Satellite Pro A100: Trojan warning message during the windows BIOS update

Trying to update my Bios through windows, my anti virus (f-secure) has a crush on decompressing the zip file a warning.

The warning pointed out that the folder contained a Trojan horse and that he had been cleared to protect my computer.
A warning from microsoft also said that access to these files had been blocked to protect your system.

Is it possible that this update, downloaded from Toshiba really contain malware or could there be another reason for this event?

Advice for help would be appreciated

Post edited by: james7dean I have a satellite pro a100 o/s windows xp pro


Hi james

Don't you panic! You BIOS are not affected by Trojans, Malware or viruses.
For the most part these BIOS files are not known for anti-virus applications and, consequently, anti virus software reports and notifies a virus.

Before you start the update of the BIOS, you must disable automatic virus protection!

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    Good bye

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    See you soon


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    This question appears because you buy the laptop?

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    I don't believe that. I checked the Toshiba download page, and you can see two LAN drivers for your model laptop.
    Install the latest version 9.2.24 and I think everything will be OK.

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    I agree with the previous user of the forum. I often heard that Norton slows down the system quickly. Try to remove it and test it again.

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    See you soon

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    Are you sure that you have a Satellite Pro L350 PSLD0E?
    The series PSLD0E is a Satellite L350 (not Pro).

    But the BIOS update, you can find the Toshiba site.

    Welcome them

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    I'm sorry to say, but it seems that you don't have the choice.
    You can ask him authorized partner in your country for the help that I know, BIOS update errors are not covered by a warranty and you will have to pay a small fee for fixing.

    In the worst cases, the motherboard must be replaced:(mais peut-être avez_vous une évasion chanceuse et seulement la puce ROM doit être flashée à nouveau)

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    I would like for you to perform general troubleshooting steps for Windows Update.
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    c. in the type in the following command prompt window and press ENTER:
    Refer to this article for more information:
    Method 3: Check the hard disk for errors:
    Note: Check hard drive for errors will check the bad sectors on the hard drive and repairs. During this process, there is a chance of losing the data in these sectors. Please back up the data before performing this step.
    I hope this helps.
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    Whenever I reboot the signal turns off wireless.
    I have to manually enable the wireless switch to get a signal to go online.

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    This is normal since the needs of subssystem wireless initialized manually by the user. But I think it should probably be an option to automate the it.
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    Welcome them

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