Satellite Pro A10 - how to remove the optical drive?

Can anyone give me some advice here please. I am trying to remove the DVD drive existing my A10. I removed the screws of restraint, but the Player cannot slide out. I checked for other screws but have found nothing.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



As far that know that a single screw fix the drive.
Turn the face of the computer down and remove the two screws fixing the CD-ROM
Turn on the computer to face and open the display. Press towards the Group of CD-ROM drive and disconnect all of CD-ROM drive in the PJ1800 on the system board. Remove the two screws which support CD-ROM of the entire disc CD-ROM. Remove fixing two screws fixing the support side and remove the lateral support.

All that s

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    Does anyone know how? Is there a manual with available how?

    Thank you


    This notebook is not know for me but has checked some sites on the net and it seems that the top cover must be removed.
    Then lift the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive to disconnect PJ700 on the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM of PJ15 card on the system board.
    Remove the two screws that fix the Board Connector CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.
    Separate the brace connector connector Office CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM CD/DVD-ROM drive

    Well, I think that it of not easy for a person without experience.
    So if you n t know how to do and you have without much experience you should ask someone how knows what to do ;)

  • Satellite Pro L100 - how to remove the keyboard

    I have a L100 which has been "sprayed"... don't ask...

    How to remove the keyboard... ideas please

    see you soon


    Hello Bob

    The keyboard replacement procedure is almost on all Toshiba laptops. At, first of all it must remove the cover above the keyboard (where the buttons are placed).

    After doing this to remove the keyboard is very easy.

    BTW: is your laptop under warranty? Please be careful about this.

  • Satellite P10 804: how to remove the HARD drive?

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    Does anyone have the details on how to do?


    To my knowledge, the HARD drive must be placed under the optical dirve.
    To remove the HARD drive, first remove the battery and the optical drive, and then follow the steps below:

    1. remove the four black screws that anchor the shield of aluminum covering the HARD drive and pull it out.
    2. gently pull on the HARD drive the front panel of the computer to disconnect the system board, then pull it out.
    3. remove the four silver screws that attach the HARD drive to the HARD disk case.

    But be careful. If you have no experience ask someone with more experience in these replacements.

  • How to remove the optical drive

    I have a dv7 - 4083cl.  The BD drive recently stop working and I need to replace it.  I found a thread further on which linked to a video demonstration of the removal of the disc on a Dell computer, but my problem is that there is no screws holding on the back plate of my model and for the life of me I can't find any detention buttons/clips out the disc.

    What Miss me?

    You may need to register again to use the library and give him 30 seconds to load. Navigate to the optical drive in the left column.

    The video shows the cover of the hard drive must be removed first to access the screw now the optical drive in place. Once the screw is removed, it takes just.

  • Satellite Pro L10: How to remove the user password


    I work for a school and we have a bunch of laptops Satellite Pro L10. I put a supervisor on all laptops password think this problem would be solved (I didn't enter a password each time the machines are enabled), but one of our students seems to have found its way to the HWSetup utility in Control Panel and could save a user password on one of the laptops.

    Alarmingly there seems to be no way to clear the password of the user, even though I have the supervisor password. I can get the BIOS as a supervisor, but the definition of a user password option is grayed out. Can anyone provide a solution for my problem?

    Thank you


    Well, I think that this problem could be solved by updating the BIOS to the version 2.60 or greater.
    But the problem is that the password has already been fixed.

    I read in the paper of Toshiba that all passwords must be removed before starting the BIOS updates.
    That's why I think it would be advisable to contact Toshiba service partner to remove first the user password, and then update the BIOS.

    You know it's very risky to update the BIOS of the device when the user or any password has been set.
    It of possible that the BIOS update procedure will be interrupted if the password exists.

  • Satellite U400-22z - how to remove the HARD drive recovery partition


    My satellite u400-22z came with a big "hdd recovery" folder on the drive hard - yes I know what it does.
    but the unbearably awful version of windows vista that came with the machine made me decide that, in the event of failure of the system, I'm still will not install this failure of the attempt of an operating system.
    So I do not have these data recovery.

    So those ~ 11 GB of junk sitting on my drive is bugging me, I can't delete the folder HDDRecovery, it is somehow protected against deletion.

    How can I work around that?

    Also, is it safe or can I make it safe, to use the small apparently hidden partition (that's recovery also?) I found, which is IIRC ~ 2 GB or larger, for own purposes, without destroying my current installation of windows?

    Thanks in advance,


    If you have a recovery disk and you do not want to store the folder in hard drive hard disk recovery, you can remove it.

    > I can't remove the folder HDDRecovery, it is somehow protected against deletion.

    Remove you it as you always do to remove all files on your system.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - how to upgrade the RAM?

    How I'm sure that when I go buy the memory that it adapts to the motherboard. ?
    Sorry for my bad English

    Is it enough to know that its DDR motherboard?

    Hi kichenin

    Until you buy new RAM modules, you should check out what specifications you need and how much memory is taken in charge.

    I checked the specs on the Web from Toshiba site and your laptop supports up to 1 GB of RAM. The specification for the RAM is PC2100 DDR - RAM. You can also buy some RAM with higher specifications (PC2700 or PC3200), but they will operate at the speed of the PC2100.

    Recommend brand for Kingston memory for example.

  • Satellite M30 Pro: How to change the optical drive?

    could someone please give me a hand on change/replace the optical drive on my Satellite Pro M30?

    Alas, my drive is a DVD-ROM/CD-RW. I have another with the functionality of DVD burning (burner Super Multi of Matsu * a). I wonder how I could replace, because it is not possible to easily slide the bones?

    Thank you.


    To remove the optical drive, he can just remove the 2 screws that are placed at the bottom of the unit on the side of the road. Then you can simply drag the drive outward to disconnect the connector on the system board.
    The player is placed in the plastic frame. You must therefore also this framework for a new disk.
    Remove the plastic of the unit frame, only to remove 4 screws.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 4200 how to avoid the mistakes of the ACPI

    Satellite Pro 4200 how to avoid the ACPI errors after installing SP2 for windows XP Prof
    The problem is that my computer after installation service Pack 2 need about 15 minutes from time of shoutdown - what should I do to avoid this problem.
    Piotr Plecke

    in this case it would be interesting what Type of laptop it is exactly.

    You will find this model on the bottom of your laptop. There is a review of it.

    Some models have a Bios update available, others not, for example.

    Please send additional information!

    Good bye

  • Satellite A30 - how to remove the hard drive

    Hi, new here...

    Can someone tell me how to remove the hard drive in my Tosh A30...

    Thank you

    Hi Tim,.

    The hard drive on your SA30 is in the optical drive, but slide the optical drive out of its housing (undo the F5 marked screws on the bottom of the laptop).

    The hard drive will be visible fixed with four Phillips head screws that need to be removed (two on each side of the hard drive. With the removed screws, gently slide the hard drive toward the front of the laptop to disconnect its connector and carefully pull it out of its Bay.


  • Satellite A50-108: how to remove the CD/DVD drive?

    I want to update my CD - RW drive for a dvd burner, but can't get the old drive of the laptop.
    I removed the screw on the underside of the laptop, but it won't come out.

    Do we know if there is any other screws received a way to remove the drive of any help greatly.

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    It's very strange that you can not remove the optical drive as DVD - ROM drive Assembly is secured with just a screw on the underside. If the screw is removed, you just pull all of the DVD-ROM drive.

    There is no other screws.

  • Pavilion ze5730us laptop: how to remove the hard drive of the computer laptop Pavilion ze5730us

    Can anyone tell please how to remove the hard drive of the computer laptop Pavilion ze5730us?  I know its under the keyboard somehow, but I don't know how or where that open.  I could not find this model on YouTube either.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    The only manual that I could find is one that covers the ze5600.

    See if it will work for your model too.

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    Add or remove a printer

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    Check Mr. Fixits here and if you use the other methods go back and try again later.

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    net stop Spooler

    (echo suppression of all print jobs)<-- you="" should="" see="" this="">

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    net start Spooler

    (sound Done!)<-- you="" should="" see="" this="">

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    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • How to remove the hard drive of a laptop the dv4 1444dx


    Can someone tell me how to remove the hard drive of a 1444dx dv4 notebook? My laptop does not pass enven boot in safe mode. I tried to let repair system automatic and also tried recovery to a date when the latter worked correctly, but neither translates into success.

    I want to remove the hard drive and save my data before trying to reinstall the original image from the D: drive.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Kind regards.


    The procedure to replace the hard drive is detailed from Page 59 of your & Maintenance Guide.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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