Satellite Pro C660 graphic needs driver upgrade for Adobe Lightroom 6

I tested 5 Lightroom on my Satellite Pro C660 and it worked fine.

I decided to do it, and that week Lightroom 6 came out, so I bought Lightroom 6.

LR6 gets to the start screen, then stops and closes the Windows7.
I contacted Adobe and they went on my machine and identified the problem as being the graphics card and says I need an update of the driver.

I've been on the Toshiba site and it says that the latest driver is, which is the one I currently have (and was changed in 2012).

I've been on the Intel site and their obtrusive says that the machine has a pilot custom then contact Toshiba.
I looked around the Intel site and tried to install that seem to be plausible drivers, but have not found one that would install.

My installation includes a monitor LG 22 "connected to the laptop with the spread of the desktop on both screens (laptop and monitor).

No one knows what would be the upgrade of the driver I need or how can I know?



The page Intel graphics driver can be used, and you can also download the driver directly from the page.

This CPU does support your laptop?
What Intel GPU (Intel HD graphics chipset *) is the support of laptop?

The Intel download page provides a driver Intel as an exe or zip package

You need to download and unpack the zip package.
You will then be able to update the driver in Device Manager, choose the Advanced installation update procedure.

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    It would be very risky to install an old original driver now that Windows 10 is fine? As a rider to this, I know now there are thousands of people who were sure that their machines would be upgraded to Windows 10 and they are desperate because very little work. Thoughts, anyone?

    Win8 Toshiba does not offer driver webcam more as the operating system uses standard Windows driver.
    I did not pass my S50 - B Satellite so I do not know if I have an identical problem on my machine.

    I'm really interested if another user of the forum has the solution for this.

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    I just upgraded the drive cd - rw to a dvd - rw drive. The drive came a host of work so it s in full working order. The drive is not recognized as a DVD player, but works like a cd - rw. Update the BIOS of the Toshiba site gives an error once decompressed.
    Does anyone know what I need to do to get it work correctly?

    Thanks for your help

    This new optical disk drive is compatible with this model of laptop?

  • Satellite Pro A200 PSAFCA: need driver Lan and screen for XP


    Please help me!

    I just installed XP on my new satalite pro, but I had trouble with the drivers.
    For the moment, I installed most but from this site, I can't seem to find a driver that will help my network card, or my video NIVIDIA player...

    any suggestions would be very valuable

    The Satellite Pro A200 PSAFCA is unclear to me. I know the PSAE1, the PSAE4 and the PSAE7Satellite Pro A200. So could you please confirm your Pro A200 series?

    If you do not find only XP drivers on the Toshiba page I would recommend checking the LAN and graphics chip installed on the motherboard and use drivers XP from the manufacturing of the chip.

    If you need a graphic driver, I advise to use the drivers from the site or


  • Satellite Pro L50-B05D - need driver for Windows 7 WLan


    I bought a * Toshiba Satellite Pro model L50-B05D psktaa - 001 05d *.
    I needed a new machine because I was starting a new job the next day.

    During an installation out of office 2013 the machine in one of its discounts to zero was a catastrophic error... and has refused any attempt of recovery. around 7:00 in the night...

    I needed an operational machine for work... the next day

    I took out my Windows 7 and proceeded to reconfigure the computer and install Windows 7... Machine is operational, BUT I can't get the Wireless LAN works... for the model I there doesn't seem to be a wireless lan driver...

    The functions of network card BUT not wireless LAN...

    Please can someone tell what is the right driver LAN wireless to the machine...

    Thank you



    Your laptop satellite L50-B05D belongs to the PSKTAA series and this series was only released in Australia.

    But the similar series of portable Satellite L50 - B PSKTAE is released in Europe.
    The drivers of the EU Toshiba driver page should be compatible.

    Visit this page:
    Choose here.
    Satellite L
    L50 - B satellite
    Win 7 64 bit

    Note: there are three different Wlan drivers: Intel, Broadcom, Atheros

  • Satellite Pro PSAI5E A1 - HARD drive upgrade


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro model A1 - PSAI5E and I need to upgrade the hard drive.
    Does anyone know if it is easy to do with this model because it is old enough?

    More, I have to get a 2.5 IDE hard drive?

    Thank you very much


    The model A1 of Satellite Pro - PSAI5E is not known to me...
    Are you sure it s the right model number?

    In any case, you could install a hardware configuration such as Everest Home which would be to scan your HARD disk controller.
    Then you might get details on the interface
    Either it's SATA or IDE interface.

    Is based on the interface, you need an IDE or SATA HDD...

  • Satellite Pro A120-128 - HARD drive upgrade


    I'm seriously exhausted on HARD disk space and want to upgrade my HARD drive in my Satellite Pro A120 128. Is there a maximum size that I can update? This model takes SATA or IDE?
    Any suggestions on make & model disk HARD upgrade to?


    Normally it should not be a problem to use a HARD drive this lager s like 137 GB because as much as I know there is no limit of capacity on SATA interface.
    But as said Akuma, test it before buying this drive.

    However, an IDE HDD does not fit in this notebook

  • Satellite Pro P100-382 - hard drive upgrade

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro P100-382 with these features:

    Model Satellite Pro P100
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
    Version of the BIOS V4.20
    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 CPU T7400 2.16 GHz
    2048 MB RAM

    Device IDE 1 FUJITSU MHV2120BH PL 111.788 [GB]

    Controller IDE ATA/ATAPI Intel(r) 82801GBM/GHM (ICH7-M family) Serial ATA Storage Controller - 27C4
    I want to set up a WD Scorpio Black 320 GB, 3 Gb/s, 16 MB of Cache, 7200 RPM (
    I would like to know if it is compatible with my laptop?
    Thank you

    P.S. sorry for my English


    The Satellite Pro P100 supports a SATA HDD controller and in my opinion a 2.5 SATA HDD 320 would be compatible.

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro C660-2DN - no driver available wireless

    I'm looking for a driver for the C660-2DN system wireless. I downloaded all toshiba drivers that are available for this system, and a wireless driver is not among them. I looked to the top of the ID provider & peripheral (168 & 0030) and visited the website of the manufacturers for drivers. The .exe file, I got however told me that I don't have any compatible hardware on my system.

    I would be grateful if anyone has an idea of what I might try next.

    I am connected through ethernet at the moment, the system is a gift to a relative who needs wireless, so I need to make it work.

    It worked fine when he came out of the box, but after a few blue screens, I reinstalled windows and all the drivers, less it.

    Your laptop has card HB116 WLAN Atheros 802.11agn inside.
    WLAN drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba WLAN portal -

    Check it out.

  • Satellite X 200 - 25A - need driver ACPI for the hidden devices

    Hello world!

    I'm a new * Satellite X 200-25A * owner.

    I just finished installing Windows XP Professional (32 bit) on my new X 200-25A.
    I installed successfully, EACH driver FOUND on the official website of Toshiba for WinXP,
    and everything seems to work properly.

    Just a question:

    When I open the Windows Device Manager and choose see also all hidden devices.
    In my view, there is still something without driver support:

    1. a Non-Plug-and Play device & unknown.
    The only piece of information on this subject is: * ACPI/CPL0001/2 & DABA3FF & 0 *.

    2. a pilot no-Plug n Play & called "Serial".
    The only piece of information on this subject is: * ROOT\LEGACY_SERIAL\0000 series *.

    Please someone tell how can I solve this problem.

    Thanks now to the entire community!

    Why don't you believe there is no answer? It is user of forum, and if someone wants to write something you will be lucky to have a few comments. If this is not the case, there is nothing to see.
    If you wish to contact a person of Toshiba Call telemarketing number in your country. As far as I know Toshiba's toll-free help line.

    Just one question: you have installed Windows XP Home edition and all the drivers, tools and utilities after installations order listed in the Instructions of facilities document (listed with all the drivers)?

  • Satellite Pro C660-234 - need info on SATA connection

    What connection between the HARD drive and the motherboard are inside: SATA II or SATA III?

    It depends on the chipset.
    This chipset is part of your laptop?

    As I'm not mistaken the chipset could be the Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset

    According to Intel ARK page of the Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset supports SATA II (3 Gb/s)

  • Need cable to screen for my Satellite Pro C660 2JD

    I tried to find a Satellite Pro C660-2JD display cable for several months now with absolutely no luck at all... I even tried to display the C660 series cables and none of them seem to match, there seems to be it's own cable.

    Anyone know where I can find the display for this model of laptop cable? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    It is quite difficult to find these parts. When I need something I look for on eBay. With a bit of luck, you will find many parts for models of different laptops.

    Have you tried to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask if they can get this cable for you?

  • Cannot install Win 8 - Satellite Pro C660 does not detect HARD drive


    My HARD drive died, so I decided to upgrade my Satellite Pro C660 - 1 9 to an SSD.
    I made a USB bootable with Win8 and starts very well.

    The problem is that it does not detect my SSD, so I can proceed with the installation.
    SSD appears in BIOS but not in Windows Installer.
    He said that there is a missing driver.

    I downloaded the AHCI drivers (XP, only ones available) and even in this case, after you have selected the only rider that appears, it says no new device found.

    I tried to change the SATA from AHCI mode to compatibility mode and it's the same thing...

    What can I do?

    Thanks for the help.
    Best regards
    Bruno Moreira

    More old Windows XP need a driver AHCI Intel's but I think this isn't a problem with SATA driver missing because as far as I know Windows 8 as well as Win 8.1 already contains the drivers to recognize the SSD or HARD disk drive.
    In addition, the installation of the OS should be possible even if the driver would be added for this procedure, you must use the "compatibility" mode
    As you say, the compatibility mode is not working too, so I think there is another problem.

    However, page driver Toshiba also provides a driver Intel RST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) (Windows 8 - updated) you can try to add during the installation of the OS.

    But I m wondering if you would be able to install this Win 8 on common SATA HDD.
    Have you tried to format the SSD using a different computer, then install Win 8?
    Give it a try.

  • Satellite Pro C660-1LR - new HARD drive but no recovery disk

    I need help for my son who is the Satellite Pro C660 1LR laptop.

    In this portable hard drive is completely dead, I have not created a disk of recovery for this system of portable computers.
    I bought a new hard drive that is installed... However, as you guessed it I have no access to reinstall an OS, this laptop works on windows 7.

    I'm not really tech savvy so if someone can advise me please do explain to the fool proof format! I try to avoid having to buy something expensive.

    > I'm trying to avoid having to buy something expensive.
    Problem is that you don't have many options in this regard.
    If you want to have the factory again settings you must install recovery disc. You can order on of course is not free, but, in my opinion, without a doubt the best solution.

    You can buy the Microsoft installation disc and install the clean version. You must purchase a valid license for it.
    In this case, you must install all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities for more than one by one.

    Just in case you can get this installation of Microsoft and the free license you can save money.

    Believe me, the best solution is the original recovery disk command.

  • Satellite Pro C660 - possible upgrade to 8 GB of RAM?


    I recently bought a PSC0MA Satellite Pro C660-01K00V from a seller online with guarantee all covered. He came like a usual model would come like but with 6 GB of RAM. I thought it was a great buy so I bought it.

    After it happened, I looked at the specs on the website and it said that the max is 4 GB of RAM. I don't know what happened. The memory in the machine is 1 x 4 GB Kingston 1 x Samsung (original).

    Could you tell me what it is and if I can probably not even 8 GB hold?

    Hi foolman555,

    Why you n t according to the official specs?

    Satellite Pro C660 has Intel GL40 Express Chipset and the chipset is limited to 4 GB of RAM. This means that your laptop supports only 4 GB of RAM and no more.

    But usually 4 GB is enough for most applications, and I don't see a reason why a 6 GB upgrade would be so important ;)

Maybe you are looking for