Satellite Pro 4600 unable to use 128-bit encryption

I have a Satellite Pro 4600 running Windows XP SP1 with the card WiFi PA0307U-1MPC. Installed all the latest drivers listed for the 4600. I can connect to networks using 64-bit encryption, but can not enter the 128-bit encryption. Is it possible to use 128-bit encryption?



As far as I know that this unit is about 4 years old and at that time, it was impossible to use encryption 128-bit with this wireless network card and can be no change.

Good bye

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  • Satellite Pro 4600: when I use WEP, I can't do any connection more

    Hey everybody,

    When I connect my Tohsiba Satellite Pro 4600 via map of build-in network without WEP wireless to an AP, there is no problem, connection is establische and everything works fine.
    When I use WEP, I can't do any connection more.
    Is there a solution to use encryption WEP 128 bit on a portable Thosiba Pro 4600 with build-in WIFI network.

    Thanks in advance

    What card WLan do you use?

    As far as I know the laptop must be equipped with LAN Wireless / WiFi Standard: 802. 11B ORiNOCO Mini PCI card.
    This card supports WEP 64 or 128 RC4 security.

    Everything looks like you WLan card doesn't support the same standards of security as your WLan router. You must understand that this WLan card is an oldie about 7 years.

    I think that the best solution is to use external USB WLAN which support the latest encryption standards

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 4600 - unable to connect to the wireless network

    Hello, I have a problem with my Satellite pro 4600 model # Ps460C-04NVX
    The problem is with the PA3070U-1MPC wireless adapter
    I see my network in a wireless network with excellent signal, but it does not connect

    I have a fresh install of win xp sp3. I don't have original driver cd.

    Can someone help me please? Thank you


    As Akuma suggested you should ensure that you are using the latest driver WLAN on Toshiba website for your laptop.
    I founded your model on Toshiba Canada website:

    Your network configuration is not kwon to me, but you should check the TCP/IP settings. If you have DHCP do you get an IP address from the router? You can check this in the start menu > run > cmd > ipconfig/all

    If you use a 3rd party firewall, you must disable.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A120 unable to use and move to the 2nd external monitor

    Hi all.

    I seem to be unable to make my A120 drive an external monitor. The said properties dialog box 2nd monitor cannot be activated until a monitor is attached. I tried with 3 different screens with the same result. Any ideas?



    I guess you have a d - sub vga connector on your machine, but can you describe watching have you tried to connect?

    And btw. : do you have already updated your display drivers for the latest version?

    Would appreciate some comments. :)
    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro 4600: BSOD when I use the PCMCIA of Vodafone card

    I want to use UMTS on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600. I got a card PCMCIA of Vodafone and installed with all updates.

    But if I want to use UMTS, and that means launching the application and connect to Vodafone, Windows stops with a blue screen:
    DRIVER_IRQL_not_less_or_equal STOP 0 x 0... D1, 0 X 0... 00, 0 x 0... 02, 0 x 0... 00, 0 x 0... 00.

    I think that the assignment of IRQS is not so good:


    Have you checked if this happens with every PCMCIA card?
    I noticed that the Vodafone card causes BSOD on some portable computers with CPU P4 s and activated the hyper-threading technology.

    But there is also a problem with the firmware card Vodafone.
    An update of the firmware might help.

    Try to contact Vodafone support for new firmware and additional details

  • Satellite Pro 4600: which adapter should I use?

    I have a Satellite pro 4600, but I lost the adapter. I buy an adapter but I Don t know what to go with my PC.
    Please tell me what Warner adapter I need?
    example: AC ADAPTER MODEL: PA2444U

    INPUT: 100V-240V ~ 1, 50 - 0.85 A 50-60 Hz frequency.

    OUTPUT: 15V - 4A

    Toshiba code: PS460E-00GV1-SF

    Thank you

    Thank you google ;)
    I found useful information on the Satellite Pro 4600. It seems that this laptop comes with a universal PA3048E-1ACA AC adapter.
    The specifications of this adapter are: AC 100 - 240V at 50-60 Hz auto adjustment; 15V; 4 A; 706

    I give you a tip; Contact the ASP in your country and order one compatible!
    The incorrect AC adapter can damage the motherboard of notebooks.

    If you order the adapter from ASP, you can be 100% sure that you will get the right one.


  • Not able to use WPA on a Satellite Pro 4600

    Hi guys,.
    I am not able to set up authentication WPA on my Satellite Pro 4600. This possibility is not in the network authentication drop-down list in the Properties dialog box (only open and shared).
    Is there a support for WPA in the bed of the laptop LAN card?
    Please help me!

    Map of the mini PCI WLAN driver version is:
    OS: Windows XP SP2
    WZC autostart

    Thank you


    Since the machine is a little older, I Don t think that your wireless network card is able to do the WPA encryption.
    There should still be a way to get the WPA for you. You can switch to another card that is capable of WPA and perhaps other speeds as 54 M/bits or faster.
    You can find these cards, mini-pci, for example, prices very low @ Ebay or in some computer stores.

    PS: It would be interesting to know what wlan card is installed on your system. So please check your device manager and tell me what type of card you have.

    Welcome them

  • Can not use the wireless network card after the upgrade to Windows XP Home SP3 on Satellite Pro 4600 edition


    This is my setup
    Computer: Satellite Pro 4600 model ps460e 02hyt en
    Operating system: Windows XP SP3
    Mini pci wireless lan card: pa3070u - 1mpc mpci3a-20

    My problem:
    The operating system has been improved in win 98se to windows XP SP3.
    The mini pci wireless lan card does not work I try to download the right drivers but I have a big problem all driver downloads does not work. I don't know the physical name of the Council.
    Where can I find a solution for the update of these drivers? Is it possible that the mini pci wireless lan card does not work with windows XP SP3?

    Please I wait your help

    Thank you

    [email protected]

    I imagine that it will be compatible with SP2 well. You can test it please and post the result?

  • Screen broken on Satellite Pro 4600

    Several years ago, we broke the monitor on our laptop Satellite Pro 4600 computer series. Yesterday, that I took it out to connect to TV and see what data (especially photos), we had on what I was able to backup to an external drive. However, it doesn't start. I only see one tiny bit of the message displayed: "* bad ' and on the next line"check knew. "

    I tried to boot with the disk support, but it does not work. By pressing Fn + F5 does not control the settings of the monitor with her in this State, I can't see the full mesdage. I'd rather not use the recovery and the Configuration Builder CD because I want to see my files...

    Any ideas?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi King_2,

    the quick and easy way:
    -go and get a usb-to-ide-usb adapter
    -Take out the hard drive and
    -connect with the adapter usb to another machine
    now, you have access to all your files!

    the long way:
    -Connect a monitor to the machine
    -Make sure that the external monitor is your primary display
    -check the bios and set date/time
    -try to boot your operating system
    -course data on external hard drive

    This adapter is about 15 euros, and you can use it more than once!

  • Cannot read DVD on Satellite Pro 4600 movies


    After a clean install of Win2K on Satellite Pro 4600 I am unable to play any DVD movie. I am able to access the data of the DVD discs. The error message is:

    "There is not Windows 2000 compatible compatible dvd decoder installed on this system."

    I was able to play DVDs when running Windows XP.

    I searched online and on these forums for an update of the software for my DVD player (model SD-C2402) but have been unable to find one. I should be grateful if you would be pointing in the right direction.

    Thank you


    I have good experiences with VLC media player. Try to use it.
    Back to your problem. I think you need to MPEG2decoder. Googled around and look for any W2K codec pack. After installing it, I'm sure that everything will work properly and you will be able to watch DVD movies.

    As I wrote already test VLC media player. It's really good.

  • Satellite Pro 4600: question strange memory - memory seems

    Hi all

    for the second time in 18 months, I have strange problems with cards of memory (2 x 256 MB 144-Dimm PC133) of my satellite pro 4600: from one day to the other, the memory seems to reach "grilled" as the old light bulbs. Before that I used the satellite pro 4600 for several hours and the surface on the maps of memory had very hot.
    Y at - it anyone out there facing the same problems? On the replacement: should I better go for chips PC100 PC133 instead?

    Thanks in advance: Bernie


    The fact is that recommend Toshiba using these memory modules:
    PA3003U - 1 M 03 32MB MEMORY KIT
    PA3004U - 1 M 06 64 MB MEMORY KIT
    PA3005U - 1 M 12 128 MB MEMORY KIT
    KIT MEMORY OF 256 MB PA3069U - 1 M 25

    It seems that PA3069U - 1 M 25 256 MB PC100 module.
    Well, as you have suggested that memory cards got very hot. In my opinion the fastest PC133 produce a high temperature, and this could be a problem.

  • Satellite Pro 4600: I want to upgarde the RAM

    I want to upgarde the RAM on my satellite pro 4600. It currently has 128 MB of RAM.
    Anyone know what kind of memory card should I buy and how to install it?
    Should what size I go?
    I've been in the PC World and they weren't much help.
    Any ideas / information gratefully received.
    See you soon,.

    Hi Bob,

    The following link will take you to a page containing all relevant information on memeory upgrades for your 4600 (including part numbers.

    I think that your device has two memory slots, and I assume that you currently have a home in use with 128 MB of RAM installed (the 4600 had 64 MB or 128 MB).

    RAM modules are available in sizes 64 MB, 128 MB and 256 MB.

    The maximum that you can install is 512 MB (i.e. 2 X 256 MB modules. The amount that you need will depend greatly on what applications run you as well as what operating system, but the usual recommendation is a minimum of 512 MB for windows XP (at least for the earlier OS).

    The RAM modules are normally accessed from the bottom of the unit. Normally, there is a cover with 2 or more screws. Check you manual for the exact location on your device.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite Pro 4600 Wireless?

    Hi, I bought a Satellite Pro 4600 second hand last year and have been happily using it to connect to my network of the University via the ethernet cable. However, I have recently bought a new desktop PC and found a buyer interested in my laptop computer for home use on a wireless network. How will I know if he can use my laptop to connect to a wireless home network? It has a sticker on the saying

    ... content radio MPC13A-20 device
    and then a load of other codes and down 'WiFi', "The Standard for Wireless Fidelity".

    However when I go into Device Manager is no wireless network card, only the standard ethernet card I used. Yet PA3070U-1MPC is the code for a Wireless LAN Mini PCI card?

    My laptop model number is PS460E - 020S 7 - EN


    PIII700/128 / 10G / 14 t/C/LM/W (don't ask me what all of this means that!)

    If there is no wireless card in my laptop, one of them would be compatible? & selOptionCategory = 4696

    Thanks in advance


    If the wireless card is there, which should be listed in the device under network adapters Manager.

  • Is this appropriate for a Satellite Pro 4600 memory?

    Hi all

    I wonder if this memory will be suitable for my brothers satellite pro 4600: 292ZXJ2aWV3 & product_uid = 24226

    I intend to get 2 sticks and replace the stick of 128 MB with them, so there are 512 in the machine altogether - which should make windows xp run a little faster!

    Thanks in advance!


    It seems that the module must be compatible.
    According to the description she s a 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM.

    I visited this site useful:

    You will also find the compatible module for Satellite Pro 4600
    The site recommends the use of the PC133 SODIMM 144 pin and you could improve it to max 512 MB (2x256MB)

  • Problems installing Satellite Pro 4600 wireless network card

    I have a Satellite pro 4600 since 2002. I've never been checked his internal wireless network card. Today I'm trying to use it, but I am unable to even install it.

    1) there is a little left switch of the laptop. I do it ON the switch but it didn't not repond on that not everything on same desktop light next to this switch has.

    (2) there is not any link showing option wirless card I can update and install the Device Manager.

    (3) I have dual boot windows 2000 and xp. In the two I tried to install the driver of his CD moose. But there was no requirement for the office and even in network and Device Manager.

    Please give me an urgent response.

    I have a similar problem. The text of presentation for the Satellite Pro 4600 says 'model of communication center Mobile with wireless built-in on all Intel® Pentium® III, LAN module card integrated 10/100 Ethernet NETWORK and international integrated V.90 data/fax modem'. Mine is a model of the Pentium III. Operating system is W2K fully patched.

    I used the interface NETWORK built-in Ethernet and modem V.90, but so far never had the opportunity to use wireless. The wireless on the left side switch produces a light. Should this model use a wireless PC card? If so, where would be a?

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