Satellite Pro A300 - 1 GR - R08985EF.tag file in the partition of E:\


I have Tosshiba Satellite Pro A300 - GR 1 and recently noticed a file named R08985EF.tag in E:\.
The content of the file is "R08985EF" and he dated 12.7.2008 - the same date as the HDD Recovery folder and all its contents and has very similar modified-time.

The file is not read-only and has no protection.
What is it and can I remove it without negative consequences?

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated!


I do not recommend to delete this file because this file could belong to the HDD recovery procedure and if you remove then you'd be unable to UN the HDD recovery procedure

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    I tried to enable the setting of virtualization in the BIOS and the setting is disabled and I was unable to change the setting to activate. I have flashed the BIOS to the new version, and now how to enable virtualization has completely disappeared.
    The laptop model is Satellite Pro A300-28R with Windows 7 Professional and BIOS version 2.10.

    How do I enable virtualization setting so I can run Windows Virtual PC mode to run compatible programs XP?


    Did you check the specifications of your laptop first?

    The fact is that the processor must support this virtualization and according to the Web of Toshiba site, your laptop is equipped with processor Core 2 Duo T5870.
    I checked this on the page of Intel CPU and virtualization isn't supported. That means t, you can use this feature!

    Here you can see this:

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    Suddenly my new Satellite Pro A300 does not start correctly when you press the power button. The situation is the following: when I press the power button is displayed the opening of Toshiba (Leading Innovation) and the disappers image quickly. Then there is a black screen for about 30 seconds. There is a rectangular frame with the text Microsoft Corporation under. And nothing happens however long wait.

    In order to get with the trial starting I then shut down the computer by pressing the power button until the computer turns off. ("The hard way to close")
    Now, I press the power button shortly to turn on the computer. Then, the computer starts normally with the photo to open Toshiba and after a few seconds, I wonder to open the computer in safe mode or in normal mode. I now choose to open in normal mode and the computer opens normally and is ready to work.

    What should I do to get a normal departure procedure?

    When the laptop starts normally (after choosing normal mode) stop your laptop properly using START > shut down option. Next launch should be normal.

    When the OS is moving towards the low irregularly will always ask you how to start this new (secure or normal mode).
    The same thing happen on my Satellite A300.

  • Satellite Pro A300-15 t does not restart on the current after BIOS update


    There is something wrong with my Satellite Pro A300-15 t. I made an update of the BIOS of toshiba recently with the latest Web site and it installed successfully. But after the installation, I noticed that my laptop does not restart when it is connected to the power adapter. It restarts and works perfectly when its power on the battery.

    After restart or start-up the laptop (on battery), it will be well when the adapter is connected.

    But, when I reboot when the adapter is connected, after his stop, just power light turns on for a second or two and gets off automatically. And not even the laptop starts manually by pressing the power button (LCD is turned off when the power light comes on for 2 seconds) when the adapter remains connected.

    So what I do is to pull the plug on the adapter, then start the computer manually by pressing the power button and reconnect the plug of the adapter to the laptop starts. It works well this way. Rest everything works perfectly.

    And this problem started after the update of the BIOS. Now, I don't know how to remedy the situation I don't know if there was a bug in the last update of the bios.

    Details of the update from:

    Update the BIOS
    This Bios update adds functionality to your system.
    Satellite Pro A300 Toshiba of 3, 60 - WIN

    So please help me to solve the problem.

    Thank you best regards &,.
    Manjit M.


    Try to update the BIOS again
    In addition, access the BIOS settings and set the default parameters. Save it and try again.

    Good bye

  • After that v1.90 updated by Satellite Pro A300-1EA BIOS won't boot to the top

    I just upgraded my laptop the new BIOS as indicated in the title, but after that program it my computer won't start at all upward. I just get a blue screen with her asking me to do a CHKDSK because there might be a virus or hard drive is not connected correctly (when it comes), and he keeps just reboot.

    It does not start in SafeMode either. Someone else had the same problem and if so, how to get back my laptop? :(

    Thanks for any response.


    What model of laptop do you have exactly?
    Have you tried to install the OS by using Toshiba recovery image?
    It will be interesting to know if your laptop will again works well with the factory settings.

    Try to start the installation of recovery to see if the menu on the right will appear on-screen.

  • Satellite Pro A300 - removed HARD drive recovery partition, but have backup ghost


    I deleted the partition HDDrecovery by chance but I have all the files in the saved partition.

    Is it possible to recreate the partition?
    Or create a files recovery disk? -
    I have the program of recovery-disc-creator if possible continue to use?

    Satellite Pro A300

    > Is it possible to recreate the partition?
    I know it s not possible to create it again without use of the Toshiba Recovery disk AFAIK this partitions contains also some brands that are necessary at the start of this partition.

    > Or create a files recovery disk? -
    I have the program of recovery-disc-creator if possible continue to use?
    Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool usually needs the HARD drive partition to create the recovery disk. But I doubt it will be functions if you've already deleted this partition.
    But nevertheless, you can see it.
    Create the partition (Vista disk management), copy these files on this partition and check if the Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool would find it.

    If not, I don t think you could create this partition of HARD drive

    In this case, you will need to purchase a Toshiba Recovery disk

  • Satellite Pro A300-1OP - Missing FEPs disk partition E:\

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300-1OP with Windows Vista.

    The hard disk is partitioned into C:\ and E:\, each about 75 GB with a hidden options of system recovery partition. E: / shows that about 5MB, left free while C:\ shows 28GB. However, the list of files/folders to E: / shows a total of about only 10 GB. I put the hidden files & folders to be displayed in the Control Panel/appearance but no more are listed to explain the "disappeared" 65GB. I also have a warning window telling me to free up space in E:\ drive to appear.

    What is the problem and how to fix it? I run Disk Cleanup, but get more no free space.

    I am quite often here on this forum and I always wonder what kind of problems people have with their laptops.
    If you created the recovery DVDs move all the files to the C partition and start the computer management > disk management. Deleting a volume E second partition). After having this recreate and do the full format.

    It will be interesting to know if the partition will display correctly after that. If so, move all the data back and hope that everything will be OK again.
    Please note: after doing this, it may happen that you will not be able to create recovery DVD or use HARD drive recovery facility then please do this if you created DVDs.

  • On Satellite Pro A300-10 q keyboard does not work

    I have a Satellite Pro A300-10 q under XP.

    The function keys were not working so I downloaded the common Module and Hot Key Utility.
    After that the touch pad mouse and keyboard no longer works as well.

    Help, please?

    You can use keyboard in the BIOS (arrows) or when you start the operating system in safe mode?
    Which version WXP have you installed (SP?)?

    After please s part number for laptop (PAxxxx-xxxxxx)?

    I have Satellite A300-1LI with WXP and everything works perfectly.

  • Re: Satellite Pro A300-1DZ - this is where to build in microphone?

    The model is Satellite Pro A300-1DZ, Vista Business.

    In the recording devices-"no microphone not plugged" reinstalled drivers - no change.
    When I plug in an external microphone, it works.

    I opened the laptop, can't see a microphone inside...
    * Is it built in microphone on this model at all? *

    > Is built it mic on this model at all?

    I'm not the owner of the a300s, but according to the [Product Specification | = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 1055624] there is no built-in microphone

  • Satellite Pro A300-28R - shows horizontal stripes

    My Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 sometimes displays horizontal stripes making the text unreadable images before portable crushes and I have to restart. Occurs usually when I'm on the internet. Does anyone know why this happens and how to solve?
    Once I rang Toshiba UK Technical Support and a rather impatient adviser said it was a discharge of static electricity problem, but why is it not with my laptop Pavilion?

    My Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 is less than one year, but the problem occurred repeatedly. I also had to replace the power adapter already because of the cable being too steep to the piece of cylindrical shape next to the Jack. Is this all I know a question of production with this series of laptops?

    > My Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 sometimes displays horizontal stripes making the text unreadable images before portable crushes and I have to restart. Occurs usually when I'm on the internet. Does anyone know why this happens and how to solve?

    These symptoms of display can be connected to a screen, graphics card driver or the graphics chip.
    First of all, you should try to update the graphics driver and should check it again.
    Secondly if this problem would appear then you must connect an external monitor to the laptop to check if the same would be visible on the external display.
    If so, the problem could be related to the graphics chip.

    It would be the worst case, a graphics chip cannot be replaced, but the whole mobo must be replaced in order to solve such a problem.

  • Satellite Pro A300-2CW - necessary with Windows XP recovery disc

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 2CW. I bought it with the software Windows XP (included in a CD), which worked perfectly for years. I reinstalled several times this year, but now the CD has deteriorated and it no longer works.

    The machine was originally WIndows Vista installed with the option to create DVD recovery and a recovery of HARD drive option, but I think that it is not possible for Windows XP.

    Do I have any options? Where could I buy the original Windows XP CD?

    Thank you


    You can try to order it on
    Otherwise you can install the clean version of Windows XP Home edition. All drivers of Windows XP Home edition, utility tools announcement can be downloaded from Toshiba download page

  • Satellite Pro A300-1NH - it does support SDHC cards?

    Can any body tell me if my Satellite Pro A300 1NH supports SDHC cards.

    The specification states that it supports the upt to SD 16 GB cards but it does not mention the SDHC cards. Support 8 GB SDHC cards

    Thank you


    The camera seems to bear these cards:

    8MB - 2 GB SD card
    4 GB to 16 GB SDHC card
    16MB - 2 GB xD Picture card
    Memory Stick 8 to 256 MB
    Memory Stick Pro 256 MB to 4 GB
    8MB - 2 GB MultiMediaCard
    miniSD (with adapter) 32 MB - 2 GB
    512 MB - 4 GB microSD (with adapter)
    Memory Stick Pro Duo(with adapter) 256 MB - 4 GB

    As you can see THAT SDHC is supported

  • Satellite Pro A300 - how to install the webcam?

    I got my laptop via my uni so did amyn backup discs (especially not the webcam).

    Basically my laptop is a Trojan virus on my webcam, set it and I restarted my computer. It is then flashed up on reboot that I need to install my webcam but I don't have the disk and now I can't use my webcam! What should I do?

    PS I'm not a genius with computers so please be easy on me with the language.

    Hi mate,

    If you need to reinstall the driver for the webcam you can download on the Toshiba site and all drivers for your laptop: > support & downloads > download drivers

    I have too many Satellite Pro A300 and it s not delivered with the Toshiba Recovery disk because you create such a floppy yourself. So start the Toshiba recovery disc creator, which is preinstalled on your laptop and you can create this disk. It contains a picture of the factory settings, and so you can restore the entire system every time.

  • XP for Satellite Pro A300 PSAGDE drivers

    Hi all

    I installed a new copy of XP on a Satellite Pro A300. I'm looking for all the XP drivers for this machine. I found some drivers on the Toshiba site (LAN, audio), but Device Manager has the following list of devices without drivers

    base system device
    base system device
    wbase system device
    network controller
    unknown device
    video controller (VGA Compatible)

    Where can I download the drivers to fix this? Toshiba have a driver package that can be downloaded which provides all the drivers? Or I have to download generic drivers?

    Thanks in advance,

    I found a lot of drivers for Satellite Pro A300 on the site of Toshiba for Windows XP.

    You searched for where the drivers?

    I found the drivers for the network controller chipset.

    Look at [] and you'll find it, too.

  • What is the battery model number 9 - Satellite Pro A300

    What is the model number of the battery 9 cells for the Satellite Pro A300? I'm ready to make the leap, but I can't find the battery.

    Thank you



    The part number should be PA3537U-1BRS

    But on the site of Toshiba, you can for options and accessories and there you can also find the part number: of Services & devices-online Options & accessories PC-online home page

    Good bye

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