flash on the top of my screen cards, just by dragging my mouse upwards on the top of my screen.

    The key works only when I start my computer, at startup, but when the computer is running, there is no other "fn", I could use but my mouse to show my flash cards and use them.

    Is there something else I could do?
    Thank you

    I have same situation, remove the starting windows for the form Flash cards and you have no pictures at the top of the desctop, but keys will work.

  • Satellite P850 32Z: battery not charging

    Recently, I had problems with the battery, which means that I need to plug my AC adapter all the time. The battery in the taskbar icon indicates that the battery is 68% and these last days. Placing the cursor on the icon says "plugged in, not charging", and the battery on the laptop light does not illuminate. If I unplug the AC adapter, the laptop shuts down completely.

    I also tried the cold reset following instructions (from the section "Solving a problem" to support)
    1. power off your laptop and unplug the AC adapter
    2. remove the battery from the PC (for models with semi-fixed battery, please follow these instructions)
    3. press the button power for 30 seconds.
    4. then, plug in the adapter without the battery, turn on your computer and start Windows normally
    5. wait 5 min. and then replace the battery on while your laptop is turned on

    In step 4, when I turned on the laptop, the laptop starts and the battery light is on. But then after a few seconds, the battery light turns off and the laptop turns off.

    Someone had this problem?

    I have the same question. I bought a new battery. It worked for about 1 hour from 67 percent and amounting to 100% and then my laptop just died. Now my old battery indicates 0%, no charge, my new battery says 0%, 8 minutes at full load. So I'm a little confused about this and don't know if it's only a battery error. I'm going to service this week, so I know what the problem. I have the Satellite P850 - 33 m

  • Satellite P850 - 12 X - not impressed


    I recently bought a laptop Satellite P850 - 12 X and have had problems since day one.
    Loose hard drive sounds, the LAN adapter is flaky and the system is subject to random freeze

    I tried to reinstall windows and then all the drivers, just in case where he was a software, but nothing helped.
    Obtaining all the relevant drivers in a single package was also a nightmare.

    They are all available, but individually, rather than as a single product.
    Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, but you would think it would be easier.
    Also did a full factory reset but not joy. Seems to be hardware related.

    I had before Toshibas and think they are great, but this issue just feels unstable - probably just the individual product, I rather than the series, but according to the subject I am not impressed at all.

    Maybe I should have stuck to the reliable TECRA series that you could probably throw down the stairs and they still work.

    Off for a replacement/refund, but may think twice before of Toshiba in the future.

    See you soon.


    The driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba page as a single package.
    For me is not a big problem and I prefer this method because I can choose exactly the driver I need.
    Even if someone would need all the drivers available, it s not really a pain to download drivers one by one.

    Regarding noise from the HARD drive:
    Well, I have two laptops: a Toshiba and the other from another manufacturer.
    The Toshiba notebook is equipped with a 250 GB HARD drive and the HARD drive is really quite.
    The other laptop supports 500GB HDD and the HDD is much stronger
    I think that this is not portable but the HARD drive which is built in

    However, I m going to replace the two hard drives with a SSD drive at the moment, the SSDS are much cheaper and I guess that I notice much better performance by using the SSD drive

  • Satellite P850-12Z is not responsve to power and imput


    I have a Satellite P850-12Z.
    I used it yesterday when the screen went white. The power light was off, even though it was plugged and it could not turn on with the switch. I've left to cool to room temperature (which is fairly low, at about 20 ° C) and tried again, still no response to any input. I removed the battery to try just AC, still nothing, tried the opposite and it's the same result.

    At the time I used it I used it just for word and open some tabs on chrome, none of which should put under duress at the time of the failure that it was warm to the touch, but not hot.

    My first assumption of the cause was the adapter has failed, but because she had a full battery that seemed unlikely.
    Second guess is that power management must be fried.
    Last assumption is that the CPU is fried.

    Anyone would be able to shed some light on this for me, it is possible to repair my laptop, I need it for work and college.

    Oh and its out of warranty of one year.

    Thank you


    Sorry to hear that you have such a problem with your machine. Try to reset your machine please. Disconnect the power and remove the battery. After doing this press the power for about 20 seconds and leave it for a while. Only connect the power supply and try to turn on your machine.

    You know, on this virtual path is not easy to say what the problem is here. In my opinion best optin for you is to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
    Addresses and phone numbers, you can find on

  • Satellite A100 - some keys not working not

    Number of keys- & QS will not work on my satellite A 100 can someone help please?
    Thank you BRIJOY


    Short short answer question: replace the keyboard

    The problem is that you keys simple exchange of t. It is only possible to exchange the full keyboard but it should not be so expensive.
    Ask your local authorized service to a new provider and they can swap the keyboard too.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A350 - product key not working not not on Vista

    Satellite A350

    I have a serious problem with Vista because I brought last year, but I tried to register 25 digital product key that does not work on Visa.

    But its says invalid key after I typed 24 key digital product.

    Is not the product key have product key digital 24 or 25? I'm confused.

    I need your help.

    > Is not the product key have product key digital 24 or 25? I'm confused.

    25 key digital product.

  • Satellite A100: FN keys not working not not on Windows XP

    Hi there, Im new to this, so hopefully someone can help.
    Some time ago my hard drive had serious problems and I replaced it.

    But with that I also had Windows XP like some things that I really didn't like about vista.

    Anyway, since then my function keys on the 'F' keys and my media keys on the left side of the laptop are not working, can anyone suggest to me what I can do?

    If it is a driver or something there, and if so, where can I get it?


    First of all, you should check your model number of the laptop.
    The European driver Toshiba page provides drivers for five different sets of Satellite A100!
    In order to choose one that fits!

    If you want to use the FN buttons please ensure that your common Toshiba Module driver has been installed! This is important. In addition the Hotkey Utility must be installed as indicated by the above user.

    Toshiba button near the power button are controlled by the Toshiba driver controls!

    I think that these drivers should help you get the laptop works properly.


  • Satellite A350 - FN keys not working do not after Windows 7 installation

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm Portugal forum and I did not have very good English.

    1 I have installed Windows 7 on my pc, installed the 7 drivers and FN had to give. However, I had another problem and had to format the pc again, now just reinstall and feature not the FN.

    2 without the drive feature which is FN + F6/F7 brightness works. But with the player not install anything. It seems that they are in conflict.

    3 the bar at the top of the screen that seemed more is displayed. But if I'm at the start-> all programs-> TOSHIBA-> Utilities-> settings for TOSHIBA E-cards. With it's open, press 'Allow the mouse to show the cards' at the top, they appear as hidden. But just gives me not at all, I want to give to the FN.

    Anyone know how this is resolved? He gave me a huge way and even tried everything, everything has been installed, there is nothing to block the FN key? A feature that blocks this key? Please help me.

    My PC as it says in the title is Toshiba Satellite A350D PSALME 10Y...


    You must install VAP (value added package) and Flash memory card Support utility.
    Since these two tools are not related to a specific model laptop, try the tools available for Satellite L500 series.
    I tried and it worked!

  • Satellite R830 - FN keys not working not


    I have a laptop model * R830 *, but unfortunately the FN keys does not work
    I hope you help me

    With gratitude and thanks in advance
    * Fahmi


    May I ask what Windows system you use?
    The FN keys are controlled by special software Toshiba, but it depends on the Windows installation.

    For example: using Win 7, you need to install the package of value added of Toshiba UE driver page.

    Your comments would be appreciated.

  • On Satellite R830 FN keys not working not


    Received this laptop a couple of days and the FN key does not work with the other keys
    I mostly need the WiFi is enabled, but I can't seem to find a way to achieve

    How can I get the FN button to work?


    Select all programs-> Toshiba-> Flash memory card Support utility, and then restart the tool.
    Buttons controls the FN of Flash cards and I think this should solve your problem

    Your comments would be appreciated.

  • Satellite P850 - backlight does not work

    I had this problem for a while - the backlight was always until the day I have no idea what happened and it turns on, I pressed Fn + z (as the keyboard backlight can be turned on and off by it - z is laced) and nothing... I held it and nothing happened.

    I checked and the Fn and z function but not together, I also noticed that the command keys locking keyboard would not work and I have to do it manually, a few other commands buttons do not work either.
    Do I have to take in faults or have I just messed with something? All my drivers and others are updated.

    I'm running on Windows 8.

    > a few other commands buttons do not work either.

    If you are able to use the function in combination with the FN key or without pressing the FN key extra?

    To my knowledge, the function button mode can be changed in the BIOS. (Advanced BIOS system configuration)

    You will find an option that allows you to use the function buttons in combination with and without the FN key.
    Also check if the keyboard backlight is enabled in the BIOS as well.

  • Satellite A30 - CTRL key not working

    Sometimes windows think the ctrl key is taped. The only way to compensation, is if I restart the system. It becomes more coherent, more I use the laptop and is a great nuesance

    Hello Ewan

    There are certain shortcomings. Maybe the contact is really stuck on. You can try to remove the plastic part and clean the contact or communicate with the service partner if there is no success. Be careful because all parts are very sensitive and can damage it.

Maybe you are looking for

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