Satellite Pro A200 will remain not off while AC is plugged

My Satellite Pro A200 refuses to stay switched or hibernation mode, while the charger is plugged.
When it is running on battery, it shuts off and Hibernate normally.

If I understand correctly he runs a program or service that prohibits the system to Hibernate or stop.
First to find this program or service.
Than with msconfig.exe.
First mark all non ms to start services. Try Hibernate. If it works half of services enable and try again. This way, you will find the service that is causing the problem.
If this isn't a service try the same thing with the start up programs in msconfig.

Good luck!

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  • Satellite Pro A200-PSAE7E is not grateful USB Sennheiser Headset

    Can someone let me know why my toshiba Satellite Pro A200 - PSAE7E is not auto recognition USB Sennheiser headphones?

    What do you mean with grateful self their? As far I know Sennheiser those with USB connection built into the sound card, and therefore, you will need to install the drivers.

    Sennheisers as well, but with normal stereo jack and not the USB ones. You may edit the specific model name.
    And to check if your system is your helmet in any case, go to control panel - system - device manager and see if something changes, when you plug in your headphones.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - Wifi does not not after loading Win XP

    Hi, I'm new here and I apologies if this has been covered, I searched the Forum but came up to the top with nothing.

    I have a:
    Satellite pro a200
    Windows XP.

    My laptop was xp professional installed and the wifi on Board did not work.
    I had problems with the global laptop but the wifi worked. I formatted last night, installed a new copy of xp home and now wifi doesn't seem to be recognized. The light is on, the switch, but I can't get the laptop to recognize her here.

    I did not much I know, but I hope I can get it sorted.

    You have any questions, I will try and respond with as much information as possible.

    Thank you, my.


    Please not that after the installation of Win XP, the BIOS needs to be updated!
    The Toshiba page should provide a special BIOS for Win XP OS update.

    A note of juice; the laptop could be equipped with different WLan modules and so you should be aware of chip right WiFi WLan card would not work if you try to install incompatible driver!

  • Satellite Pro A200 - baterry does not load

    I have a new Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 lappy for about three months, the purchase of the France. Everything was OK until now, when loading baterry remains at 50% and wants to pay more.

    Anyone can have an ideea about this strange?


    My first idea is a dysfunction of the accumulator.
    The problem described sounds like something wrong with the battery

    So what to do?  :|

    The battery is covered under warranty for 12 months. So a replacement has to be done for free.
    Contact the service provider allowed in your country and ask for verification of the battery.

    Maybe guys will send you a new battery immediately for a check.
    Then don t waste time and call the ASP.

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro A200 - system does not boot


    wondering if someone could help?
    My Satellite Pro A200 with windows XP does not start. It starts with the Toshiba screen.
    Then goes to a screen black with text where it says "PXEE61 media test failure - check cable" (I have no cable) then said out of PXErom; moves to the next screen, which lists the options: safe mode; safe mode with networking; safe mode with prompt local; Last Configeration well-known; Start windows normally.

    Which have been tried and results in loading from page turns on for about 20 seconds, then just to abandon and trying all the whole process again (before flashing a blue screen) Windows.

    Nothing seems to work - tried to take the battery on a... number oftimes and the power cable, but nothing helps.
    It's already happened, but after a few false starts gets going - but this time he just don't come out it. I could not take others where locally, but I would prefer not to because I live in Spain and need the laptop as soon as possible and do not know, I want to leave it in some otherwise are hands to the risk of wipe them the hard drive.

    So, I would be very grateful for any help as soon as possible and I fear tech short hand maybe having to explain.

    Thanks a lot, a lot.


    I think the problem is that the operating system is not found on the HARD drive.

    The test failure PXEE61 media - check the cable appears especially if the laptop tries to boot from LAN.

    Why the laptop is trying to boot from the local network?


    -option may be the LAN was chosen first in the boot order in the BIOS
    -Maybe the drive is defective and so the laptop is trying to boot from LAN
    -the MBR (master boot record) is may be defective

    I think you should take the Toshiba Recovery CD and need to format the HARD drive and needs to be reinstalled the operating system.
    This should help.

    If not, then the HARD drive could malfunction and should be replaced!

  • Satellite Pro A200: Wireless does not work


    Got a Satellite Pro A200 2 weeks and the wireless worked well.
    Then after a week there was a problem, try to connect. I was able to reboot the pc and he was able to connect.

    Now it just doesn't quite work.
    I can connect through the LAN and I have another laptop that connects to the router with no problems.

    I checked in the Device Manager, the wireless card works correctly and I've updated the drivers for it but no. - GB.

    Any help would be great.
    see you soon


    Try to remove the network adapter from Device Manager wireless.
    Then restart the computer and reinstall newest WLan driver that you can download on the page of the Toshiba driver!

    Second, you could try to set up the WiFi network using an Intel ProSet Utility (but only if you have a Wlan Intel card.)

    If you have an Atheros Wlan card, then try using the Atheros Client utility for configuring Wlan

  • Computer HP laptop Pavilion 15 rose Zoom will remain not off


    I understand how to disable annoying pinch zooming via Control Panel, however, it will not be extinguished (i.e. whenever I turn on my computer after having turned off the pinch to zoom, pinch to zoom is for some reason, tour the back.) I have to turn off every time after a new start upward.

    I clicked 'Apply' and everything after have disabled, every time. Can someone please advise?

    Kind regards



    Try the following.

    Hold down the Windows key and press R

    In the run box, type regedit and press enter

    In the registry editor, navigate to the following


    Inside, look for a key named DeleteUserSettingsOnUpgrade

    If it is present, right click on the key and select Edit

    Set the field data of the value 0 (zero) , and then click Ok.

    Close the registry editor.

    Open the Synaptics settings panel, disable the pinch zoom and apply the change.  Check if this setting is now preserved after a reboot.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite Pro A200-1MA - does not start after disassembly

    This is one for my laptop was overheating strongly and I decided to clean the radiator and the parts around it. I disassembled the computer laptop to the point where I can take off the cooler, cleaned and then I put everything back. The problem is now it won t work.

    It starts normally, past in loading windows (I have Windows 7 sp1) and then after 10 seconds, or it just stops. I tried to go to the bios, but it does the same thing after 10 seconds. First, he showed BSOD with no explanation. Just somewhere stopped working and it has to stop, but I can't figure what. CPU should be fine, it can t overheat in 10 seconds if it s cooler nor starts loading Windows in order to RAM and HARD drive may also be excluded.

    My best guess is that I'm connected to something wrong, but I disassembled it 3 - 4 times today and can t find something that is not connected. When I remove the top plastic I need to disconnect this son: speakers, power button, touchpad, keyboard and one other connectors 2 or 3 which I am sure they are USB, LAN & maybe etc...

    Then, can you at least tell me where to start? What to check?


    I also can say with certainty what happened exactly, but fact is laptop disassembly is not easy and should be made only to professionals. If you take apart a laptop computer, you must be connected to the land, for example to avoid electrical damage.

    Anyway, everything you can do test your laptop with factory settings (preinstalled OS from Toshiba). If you notice the same problem it s a serious malfunction of hardware and your laptop should be verified professional people.

  • Satellite Pro A200 PSAE4E does not start after upgrading BIOS XP

    Hi, I need help!

    computer laptop, tested just got everything ok with Vista business and everything works fine.
    Now, I have a requirement to test a laptop duel boot XP build and follow the attached instructions to change the BIOS so that I can install XP.

    Restarted the laptop with the bios disk selected bios XP and everything seems ok.
    The phone rings, I answer. When I finished, I think back to the laptop and screen is white.
    Leave it for 20 minutes still white. Stop the laptop and reboot, no tosh start screen, nothing.

    Now does not start, so what do I do to get this thing working again?

    Hey Buddy...

    This looks very bad! :(il ressemble pas à quelque chose a mal tourné àle cours de la procédure de mise à jour dele de BIOS, et donc l'ordinateur portable ne peut pas démarrer correctement.)

    I hope that the ROM module must be flashed again.

    This can be done only by an authorized service provider.
    I see no other solution for contact ASP in your country and ask for help and handling.

    Good luck and best regards

  • Dynamic form will remain NOT off on clone stamp


    Out of nowhere my wacom intuos 3 doesn't let me turn off the dynamics of form when you use the clone stamp in photoshop.  I have re-charge of the new wacom drivers and rebooted and it still won't let me turn off the shape dynamics.  How can I fix it!

    CS 5.1

    10.7.6 OS


    In cs5, there are two buttons of replacement for the pressure of the stylus on the toolbar options for the Clone Stamp tool.

    Do you or the other of these permits?

  • Satellite Pro A200 - Touchpad does not

    Hi, my touchpad stopped working a few months ago and have been using a USB mouse from instead.

    I tried to get it to work by installing the updates, and it is said that the deivice works in the control panel. I think it may be a setting or something that needs to be settled, because it only since I left the lid open one day and my cat was sitting on the kyboard, by opening a bunch of programs and settings. Although it is perhaps a coincidence?

    Any ideas would be apprecieted. Thank you, ash.

    Nice :)

    Thank you for your comments, ash!

  • Satellite PRO A200 power issue - will not start

    Toshiba Satellite PRO A200 (model PSAE4E-00U004EN)
    OS Vista Business (not that get us here!)

    OK, here's the problem: battery led (blue), AC disconnected. Turn on (absolutely no hard disk activity)

    See attached picture + 30 seconds of video...

    Image =
    7 MB video =

    Here's what I tried...

    Removing the battery
    Remove and put back in place the two sticks of RAM
    Withdrawal of one of the sticks of RAM, a start in (and vice versa)
    Withdrawal of the DVD player
    Hold the power button for 20 seconds to evacuate the residule power, then plug back
    Holding the Fn key and pressing the power button
    Holding the 0 key and pressing the power button
    Still nothing...

    I hope you guys can help out me? Tomorrow I'm going to disassemble the laptop, maybe there is a blocked fan and this is a heat issue? or otherwise perhaps the power button is somehow disconnected?

    I downloaded and printed the disassembly instructions

    Please help me!


    Looks like a serious problem.
    But for the first time, try this:

    -Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter
    -Wait about 20-30 min
    -Reconnect the two parts and try to turn on the laptop

    If it is not possible to power the laptop then the problem must be related to a serious hardware problem and only the ASP would be able to help you and to see what's exactly wrong with the machine.

  • Satellite Pro A200, Windows XP, 4 GB SDHC card will not work.


    I had a Satellite Pro A200 installed with Windows XP, SP2 for some time - no problem, a great piece of kit. However I have recently bought a new camera and splashed by a Kingston 4 GB SDHC card. The manual for my A200 to indicate seemes that it my laptop is compatible with SDHC 4 GB cards but when I push the card in the blue LED flashes and then nothing happens. My SDHC card does not seem to be recognized by the system.

    I see no error in the log of the events of my OS and I checked the slots operation in trying an old 512Mb SD card and works very well.

    Anyone can offer help please?

    For reference, this laptop is a PSAE4E A200 model.

    Thanks in advance


    Try this fix XP to enable SDHC support

  • Satellite Pro A200 does not load if current enforcement


    I have a new Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 on Vista. I have a problem with the power adapter and charge socket.
    It will start and run very well and when turned off will charge the battery of fine food. But when running, the machine automatically runs battery, no network and does not load.

    This means that the battery is sinking and ended up to be recharged so just off the coast.
    When the power supply is removed and then reinserted, it will load for maybe 30 seconds, then stops to load again initially and continues to run on battery.
    At the same time, the blue light of indication on the front of the machine lights up to indicate that the ESA is connected and detected, and on battery defiler on windows in States ' ac connected, not charging battery "-in other words it works of ac and is detected but the machine isn't use to run power supply or load unless it is turned off...

    Can anyone offer a solution?

    Thank you

    That s very strange and I guess that this problem could be linked to the hardware problem.
    Either it's a defective battery or there is something wrong with the electronic power supply on the motherboard.
    In my opinion, there is only one way to know what's wrong some diagnostic tests are needed.
    This test can be performed by a technician of the ASP.
    That is why it s advisable to contact an ASP in your country for audits.

    This is a new laptop and warranty should cover everything!

  • Satellite Pro A200 - 26 minutes of normal time remaining?

    Hi all

    My laptop Satellite Pro A200 is a little over 1.5 years (or young: P) and I have a huge problem with the battery - it only lasts for a total of _26 minutes_ under "high performace" mode in Vista - other modes the power increase time to 5-7 minutes.

    I've tweated the system configuration for:
    -too few programs running at startup;
    d ' use as little memory in what concerns the graphics (as in the disabled vista themes and operations "fantasies" show window contents while dragging).
    -stay on the low light.

    The programs that run at startup are my anti virus (F-Secure) and ATI catalyst control.

    I also cleaned the registry conflicts and scan for viruses regularly.

    I used Ubuntu on this laptop as well and the battery life is not that much better, which leads me to the conclusion that the battery comes to an end.

    I was wondering if this duration of battery life (26 minutes max on high performace) is normal for a laptop after only 1.5 years? * (I don't remember how long it has lasted when I first bought).

    Also, I have a laptop from other manufacturer of 2 years and its battery lasts a minimum of 4 hours (on Windows XP).
    The two laptop batteries are 6 cells.

    Any suggestions on how to improve my battery life?

    Thanks in advance.

    > Satellite Pro A200 laptop computer is a little over 1.5 years and I have a huge problem with the battery - it only lasts for a total of 26 minutes in "high performace" mode in Vista

    Battery working time depends on different factors:

    If parts of different hardware such as CPU, GPU, HDD, ODD, display perform better performance then dramatically decreases your battery work time
    In addition, if you lose a stronger battery (9 or 12 cells cell) then you should be abele run Notepad a lot more time using the battery power.
    In addition, the battery loses the own performance systematically and after a long period of use, you will need to replace the battery.

    However, if you wish, you can check the Vista Power Options to increase the working time of battery:
    Here's a nice article:

    How to manage Windows Vista power management features

    But in the worst case you will need a new, stronger battery

Maybe you are looking for