Satellite Pro A30 - RAM to help to improve the graphic system

I have a Toshiba Satellite PRO A30 and I recently went to a computer fair when I learned that I couldn't change the graphics because it is built in processor, but the guy told me I could use the RAM on my laptop (which is 1.2 GB) to improve the graphics up to 128 MB? is it true on this type of laptop, I looked everywhere on the net for how to do and say everything, it is to do so through the phoenixbios I have tried to do so but do not cause on my bios it doesn't gives not the possibility to change it, will I need an update for my bios?

Hi Mark,

Your information is basically correct. The SA30 uses RAM shared for its graphics chip, so in principle, you can specify which part of your main RAM that you want to use for this purpose. However, the ability to specify the RAM allocation is controlled by the BIOS, and if the manufacturer of the BIOS has chosen to preselect the value of RAM graphic, then, you will not be able to change it.

I know that Phoenix BIOS allows the allocation of RAM to specify up to 128 MB (16, 32, 64 and 128 values) and it can also be defined in the properties display ("Advanced" tab), select the Frame Buffer and check which is entered for the value of the AMU.

I think that the option in the BIOS is also called UMA and appears on the second page of the BIOS update, about half way down the screen.

Kind regards

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    Thanks in advance

    > Is it possible to reset to factory settings complete with recovery or partition without a name?

    In General, you have two options:
    Either you try to retrieve the laptop using recovery disk as described here:
    or you will recover the laptop using the Toshiba Recovery disk which you likely has not been created in the past using Toshiba Recovery Media Creator. Right.

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    This info has been helpful?

  • Upgrade WLAN to the Satellite Pro A30

    Hey ppl.

    I have Toshiba Satellite Pro A30 (SPA30). Where I have the slot for the wireless card?
    I want to buy via e - bay, but I don't know what kind.
    If anyone can let me know, thanks.


    The WLan card slot should be somewhere under the keyboard.
    As far as I know this laptop would support the * wireless Mini-PCI network card * and standard Wi - Fi: 802. 11B.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A30: How much RAM can I install?

    Hi, I have a satellite pro a30 and I want to know how can I put it inside the ram. now, I have 512 MB, but I would have 2 GB. is this possible?

    Thank you very much


    Yes it s possible to update your computer with a maximum of 2 GB of main memory, just put 2 x 1 GB sticks in slots and you will have 2 GB. You must ensure that you use PC3200 (400 Mhz) modules to ensure the best performance.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A30 - C - 11 G - SAFE UEFI boot

    Hello together ,.

    as a first step, I am from Germany and my English is not so well ;(

    I'm sitting here with a SATELLITE PRO A30 - C - 11 G and try to start WITHOUT UEFI...
    I need to install Windows 7 with MBR, because of software encryption support only the MBR
    I tried the hole day starting inherited foce, but without success.

    The BIOS is up to date (v. 1.50)
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    Best regards


    If missing the boot MSC Mode, install the latest BIOS to activate the CSM support.

  • Compatible BIOS ACPI for Satellite Pro A30

    Hello, I have a Satellite Pro A30 which has 1 GB RAM and 2.8 GHZ P4 processor. I was wondering when toshiba would provide ACPI compatible BIOS upgrades for these machines? Because I would like to upgrade to Windows Vista, when running the Vista Upgrade Advisor, my machine will work Windows Vista professional, but I just want to use Windows Vista Basic.

    So I started the upgrade of Windows XP, and once the computer is restarted to begin installation of Vista I was faced with the blue screen, indicating that my BIOS is not fully ACPI.

    It seems such a shame that the machine is up to running under Vista, but Toshiba did not provide updates to bios ACPI. My bios version is 1.80.

    Any idea?

    Hi Keith

    Sorry to say but I agree with the above stanislaus.
    I'm wondering if this laptop has Vista capable sticker? Not?
    Well well, in such cases, it of not a big surprise that Vista can not be installed.

    Of course, I installed Vista on my M40 unit.
    I was a lucky guy ;) But I put t expect that Vista will run on each computer on this world some laptops really supports Vista and some not :(

    By the way: I found this document:

    Seems that the old A30 is not supported for Vista

  • Sound on Satellite Pro A30 plays very well, then disappears

    A satellite Pro A30 for two years. A few months ago, the noise began to cut. It always returns when I reboot or restart. And sometimes, he remains well overall!
    I tried reloading Realtek program but that didn't make a difference.
    Also recently subscribed to iTunes and wonder if it is to have an effect?

    Any help much appreciated


    The problem occurred before that you subscribed to iTunes?
    Maybe a 3rd party software has a bad influence on the sound properties?
    It's not easy to say why it happens because we don t know what you have installed on your laptop.
    However, you should check the Toshiba driver download page and here, you must download and install the driver of his most recent.
    Check also the AC97 Audio configuration in Control Panel.

  • Satellite Pro A30 is randomly turn off


    I have a Satellite Pro A30 and from time to time it just turn off. It happens to any application that I use. It will then restart and on my desk, I will get the message that my Active Desktop was stopped unexpectedly and asks if I would like to turn it back on. I noticed that it does appear that this operation when the power supply is connected.

    I can't be sure if it happened only when he has worked outside the network, but I'm starting to think it is. The charger seems to work fine though as it loads fine and power mode changes when it is plugged.

    Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance,


    Satellite Pro A30 is quite old and probably you have not cleaned up until now. If the unit tips suddenly OFF, independent, running application it may be due to overheating.

    It is possible the unit turns off often when it is connected to the power running, because in this case, the standard profile in power management is full power. Power supply battery, CPU activity will solve automatically on the lower level and maybe you can do a little bit more.

    In any case, I recommend you to clean the unit and remove the dust. You can try to do this alone, but I recommend doing it on the professional way but you can make a decision how to proceed.

  • Satellite Pro A30: CD/DVD drive does not-how to restore the OS?

    I want to run the recovery discs to restore my laptop to its original state, but the cd/dvd-rom does not work.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can do this is by plugging my laptop on another pc or is there a program on the web, I get to do this for me.

    Bacically, even after that run CCleaner and other programs of the laptop is still slow and struggled.

    Hi mate

    I'm not very well if the former satellite Pro A30 is able to boot from USB drive Mr. in this case, you can try to install the OS from USB flash stick.

    Here's an interesting ad on this theme:

  • Satellite Pro A30: Difference between the motherboard K000013790 vs K000011360

    Hi all

    I need to replace my motherboard on a Satellite pro A30.
    The Board of Directors is to be replaced is a k000011360.
    The advice I can get to replace is K000013790.

    Can someone tell me the difference between these two?
    I have a 2.6 GHz CPU that may not be supported by the
    replacement card.

    If I understand correctly, all Pro A30 boards have a standard form factor
    so can be interchanged.



    I'm really skeptical that anyone here can give you accurate information. Maybe you will be lucky and a technician will be post but before wait you here and size your time I recommend you exchange it with the same.

    On this way, you will be sure that it will work well and there will be no problem with the other hardware components or maybe sort of moderator suites like overheating, permanent cooling fan running.

    Also can you check if this card fits into the A30 (ports on the right place) case?

  • Need CD for Satellite Pro 430CDT BACK. Help, please.

    Need CD for Satellite Pro 430CDT BACK. Help, please.

    If you need some drivers like this, just to check that drivers toshiba download section:

    Here, you have to choose 'Archive' and your machine.

    Good luck

  • Where can I buy a network card wireless minPCI for a Satellite Pro A30 PSA35E


    Anyone know where I can buy a card pci WLAN for a Satellite pro A30 PSA35E laptop?
    I live in England.

    See you soon

    The laptop would support this Kit wireless LAN card: PA3212U-1MPC
    It s an Intel Pro 2100 WLan card and it supports the 802. 11b standard.

  • Satellite Pro A60 does not supply power to the top


    I have a Satellite Pro A60 and when I turn on the machine, the lights come on and the fan whirls for about 5 seconds and then the machine just turns off again.

    No matter if I have the battery or HARD drive in or not, the same phenomenon occurs.
    I guess it's problem of CPU or power supply Board, but I don't know.
    Is there anyone else who has had this problem and if so how is it resolved?

    Any help would be appreciated very with gratitude that I am out of warranty and need the laptop when you work from home.

    Thank you


    I guess it can be a single processor or card mother related issue.
    If there is something wrong with the power supply for laptop card then the cell phone would not turn on, even for 5 sec.

    But it's only my personal suggestion to make sure what's exactly wrong check specifications should be necessary.

    So I think that a laptop computer technician should check it out.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P300 - 19 p - how to improve the graphics for Microsoft FSX?

    Please could someone tell me if and how I can improve the graphics of my laptop when I run Microsoft FSX?
    Of course, I could buy a good laptop with a high-performance graphics card, but is it something I can do to improve the graphics?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi Ben

    First of all, I must say that Flight Simulator X needs a lot of graphics performance and this game is really high system requirements. You need a powerful CPU, graphics card and enough RAM.

    Regarding your question an update of the map for example graph it s is not possible. It s fixed/soldered on the motherboard and there is no Exchange possible on desktop.
    So if you want a laptop that is faster for games, you can buy a new one, like the Qosmio X 500.

    You can only improve performance if you reduce the resolution of the screen or the details of the game.
    Make sure also that if the last page Toshiba display driver is installed.

  • Satellite Pro L40 - after upgrade to Windows 7, the FN keys do not work

    Hello world

    I have a Satellite Pro L40 PSL4BE and have just upgraded to Windows 7. Since the upgrade I can no longer use the function key and the top and down arrows to control the volume. Keys F6 F7 & still control the brightness so I don't know the function key still works.

    Anyone know if it is a driver problem or nobody knows how to solve this problem?

    Thank you



    You need to install the package of value added for Satellite Pro L40. This package contains all the necessary drivers for the FN keys. Then please install or update VAP if you have already installed an earlier version.
    Here you can download: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Can you confirm that FN keys work with installed VAP?

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