Satellite Pro 6100: which drive and the connection is supported - master, slave and CSEL?


I want to install a Pioneer DVR - K14L DVD burner.
After installation, the notebook show me a
error during initialization.

It is possible to use this type of DVD Slimline burner?
What kind of modus is important (master, slave, or CSEL)?

Thank you and

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I guess you get an IDE # 1 error message. Am I wrong?
The fact is that not all readers are compatible with laptops.
I don't know what parameters should have the caught player supported. But I assume that it might be a CSEL.
However, I found this DVD - RW drive that must be compatible; the reference is P000366780

But unfortunately, there is nothing on the assignment of pins and settings.
If you want to be sure of devices supported on your laptop computer at 100% so you should ask the Toshiba service partner in your country for details

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  • Satellite Pro 6100 - display driver and his resulution

    I need help :)
    i´ll instaled WinXP SP2 and 1.2 "on the right side... display dosnt work in SP1 is all ok

    display on SP2 driver is Plug-and-Play monitor (display resolution max is 969 x 768) in display resolution seting

    display on SP1 driver is Toshiba Falt Pnael 1024 x 768 (maximum display resolution is 1024 x 768)

    I can't install Toshiba flat back...

    Hello Lubos

    After the update to Windows XP SP2, you must install the latest version of BIOS (v1.9) and graphics driver. All the drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on the Toshiba site.
    Take a look at this link:

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 6100 - how to change the date and time in the BIOS


    I received a satellite pro 6100 that had not been used for some time. Windows does not work then he reinstalled with the good drive.

    When I try and windows 'enable', I get the error 32777 and the laptop is unable to connect with the activation servers that a google leads to believe me that the date and time are incorrect in the bios.

    I know that Press esc to access the bios but there is no option to change the date and time in there. I put the date / the correct time in windows, but this does not seem to synchronize with the bios. I've updated to the latest version of the bios, but this is not enough.

    How can I change or update the time in the bios?

    Thank you


    I doubt this time and date setting BIOS does affect Windows activation time Windows doesn t affect it in my opinion. There must be another reason for this problem.
    You can activate Windows by phone?

    Normally the date and time in the BIOS can change you if you mark the date or time, and then press on + or - to change this. Sometimes you have to press PageDown/to the top according to the model of BIOS or laptop.
    Usually in the configuration of the BIOS you will find a brief info how changing the values.

    Check this box!

  • Need to drive caddy HARD and coverage for Satellite Pro 6100 HARD drive

    Does anyone know the part numbers or to get a hard drive caddy and the Satellite Pro 6100 Series hard drive
    Thank you

    What caddy did you? Internal an external 2.5 USB caddy for a HARD drive or the case?
    I think that if you need a domestic framework for laptop you should order it since the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country.
    I think that guys should be able to order something like this directly from the Toshiba store

  • Satellite Pro 6100: cannot get into the BIOS and does not start

    I have a portable Satellite pro 6100, en I was trying to boot from an external USB hard drive. When I activated the second hard drive option in the BIOS it has stopped booting all in all, I can't even get into the BIOS Setup more. All I get is "In touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA" screen with the icons to select the method of priming preferred manually after it's just blank screen with a cursor blinking in the upper left.

    Press ESC or F8 before to turn usually results in fast beeps sounds.
    Press tilde (~) before turn is reflected in the remaining space screen (not even the home toshiba screen appears) and slow Zens sounds.

    Apart from that I can't really do nothing at all.
    I tried to reset the BIOS by disconnecting the battery CMOS/RTC (hoewever, we call it) of the motherboard for a while with no results.

    Turn on/off without the results of HD internal in a white screen with an ERROR 'IDE #0.
    I can always stop by pressing the power button, you don't have to bother on the external hard drive it past I don't even want it works more.



    I agree with Graeme. Your HARD drive is probably faulty. Sorry, but I don't think that you will be able to use the external HARD drive. The option in the BIOS is not for EXTERNAL HARD drive is just, I guess, for disk HARD placed in select Bay.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 turns off when I connect the power adapter

    Satellite pro 6100 works well up to this I put AC adapter / CC, then turns it self
    Any ideas would be appreciated

    see you soon


    You use original Toshiba AC/DC adapter or another?
    What happens if you connect the AC/DC adapter, while the laptop is turned off?

    It s really strange problem, but I think that is s TI associated with AC/DC adapter or the motherboard itself

  • Satellite Pro 6100: black border to the right of the screen

    After a new installation with windows xp when I star tup I have a black border (1.5 cm) to the right of my screen.
    After the beginning and the end of the screen saver, I have a full screen.
    but when my laptop started again I have this black border again.
    I have a satellite Pro 6100.

    Management information
    Model = laptop
    Manufacturer = TOSHIBA
    Serial number = 0000000000
    UUID = ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff
    BIOS Version = Version 1.90

    Caption = Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Version = 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2

    Index = 1
    Manufacturer = GenuineIntel
    Name = Mobile Intel (r) Pentium (r) 4 - M CPU 1.70 GHz
    Version = model 2 Stepping 7
    Max clock speed = 1694
    Socket designation = uFC - PGA Socket

    Index = 1
    Horizontal resolution = 1024
    Vertical resolution = 768
    Chip Type =
    The RAM size =

    Very strange problem! Can you please tell us more about this problem? I assume that you have installed the OS on your own. Since when you noticed this weird display problem?

    Have you noticed this immediately after installing the OS (without driver)? Did you install the display driver on Toshiba support page?

  • Satellite Pro 6100 does not recognize the single battery external power

    Whenever I have start Satellite Pro 6100 Win XP Pro with standard battery mounted and connected to the power supply computer laptop does not recognize the ext battery supply single supply and during 'start-up' goes into hibernation.

    By pressing the power on button laptops "wake up" and indicate that the battery is empty or may not even decide when completely loaded, then says connect the station even if still connected, looking under Toshiba console when it runs shows running on battery when still in the power of the ext?

    I have two batteries and both give the above symptoms even when I remove ext of laptop power always runs with power supply by battery but no light orange or green for battery.
    Any ideas?


    Is your AC adapter malfunctions or there is something wrong with the power supply to electronic s laptop.
    In the first case you could purchase a new compatible AC adapter and could check if the laptop can run successfully.
    The second possibility is a serious hardware problem, but in this case, the laptop must be checked by an authorized technician.

  • On Satellite Pro 6100 HARD drive password


    I have an almost dead Satellite Pro 6100, I was almost back on its feet, but we wonder a HHD password on start up. Apparently, one of the portable computers security features is "Password HARD drive on request".

    There were ideas! Cannot ask the laptop I can't!

    When the HARD drive password is set, and you start the laptop you must enter this password. Otherwise the drive will not spin.
    The functionality of the HARD drive password is to secure the data on the disc. If you do not have the password: no chance to use the HARD drive.
    So if you can't enter or ask for the password you must swap the HARD drive.

    Buy the way it is always strange if someone "owns" a laptop and one does not know the passwords! If you bought the computer laptop may it is stolen...

  • Video capture with a satellite Pro M70: which ports and drives can I use?

    I want to edit my home movies on my Satellite Pro M70 using WXP Pro (win dvd or movie maker). I want to capture video from my panasonic camcorder that has digital strips. What are the ports that I can use and what cables do I need? I'm desperate to edit my recent wedding video to put on DVD and mail it to my mom. The panasonic website has ignored me! Any advice anyone?

    Well, as far as I know this unit has only one S-video output port. In this case, you can connect the laptop to the TV and look at the photo of laptop to TV but it of not possible to receive all the signals of TV or any other device on your laptop.
    To receive the signals, you need a composite or a s-video port.

    However, if the camcorder has a firewire if port you can send digital files through the firewire connection. But this should only work with digital files that are saved on the camcorder.

    Please also visit these helpful sites:

  • Satellite Pro 6100: cursor disappears in the upper right or lower left corner

    I guess because of the setting based on the device keyboard pointer cursor often disappears and is difficult to return to the screen. It is not possible to disable in the bios.
    Anyone have a suggestion how to disable this device pointer? I saw that the connection of the keyboard consists of two pieces of a part color Cooper 5 sons and a part of silver color. The colorful copper would be the device pointer and what will happen, is that I simply disconnect the coloured copper of the connector part? I use a USB mouse, so I did not need this device
    Satellite Pro /SP610E SP6100

    Post edited by: SDV


    If you really Don t need you should unplug the part coloured copper, I think that this could be the mouse. The connection of the mouse contains generally less son then the connection of the keyboard, so it should work.
    On the other side, I suggest you go to ebay and search for a new (can also be used but works) keyboard, because I Don t know if it s really healthy to work with the machine with connectors or cables disconnected internally.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L300 - which improved after the BIOS update

    Hello users,.

    I just finished an update of the BIOS on Satellite Pro L300 using Updater Insyde Bios. I tried the Toshiba site to see what's new or what has improved since the update my bios 1.7version v2.2. But there is no search results. I also went to the site Web Insyde, but neither have they put up what has changed or improved?

    Is there a documentation or information which could help me to know how my laptop has improved or better after the update of the BIOS and what has changed since my update of the BIOS?

    Thank you


    I assume you mean a changelog of the BIOS. Well, normally this document is placed on the Toshiba page where you can download the BIOS update.

    If you can't find such a t changelog, there is no available changelog. All that s!

    In addition the BIOS update should be performed only if it of really necessary. This means that if everything works fine, I don't see a reason to update because this update is a bit risky.

  • Satellite Pro A100 - how to activate the shortcut keyboard-support on Vista?

    Hello. I've recently updated my satellite pro a100-828 to windows vista, and things work well to a large extent with two exceptions:

    1. I can't figure out how to activate the shortcut keyboard-support: media-keys to the left and the fn keys do nothing. There seems to be no shortcut keyboard-utility for windows vista in the drivers * tion. So what to do?
    2. the standby electricity utility is not available, which is good because of the power saver new vista. Except that I can't dim the screen, so the battery does not last me too long. How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards


    These problems can be solved in a few minutes. You only need the added package Toshiba. It contains the driver for the FN - key, Toshiba Power Saver and more useful tips.

    Here you can download: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good luck! :)

  • No Satellite Pro 6100 no response from the screen

    Can anyone help?

    My 6100 Pro Satellite lit last night then automatically went into hibernation, despite being connected. Now when I turn it on there is no response from the screen, but if I plug a monitor to the laptop, the screen works (as long as I start in safe mode)

    Can anyone help?

    Hi Simon

    Disconnect all cables from the laptop and remove the battery.
    Wait a moment more (20 min) and reconnect the battery and the AC adapter.
    Then check if the laptop turns on and if the display works fine

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro 6100 very slow during the installation of Windows XP Home edition


    We have installede Windows XP from our CD orig., XP is running very slowly and the mouse freezing of minute-to-minute. We can install Windows 2000 and it works perfectly. Try a new HD with the same problem, it has 512 MB of ram.


    As far as I know this device is supported for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional. Is there a similar situation when you use the original recovery Toshiba WXP Pro media?

    In fact, do you have a?

    By the way: I hope you're talking about the new installation without specific or additional preinstalled software you need!

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