Satellite Pro A300-1DZ cannot find HDD after BIOS update

Hello world

I recently bought a Satellite Pro A300-1DZ flea market.
Put a new copy of Windows xp family.
I then install all the drivers necessary own site of Toshiba and the end of it, I thought that it is perhaps a good idea to update the bios?

OH DEAR what a big mistake.

Now the netbook won't start windows.
So I thought it's ok, I'll just start from the begginning and reinstall windows again, but he tells me that it cannot find a hard drive on my netbook?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm going crazy,
Could someone tell me please how to fix this? Thanks x


I think the value of the option SATA AHCI and hence Windows XP mode cannot find the HARD drive.
It's because of the SATA controller.
You can set the SATA AHCI compatible mode mode mode and this will allow you to install Win XP on the laptop without the use of SATA drivers.

So, you have two options if you want to install Win XP:

-> AHCI mode, but you must include the SATA drivers
Compatible mode-> Win XP installation possible without SATA drivers

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  • Re: Satellite Pro A300-PSAGDE - cannot find 64-bit of Windows XP drivers

    I need drivers for Windows XP 64 bit for fingerprint, card reader, modem...

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately your laptop model is not supported for 64-bit version.
    I don't know if it will work, but you can try to use the drivers for other satellites or Satellite Pro A300.

    Test it.

  • Satellite Pro A300 - 1DZ PSAG1E Vista - cannot get WLan to work

    I have the Satellite Pro A300-1DZ with Vista.
    I can't get the wirless to work. I saw this thread and downloaded the driver wlan as above.

    How is it installed well?


    Your Satellite Pro A300-1DZ belongs to the series of PSAG1E and this series was equipped with Realtek 802.11(b/g) 13ch-RTL8187B WLan card!

    You must use a card Realtek WLan driver.

    But just a question; The WLan driver should already be preinstalled. Have you activated the WLan first before attempting to connect the router toe?

  • Need help with the installation of Windows XP Home on my Satellite Pro A300-1DZ

    Hi all.

    I have a Satellite Pro A300-1DZ system unit, model no PSAG1E-OOFOO4EN (think they are 'o' and not '0', circle with slash through it) with WXP Pro.

    I recently contracted a virus inside and as he removed, however it is not good so I want to re - install Windows XP Home edition. I backed up the computer, I have a Windows XP Home SP2 Pro edition disk and I have my product key.
    I put the CD/DVD in BIOS to run 1 drive and tells me that I can boot from the CD, I press a button and it loads the CD, select the option where to install windows.

    BUT! I can t go further than what windows does not detect the HD said he s not now, or whatever.

    My question is this: Please can someone me step by step instructions on how to reinstall XP and a link to all the drivers I need to make it work?


    It's simple on my PC, also, please keep in mind, I am best suited for working on cars, I'm not stupid, but my calloused hands search for computers a little more difficult than Motors please not in many computer technical terms.
    I myself am the slow education in the dark arts of computers. LOL :)

    PS. the laptop has a Vista Basic sticker on it, but it is certainly the XP pro operating system. :)

    Hi jeff

    Here's your solution:
    1. go to bios with F2 when you see the toshiba start screen.
    2. Select the arrow to the left using the "Advanced".
    3 press down until you get to "SATA Controller Mode".
    4 change, using F7/F8, Chang [AHCI] setting [compatibility].
    5. make sure the CD/DVD drive is the first to start and F10 save and exit. computer restart when you are prompted to "press any key" press a button and hey presto as before windows will start the installation, but this time you won't get windows you said:

    Set up did not find Ant hard disks installed on your computer.

    Make sure any drive HARD are powered on and properly connected to your computer and any hard disk related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or Setup program.

    implementation cannot continue press f3 to goto hell... uh I mean leaving the installation

    And you can continue on your installation of Windows XP Home edition.

    Hope I helped many other jeff's in the same boat. XD

  • Re: Satellite Pro A300-1DZ - this is where to build in microphone?

    The model is Satellite Pro A300-1DZ, Vista Business.

    In the recording devices-"no microphone not plugged" reinstalled drivers - no change.
    When I plug in an external microphone, it works.

    I opened the laptop, can't see a microphone inside...
    * Is it built in microphone on this model at all? *

    > Is built it mic on this model at all?

    I'm not the owner of the a300s, but according to the [Product Specification | = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 1055624] there is no built-in microphone

  • Satellite Pro A300-28V - cannot create own recovery disks

    Have a portable Satellite Pro A300-28V with Vista Business 32. After a HARD disk recovery partition recovery, I decided to use the PC function full system backup to make a picture for later retrieval with all my current settings. Too inconvenient for factory reset default (Thunderbird 3.0 Mail, Open Office and some other small applications already running no problem for years on another computer in the office).

    The system needs 5 to 9 DVD and he wrote the first DVD. Takes about 30 minutes. Then, during the audit of this disc, it crashes. Audit bar stops at about 30% complete.
    Anyone with this experience? No, the company "Complete PC Image" works well on an OEM of Vista installation?
    Or maybe it's the DVD player in need of an update? I do not use a 3rd party burning software.

    / Sweden


    What program you use to create your own recovery discs? For example, I mean Acronis, Norton Ghost, etc..

    In your case I would try with another program like Nero or CD Burner XP burning.
    In addition, you can try to remove upper and lower filters in the Windows registry, maybe that will work.

    Finally, and especially on the Toshiba site, you can check if there is an update to the firmware of your CD/DVD drive.

  • Satellite Pro A300-1E7 - cannot start the cam software

    I bought the Satellite Pro A300-1E7.
    Webcam does not work in MSN messenger video call.
    Will have problems similar to the previous posting, except that I use Zonealarm.

    I think that Zonealarm has disputed cec_main.exe in a similar way.
    I tried to follow the instructions here, but without much success.
    I removed the Camera Assistant SOftware and re-installed the driver but does not seem to have improved things.
    Now c:\program files\ software of camera for Toshiba assistant has completely disappeared and the Panel camera assistant no longer appears on the side of the desktop.

    Any ideas please?


    I used the Zonealarm happened and I was not really satisfied, because this software locked everything and most of the applications didn't work properly even after the new configuration! Finally, I removed this software and I noticed more advantage. my laptop starts much faster!
    I think this software would lock the cam software too.

    > Now c:\program files\ software of camera for Toshiba assistant has completely disappeared and the Panel camera assistant no longer appears on the side of the desktop.
    This means that the software has been removed and is not installed correctly.
    But to be sure, check in Control Panel-> Software (Add & Remove Programs) if the webcam is installed.

    I have the internal cam of Chicony too and it s works well as part of the software Skype. I didn't test t MSN but I don t see serious reasons why it shouldn't t work.

    In my view, you must first remove the zonealarm. Then clean the OS using CCleaner. Finally, redownload the webcam software and reinstall it!

    The toolbar of the webcam is not always visible on the desktop.
    It seems that if you move it the mouse cursor to the place where the webcam tool bar was hidden.

  • Satellite Pro A300 - Wi - Fi connectivity limited after sleep mod

    I just buy a Satellite Pro A300 with Vista, but when he falls asleep or I close the lid, wake him up he cannot connect to the internet (Wi - Fi) until I reboot. I get an error message that I have "limited connectivity" to my wireless network. Can anyone help?

    As a solution, I recommend updating the BIOS and then update the WLAN card driver.

  • Satellite Pro A300 can not find USB devices

    Hello forum,.

    We have a customer who bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 with us, but he gets a strange mistake about it.
    It connects to a hub 5port Sandberg USB 2.0 to one of the usb ports, the pc detects the hub, but when it connects a /Memory stick to the hub, nothing happens.
    the hub and the memory stick works on other PCs.

    I hope someone can help.

    Best regards

    John Bork


    What happens if you connect the memory stick directly without this USB hub?
    I also had a USB hub, but these hubs are a little complicated and delicate USB specification allows a certain power and according to the devices that connect, you need to use an active USB hub, that means with external power supply.

    But normally, Satellite Pro A300 should have enough USB ports if it of needed, I would recommend a USB hub with 2 or 3 maximum ports

  • Re: Satellite Pro A300-1EA - difficulties in upgrading the BIOS


    I tried to update BIOS on my new Satellite Pro A300-1EA (PSAG9E-001001EN), requested by Tempro, since version 1.50 to 1.90. The system has completely frozen during the BIOS flash, after waiting for an hour, I decided to turn the power off and pray for the best. Thank God, everything works still, but the BIOS is always v1.50, not been updated. I now read so many posts on the forum about the update of the BIOS of marbled and am now very cautious about subject to any BIOS updates at all.

    My questions are: is there about this particular update and/or with the installation of InsydeFlash problems? The BIOS updates are usually all so difficult that they have better be avoided? What are alternative means for updating BIOS, hopefully less dangerous? Also, could there be potential damage to my laptop that is associated with this is BIOS flash a miscarriage I should know about?

    Thank you very much indeed!


    You can feel happy, my friend! :)
    I m surprised that your ROM module is damaged or something. In most cases, this occurs if the computer hangs during the update.

    Let me give you some advice. You should only update the BIOS if it of needed or if you have questions-problems with the laptop. You can ignore the messages of TEMPRO if your system is working properly. For example I have never updated the BIOS if my phone goes perfect never touch a running system ;)

    If not, follow the advice posted by Akuma before update you the BIOS to close all running programs, disable the AntiVirus and firewall and connect the AC adapter.
    On my Satellite U400, I've updated the BIOS without problems.

  • Error 0 x 0 standby power on my Satellite Pro A300-1dz

    Hi all

    I managed to install Windows XP Home edition on my pro A300. and I put a lot of pilots needed back on the system ect, but I have a problem with powersaver one can't seem to make it work properly, I just get an error a bit like the one on this page, if it works:

    The small window with error 0x0.
    I read somewhere that I need the common modules installed before installing all the drivers of tosh, (I don't have a tosh boot CD)

    I installed my wxp cd, that I bought off ebay, that windows has been altered by the virus and downloaded all the drivers from this site, so my computer is running fine, better even, but the night before does not work.
    How can I change this?
    Can I download the offline installation cd, not questionable torrent site, or is it on this site somewhere under my nose.

    Thank you, I'm moving.



    First you must install the common Modules before installing other Toshiba tools or drivers. The common Modules are required to make the other Toshiba programs work correctly.

    In addition, it would be interesting to know what error message you get exactly Toshiba Power Saver. You can add this information please?

    In your case, I would like to uninstall Toshiba Power Saver. Then install the common Modules First, then other tools of Toshiba.
    After you install Windows XP on my laptop, I used the following installation for Toshiba tools order but noted that all pilots as screen, sound, etc. should be installed first:
    Windows XP SP3
    All the drivers
    TOSHIBA common modules
    TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility
    TOSHIBA Touchpad POWER
    TOSHIBA utilities
    TOSHIBA Power Saver
    TOSHIBA Assist

    The Toshiba recovery disc can t be downloaded. As far as I know this laptop is normally delivered with Windows Vista and this is why you must create a recovery disc yourself that you can read in the user's manual.
    But now it s too late and you have new disc order from Toshiba direct.

  • Satellite Pro L770-14N - cannot find any drivers

    Hi all

    I bought the laptop Satellite Pro L770 - 14N PSK3TE. I installed a clean version of windows 7 ultimate, but I can't find any drivers for this model.

    For example,--> on page dowbload toshiba, is the required WLAN driver not in the download section.
    I have dl the driver from Atheros page.

    Find all the drivers, but we're missing in Device Manager.
    Is a driver package available?




    The Toshiba European driver page seems to provide all Win 7 64 bits of the Satellite PSK3TE L770 Pro series drivers.

    The WLan drivers can be downloaded here:
    This is the official Portal of Toshiba WLan and there you can also find Atheros Wlan driver.

  • Satellite Pro L20: WLan cannot find the IP address

    I just bought the Satellite Pro L20
    I have the ability to go wireless, but when I try to use it is not find my ip address?

    can someone help me? : D

    Groovyjax xxx

    You should check the settings of the router. Check if the MAC address filtering is disabled.
    In addition, to access the WLan card properties and access the properties of the TCP/IP protocol.
    There you can check if the parameters are set on the automatically

  • Satellite Pro A200: Windows cannot find WLan

    Something is wrong with my laptop, I have Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 with XP Pro SP3...

    When I try to search for wireless networks using the Microsofts, he found nothing, but can from TOSHIBA ConfigFree.

    You're probably, who has to use Toshiba then - software is not possible, cause ConfigFree supports the WEP keys, but most of the keys used here wireless are WEP - TSK or something - not supported by ConfigFree.

    How can I make my Microsoft Windows to detect wireless routers?

    Have you tested without SP3?
    Many people here have reported on the various problems after installing SP3.

  • Satellite Pro L330-1FK - cannot lounch HDD recovery or startup in Windows

    I recently got laptop my niece out of it to get it repaired (it is not very computer) she has been surfing the web with (DO NOT LAUGH) NO active firewall or an antivirus running program to protect its system other than Windows Vista Defender.

    The machine starts by searching for problems if I run the startup repair program and continually searches for problems of difficulty ever be able to fix whatever it is actually or continue to boot windows just sits there with problems search screen.

    I suspect that she got some kind of virus that has completely corrupted the hard drive because I can't launch the disk recovery program HARD or even enter a safe mode or last known start and basically, I need to know where I can order a set of recovery media for his computer laptop can anyone help please?

    ThanX PEA.


    > I can not start the disk recovery program HARD or even enter a safe mode or last known start
    This means that you must reinstall Windows using the Toshiba recovery disc.

    Satellite Pro L330 can't you hear L300? L300-FK seems to be a European model, and that's why you can order a recovery disc here:

Maybe you are looking for