Satellite Pro C660-1NQ does not detect the WLan network

Hi guys,.

We have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-1NQ here that does not at all, detect the wireless network
I checked the Device Manager and the wireless card does not show here.

I tried scanning for new hardware, but nothing was found. I tried to turn the wireless off tension with the function and the keys F8 but not yet showing in Manager devices or any new hardware...

Any ideas as to what I can try next?

See you soon,.



It seems that the laptop would support the Wlan Atheros 802.11agn card.
Usually the Atheros Wlan card must appear in Device Manager as on the menu network cards.
If it s not appear do not then I recommend that you install the WLAN driver which can be downloaded here:

Choose the Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter Windows 7 (32/64) or newer
I hope this helps to detect the WiFi chip!

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  • Qosmio F10: Driver Installation does not detect the wireless network card

    I wonder if anyone can help before I phone supported again. My motherboard is dead and ASP replaced and recovered my laptop qosmio F10. Since having back, my wireless card did not work.

    Windows detects a "network controller" whenever it starts and gives me the opportunity to install it. I tried to install it by navigating in the 'tools and utilities' records CD rom for folders and subfolders of "Wireless network driver" and it still does not detect the card.

    I also tried to install using the cd rom web gui and selected the 'Pilot wireless network' link and then tried to install it. It opens a dos command prompt and try to install but comes up with the error "failed installation.

    I ran the customer service and they told me to run the qosmio recovery/then recovery of product/recovery of qosmio and again...

    I still don't the card wireless not yet installed. This happened to someone else?

    I tried already shot the drivers from the web, but with no luck... If a representative of customer service with the help of good technical knowledge that would be great, or if someone has encountered the problem too and he had fixed to the give me some advice...

    Thank you very much



    you see the card wireless as an unknown device in Device Manager? If this is not the case, perhaps that the card was not properly installed after replacing the motherboard.

    Sorry I have no other idea.

    Good bye

  • "SHIFT" on the Satellite Pro C660 key does not work

    G ' Day,.

    I have a little problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro C660.
    Unfortunately I had to remove the keyboard and thus dislodged the
    fragile plug to connect to the computer.

    The 'Shift' key refused to work since. All other keys work as usual.
    The only problem is the 'Shift' button does not.
    I tried to gently move the plug but made no difference so now have to
    Use a USB keyboard.

    Can you please help with suggestions for this problem?
    Thank you for your time.

    See you soon,.

    I really put t know what you think when you know that there is no connection for each unique key, but for the entire keyboard.

    To be honest I ve changed keyboard several times but never noticed this problem.
    Are the two SHIFT keys off function?

  • Satellite sometimes does not detect the wireless network


    My laptop Satellite sometimes does not detect wireless networks and the only thing I can do is to restart my computer, is there a solution for this?


    Well, in most cases the WLan driver update could solve this problem.
    In addition its advised to check the firmware of the might of Wlan router must be updated as well.
    I recommend also to reset the settings of the WLan router and set it up again

    Another idea; Disable the save option in Win 7 the power supply WLan management

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro C660-v10 does not start: pxe - e61 media test failure


    laptop was dropped accidentally, worked very well at the beginning but now does not.
    Press f12 for the boot menu, the screen says,

    PXE - e61 media test failure - check the cable.
    PXE - m0f too; output
    PXE rom operating system not found. Please can someone explain what this means?

    > pxe - e61 media test failure - check the cable.
    > pxe - m0f; output
    > pxe rom, system of operation not found.
    > can someone please explain what this means


    The PXE error in most cases because the laptop can not boot from a CD-DVD or HARD disk drive and going to the LAN.

    There's maybe one losing a contact between the HARD drive and controller HARD drive.

    Select this check box. Open the HARD drive Bay and check if the HARD drive is properly connected.

    If the HARD drive would not be recognized even if the connection is OK, then I would say that your HARD drive is defective and must be replaced.

  • My Satellite A60 does not detect the WLAN


    I just bought a SA 60 128 used laptop. I checked in many ways, if this system has a built-in Wi - Fi connection. I tried to look for this model on the internet to get the setup but I couldn't. Now I use a USB adapter to connect to the wireless network.
    Please help me with this.

    Why get you on the net for information if the phone card WLan or not. Simply check the Device Manager and see if the wireless network adapter appears or not.
    In any case, the WLAN USB key is not a bad solution.

  • Satellite A30 921: XP does not detect the Firewire IEEE 1394 port

    I have a satellite A30 921.
    There I link port aswell. My problem is that im trying to connect my camcorder dv via I LINK and this is the first time since I bought this laptop. But XP won't dectecting it.

    Can someone help me on this problem?

    Hmm, it seems that the satellite A30 921 supports really 4pol IEEE1334 Firewire/iLink interface. Therefore, it should be possible to connect your external camcorder without big problems.

    May I ask if you are using Win XP with SP2 preinstalled?
    You should do it.

    AFAIK the SP2 contains a bug which has affected the firewire port.
    But it has been resolved with the additional patch. Check this box:

    + * Performance of 1394 devices may decrease after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 * +.

    I also recommend to check the firewire port in Device Manager.
    It would be desirable to remove it from the list of Device Manager, then restart the laptop for reinstalling the port once more.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L300 - HDD is not detected

    My Satellite L300 hanged while I used it. I tried to restart, it just wouldn't start. It shows this message on the screen "no bootable device-insert boot disk and press any key" tried, but it still does not work. Then I tried using the restore disc. It then displays a message on the scree that the hard drive is not mounted which means that it does not detect the presence of the HARD drive.

    What can I do?


    This looks like the HARD drive is not recognized, so your computer isn't able to boot and disk HARD recovery doesn't work correctly

    I recommend you check the BIOS if the HARD drive is recognized correctly. Usually in the BIOS, you should see the correct HARD drive model number and it would mean recognized s. Otherwise, the HARD drive is faulty and must be replaced

  • Satellite L10 103 does not detect my WLAN

    Hello again,
    Well, now my restore CD does not work I open a topic on the real problem.

    My toshiba that satellite L10-103 doesn't detect my WLAN, he finds other local networks without WIRE, but not mine.
    You have evidence?


    Are you sure that the internal Wlan card supports the WLan standard even as you have WiFi router at home?

    My old laptop can't detect my WiFi at home because the wifi card does not support the Wlan standard as my router.
    I had to buy a USB WLan external to connect right old portable wireless stick.

    PS: Try to update the Wlan driver. Sometimes it helps

  • X 220 does not detect the wwan card

    My X 220 does not detect the wwan card ("WWAN MSC PRTSWWAN RDY FUL" in the parts list). No section of modem in Device Manager, without any question related to the wwan card. Please someone help me, how to make my OS (Win 7 Pro x 64) can detect the wwan card?

    1.17 BIOS can detect, it worked normally.

  • The Digital Persona does not detect the fingerprint reader in Windows 7

    I have upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 Pro (full installation). Now, DigitalPersona does not detect the fingerprint reader. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver and the program, does not. Any ideas?

    Hi Cankermechanic,

    I suggest that you try to update the drivers supplied by Device Manager and check.

    See the link for update drivers: update a hardware driver that is not working properly: ' t-work properly

    If the problem persists, I would recommend that you uninstall drivers and reinstall the drivers from the site Web of Digital Persona, if that is helpful.

    If the problem persists, I suggest that visit you the manufacturer for further assistance from the link below:

    I also recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the computer for further assistance on this issue.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Swathi B - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Does not detect the hdmi cable more (very specific scenario)

    Well then...

    Got a monitor 15-HD to hdmi cable and a mac laptop (13 in the retina).

    So when I got all that I put it all together and it worked. I left because there a little bit, everything is plugged in and did not return for some time, so my mac fell asleep at the time wherever I went. Disconnected everything to relax on the couch. I went back and all plugged together again except that now the mac does not detect the cable. Tried a bunch of things with it. Restart, unplug the unit, detection manually, etc...

    Since the monitor is used and recently purchased cable, I thought time to them to test first. Got a laptop PC and plugged into the cable. The monitor and cable worked.

    Tried to connect my mac to the TV with my ps4′s hdmi since I did that a lot before. Also works.

    The problem is literally the combination between the cable and the mac. Which is a problem since I got the reason was to serve as my mac.

    During my research, I saw that specifically leaving the connected hdmi where sleeps your laptop can spoil it supposed to be... I saw it one time so idk if it's true, but it happened to me... and no, it wasn't really a solution when I came across that. Tried Googling this specific problem, but did not meet anything since my problem seems so specific.

    Fast forward to the next day and tried again now that both had little respite between them. Plugged into the HDMI and my laptop starts fading and return to a black screen. The screen would go black usually and so the laptop screen and the monitor would appear once again. sauf_que this time that there not, he just kept it and the monitor has not changed (Yes) it's). Not wanting to let him do that too long I unplugged and tried a different port with an adapter, I have also, since I did 3 holes I could use this for might as well try them all again. But unfortunately, I don't have it trigger anything again. So I went through another round of troubleshooting to try to make it work, but here I am, trying to see if anyone else has had this problem and solved. I am back to wait another day I guess and just hope. If not idk what to do, except maybe to get another cable? I don't know if this would solve it well.

    Hello Kaida W,.

    Thank you for reaching out to the Apple of community support. I'll do everything I can to help you get your monitor works as expected. Our first step would be to restore your System Management Controller (SMC) that allows to manage systems of different material on your Mac. This article will guide you through reset:

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac.

    Try it and tell us how it goes. The entire community is here to help.

    Best regards-

  • In the visualization of my photos display problem: I have red spots in different parts of the pictures. Someone knows how to fix this?  I rebooted my MacBook Pro, but it does not solve the problem.

    In the visualization of my photos display problem: I have red spots in different parts of the pictures. Someone knows how to fix this?  I rebooted my MacBook Pro, but it does not solve the problem.

    Details please

    What version of Aperture? Is OS X 10.7.5 as you say correct for your OS? You shoot JPEG or RAW? If RAW device? Wharton has changed since this worked?


  • HP Support Assistant on my laptop or desktop does not detect the other machine.

    HP Support Assistant on my desktop or my laptop does not detect the other machine.  They are both on the same network.  Both are HP machines. Both are running Windows 10.  Is normal.  I would like to kind of monitor my desktop with my laptop when I'm away from home.


    The behavior you describe is normal - the HP Support Assistant is a program "per computer", in other words, each program HPSA lies and keeps track of just a computer on which the program is installed.

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  • Satellite M105-S322 - HDD does not detect

    My laptop does not detect the hard drive. I press F2 to go into BIOS and it says hardrive No. I reinstalled the hard drive, but it still says the same thing. I have test the SATA hard drive on the desktop and it detects its.

    What seems to be wrong? Help, please.

    > I have test the SATA hard drive on the desktop and it detects its.
    This looks like your HARD disk on the motherboard controller is faulty
    But before that you exchange the motherboard but I would test another HARD drive maybe the HARD drive is faulty and will recognize only on certain computers or mothers.

    If a new drive HARD doesn t work too, your motherboard needs to be replaced.

Maybe you are looking for