Satellite Pro A120: Reset password disk HARD known through the BIOS

Satellite Pro A120SE
HARD drive password is known - no problem.
According to Toshiba, the HARD drive password can be reset in the BIOS.

By following the instructions in the documentation, a new password is entered, but a 'beep' is returned and it is clear that the password has not been changed.
A support call was placed about 2 months there with the dealer who couldn't solve the problem. The dealer contacted Toshiba support helpdesk who told them that HARD drive password reset should be possible and they had no explanation or solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much


As much as I know the HARD drive password cannot be removed or reset.

Maybe I've misunderstood something.

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  • Satellite A200 - password disk HARD 'frozen' in the BIOS

    Satellite A200 computer laptop does not recognize the HARD drive.
    Reconstruction of the disk with Vista or XP - Pro (on another machine) have proved to be unsuccessful.

    Originally, continually blue machine armored and quicky restarted, Machine was infected by the virus and Trojans that I believe have damaged BIOS. The BIOS now appears to have 'frozen' a HARD drive password (unknown) which transfers any HARD drive new - perpetuating the problem.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome, thanks.


    Usually, you should be able to remove the HARD drive password in the BIOS.
    You have to put the old HARD drive password must use ENTER to put an empty string as a new HARD drive password and you will need to confirm this
    Save the changes and restart again

    If this procedure is not possible or does not work then there must be something wrong with the BIOS, module ROM BIOS or motherboard.
    Maybe an update of BIOS/reflash could be useful, but generally all passwords must be removed before attempting a BIOS updates, which could be risky
    I think you should get in touch with a local ASP and need to ask for help, maybe the technician will be able to reflash the BIOS

    Welcome & good luck

  • Tecra M3: How to remove a password disk HARD known?

    Greetings, all.
    I am a technician in a large enterprise COMPUTING and have been presented with a Tecra M3 which took the user/HDD to set passwords.
    I need to redistribute the laptop to another employee, but I need to make sure that no game of passwords of the bios.

    Now that I know what is the existing password, I have reset / removed the user password, eliminating 'password =' fast before the start.

    However, I find no docco to tell me how to remove the HARD drive password. I am always prompted with "password HARD drive integrated =" command prompt.

    Can I put it, I change it. I just can't take it off.
    It's probably somewhere simple, I'm not quite familiar with this model.

    I should note here: I KNOW WHAT IS THE EXISTING PASSWORD, so I'm not a suspect type "how to bypass a password disk HARD unknown?". I just need to know how to, or remove it completely if the new user-to-be is not invited.



    You should be able to remove the HARD drive KNOWN password in the BIOS. I put t understand why you aren't able to do.

    About your statement, you can set HARD drive password and change the HARD drive password.

    I think you should try to remove the HARD drive as the master password BIOS password.
    Try to use the Enter key to change the password for the drive HARD and don't anything else type.

    In my opinion what one possibility to remove no matter what password and I think he should functions

    Check it!

  • Satellite Pro A120: What is a reference number of the motherboard


    I want to know my systems of Toshiba Satellite Pro A120-223 card number, I tried to look on the actual card, but I can't seem to find it written anywhere.

    Y at - it a database of numbers of parts online... ? I searched but couldn't find anything.

    I want to know (for future reference) if I would be able to upgrade my current mobo for 533 MHz FSB and really poor graphics on a higher end system should I suddenly become completely sick of my current. I read on the mobile core 2 duo processors and of their performances, but they are FSB800, I can't update without a total replacement of mobo.

    Any thoughts... ?

    Thank you.

    > Is it a database of numbers anywhere online... ? I searched but couldn't find anything.
    Don t know such database may be the service provider authorized in your country can help you. Usually technicians has access to this information

  • Recovery on satellite Pro C660 - 2KM with new HARD drive with the restored recovery partition

    Hey people,
    I had a problem with a virus on this sat pro, so I decided to completely erase the hard drive to get rid of this virus. Before I did, I saved everything partiton D including the recovery path and after clearing course, I copied everything returns to a place (second partition).
    Now, try to recover and do not know how to do it. F11, F10 and F8 seems to not work. Do I need the recovery media created with recovery media creator or can I still use the recovery on the new partition D: path?
    Thanks for your help in advance,

    Unfortunately, recovery doesn't work on this path.
    What you need now is the recovery disk.
    In general the recovery image on the second partition is useless and you will not be able to start.

  • Satellite Pro L300-1FN does not start - hang at the BIOS splash screen

    My Satellite Pro L300-1FN refuses to start. When turned on the laptop displays the home screen toshiba/insyde H20 BIOS and the message "press F2 go to the Setup utility, F12 to go to the start menu" and flashes the light access to the hard drive, but don't try to continue loading. I left the bios at the start screen, but it doesn't do anything for long hours on a power supply or is running the battery flat while on battery.

    Is there a way to re - put the BIOS on this unit? If it's a desktop unit I would remove the CMOS battery to force a reset of the BIOS but that's impossible on a laptop. The hard drive is fine because I have it plugged into another system to remove valuable data.


    What happens if you press F2 when starting the laptop to the top?
    You can access the BIOS?
    If so, access the BIOS and set its default value. I think you need to press F9 or F10 to get default parameters, but this will be mentioned at the bottom of the page of the BIOS.

    Check it!

  • Satellite Pro L300 will not start - cannot get into the BIOS


    I got a satellite Pro L300, width a HARD drive partitioned, with Win XP installed C and D with Windows 7 installed, the problem is the following:

    Days when I turned on my laptop, the OS splash screen appears, stop boot on Toshiba logo process.
    In addition, I can't enter the BIOS with the F2 key or the Boot Manager by using the F12 key.

    Help, please.

    > stop boot on Toshiba logo process
    This means that the laptop can not pass the POST (power on self test) properly and it would mean that a hardware problem has been detected on the motherboard.

    Remove one of the modules RAM (check both) and try to turn on using a single module of RAM.
    It is possible that one of the RAM modules is defective

    It would also be possible that the motherboard is malfunctioning, as you can see, it is hard to say what role could be wrong, but what looks like a serious hardware failure

  • Satellite Pro A300-28R - how to enable virtualization in the BIOS?

    I tried to enable the setting of virtualization in the BIOS and the setting is disabled and I was unable to change the setting to activate. I have flashed the BIOS to the new version, and now how to enable virtualization has completely disappeared.
    The laptop model is Satellite Pro A300-28R with Windows 7 Professional and BIOS version 2.10.

    How do I enable virtualization setting so I can run Windows Virtual PC mode to run compatible programs XP?


    Did you check the specifications of your laptop first?

    The fact is that the processor must support this virtualization and according to the Web of Toshiba site, your laptop is equipped with processor Core 2 Duo T5870.
    I checked this on the page of Intel CPU and virtualization isn't supported. That means t, you can use this feature!

    Here you can see this:

  • Satellite Pro L300 will not answer F2 to enter the bios

    one of my clients sent me to fix a toshiba Satellite Pro L300...
    Windows completely froze so they are off which makes windows unbootable.

    im having the problem now is that pressing F2 does not enter setup and F12 does not display the start menu.
    is there another key that I have to press on as well as F2 in the Fkeys allows access to bios?

    Thanks in advance

    Hey Lodore, that of great! :)

    Thank you for your comments.

  • Satellite Pro P100-327 no visual don't screen the bios startup

    Hi guys,.

    I have a problem that I think has been there since I upgraded my Satellite Pro P100-327 XP to vista Business.
    At the start, I have more no Visual on the screen until I see the windows logo. Computer works fine otherwise.

    Now a year and a half later I want to load Windows 7 and I can't see the bios screen. F12, F2 or esc. do not help me even if the computer does not stall but I do not see on the screen. I have the latest version of the bios and the nvidia drivers as far as I know.

    The only thing that I did not understand everything is the 'value added package' I think it's the small "HW" program, I downloaded the latest version and clicked on load HW in the control panel. Windows has asked if I wanted to go forward and I saw nothing else after that.

    thaks a lot if anyone can help



    For me, this looks like a problem of monitor settings but I don't know m.
    You are using an external monitor or have you changed the monitoring (from simple to double mode) mode?

    In your case, I could connect an external monitor and see what happens. Have you noticed the same problem on external monitor?

    In the worst case, there is something wrong with the internal display, but this should be verified by a technician of the laptop.

  • Satellite Pro A120 unable to use and move to the 2nd external monitor

    Hi all.

    I seem to be unable to make my A120 drive an external monitor. The said properties dialog box 2nd monitor cannot be activated until a monitor is attached. I tried with 3 different screens with the same result. Any ideas?



    I guess you have a d - sub vga connector on your machine, but can you describe watching have you tried to connect?

    And btw. : do you have already updated your display drivers for the latest version?

    Would appreciate some comments. :)
    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro U - BSOD when little Executive disable in the BIOS is set to


    I hope someone can help - I 1.90 BIOS with Windows Server 2008 R2 installed with SP1 beta. Everything goes well until I put the Execute Disable bit in the BIOS, then I blusecreen to death...


    See you soon

    Hey Buddy,

    Can I ask you why use Server 2008 on a laptop?
    And why with SP1 beta?

    In any case, before you start a lengthy discussion, it would be important to know which laptop you have.

  • Re: Satellite Pro A120: cannot select an option on the recovery disk


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120, which has recently been faced with the "alert: System protection failure! "password:" problem that it turned up on some BIOS password unknown on its own in the middle of normal operation.

    I got that fixed local Toshiba ASP.
    But now, when I was about to reinstall the Windows cos she had slow, the possibility that the recovery media normally give to just format the first partition become invalid.

    In the settings dialog box, the option is always there but it cannot be selected by clicking on it (from the color of the background showing this option not valid currently)... which means that the only selection (selected by default) is format all of the 38 GB... I don't want to do.

    Someone knows what is wrong and how can I solve this problem.

    I assume that you are using Windows XP and the restore CD also contains the XP operating system.
    It s also interesting if this option has worked in the past?  :|

    However, it s really mysterious that the solution cannot be executed and unfortunately I do not know why it happened

    In the worst case, you'll have to back up data from the HARD drive and format the whole HARD drive :(

  • How to disable the password for BIOS on Satellite Pro A120?

    Is it possible to disable the BIOS password on the Pro A120 laptop?

    I know the password, but I can't delete it. I tried both with the password on Windows and through the BIOS utility and in both I can change the password, but not turn it off (I get message REFUSED of DELETION).

    Thanks in advance.

    > Is it possible to disable the BIOS password on the A120 laptop?

    Of course its possible
    But must know the old password.

    > I know the password, but I can't delete it.
    First of all you must type the old password.
    In two other windows, you will need to confirm with the button ENTER.
    So safe the changes and exit the BIOS.

  • Satellite Pro A120 - clock system is slow

    Hi all,

    Since a few days on my Satellite Pro A120 Windows XP system clock is slow (the data are correct).
    Usually I realize it after turning on the laptop, sometimes even when the operating system is woking! I tried all types of virus/malware/spyware scan, system restore point. I guess the problem is the used battery from the RTC. Is it possible even if the data is correct?

    Thanks in advance


    > Sice a few days on my Satellite Pro A120 Windows XP system clock is slow (the data are correct).

    I'm afraid I n t m understand what you mean by system clock is slow.
    The BIOS clock shows incorrect data or time?

    Have you tried to change the time in the BIOS and then to check the time in Windows XP?

    Do this!

Maybe you are looking for