Satellite Pro 6000 SD card - can't copy photos on my computer


I had problems with my SD card on my laptop. I bought it second hand some time now and I just bought a camera with an SD card. I wanted to put my SD card in, so I can download photos directly to comp, but I tried to do and nothing happens.

I looked in my computer to see if something happens, but nothing happens. Any ideas?
Do I need a program to use to install things to make it work?


As far as I know this laptop supports the SD card slot but without MMC supports.
I can t give you a correct answer, why it doesn't work but I know that not all SD card sizes are supported on different laptops. Perhaps your SD card is not supported on your laptop because of the size.

Why you n t buy an external multicard Reader which can be connected via the USB port of the laptop. These external card readers are not expensive and the best solution if you want to use different maps.

But before buying such 3rd device please check if your SD card is properly recognized in Device Manager and if all the drivers are installed properly.

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  • Satellite Pro 6000 display turns off sometimes


    I hope someone can shed some light on a problem with a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 that I can't seem to get to the bottom.

    The laptop has Windows XP Professional installed and works fine, except for the fact that intermittently (could be 5 minutes, maybe 90 minutes) the display screen is what I can only describe as 'blocks '.

    The o/s plant (I ran BACK and Tests of diagnosis when the problem occurred) I would say movement of waves of mouse to the screen and activity HARD drive software continues running, except the screen is unreadable with blocks of color scheme.

    Any ideas or suggestions as to what this could be, and how I could go about repairing it?


    It's very strange question.
    Have you tried to update the graphics driver? If not then please select this option.

    Besides if the update doesn't fix this eventually it there something wrong with the hardware. In this case, it is not easy to say what could be wrong.
    In your case, I recommend you connect the external monitor if the problem occurs.
    If the color blocks will also appear on the external monitor so eventually the graphics card or motherboard is corrupt.

    But, if the problem occurs only on the internal laptop display, so I would say that there is something wrong with the display or the FL-inverter.
    In this case, you should contact the technicians to solve this problem, because guys have more experience than each common user like me and you.

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro 6000: video controller - driver compatible vga


    I have a Satellite Pro 6000 but I can't watch DVD because they run very slowly.
    That's probably because my video controller is not installed, but I can't find a
    Driver video controller for a 6000 SP. My OS is XP.
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you


    You need to install the Trident display driver. You can find it on the European driver Toshiba page in the Archive folder.

    Choose Archive-> Archive Pro Satellite-> Satellite Pro 60xx-> Satellite Pro 6000-> Win XP

    By the way; You must use a special software like PowerDVD or WinDVD to play and watch DVD movies!

  • How can I get a hard copy of a manual for Satellite Pro 6000?

    Hello Forum users

    My brother and I bought my father (at age 81) a Satellite Pro 6000 model PS600E-20EE1-EN on E - Bay for Christmas. There is unfortunately no manual with the laptop. I'm in Australia and my father's in the United Kingdom and he asked me to help to get your hands on a paper manual.

    As I don't know anything about Toshiba laptops or point of sale UK, I was wondering if someone could help. I tried for an hour on the net but could not find a manual to download, which seems to correspond to the above specifications. I guess I could make a phone call international to support the customer in the United Kingdom, but thought I'd try here everything first. My dad would really like a paper, in order to download manual is second best option.

    All the tracks were greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Here on this site Web from Toshiba, you can download the manuals for all Toshiba laptops.

    The manual of your Satellite Pro 6000, you can find in the.
    Archive-> Archive Pro Satellite-> Satellite Pro 60xx-> Satellite Pro 6000

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro 6000: display or graphics card problem

    I don't have a model satellite pro 6000. PS600E-01NYE-FR
    1 GHz P3, 20 GB HDD, wireless bluetooth not running XP

    I understand that it is an old laptop but had been treated with great care because I got it.
    My problem is the following;

    Startup of the laptop is a route very well, but for some reason together and after no set amount of time the display fails
    a wot is visible on-screen is hundreds of tiny colored blocks, sometimes random horizontal lines
    but nothing is readable, at all.

    I tried to run a yellow one also using the video output external monitor, all appear the same.
    a computer display (although I can't check it out) to freeze.

    I replaced the heatsink fan as a precaution (using the new dough)
    the only solution I can find is replaced the ram with
    2 x 256 MB Sync 133 mHz module Samsung. This could be the problem or can anyone shed some light on this for me.

    Thanks in advance
    Display Toshiba SP6000 (?) Problem

    I am not a technician, but I assume that there is probably a problem with the video card. I'm afraid there is not much to do. You should contact the service and make them run tests to verify the functionality of the video card. If the card is faulty, just replacement will help.

  • Satellite Pro 6000 - how can I update the BIOS?

    Hi all

    I have the problem that my laptop does not start 9 of 10 times with the message: * block 1 BIOS is damaged, call your service man.

    I want to update BIOS but for the Satellite Pro 6000 I can only find an update the BIOS from Windows. But my laptop does not start! Rarely the machine starts, but when I try to update the BIOS, I get the message that I already have the latest version of the BIOS

    My questions:
    * Is there a BIOS update file that is a BIOS floppy? (for example the Satellite Pro 6100 has 2 BIOS files, 1 Windows and 1 making a floppy disk)
    * Is it possible to update the BIOS with the same version of Windows?

    Or perhaps there is another solution for this problem? Has no need to update my BIOS?

    Thank you.



    I agree with Luke.
    The rom Bios module seems to be damage.
    Either it must be replaced or flashed again.

    But you won't be able to do that! The update of the Bios on the Toshiba page focuses on winning and you will not be able to update if the windows are not running.

    You last chance is an ASP that could check the BIOS ROM.
    As I said, most high, maybe new reflash module Rom help but cela can be answered simply by an ASP technician who checked this.

  • Not detected in satellite pro 6000 integrated wireless card


    my company has two satellite pro 6000 with wifi built-in.
    I'm sure that when we have received laptops led wifi turn properly when the wifi switch is activated.
    Since we had no wifi, never bothered us check.
    Now, it seems that the card is not detected, it does not appear in Device Manager.
    Runing xp SP2.


    Hi Fred

    Y at - it the same problem with two laptops?

    Have you tried to start the Hardware Wizard? If the card is there it will be shown, and if the card will not be detected that it is possible that this card has been removed.

    Check it out.

  • Satellite Pro 6000: can't find the right WLAN driver

    I have re-installed Windows Xp on my laptop Satellite Pro 6000. Everything works except for the wireless connectivity.
    When we look in the Device Manager, I see that the WLAN driver has not (or wrong) was installed.
    Then looked at the Toshiba site for the drivers, but I am not able to find the right one. I found some drivers, which seems to be the one, but unfortunately after installing the drivers, wireless connectivity is still not available.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards, Robert

    Hi Robert

    Stand by! Connectivity is not available or the WLAN card is still not installed correctly in the Device Manager list?

  • The maximum size of HDD for Satellite Pro 6000?

    Hi, I am trying to install a 60 GB hard drive, but it is shaped, and it stops at the instalation of Windows XP Pro.

    Is there a size limit of HD?

    Thank you


    It stops without any error message? If this isn't the case, then try another copy of Windows XP since the Satellite Pro 6000 shouldn´t have problems with this drive. I had 2 years a similar machine and I also got a 60 GB Toshiba HARD drive installed. It worked like a charm, so I can't imagine that the hard drive could be the problem.

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro 6000; sleep function does not work after upgrade W98 SE to XP

    I bought a windows XP cd and installed on W98 on my Satellite Pro 6000. The sleep function does not work now. I probably need a software of Toshiba. What do I need? Where can I find? What is the order of installation?


    All drivers Windows XP Home edition, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba support page under > support & downloads. You have old laptop model and because of this type of product, you choose option ARCHIVE.

    Order of the facilities is as follows:
    -Windows XP
    -Display driver
    -Audio driver
    Toshiba - common modules
    -SD Card host driver
    -SD Card Driver
    -BlueTooth Stack
    BlueTooth - Easy Connect
    -Mouse driver
    -Modem driver
    -LAN driver included with Windows XP
    -Infrared driver
    -Toshiba Power Saver
    Utilities - Toshiba
    Toshiba - post Mobile
    -Toshiba Console worm.
    -Toshiba Hotkey for display devices

    I hope that you will be able to install Windows XP Home edition successfully.

    Good luck!

  • Unable to connect satellite Pro 6000 network

    I would appreciate help on this. We have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000, which we assumed is active wireless. But when you turn on the wireless switch, there is no answer and the laptop will not come to look for me or any other network.

    I was able to connect using a USB wireless adapter, but it seems a shame not to use the capacity of the machine itself. Any suggestions? And I'm just thinking wireless is standard with this model. If not what can I do about it?


    Please check in Device Manager if the WLAN card is listed under network adapters. As far as I know the WLAN card for this camera is optional and it is not standard.

  • Satellite Pro 6000: What WLAn Module?

    Anyone know which Module WLAn can be used in a Satellite Pro 6000.
    My NB is pre-installed for WLan but I don't want to use only 11MBit Module and the other are not signed for the SP6000.
    Can I use this module to 54 megabits?
    Thank you


    As far as I know this unit supports only the 802. 11b Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card.
    This Mini PCI card, I got with a flow of data 11Mbit.
    In this case, I think that you can use a Mini PCI card with 11Mbit.
    But nevertheless you ca also use a PCMCIA wireless card. This card is also available with 54 Mbps data rate.

    Good bye

  • Damaged BIOS 1 - Satellite Pro 6000 block

    Hi all

    I bought a laptop, a Satellite Pro 6000, but after a few weeks, he refused to start and gave me the bios message 1 damaged block.

    I downloaded the update to bios on the toshiba site, but it does not work.
    I have an external floppydisc. When I put the .exe to upgrade the bios on a floppy disk and turn on the laptop with the ~ button, I get the message "ready for the update of the bios, place the update disk and press any key when ready."
    I can hear the disk is searched, but nothing happened.

    How do I update the bios or is there something else wrong?
    Any help would be appreciated!

    In my opinion with the BIOS update you can't do anything wrong.
    If you BIOS, update by following the procedure described in the document FAQ Toshiba and the BIOS update can not be done properly, I'm afraid there is a problem with the BIOS chip and it may be defective.

    I can't say for sure, but if the BIOS chip is damaged, then you have a big problem.

  • Satellite Pro 6000 and Windows Vista

    I bought a Satellite Pro 6000 and I want to put Windows Vista on it. I did an Upgrade Advisor and I was told that this graphics card will not work. Is this true?

    Thanks, Nick

    I'm afraid that's true. Satellite Pro 6000 is old enough for laptop and it will not supported in Vista. Install Windows XP Home edition and enjoy your life.

  • What are Satellite Pro 6000-compatible DVD - RW drives


    Can someone tell me which dvd rw is compatible with the satellite pro 6000?


    It is always difficult to find information on compatible drives due to different master / slave and c - salt settings.
    In my knowledge don Toshiba user manuals t provide such information. OK, I put t know if all don t user manual provide this, but I've found this info in my user manual.

    However. I studied a little someone suggested that the Toshiba SD-R6372 dvd recorder is compatible with Satellite Pro 6000/6100 units.
    I found this on a very popular online auctioneers ;)

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