Satellite Pro A120-107: Question about upgrade HARD drive

Hello world

I have a 120-107 I am generally satisfied but the hard drive is too small and I think the upgrade in about 100 GB. What should I look for when buying? Any suggestions on the best drive to get? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks


"you just have to take care, that you buy a Sata Drive in the"form factor"2.5". That's all.
As I know, the biggest that drive was delivered with this machine was a 120 GB SATA drive.

Regarding the manufacturer: do not hesitate to take all the manufacturers that you like. The best would be Toshiba at all ;)

Welcome them

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  • Satellite Pro A120 - Maximum capacity of the HARD drive?

    HI - new here. I have a:

    Toshiba Satellite Pro A120
    Model PSAC1E-04H00VEN number

    It's less hard drive. I have a 160 GB spare hard drive but when I try to install this using the recovery disc, the operation simply sticks on the "Please wait..." message. ». The specification for the A120, I noted that it supports drives of 40 to 120 GB. Which is strictly true and so why can't I just install this 160 GB drive?

    Thank you.

    Hi Lapitup,

    Usually the 160 GB should be no problem because the laptop supports the SATA interface and there is no limit of ability so that you can install each HARD drive.

    Be interesting to know what HARD drive you have installed exactly and if you tested on another computer because the HARD drive itself could be the problem and not on the computer. If the disc is defective recovery disc can t be installed so that you get an error message.

  • Satellite Pro A10: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    I want a bigger hard drive, but xp home edition preinstalled. If I change the hard drive I don't think that the recovery disc would work to re install xp. How can I do this without having to buy a new version of windows? Oh, it's a portable satellite pro spa10.

    Sorry, but why you are suggesting that the recovery CD will not recognize the new HARD drive?
    The fact is that if the BIOS will recognize the new HARD drive then you will have no problem for the recovery and the installation of the OS.

    If you want to upgrade the HARD drive, you must use a compatible. Then everything simply initialize-towards the top of the recovery CD and the operating system will install on the new HD disc.

  • Satellite Pro 2100: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    ICH have a Satellite Pro 2100 with a capacity of 40 GB HDD. Now I want wo upgrate with a 100 GB or 120 GB HARD drive. Is it supported? Where is the upper limit of the capacity of support? Is there something I need to look out? Are there special attributes that am I looking for?

    prior to thank you for your support


    It is very unlikely that the 100 or 120 GB HARD drive works.
    I guess that the BIOS will not recognize these hard disks.
    I don't officials documents found on the hard drives supported, but I think that the 60 GB HARD drive is the biggest HARD drive that works on the Satellite Pro 2100.

  • Satellite A200-1CR: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    Hi all...
    I would like to ask something...

    I have toshiba Satellite A200-1cr with 120 GB HARD drive...

    I would like to change my HARD drive. I found a disk hard 2.5 "with 250 GB.

    My questions are the following:

    (1) my knowledge of the workstations are very very good. Is it easy to change myself?
    I guess it is, but I want to be sure... I guess that is on IDE, right? No SATA at all?

    (2) if I changed it I lose my warranty?

    (3) can I give my laptop Toshiba in Greece official store and let them make the change?
    May I take in an informal shop, too?

    (4) can be put on the laptop 2 x 250 GB such US new computers laptops from toshiba?
    Is there enough space in the laptop for such a change?

    Thank you in advance...

    Hey Buddy

    It is good that ask you the question.

    (1) the Satellite A200-1CR supports SATA and no IDE interface and that's why you need a SATA HDD. It of really not difficult to replace the HARD drive and as far as I know, you should find a few details in the user manual. There is a useful statement and photos that explain the entire procedure.

    (2) hm AFAIK the drive replacement HARD will not void the warranty, and has no effect on the State of security.

    (3) you can also contact the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country for a HARD drive replacement, but in my opinion that is not really necessary because the replacement is not very sensitive. As I said above, check the user manual.

    (4) I don t think that your laptop will support 2 x 250 GB HARD drive.
    Of course, there are a few other series laptops which are abele to support two hard drives but I n t think that your laptop A200 support.

    Just a small comment on the new HARD drive:
    The fact is that some more HARD drive are not supported by the BIOS. I mean an upgrade to 120 GB to 250 GB drive HARD is really a leap one possibly your BIOS would not recognize the HARD drive correctly.
    So I recommend to test the HDD first before buying.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100-160: Question about upgrade HARD drive


    I would replace the internal hard drive to a larger size, but I don't know who is compatible.
    Here is a link to dabs where they have 5 hard drives, but not sure if they will work.

    Would be nice to get some tips on this thanks.
    I have a Satellite P100-160 that currently has a 120 GB hard drive, it is not enough! y = 50540 & key = 40970000 & CategorySelectedId = 11154 & PageMode = 1


    I downloaded the user manual for this laptop from the Toshiba page and it says that you can use the 160 GB HARD drive.
    I think that he n t be a problem to use a bigger like 200 HDD or 250 GB.

    Sat P100 supports a SATA HDD controller and you should therefore use the HARD drive 2.5 SATA.


  • Satellite Pro L20-184: Question about upgrading CPU

    I bought a Satellite Pro l20 184
    I can replace the Pentium M 735 2 MB of L2 cache processor
    FSB 400 1.7 GHz?


    Hello Constantin

    The answer is that no, it is not possible to replace the processor in a Toshiba laptop. The processors used in laptops are connected to the motherboard using a process called TCP (tape carrier package). It is a method of permanent connection and is used in the interest of miniaturization and heat dissipation.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1900-102: Question about upgrade hard drive

    I tried for awhile get a new hard drive for my 102 S1900. I think I found one, but don't know if it will fit. The person told me that it fits in a Toshiba but that was all. It's a 80 GB 2.5 "9 mm 4200 RPM IDE laptop hard drive. Will this work in my model? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    the problem here is not if the HARD drive will fit in the notebook or not (BTW it will be).
    The problem is if the BIOS can recognize hard drives with this ability. And I think that it is not.
    But maybe there is a new version of the BIOS available.
    Sorry I don't have the info to say more clearly.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A40: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    I got old A40 son of infections of Virus and spyware. Now, I want to improve.

    At the present time, I have still the old Bios and a 30 GB IDE drive at 4200 RPM. (model n ° PSA45E-007N1-EN)
    It's like the A10 that accepts maximum 60 GB drive or I can't do big?

    One provider suggested that I stay at 4200 RPM, but to ask Toshiba what they recommend, so far unanswered.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much


    How have you tried to ask Toshiba? As far as I know, you can ask the service provider authorized in your country information but not a Toshiba directly.

    However, I studied a bit here in the forum and found this thread:

    and this one

    It seems that there is no official information, but the user henrivdw has updated the A30 (similar to A40) with 80 GB HARD drive successfully.

    Good luck

  • Equium A100-549: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    I'm looking to upgrade the hard drive on my A100-549 that 40 GB is not enough.

    Anyone know what kind of car I need to buy?

    Looked at Ebuyer and there is some Toshiba 2.5 "hard drives, but want to make sure that I have buy one that will be compatiable with my laptop.

    Any ideas?

    See you soon


    In my opinion, you need the HARD drive with Serial ATA interface and you can use 40/60/80/100/120 GB hard drives.

  • Satellite pro A120-151 - cannot start more HARD drive

    I removed the laptop HARD drive to copy files on the master pc because of the virus. The problem is when I put the HARD drive to the laptop, I can't start windows. It comes up with the usual start screen. The 1st BIOS password: I entered and I press on and get said its CERTIFIED.

    But just, it is there and don't do anything else. I then rebooted from CD so I can access the HARD drive, the HARD drive is ok and connected. I went into the BIOS and put the password password BIOS and the HARD drive. Returned to enter my password and got the message saying.

    Yet once it is just what I can do?

    Hi mypcclean,

    Maybe you have the virus on your laptop and so, you can start t more?
    This would also explain why you can access the HARD disk with a bootable disc.

    I doubt that's a problem with your laptop, I think that you need to reinstall Windows. You can take a Toshiba Recovery disk to reinstall Windows.
    Check it!

  • Tecra 8000: Question about upgrade hard drive


    I recently bought laptop Tecra 8000 PII 400 MHZ. The laptop has 10 GB of hard drive.
    I want to increase my hard drive, which is a maximum size of the HD can I increaes in my laptop?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately there is no official document on a maximum size of HARD drive, but I think you can use a 20, 30 GB without any problem.
    You can ask the service for a partner caught max supported size HARD drive or HARD drive dealer.

    Good bye

  • Prerequisites for the replacement of Windows XP for Satellite Pro A120-107

    I don't know that it will have been asked before, however...

    I received a Satellite Pro A120-107 XP. Because XP is not supported, I would like to upgrade to Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Who should I go for?

    I think I need to improve my memory (currently 512 MB) at least 1 GB. Or should I go to 2 GB. Which would be better?

    And I need a BIOS upgrade? He is currently using vn 1.50 08/24/2006. If I do, what version?

    In your case, I'll try to install Win 7 on this good old classic.

    8.1 Win is the latest system from Microsoft but I'm afraid, you will have some problems with drivers m.

    Win 7 would be the best choice in this case

  • Satellite Pro A120 - I want to upgrade the RAM


    I'm looking to upgrade the RAM in my Satellite Pro A120 Model No.: PSAC1E-05C00VEN

    I'm getting conflicting reports as to how this can actually take, some sites say a 1 GB maximum per slot max so 2 GB while most of the others say max 2 GB per slot

    I was hoping you could advise me.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


    Your Satellite Pro A120 is equipped with the Intel 945 GM chipset and so you can upgrade it to 4 GB of RAM.
    Only models with ATI chipset can be upgraded to 2 GB and I think this is the reason why some sites say that it can be upgraded to 2 GB and others at 4 GB.

    However, for the upgrade of RAM DDR2-RAM PC2-5300 (DDR2-677). You can buy 2 GB modules for a maximum of 4 GB.
    But don t forget that only a 64 bit OS supports 4 GB of RAM.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A120 - cannot boot from CD/DVD drive

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 of friends, he was running very slow so I said I'd do the usual for him.
    Back up all his documents, and then reinstall windows. not so easy!

    First of all, try to boot from the CD so I can boot into Ubuntu or reinstall windows.
    Me has taken long enough to work, I had to press DEL/ESC to enter in the BIOS, but once I put to boot from the CD (and was a bootable CD in the drive), it kept just boot from the HARD drive.

    From time to time I get an error saying + "Media test failure - check cable" + or something similar, theres a lot on internet on this subject.
    I think its something to do if the boot order has CD first, then it has LAN as 2nd.

    Able to boot Ubuntu from a USB key.
    Try to copy its documents on my external drive but really copying REALLY slow (like 1 MB/s) and kept getting IO errors on some files.
    I can't run diagnostic software for HARD drive that I can not boot from the CD (could get the Ultimate Boot CD on a USB but if anyone thinks it would help?).

    In windows, the CD player only reads real CD (audio similar DVD, not CDR and DVDR).
    This means a failing drive?
    What intrigues me most, however, is that I changed the portable CD player with a CD of work of another computer and windows recognize today this new CD player at all!

    By putting a bootable CD in this new CD player, it always starts from the HARD drive (do not recognize CD player in all).
    The BIOS is a bit unnecessary and does not show the detected disks...

    Also, boot Ubuntu from a USB key, with the original CD player, he reads real CD and DVD copied of all zeros are considered blank discs and replace the CD drive with a known working in Ubuntu means its not recognized at all (if this isn't windows driver problems).

    When I started messing around with it I remember windows say the time had been reset, so I set the time properly, then he did the same thing again I think. A flat CMOS battery could not be responsible for this?

    Is the motherboard and specifically the IDE controller or a broken ports, or am I doing something stupid? I'm tempted to just install Ubuntu by USB and tell him not to bother with CD more ;^)

    Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated!

    Thank you
    Dan Gent

    > Me has taken long enough to work, I had to press DEL/ESC to enter in the BIOS, but once I put to boot from the CD (and was a bootable CD in the drive), it kept just boot from the HARD drive.
    You see the CD/DVD drive in BIOS? I mean all the details like the name WEIRD etc.
    If this isn't the case, then it means that your CD/DVD drive is not recognized by the BIOS due to a hardware problem.

    If you can see the STRANGE in the BIOS but are still not able to boot from any disk, then I suppose that the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disk for different reasons.
    One of the reasons could be a defective or damage the laser lens

    > Every so often, I would get an error saying "Media test failure - check cable" or something similar, theres a lot on internet on this subject. I think its something to do if the boot order has CD first, then it has LAN as 2nd.

    Yes, this error means that your laptop tried to boot from LAN

    > In windows, the CD player only reads real CD (audio similar DVD, not CDR and DVDR). This means a failing drive?

    As I said above, it would be possible that the reader s laser lens malfunctions and, therefore, the ODD can't handle the media. It seems that the laser lens can not calibrate properly and can not move in the correct position. This question is not repairable and the drive needs to be replaced.

    > What intrigues me most, however, is that I changed the CD drive with a CD of work of another laptop and windows don't recognize this new CD player at all!

    The fact is that not all CD/DVD drives are compatible due to different master/slave/C-salt settings. You must use the supported players! In most cases, you can find a list in your user manual what CD/DVD readers are compatible.

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