Satellite Pro 6100 Modem does not - No Dial Tone


I'm in terrible trouble. I have a big meeting Friday and discovered that the internal modem on my Satellite Pro 6100 does not work. I downloaded the drivers of software Modem since the support site, and the installation seemed to go OK. There are no conflicts listed in the Device Manager, and when I query the modem to in the properties of the modem (from the control panel), it seems question OK too, but...


I don't know that it is connected to my phone OK. Instead of a tone, I hear a loud hum, with a series of clicks. I can't hear being composed either DTMF tones, even when I disable "wait for dial tone. This behavior is the same if the modem is connected to the phone line.

I have a big rally Friday and will need this modem to work... any help would be much appreciated...

Thank you



that doesn't sound so good!

The measure where I read that your ad you´ve checked your system almost all.

Right on the thing, have you installed a firewall or other programs to check system that denied access to the modem?

It is also ok, you should let check your laptop on a faulty Modem.

Good bye

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  • Satellite Pro A10 - Modem does not

    I recently reformatted my laptop using recovery discs. The internal modem does not work. It is recognized by the computer, but I get the message "the port that the modem is attacahed to could not be opened." This can be the result of a hardware conflict"when I query the modem in Device Manager. Also, in the Device Manager there is no indication of being recognized COM port. What can I do?


    First I recommend you remove the modem from Device Manager, and then reinstall the modem driver.
    It is not necessary to assign any COM ports manually. After installation of the modem driver all have to be configured automatically. Do not forget that you are using the modem driver good for the country where you live.

  • Satellite L20: Modem does not get dial tone


    My L20 specifications is not a tone whem I'm composing upward. On another pc, the connection works well, so I don't know that the line has a dial tone and the other computer is "listening".

    I also tried to uncheck the option "wait before the tone", tried to remove it from the Manager of devices, but after this all the modem still does not work. The current driver that is installed is version, because I can not install the latest version ( (installation program does not end well, no specific error is given).

    Someone knows what to do?

    Open the system control panel, and then choose the phone and modem options.
    He check on the Modems tab. The modem should be placed in the list.
    If this isn't the case, then you must install the modem driver.
    Check the Modem function by pressing the 'button interrogate Modem.
    If the information window about the Modem contains a list of COMMANDS (including ATI2, ATI3, ATI4 etc.), then the modem is installed correctly. The ATI5 command ends with the number for the parameters selected regional (for example Germany = 06).

    To change the regional setting please use the Toshiba Internal Modem region Select utility.

  • Satellite Pro 6100: modem is not detected


    Windows XP does not detect my modem.

    Driver downloaded from the toshiba Web site, instaled it and still not found modem.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    In my opinion, there is hardware failure. The best way is to contact the Service of your country partner. They allow to check the unit. For the moment, you can try using an external modem. I don't know that one of your friends can borrow you a.

    Visit the Toshiba page under Click Download & support and you will find a link to the list of service partners.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 6100 keyboard does not work properly after repairs


    My 6100 Pro Sam just being away from usual mother board and power Board replacement with Toshiba, but now I have a strange keyboard problem.

    When I turn it on, all the keys are working. After a few minutes, '3' is not working, then 'r' fails, then '5', ' 7 ', ' 8',' 9 ', ' 0' to stop working. At this point, I can feel something very hot under the middle of the keyboard. A reboot and no keys work. Another reboot with the internal keyboard and an external keyboard to the PS2 is still defective (some keys work, others do not), but the outer one works properly.

    Now, if the pc has not obtained if hot as the middle of the internal keyboard, then, I would conclude that the keyboard was defective, but for his failure, slowly and sequentially like this and it fails at the same way every day (since Toshiba rebuild it!).

    Perhaps, internal keyboard controller overheating?
    Anyone know what this could be? :-(

    See you soon,.

    Right under the keyboard of your pro 6100 is the VGA graphics controller (the keyboard cable plugs on the same map). It is normal that this part become hot during use.

    It is strange that your problem appears after a while and not immediately.

    It could be just a bad relocation of the keyboard cable (it's a thin layer as a movie negative photo) which easily appears there, but... it may be something more serious, too. (Especially since you had done upgrade where the material had to be changed)

    I consult the service centre once more and ask for instructions how to deal with this. Do not ignore it (using an external keyboard instead of internal dysfunction) because he could end up in something more serious soon...



    P.S. Please keep us updated on your efforts

  • Satellite Pro 6100 Wireless does not work after restoring from HARD drive

    After that restore disks for installing a new HD and use and to update XP sp2, the Wireless does not work and if the card is installed XP hangs then works in fits and starts. If the card not in place, not bad at all.

    Booting from a Linux CD, the card works perfectly! I assume that the driver is the problem. The wireless card is the original, an Agere MPC13A-20/R, with Toshiba p/n PA317U-1MPC.

    I have found some drivers Agere, but am not sure

    (1) if they are correct
    (2) how to install since the machine works in a way limited with the card in place.

    Any advice?


    I checked the page of the pilot and the only available for Windows XP WLan driver is the driver of v.1.11.108 Agere.

    (1) just try to install this driver. If the driver is not correct or is not compatible, then windows will not install the driver and you will receive a notification. You just have to try

    (2) generally you may reinstall the driver from the Device Manager. Open network controller tree, and then you can reinstall the driver.

    But this is only possible if the windows started successfully

    PS: Have you checked the information of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 update on the page of the Toshiba driver.
    I discovered that you need to update several utilities if you have installed SP2 on this laptop.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 system does not start

    Hi people,
    I have the following problem. I used my laptop long enough for thet to deplete battery and the device to go into hibernation. Given the againm battery costs, I tried the system and now it does not start.
    The leds light up fine and stay lit upwards. Just nothing happens, the FN key works. After a minute the fan will start to turn upwards and turns down again. But nothing else.
    After some time, by pressing the power button for a few seconds seems to start the machine, but it stops immediately after 30 seconds. Even if doing a memtest.

    anyboy has any idea what could cause this. I tried to remove the hard disk and start it does not affect what anyone, as does move the RAM module in the other slot. Also remove the CD/RW drive does not affect it. Remove the battery and start also give the same result.


    Sorry, but tells you don't know is not enough for me.
    If you start Notepad, you see something on the screen?
    A Toshiba start screen appear?

    You suggested that the FN key works. Have you checked it in windows?
    AFAIK the FN keys can work only if the operating system has been launched and the drivers have been loaded. So my strange question.

    The whole thing is very strange. If nothing is displayed and the laptop cannot start, so I guess a hardware malfunction. But you know without any trial it s not easy to say what's wrong.

    Try to disconnect the laptop from the sector and remove the battery. Wait several times (30 min - 1 hour) then plug the AC adapter and try to start it.
    If it won't work and you know that other devices are ok such as RAM or HARD drive so I think that the technician must check the machine.

  • Satellite A30, Win XP Pro SP3 - modem does not work

    Another problem with this laptop Satellite A30
    The built-in modem does not work.

    * Explanation: *.
    The driver is correct and downloaded from the Toshiba support site.
    The modem is identified as "Toshiba software modem amr" and is installed on com3 port.

    When I click on "diagnosis" and "ask modem" (right labels can be different, since my is an Italian win xp, I just translated the Italian labels), a window pops up saying: it is impossible to open the door (port), the modem is connected to.

    I tried to change the com port of the modem to different numbers, but the problem is the same.
    I don't know if the modem is a real map connected somehow to the main Board or is built right on the main map. It would be the first case, I may change see ad. BTW, the mini slot pci is already occupied by the gigabyte of Wi - Fi, so the modem must be elsewhere.

    This is strange, since I've done at least 2 other win xp pro on this machine facilities, always download and install the appropriate drivers, and the modem has never worked.
    Thank you


    Have you installed the SP3 Windows XP Home edition, then the drivers or SP1 and later updated to level to the SP3 version?
    > It's strange, because I did it at least 2 other facilities on this machine pro win xp
    What other facilities?

  • Satellite A30-504 modem does not

    Hi all

    Old old old Satellite A30 504 my father had problems of modem for quite awhile. Here are the symptoms exposed:

    Modem is recognized as "TOSHIBA Software Modem AMR" and classified works correctly. However, when you query the modem, I get the following message:

    + The port that the modem is attached could not be opened. This can be the result of a hardware conflict. Check the Device Manager to verify that all devices are functional. +

    Settings of resources:
    Range of e/s-2400-24FF
    E/s series 2000-207F
    IRQ 7
    (I can't change any of these settings)

    Needless to say that the modem does not work.

    Has anyone ever met such a problem before? Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I really don't want to get a PCMCIA modem for this laptop, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!


    > I have reinstalled Windows XP twice
    How? Do you use the restore disc Toshiba for the installation of Windows XP Home edition?

  • Satellite Pro L50 - A does not illuminate


    I took a few steps on this forum but no luck so far...

    My L50 - A Satellite Pro was working fine up until yesterday, but today, only it just won't turn on. A small orange led light appears when I connect to the power cable...

    That's what I've done so far-

    1 power cable removed
    2. using a needle, pressed force shutdown (stop) at the bottom for 10-12 seconds
    3. then I pressed the start/power button on the front for 60 to 70 seconds
    4. I have connected the feeder and then to new press button start / stop at the front for 60 to 70 seconds

    Yet the laptop does not start!

    any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Hmmmmmm... It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Have you used your computer laptop usual ot, you might update something?
    In general, there are steps that you did which could be responsible for your problem?

  • Satellite Pro M10 PS630E does not start after upgrading CPU

    I tried to install a new processor for my Toshiba Satellite Pro M10-PS630E.
    He initially has a 1500, I tried to put a 1766.

    I follow the maintenance manual, later the computer change is not star upward.
    When I connet to power it show that the luminous power of orange/amber color and make 5 flashes, then 3 and then restart blinking.

    My question is "is it posible to do a reset of the bios parametrers" or "reset the CMOS?
    Is it possible to get it working again.


    The flashing light means that it has detected a hardware problem on the motherboard!
    Perhaps you have used a wrong CPU and is not compatible.

    Perhaps the BIOS does not support this processor and therefore this flashing error code appears.

    What say you can't update the BIOS! First of all, that's not possible since only focused on the victory of BIOS is available for download. You must run the Windows operating system to update the BIOS.
    Secondly the update of the BIOS won't help you with this problem!

    You must use a CPU that is fully compatible!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro U300 OS does not recognize PS/2 Port TouchPad

    I have a similar problem.

    My system doesn't recognize that the PS/2 Port TouchPad exists on my Satellite Pro U300. He acknowledges that it no longer works but when I go to Control Panel then mouse it does not appear in the list of devices.



    I m do not know what problem describe you exactly.
    Do you mean that your notebook computer touchpad no longer works, or did you mean the USB mouse?

    If you mean touchpad, so you should try to reinstall the driver for the touchpad.
    The European driver Toshiba page provides Synaptics touchpad drivers series Pro U300 for Win XP and Vista.
    But generally the operating system should automatically recognize the touchpad and touchpad should work even using the common internal Windows driver.

  • Satellite Pro C660D - screen does not turn

    I just got my Satellite Pro C660D back from repair (for a faulty fan), but the screen does not light when I start the laptop.

    She lights up on the front (and I can rotate the block number power sp that the keyboard works).
    Any ideas?

    I agree, I mean the laptop should work just fine after it has been fixed by ASP so I think that something was not right here and the technician must check this!

  • Satellite Pro A100-080 does not start - stays dark after 3 beeps

    After a week off, the Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-080 (PSAASE-00G004GR, 4 GB RAM) of my kids start not anymore.
    When turn on/off the system, he * will beep 3 times * (one long, two short beeps), the HDisk light flashes 'blue' and then nothing more. A/c and battery power LED are 'blue', which seem to be OK status.
    No other useful help, as the screen remains dark.

    We had upgraded to 4 GB MEM (Kingston) a year ago and I already tried the old used 1 GB (included with purchase) or the replacement of 2 x 1 GB since December 2007, but equal status with these modules. This is not
    a defect of memory.

    I hope that this is not the motherboard, probably only the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 graphics included adapter?
    Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?

    Thx for a short help.


    Generally this type of beep codes are hardware related or with other words, hardware is defective. So I think it's a hardware problem and an ASP must check your laptop computer to identify the cause of this.

    On the Toshiba site, you will find a list of aspic: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • Satellite Pro L300 - touchpad does not work

    Hi all that I need help urgent because it drives me crazy. First of all, I use XP PRO. My laptop is fairly new, only around the age of 4 months, I had no problem with it at all. I formatted my laptop yesterday and reinstalled all the drivers that I downloaded here:

    and everything works fine except the touchpad. I have already installed shared, utilitarian toggle the touchpad Module and I have the latest BIOS installed and reset all default settings and I made sure that the touchpad is enabled in the BIOS, but also pressing FN + F9 to enable during Windows.

    I installed the latest touchpad driver Synpatics I downloaded from the homepage of Synaptics. But for some reason any, that it does not work, I don't know what is the problem here. My touchpad worked before I formatted my laptop, it worked fine and has never had any problems. Will you please tell me what is wrong because I need to use my touchpad sometimes as well, so I can't use a mouse all the time.


    > I installed the latest Synaptics touchpad driver that I downloaded from the home page of Synaptics
    I think that you question refers simply to the driver for the touchpad that is missing or incorrect.
    I put t know how it works on Toshiba notebook Australian, but the Toshiba European Satellite Pro L300 units needs touchpad different drivers. some use the Toshiba touchpad driver and some units need a driver for the Synaptics touchpad.

    In your case, I recommend this controlled again.

    By the way; My touchpad is always disabled so that en external mouse is connected.
    It is parameters that control it. Please check in your touchpad properties too!

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