Satellite Pro 6100 turns off when I connect the power adapter

Satellite pro 6100 works well up to this I put AC adapter / CC, then turns it self
Any ideas would be appreciated

see you soon



You use original Toshiba AC/DC adapter or another?
What happens if you connect the AC/DC adapter, while the laptop is turned off?

It s really strange problem, but I think that is s TI associated with AC/DC adapter or the motherboard itself

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    I have a compaq evo n1015v running windows xp pro, and when I close the lid the monitor stays on! How can I do to the monitor turns off when I close the lid?

    This is probably controlled by the power settings. Once you enter the power settings there should be an option something similar to 'change the closure of the hood '. There are probably several options such as sleeping, ect...

    You can download the manual in PDF HERE.

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    Now you can take the laptop at best buy or Wal-Mart and get them to plug a power cord. This will give you an idea if you need to buy a power cord or not.

    Again, you can always buy the power supply cord and if it does not return.


  • HP-G62226TU: my laptop won't turn on when I push the power button


    My laptop does not turn when I push the power button / stop and nor adjacent to the plug adapter lights turn on when I put the power supply. It behaves like completely dead. I pressed the button for 30 seconds as suggested in the following thread.

    My laptop is 2.5 years old and was working fine without any problems so far.

    Please suggest.

    Thank you

    Himanshu2303 wrote:

    OK... I learned to get the motherboard changed. How much it will cost in India for my laptop?

    What do you suggest I should do?

    How much will it cost in India?  I have no idea. I live in Europe.

    I suggest to ask a repair shop of PC or laptop.

    If the cost of repair is more than 50% of the current value of the laptop, you would be better sourcing of a notebook replacement.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 turns itself on a


    I have laptop Satellite Pro 6100 who recently had the idea of turning on. It may be ok for 30secs or 3 hours.

    Any ideas if there are common faults with this model or if it is difficult to fix. Also im going to sell it fixed or not with a canon printer.

    No idea how much it is worth.

    Thank you

    Common faults? Hey Buddy this series is an oldie and to me, it looks like a problem that occurs because of the long duration of use.

    Have you tried to reinstall the OS? This should be the first step!
    He must know if its software or a hardware issue!

    If the same will occur after the installation of the new operating system then the problem might be related to overheating.
    Could the laptop shuts down automatically due to a temperature inside the laptop. Maybe a debris and dust affect the butcher of modules cooling, fans and, therefore, the machine cannot be properly cooled.
    In this case, you must clean the fans.

    However the RAM a malfunction could cause the problem too, so as you can see s not easy to say what s wrong

  • The screen of my laptop turns off when I connect HDMI cable

    I have a HP Envy and when I connected the HDMI cable to my laptop to the TV it worked for about 5 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, my laptop screen and TV all have both be empty and the TV shows "Invalid Format". My laptop freezes. Even if I unplug my laptop HDMI cable remains empty. I have to do a hard reboot it is up and running. I plug the HDMI cable and it does the same thing. My friend connected to his laptop and it worked fine. Someone please help.

    Hello Jadelcs,

    Thank you for responding to my request for further information. I suggest that reinstall us the original drivers supplied with your system. I'm you provide a document from HP support: use of the Recovery Manager to restore the software and drivers (Windows 7) as this document will guide you through the recovery process.

    I have reviewed this issue and it has resolved most of the cases the issue you described. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

  • Light remains off after plugging in the power adapter.

    I recently bought a replacement battery for my Toshiba Satellite running Windows XP. I started the new charge battery and removed the computer AC adapter to make sure that the battery was functional. However, when I plug the AC adapter in, the backlight is out.  If I restart Windows, the backlight turns on, but if I disconnect/reconnect the AC adapter, the backlight is turned off again. So, the backlight works, but for some reason, she turns to disconnect the AC adapter.

    Hello Pmorawski,

    Thank you for your message.  It is a Toshiba hardware problem and your question would be better suited for Toshiba.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Satellite Pro L650 turns off after start; DC In and Power LEDs blink on stop

    A friend Satellite Pro L650 having worked well until yesterday, all of a sudden turned itself off. Now, at startup, it lights up normally for about 10-15 seconds before turning off suddenly. Turned off, the DC in white/blue LED and the orange Power LED Flash on a broad set of intervals of approximately one second. This extinction happens if I leave Windows or press F2 to enter the BIOS setup.

    I guess this blinking is intended to serve as a kind of diagnostic code, but I have yet to track down what it means. Can anyone help?

    To avoid confusion, power without the product stack the same, sudden stop experience, except the two LEDs remain solidly lit this time. With or without battery, trying to turn on again immediately after that a shutdown produced no response at all. Remove the power cable and immediately it reconnect again and turn then produced a brutal power off, but in less than 5 seconds. More wait between attempts to market seems to give a little longer powered on State, but without fault, the machine turns off just suddenly. With its short time 'turned on' we are talking, there cannot be any kind of thermal protection?

    I had an old Satellite L450D lying around that uses coincidentally the same AC PA-1750 adapter, but use it made no difference. Of course, the battery does not have the L650!

    The only previous numbers, that I am aware of this machine have been intermittent case of Windows reporting "Plugged in, not charging", but as my friend use it exclusively on the network, it was not a problem.

    Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated...


    What is an unmoderated forum?

    Can someone help with my problem?

  • Satellite Pro 6000 turns off all the time


    I bought a 2nd hand Saturday pro 6000. And now it has started to cut, but it turns on when I press and hold down on the actual case, and when I let him go, he just died... He starts to get on my nervs now I even cleaned up the dust, and he does not know. And there is an orange led flashes all the time everyone knows what is happening or what I can do?

    Thank you will be

    Already seen on the Pro 6100...

    You can read more here:


  • Re: Satellite L300 - screen turn off when it will be moved

    I have a problem with my screen stopping when I move my laptop or move the screen slightly. The computer does not turn off just the screen becomes black. I have to then hold the power button to turn off the computer.

    Does anyone has any ideas or had this problem?

    Hi Geg,

    You may notice this behavior on external monitor too?

    For me, this looks like a hardware malfunction caused by internal display or just the cable. You should ask a technician for laptop help.

    If only the cable must be replaced cheap s and takes a few minutes a technician for laptop.

  • Satellite A300-1GC - turn off when I play games


    I try to explain my problem (I'll try because English isn't my motherlanguage wull so hards to ensure that you understand me Hi!).
    Usually I use my Satellite A300-1GC also for two or three days (I watch divx on tv and other small applications, but nothing special) and never happened to me that yesterday was happing!

    I installed a game (Jekyll & Hyde) and I played it with the pc cable hook up to electricity. After a while (I think only an hour) the computer turns off! After that was not possibel to turn it on nothing! No light was on the same battery icon nothing complitely dead! After about 10 minutes instead of the icons light was on and so I was able to restart the computer. Windows XP doesn't give me any error on the "blackout" reports the system. I restarted the game and play with him for about two hours without any problem! If you have something (hihihihi) understud my question is:

    Whay you do that I can do so that this accident will not happen more? Is there some test or newspaper or something similar I can read to see if there is any hardware/software problems? May need a BIOS update? I mean, is there anyone who have the same laptop and have similar experience and sort it out with an update?
    On short time I'm planing to install windows 7 (two DVDs I received from Toshiba) but first I must address this problem.

    I thank the of in advance for help

    PS: Once again at 11:36 the laptop shut down whenm I played :(

    Hi Helen_1,

    Usually, if the laptop shuts down during a game, it s caused by a higher internal temperature to protect the equipment.

    I put t know how long you already have Satellite A300, but usually the laptop must be cleaned every 3 months using a jet of compressed air. You will find here in the forum how an article on this subject:
    [How to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system? |]

    Also make sure that this new Toshiba Web site display driver is installed.

  • Display does not turn off when attached to the ear during a call

    When you hold my iPhone 6 up to my ear during a call, the screen is not turn off and disable the buttons. The sensor is not broken, because the auto brightness works very well. It is just inside the calls when he won't work. Is there a setting to turn off the screen when you hold it to my ear?

    JBS - GUY says:

    When you hold my iPhone 6 up to my ear during a call, the screen is not turn off and disable the buttons. The sensor is not broken, because the auto brightness works very well. It is just inside the calls when he won't work. Is there a setting to turn off the screen when you hold it to my ear?

    The proximity sensor and ambient light sensor are two different things. The fact that your ambient light sensor works you says nothing about the functioning of your proximity sensor.

    You get a deal on the phone? A screen protector? If so, remove them and test again. If the screen does not always dark, you may have a hardware problem.

  • Equium A100 - screen turns off when I open the lid completely

    I recently had a problem with my Equium A100, as when I open the lid fully, the screen turns off.

    However, when the half open, the screen is completely visible.

    I have attempted to open the screen and can not see loose cables to my knowledge.

    Any help on how to solve the problem would be appreciated.

    I agree with Akuma. It sounds like a hardware problem and probably the contact loses when you open the lid.
    The cable screen should be checked and probably replaced.

  • fan turns off when it reaches the high RPM

    I have a pavilion dv6-6170us laptop.when I work with windows and the fan of web navigation works normally but when I start a game or the CPU usage increases and temperature increases the fan works more quickly, but after a few minutes (3-5), it turns off, then off again.this it happens a few times and then fan stops completely working.cpu temperature reached 90-95 degrees (centigrade) and I have to turn off the laptop in order to avoid the rotation of damage.after of material the laptop still Once, I get a 70 b error code that says fand does not work correctly. but after leaving for about an hour or more it starts to work normally again.and when I opened the Task Manager, I see the CPU usage is almost always 20-25%, but there is no process of this heavy.
    any suggestions?


    I'm not an expert "fan".  I am not a fan-only diagnosis, but you may certainly a complete diagnostic on the computer system to find out what you can about the condition of the equipment.

    Recommended reading:

    Reduce the heat in the PC - c01657439

    Excerpt from the Guide:

    Step 4: Test the hardware failure

    If the problem persists after you have cleaned the vents and to move the computer into a cooler room, a piece of hardware may be damaged. Test the computer to see if any hardware, such as memory, processor or graphics hardware, have failed. Laptops more than HP and Compaq have diagnostic software to check hardware failures. For more information, see hardware failures (Windows 8) test , test material (Windows 7 and Windows Vista) failures or check your laptop using the HP health Scan (Windows XP) system .
  • Why my PC turns off when I open the tray of CD or DVD - using Windows 7 Home Premium

    I was the installation of older programs, my deceased father gave me and Photoshop that came with my old printer I uninstalled that one I couldn't save it Explorer kept shutting off, I ran FIXIT it restarts so when I opened the drawer he closes cown and restarts and ask you to go in safe mode or normal mode

    Hi Liza,

    -What is the brand and model of the computer?

    -Ce FixIt you have running on the computer?

    This problem occurs if there is a power outage of the CD DVD drive power.  Do not forget that the commissioning of a CD/DVD drive needs certain powers and this could turn the Suppy engine overboard, resulting immediately arrested.

    A cause more can be a defective CD/DVD player (short circuit).

    I suggest you to contact a local technician and get your computer checked. There could be some more heating or short circuits in the computer.

    Also check the event viewer if there are errors during the question hour.

    -Event viewer type in start search, and then press ENTER.

    -Click Windows logs, and then click application.

    -Search for any error message at the moment where the computer shutsdown.

    For info:

    Hope this information is useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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