Satellite Pro A120 - LCD black screen - Fine on external monitor - fine

Hi, I have a headache with a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 mojor. The screen began to move to the blackout at random times and happens more and more. It is not serious if W
Jayindows has loaded or if I enter the bios, boot from the CD or leave it sitting waiting for me to select a boot device. More often than otherwise, it becomes black, but you can still see what needs to be on the screen, it is simply not at all turned to see clearly. The laptop itself still works very well because it works on an external monitor and makes the system beeps, cd turns etc.
Have you tried the following:
Setting of various parameters in the graphics properties and in the bios but makes no difference.
It also becomes active again if I press FN + F5 to swap monitors but turns off after a few seconds.
It is not overheating as it's been all night and still sometimes happens when starting Cold Stone.
I tried to start with / without battery - no difference.
I tried to start without the disk HARD - no difference.
I tried to remove the battery by pressing power for 60 seconds, then add the battery and new starter - no difference in power.
I could have sworn it is the inverter, but it does the same thing with an inverter I know works! do not think that it may be graphic because it works on an external monitor and turn off.
I'm out of ideas and looking for a genius to fix it for me please!
See you soon


Hey Buddy,

> It turns on but not at all to see clear
This would mean that the FL inverter is faulty the FL inverter of the internal LCD display controls the backlight of the screen and if the isn t working FL inverter you can see a picture, but very very dark.

It would be a logical explanation for your problem, because there must be something wrong with the laptop LCD if an external monitor is working properly. Also if it happens in the BIOS the problem is not software.

In your case I contact an authorized service provider and ask the guys for help. They can check your laptop and this should be done. Here, we can only speculate and discuss the different possibilities because it s just a user forum. EPA has professional diagnostic tools and can order all Toshiba spare parts.

Good luck! :)

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    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L300 Vista.

    The customer earned him in because when it starts it goes to home Toshiba screen then goes to a black screen with cursor flashing at the top left. I connected external monitor with the same result. Swapped RAM as well.

    Have run Memtest (spent), Seagate HDD long test (past), Ultimate boot CD and Winternals without success.
    * F8 does not work * and no more than the resumption of the plant.

    Can enter the BIOS F2 and F12 no problems and the HARD drive is listed.

    I reinstalled Vista on CD and on reboot it goes back to blinking cursor. I tried booting from the Vista CD repair and system restore. FixBoot commands and FixMbr prompt as well as with the same result.
    I feel that it may be a corrupt CMOS sensor? It's like the OS installs correctly, but the computer loses his memory on reboot where the operating system?

    Is the battery CMOS easily accessible and removable on this model?

    Has anyone experienced these symptoms? Is - fixable at lower cost?


    If you have clients, I guess you're a technician and hope you have a few pieces of equipment in your store.
    Have you tried to set the BIOS to default settings and check again?
    If possible try to exchange the HARD drive and test the functionality again.
    You can use laptop with Linux live CD (HARD drive not required)?

    To be honest that I think n problem t is ORGANIC and, in my opinion, the exchange of the CMOS battery is not necessary.

    Please test it with the new HARD drive and post comments.

  • Satellite Pro A300-28V - black screen boot failure

    My three days old Satellite Pro A300 began yesterday to hang at startup in Vista. I rebooted twice with good result, but now I see only the home Toshiba screen, then it goes black with a cursor top left. I won't answer on /F12/ F8 F2 or the recovery of the DVD. Indicator LED disc is black, fan-only sound. I have connected not no matter what external monitor ever on this one.

    At the moment so it's Sunday I chose the battery and will try again in an hour or two, otherwise I contact seller tomorrow. Any ideas what's happening? BIOS crash, hard drive (after three days)?
    / disappointed


    Does this mean that you can t access the BIOS too?

    If it s, then it seems to be a hardware problem. Therefore, the service provider authorized in your country. They can help you to repair the laptop.

  • Satellite Pro L300 PSLB1E - black screen / no display


    hope someone can point me in the right direction. I just bought a re-conditioned by Satellite Pro L300 Model PSLB1E of
    He worked for about 20 minutes and then I got a blue screen error (I think that I just tried to open Windows Media Player when this happened).
    Sorry, but I didn't note down the error however seem to recall he mentioned win30.dll?

    Now, when I turn on the laptop I can hear things fan etc but there is no display on the screen.
    I don't know what to do and I have no warranty documentation.
    Suggestions this is appreciated please.

    Are you able to start, any bootable disks, Win XP, Win Vista, Linux live CD, etc.

    Please check this!

    But if you will not be able to boot from these disks, then you must contact the ASP (authorized service provider) in your country, because this problem looks a little more hardware related problem.

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro L770 - intermittent black screen

    I had some problems in the last few weeks with my L770 Pro Satellite.

    Occasionally, the screen is blank, it comes and goes without apparent cause, it can sometimes be empty for an hour, sometimes more, sometimes much shorter.
    There is a display when I connect to a TV via HDMI.

    The screen of the computer itself can go motionless on a desk, as well as come back when it has not been moved.
    As far as I know that some drivers have been updated.

    From there, I can only assume that there is a bad connection?


    The display turns OFF when using Notepad or while staying away from the laptop?

    Please check the option called choose when turning off the display
    It is found on Panel-> power-> left column Options

    Here you can set the time when the display would be sounded.
    I would recommend settings this forever in order to test the functionality

  • Tecra S1 - black screen even on external monitor


    I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this, but here goes: I have a tecra s1 who was working fine then one day. I turned it on all I get a black screen. I suspect that it's the hard drive but not 100%.

    I tried to connect to an external monitor as the same just a black screen. My question is this laptop does not start if the hard drive is bad I think it would be at least got to the bios screen, but I get nothing but a black screen.

    any help would be appreciated thanks.

    Hi cracypcguy,

    For me, this looks like a hardware malfunction if on an external monitor, you can see a white screen also. In addition, I doubt it has something to do with the HARD drive. In this case you should see the screen of the BIOS at least.

    Anyway, in your case, I'll ask a maintainer approved assistance. Technicians can check your laptop parts and the exchange of defective material.

    I hope I could help you! :)

  • Satellite Pro L300 - Display works only on the external monitor

    I received my new Satellite Pro L300 tonight & followed the instructions one by one. Although the power etc. lights were turned on, I had no monitor display at all. I then plugged on my old pc monitor who * fact * work. I tried pressing Fn + F5 but still nothing on the screen of the laptop?

    Thank you, Adam.

    I think you need to bring your laptop to an ASP. They can check your laptop and exchange all necessary parts.
    I think that your laptop is under warranty, if the repair is free for you :)

    On the Toshiba site, you can search an ASP: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good luck!

  • Re: Satellite Pro U400-130 poor quality display on external monitor


    If I connect an external monitor to the display quality VGA port is quite poor. It looks like a 'grainy twinkle"(sorry hard to describe). I have tried several different monitors and made all the adjustments that I can find. If I increase the contrast to max is not visible, but still the screen is too bright. The internal TFT is perfect.

    Have you tried to change the display settings on monitor itself (brightness)?

    I have connected to my office two different external screens (19 and 22) to U400, and the image is OK. I really don't understand what makes you so unhappy.

  • Satellite Pro A60 PSA65E black screen when you wake up from stand-by


    I have a laptop computer (PSA65E) A60 and I am really slow recently so I decided to reinstall windows XP.

    I didn't have the CD that came with the laptop, so I don't know if it was an installation CD or recovery CD.

    But I installed WinXP home with SP3 slipstreamed in him with a folder for all the drivers. I installed without any problem and installed the drivers for the wifi, display etc.
    And yes it has been activated via windows until someone asks.

    In any case when I closed the lid and exploited later I couldn't have the laptop to wake up.

    Well it is but with a white screen, the fans start up and I get all the flashing lights on the front, but no display. I had the mouse pointer once but nothing else.

    I read a lot of forum posts here on all sorts of ways to fix, but I can't get an any of them to work. Tried to get new drivers, got all of the updates from windows update and the bios is the most recent.

    Any ideas on what is happening here, because it is really annoying me.

    Thank you Will


    To be clear. The notebooks are actually not SP3 supported and if you want to have good work use OS support Windows XP SP2 home edition.

    I know what you're probably thinking now but all offered tools and utilities are obviously not designed and tested with SP3.
    It is a pity that you n t have Toshiba recovery CD. With the original recovery image, it should work correctly.
    Usually these problems are solved with the updates to the BIOS, but if you have a last I really t know what you can try to fix it.

    As you can see it is very often problematic to use latest updates on older models of laptop.

  • Satellite Pro A120 - wallpaper flashed black


    I have problems with my laptop. I have a toshiba satellite pro A120, but for the last two days, the bottom of my screen flashed black from time to time. Usually, it blinks for about a minute then works fine for a few minutes then flashes again etc.

    Here is a youtube link to a person having the same problem I'm having. No solution while

    All ideas are welcome.

    Thanks in advance,



    I agree with the user above. First of all, please check this work around on cable, graphics card, etc.

    By the way: what display driver you have installed right now? Sometimes I read here in the forum that no Toshiba display drivers problems, so I recommend you to install the latest version of Toshiba directly.

    Last but not least with an external monitor, you can check where the problem is: either internal monitor or graphics card but I think that, in both cases, you need assistance from an authorized service provider to swap the part.

  • Satellite Pro A120 - screen flickers when you activate another monitor

    I have a Satellite Pro A120, who has a problem with the computer screen to turn off image poor qulity (looks like interference) when you use the function key and activate a second monitor, but the image on the 2nd monitor is fine. I also discovered that the second monitor doesn't have to be physically connected to the main display having the problem, as soon as you activate the second screen the problem starts. However, as soon as you disable the second monitor, the computer screen looks perfect.

    I updated the BIOS of these two and the graphics driver, but the problem still persists.
    Any ideas?

    Why don't you tell us what portable external that you use?

    Have you tried to put the good resolution of monitor 1 (s notebook LCD) after the switch to the external display? I can imagine LCD becomes bad resolution and it must be changed.

    Please play with all the display settings. I used my cell phone so many times with different external screens and I was always able to configure this works well in any mode offered.

  • LCD for Satellite Pro A120 is broken - need replacement


    My SATELLITE PRO A120 sagged and its LCD screen is damaged. Possible replacement needs - where to get the new LCD screen and replace.

    Thanks in advance

    Compatible LCD display can be bought from the ASP in your country.
    The Toshiba authorized service partner can provide the entire sets out measures LCD is supported.

    But note; the new LCD screen is not cheap the screen is one of the expensive parts laptop ;(

    Anyway, the ASP is your next point

  • Satellite Pro A120 - screen upside down

    Hi all I have a toshiba satellite pro A120 and my son took his hand on the keyboard and now the screen flipped over any ideas on what I can do thank you very much...

    Go to the graphics card-> of advanced-> ATI catalyst properties
    Select the quick settings, then the display Configuration tab and rotate the image of the office.

    There should also be a key combination which allows rotation, but it is not known to me

  • Matte, non-reflecting screen on Satellite Pro A120

    Hi, I'm about to buy
    Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 Core Duo 1.66 GHz 512MB 40GB COMBO XP
    quicklinx: 454PPN
    Manufacturer part: PSAC1E-03X00YEN

    But have a question. This laptop has display Crystal Bright/True Brite etc.?
    I prefer laptops with screens "masts", non-reflets.

    If this one has 'mirror' screen, could you tell me, who do not have?
    I am interested in laptops with Core Duo and 512 MB of RAM (propably series A or L).

    Thanks in advace...



    According to all specifications of this notebook doesn't TruBrite display. By the way for this laptop is "money supply". Not bad!!!

    I read somewhere that Satellite A120 has the same construction as Tecra A8 and it must have really good unit interpreted.

    In any case you can check under

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A120-106: what type of screen?

    I intend to buy a new notebook, exactly Satellite PRO A120-106 and I found different information on the websites of the shop on display. Do you know what type of display is used in this model, TN or * GOING?

    Thank you


    I found information that this device supports a display size screen 15.4 "WXGA TFT with an internal resolution of 1280 x 800.
    That's all what I found on the screen.

    Check out this page of presentation of Toshiba model:

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