Satellite Pro A300D-131 - how to use the S-Video TV output

How configure you output to a TV LCD TV S-Video output jack? I tried everything I can think but cannot make it work.


That s easy.
You must use a 4-pin s-video cable to connect the TV to the laptop.
Connect both devices, then turn on the laptop, then TV, use the FN + F5 key combination to switch to the external device (TV).

PS: You have to choose the right channel of TV (s-video must be enabled)

All that s

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  • Satellite Pro A300D-131 - deformed casing and the hinge of the screen scratches

    Someone knows a distorted envelope around the power button, mine is triggered a good 1-2 mm.

    I also notice that the hinge of the screen between the hinge and the body is so tight that the silver effect finish scratched to bits. The laptop is only a few months and it seems decidedly tatty already, it looks like a bad case design.

    I have the Satellite Pro A300D-131.

    I have the Satellite A300 in front of me. The laptop part of my girlfriend and it is around the age of two months. I checked the areas described and I n t another thing unusual opinion.

    To be honest, I don't like this new design of Toshiba I would have most of the ports on the back, but this new design made by Toshiba for more stable display hinges.

    If you really think that there is a serious problem I recommend you to contact the nearest authorized service provider. They should take a look and give you advice what to do.
    Discuss here on the forum won't help you much.

  • Satellite Pro C870-172: how to use the Fn keys by pressing the FN key

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro C870-172 and I found that the FN key is used by default.

    I mean that if I need to use the normal F1 or F2 key, I have to press "FN" + F1 or F2 etc... otherwise I get the function of toshiba. which would be fine, but in a lot of technical programs, I need to use the normal F1 F2... touch!

    is there a way to reverse the default system so that when I press the F1 key, I get the F1 function and when I press FN + F1, I get the toshiba service?

    Thank you


    Yes, go to the BIOS by pressing F2
    Now switch to the Advanced tab, and then open the System Configuration.
    Here you will see the option called: mode of the function (without pressing Fn first) key
    This option should be disabled.

  • Satellite Pro A200-16N: can I use the recovery CD after upgrade to Vista


    IM thinking of upgrading to windows vista on my Satellite Pro A200-16N and I ran the pre-upgrade of windows vista from microsoft website and it says that my system will be in charge of windows vista so im ok about it.

    The problem is that if my laptop was to break or something like that at some point, will my recovery CD provided by toshiba to work always on the laptop with windows vista?
    They will return the laptop for windows xp or from my laptop has another operating system they will not work?

    What's the deal with BIOS? : S
    I don't understand!
    If I were to upgrade to windows vista should I upgrade my BIOS before or after the upgrade to vista?
    As I download the new drivers before upgrading Yes?

    Thank you!

    The restore CD will of course work.
    The recovery CD will always set the laptop back to the factory settings. This means that the whole HARD drive will be formatted and the image of Toshiba will be installed.

    > What's the deal with BIOS? I put t understand!
    > If I were to upgrade to windows vista should I upgrade my BIOS before or after the upgrade to vista?
    To my knowledge, that this laptop was already shipped with Vista, so you need not update the BIOS if you want to reinstall Vista.

    Some series Satellite A200 needs a BIOS update if you want to use the XP.
    In such cases, it s advisable to upgrade the BIOS to version XP first, then install OS X.

    Best regards

  • Satellite A105-S4384 - how to use the s-video port

    What is the way to use a s-video cord to connect my 4384 to use the TV as a display?

    I use Linux Ubuntu 8.04... Thank you


    Usually, you don t need no work around special to make the connection with the external TV.
    You must connect the laptop with the TV using the s-video cable.

    Please note that the s-video channel must be enabled on your TV.
    Then change the video output in the properties of the graphics card.

    Using a Windows operating system, you would be able to switch to the external TV by pressing the FN + F5 keys, but as much as I know about Linux OS this function will not work.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro U400-12y: how to use HDD recovery after the new installation of the OS

    Dear Sir

    I have the Satellite Pro U400-12y and give tem my friend use it when he gets back, the laptops it do format c: and reinstalled new windows.
    I try to do the recovery only by pressing f8 without answering.

    How can I recover my laptop to its state of origin as drive HARD recovery again in d:
    Thanks in adv


    You will not be able to restore the factory settings because another operating system has been installed on the first partition.
    Usually by pressing F8 immediately after the laptop has been powered should allow the advanced on-screen menu. Here, you should choose option called repair my computer and Toshiba Recovery HARD drive.

    But if this doesn t work then you will not be able to use HARD drive recovery.
    In this case, you will need to order the new CD from here:


    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A120-154 - how to remove the HARD drive password?


    I have the following problem: I set a password for the HARD drive in my old Satellite Pro A120-154 years ago, and now I want to remove or change the passowrd since I'll give you this laptop for my nephew. Instead I don't know the password, I am not able to change or remove, not with the password of Toshiba uitility program and not with the BIOS set up.

    Further I can't find any info on this in the user manual. How can I do this?

    Thanks Tino


    I found several useful documents from Toshiba on HARD drive password. Please take some time and pick up some info on HARD drive password and how it works.

  • Satellite Pro S500-14Z - how to access the BIOS?


    on the Satellite Pro S500-14Z I can´t access the BIOS via F2 and can´t change the bootpriority through F12. By pressing F2 or F12 during startup, the S500 beeps and restarts. When you first start, I had access to the Bios and set the password and active supervisor module TPM. Since I have no access to the BIOS before Windows starts. Is there another key to access bios (I tried ESC, DEL, F1, INS) or how can I change the pw supervisor (I know my real password!) and disable the TPM?

    Thank you

    Hi karlS_1,

    Normally you can access the BIOS if you press F2 before Windows starts. It works with an external keyboard?

    You can change some settings in the BIOS using Toshiba HWsetup. This tool is preinstalled on your laptop and you can change the order of boot with this tool.

  • Satellite Pro L50 - a: how to replace the memory, HARD drive and battery

    I just uploaded 2 new video from Youtube on the L50 - A. Satellite Pro

    The first is a tear down showing how to replace the memory, hard drive and battery (you can also clean the fan if it detects overheating).

    BTW why they made it so difficult to get just to the battery in this model?

    WARNING - proceed at your own risk and don't forget static precautions!

    Hope they help and if you have any questions let me know.

    + The message was edited: link has been removed ad channel may not +.

    Thanks for these videos. It may be useful to replace the memory, but I think that the owners of the laptop should not open the case. This may void the warranty.
    Be careful about this.

  • Satellite Pro P100-438: how to disable the CapsLock NumLock or Scroll sounds

    Hi out there,.

    How can I disable these "ugly" notification sounds when I press CapsLock NumLock or Scroll?

    It's a Satellite Pro P100-438. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you

    It's pretty easy mate.

    Follow these steps:

    -Keep right SHIFT> key for about 10 seconds.
    A messagebox will appear (FilterKeys settings) and offer a menu:
    -Click the [settings] button and a new window will appear.
    - Remove the tag [x] of [Use ToggleKeys].
    -Click [OK] to save your changes
    You're done :)

  • Satellite Pro P200-HD: how to use it with Win XP

    Recently, I received the new Satellite Pro P200 HD of Getech. I asked Getech to change the XP operating system because my University will not support Vista. I was told that some features are lost with XP, such as the hot key utility and I agreed to go ahead.

    However, I was not informed that the sound is scratchy and the video will behave as if I play a scratched CD.
    It is true with windows sounds as well. I was not able to enjoy the music or video. I have all the drivers updated and the new Bios XP released recently has been updated.

    Please does anyone know someone using this model with XP as an operating system with the sound and video works properly?
    This would mean that I was sold a laptop with a defective sound equipment and should get a replacement because I had this problem from day one.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    * @ Vivien *.

    How about this:> support download &-> download drivers

    There, you might choose the satellite Pro P200 to download XP drivers

  • Satellite Pro M40x-115: how to get the color seen on TV?


    I would like to use my laptop (satellite pro M40x-115) as a DVD player. But when I connect my laptop to my TV, I get only a black and white display. I tried to solve this problem by installing the latest driver for my graphics card but it has not changed at all.

    How can I solve this?

    Greetz El Mariachi


    Have you checked the graphics settings? The settings of the TV must be set to PAL (most of Europe).
    In addition, you should check your TV device if it s can receive the S-video signal.

    Check this:

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 6100: Bluetooth - how to connect the mobile phone

    I already have a satellite pro 6100 with the bluetooth software on. I tried to connect to my mobile phone without success. The problem seems to be with the laptop rather than the phone.
    How can I connect successfully. I have to update the new drivers? I bought it refurbished 3 years ago and I'm just getting round to the use of bluetooth!

    Well, the Bluetooth software has been installed on your laptop, BUT the question is:
    Your group has installed Bluetooth card?

    AFAIK the Bluetooth is an option available on this unit. You must check the Device Manager and check the bottom of the unit if the Bluetooth label has been placed.

    I think that you cannot connect your mobile phone because BT is not available.

  • Satellite Pro S500-10F: how to disable the fingerprint reader

    We just purchased a portable Satellite Pro S500-10 which has the fingerprint reader. Does anyone know how we can disable this facility of the laptop, we do not remove program only disable the installation.

    Thank you

    You can disable it in Device Manager. If it's not ideal, I guess you could send the laptop to an ASP to have the fingerprint reader physically disconnected.

  • Satellite Pro A100 PSAASE: How to get the FN keys work in Win XP


    I bought the PSAASE Satellite Pro A100-00H004GR and killed Win Vista. Now it's Windows XP Pro!

    There is no Win XP Modem drivers on the Toshiba Page for this model, but I solved this problem by myself.
    But now my Fn keys/keyboard shortcut does not work and I have no idea what to do. I've tried Hotkey utility of the other models, but it does not work.

    No idea what to do now?

    Full Support of driver for each model would be great...

    Thank you

    Hi I found the usefulness of Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 PSAA3 shortcut keys.
    It is not the same series, but try to install it. Maybe it will work!

    Don t forget to also install the common Modules

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