Satellite Pro A10 - need a part number for power adapter compatible

My son has the older Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 Intel Celeron 2.0 GHZ 256 MB 30 GB DVD/CD-RW 14tft monitor.
His diet no longer works, can someone tell me the power adapter part number that I am looking for a new one for him.
I need to get a reference number and any number of compatible power cards.
Appreciate any assistance.
Thank you


Hi Jane,

I think the part number you need is PA3283E-2ACA

Find out on the following link: -. duct_uid = 64945 & _LOC = UK

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  • HP Docking Station EN488AA - part number for power adapter


    I have a HP Compaq nx8220 laptop, with HP Docking Station EN488AA.

    Unfortunately I lost the power supply for the docking station.

    I always have the power supply for the laptop itself (393955-001), but they do not plug in to the docking station. This is the correct voltage but only 90 w instead of 120W, and the connector is the right size.

    I search online for the part number for the power supply of the correct replacement for the dock, but it has become very confused when I found advertising sites the same spare part for the nx8220 and the EN488AA when they are clearly different because the plugs do not match. No specify the size of the plug so I don't know who is who.

    Can someone help me identify the correct replacement part? Or better yet, is there an available adapter so I can use my power for the docking station too?

    Attached are two photos - the plug of the power supply next to the entrance to the laptop (fits) and the dock (does not fit).

    Thank you


    Here are the details:

    AC adapter (120W) - RC, V intelligent power - with power factor correction (PFC) technology
    Part # 693709-001
    Part # 609941-001 (is no longer available with HP)

    Adapter AC Smart (120 watts) - input 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2. 5A - exit 18.5VDC, 6. 5 a, 120 watts, PFC - requires separate 3 cord with connector C5 power wires - includes NO dongle for the elders, non-Smart compatible notebook PC
    Part # 613154-001

    I also want to mention that the 90W Adapter will work with the docking station with right adapter but you will get all the features, but it will work.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - need information about upgrading RAM

    Dear members of Ant
    Regarding the above machine: Please can someone advise:-how many slots memory has.
    I think it's two but do not know.
    Also size maximum memory can this module we have in this laptop please.
    If it's 2 @ 1 GB per module, then we would have a total of 2 GB.

    Is the standard hard drive on this computer, a hard drive of the laptop. Can I get out the small 20 GB one and replace it with a larger. for example 120 GB etc.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Satellite Pro A10 two memory locations are available. Laptop computer can manage with 1 GB of RAM and you can use two compatible PC2100 512 MB (PA3164U - 1 M 51) modules.

    This old machine uses 2.5 HDD with old IDE connector. I found some info that it has been bundled with 20GB, 30GB and 40GB HDD. I think you can improve it with up to 100 GB HARD drive but just to be sure he has the same connector on the HARD drive.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.
    For more information after the exact model number please.

  • Satellite Pro A10: Need OpenGL to get software running


    On my Toshiba Satellite Pro A10, running planetarium software, I get notification that openGL 1.3 or a later version must be installed & version 1.1 is running.
    I've updated the video driver to the latest version available (, but that does not solve the problem.
    Is there another way to install a newer version of openGL?

    Thank you.


    OpenGL is an API that allows to design a graphic 2D and 3D. It of similar to DirectX DirectX is a Microsoft product, and always to implement in the Windows operating system. The OpenGL is not implemented.

    Usually, if you do not want to run the software that requires an OpenGL, you need to find these drivers on the graphics card manufacturer pages already include the OpenGL interface

  • Satellite Pro A10: CD rip procedure takes for a long time.

    Toshiba Satellite Pro A10... Tried to rip a CD on my computer. Yesterday, the process was real quick as 10 minutes per cd. Today is a time frustrating per cd!

    Everyone thinks that the hard drive was missing? Or I'm just something incredibly stupid? Whatever it is, something is wrong!


    On this kind of issue, it is not possible to give you an answer. How should we know what you exactly, what processes are active in the background?
    Sorry, but you need to check only.

  • I need a part number for a dv9000 series audio connection motherboard Intel... Please.

    I have a HP dv9723cl that I finally gave up on due to some problems with the motherboard that no one seemed to have ideas for. Well, I bought a replacement motherboard, but accidentally bought a motherboard Intel instead of card mother AMD that was originally there. Now I'm trying to put it in, and all connects together fine (after buying another CPU and CPU sinks) with the exception of the little girl that the ir receiver and the audio jacks are mounted on. The end of the cable that connects to the motherboard is too broad for this replacement motherboard.

    Someone at - it a part number for the correct audio Panel? I bought 2 different audio cards with 2 different numbers just in the hope that one of them has had reason, but none were correct. Both had the same wide end to the connection on the motherboard.

    Please, someone, anyone, tell me if you know the right part number, or where to find it. Or maybe even a link eBay at good advice if you feel generous.

    The following were found from the parts for a DV9650US page .

    It seems that the audio Platinum for this device, which uses the same motherboard you purchased based on the number of the piece, is 449763-001.

    Printed circuit board (Interface)

      432987 001 The power button - includes power cable key board
      N N/A- Modified
        432991 001 Wireless switch board - includes cable wireless switch Board
      N N/A- Modified
        432992 001 Optical disc drive connector Board
      N N/A- Modified
        448437 001 Platinum connection of USB ports
      N N/A- Modified
        449762 001 Before USB ports connection Platinum
      N N/A- Modified
        449763 001 Map of circuits audio and infrared (IR) - contains the IR receiver, microphone, line-in and taken helmet
      N N/A- Modified

    I can't guarantee that the audio card, that this unit has will align with your current deal.

    What I would recommend enter the part number of motherboard on the HP PartSurfer link above and re-cutting references printed circuit card (Interface) until you find the one that matches.

    A quick comparison returned this page for your laptop current.  However, there were more different hardware configurations a dozen for the model you listed.

    To get anything specific, I'll need the product number of the unit.  The product of the listed number is gp348av.

    NOTE: Provide NOT the serial number.

  • HARD drive caddy for old Satellite Pro A10 need


    I recently bought an old Pro of Satellite A10 but it doesn't have a hard drive or a caddy, anyone know if one of the other Toshiba Notebook Caddy is compatible with this model? I've been watching autour fleabay, but not a lot of Pro A10 caddy out there.

    Any help is very appreciated

    Kind regards

    Until you find HDD caddy put the HARD drive in place and fix it a bit with aluminum foil, just to be sure it will not move during the use of laptop. Don t cover all HARD drive with just one make smallholders and attach the HARD drive in place.

    I did it on my old L300.

  • Satellite P300-1 has 8 - part number for the AC adapter / CC


    Can anyone tell me the part number of the AC adapter I need to buy for my Satellite P300-1 c 8?
    Model No.: PSPCOE-01H008EN 15550 / 1024/1024/160 G 54/17W + BT/D52/L/M/L

    The toshiba site list or recognize the model, CarPhone Warehouse does not provide me with detailed documents and the original adapter was stolen. If not, can anyone provide an email address for toshiba (I am unable to call during their office hours).

    Or failing that, some general tips on an adapter compatible Please, I bought an adapter for the correct base - 19V, 3 specification. 95 a, (75W), Connector (PA3715E-1ACE) 2.5/5.5mm however, it does not work. The toshiba site lists another card of the same specs (PA3468E-1AC3) but I am reluctant to risk without being sure that it is just to buy it. I'd be happy to buy a universal adapter but only a high quality which will not be an electrical danger.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hey Buddy,

    You can search for options and accessories here:

    Why you need an email at Toshiba?
    If you have questions about spare parts, you must contact a Toshiba instead authorized service provider.

    In general, I would recommend the original adapter because it of tested and designed for your laptop. With other words, it s a product of high quality.

  • Satellite Pro A100 - need win 7 driver for SD card reader

    I can't find driver for the next HD
    * SD card reader *:
    PCI\VEN_104C & DEV_803B & SUBSYS_FF101179 & REV_00

    other info
    System DMI information
    Manufacturer * TOSHIBA *.
    product * Satellite Pro A100. *
    version * PSAASE-00H004GR *.
    Sagna: * Win7 32 bit *.

    I have my serial number in
    but for Win7, I found only
    Update the BIOS
    Wireless Lan driver
    and no SD driver

    I also German?

    Your old laptop model no is of course not supported for Win7 but you can try to use the Vista driver and most of them also works on Win7.
    Test if you please and let us know if this will help.

    By the way: as you can see this forum is English language only, so try please post in English. Who cares if you will make mistakes? ;) My English is not so perfect.

  • Satellite Pro L450D-need fix WLAN Driver for XP

    I put Windows Xp on Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L450D with drivers... The only driver I'm not 100% on is the Wlan driver for xp so I can use it wireless...
    Could someone please send me the correct link please... I now use a driver but I keep losing the connection now and again...
    Which wlan card would be in this laptop as well... Thanks in advance...

    > I have other computers here who have windows xp who have no problem to stay online wireless so its nothing to do with
    You can compare two identical OS and hardware to be objective with these comparisons identical books.
    You use the original WXP recovery disk you got with your laptop?
    Have you noticed the same behavior with Win7 you have with your laptop?

  • Satellite Pro A300 - need to display driver for OS WIN 2003 R2

    the search for display driver for Satellite Pro A300 and the operating system is win 2003 R2.

    pls help me. I'm not able to locate the driver.


    As you know computers laptops are not designed to be used as servers and because of this Toshiba does not support Windows Server 2003. Just mobile computing words said enough.
    Am I right about that?

  • Satellite Pro M70: Where to get the Mobile power adapter

    Can someone tell me where to find a removable card for this laptop that is to say one that can power the laptop from the car cigarette lighter charging.
    Tried a Targus one but kept power being interrupted. Returned it for a replacement, but even still... for all do but Targus please!


    Try to google for this part number: PX1188E-1NPO for computer laptop adapter car 120W, 15V, 8A
    This car adapter must be compatible with the Satellite Pro M70.
    You can also order these parts of the Toshiba service partner in your country.

  • Satellite Pro L20: battery not charge when the power adapter is connected


    all advice appreciated.

    I had a Satellite Pro L20 for about 18 months. Recently, battery does not charge when the power adapter is connected. The battery light starts yellow (which means more liberated, I think?), then will both green, the machine sat for awhile. However the ACPI often said that AC is "offline."

    There are two recent occurrences that coincide with this problem, I try to eliminate:

    1. my friends rat chewed by the feeder for pets! Power is Mobile OK insofar as he fled sector - the rat seems to have simply chewed by the outer cover (I see some threads, but I think that is just a shield, although I'm not an electrician).

    2. I put the laptop in hibernation for the first time. That seemed to mess up the system a bit, which was what initially drew my attention to the problem. This question is a bit complicated because I'm under Linux (Xubuntu).

    I updated the drivers etc from windows when I bought the laptop. Never had any problems until now and have been running linux for centuries. Also, I have mainly the laptop the power supply turned off, but do not remove the battery (is that really a problem these days?)

    I obviously need to replace the adapter, but is - it is likely (and how I can check) that the battery was borked until?

    see you soon

    First, please check if the other are lit.
    If the AC led and power led are on the adapter sector is ok and it provides the power to the laptop.

    > The battery light starts yellow (which means more liberated, I think?), then will both green, the machine sat for awhile
    If the battery LED is yellow, this means that the battery is not fully charged and if the Green led changes then recharging is caught and the battery has been recharged.

    So I really don t see any problems with the charge process.

    Maybe the battery is old and so you cannot use it for an extended in such a case only the replacement of the battery could help.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - need Windows 7 driver for flash card reader

    I changed from Vista to Windows 7 on my Satellite A200-20N, and now I can't use the card flash inside Reader. I already looked for drivers, but I only find one for vista, also tried to install it, but failed.

    How I use my card under Windows 7 flash reader?


    Unfortunately, I think you can use the Vista driver and normally they also work on Windows 7.
    Perhaps you can explain what it means not managed exactly

    In addition, you can try a new driver of another model of laptop card reader, e. g. Satellite A300.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite Pro L500 - need driver modem/fax for Windows 7

    My laptop has no analogue modem/fax. Because I have to send a fax, please send us factory and model * WIN7 driver compatibile * to send by fax.

    Thank you


    To send a fax, the modem must be installed correctly and that's why you can find the driver on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    There you can download the modem for Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64-bit driver. :)

    Welcome them

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