Satellite Pro C850-15N - some keys do not work.

Am 90 per cent positive that this is not the fault of a broken keyboard keys do seem loose and work very well for a while.*
Basically, the other day I noticed the keys 3 and 5 were not work next to the f3 key (meaning I now have to go into the settings of brightness, whenever I want to increase it). I thought "I'll just reboot and see if that fixes anything" and he did... temporarily. I have to restart every time that I've lost the ability to use these keys, but now it does nothing.

There is no update which should install Windows (updated 8.1 update 1 recently).
There is no update options the keyboard driver (the box is grayed out).
There is nothing stuck, they seem not damaged or less they touch.

The features of my laptop;
Name of the operating system Microsoft Windows 8.1
Version 6.3.9600 Build 9600
Another Description of the OS is not available
Manufacturer of operating system Microsoft Corporation
Name of HOUSE system
The TOSHIBA system manufacturer
System model SATELLITE PRO C850-15N
System Type x 64-based PC
SKU PSKC9E-01J00JEN system
Processor Intel Core i3 - 2328M CPU @ 2.20 GHz, 2200 Mhz, 2 Lossnay, 4 logical processors
BIOS Version/Date Insyde Corp. 1.60, 27/06/2012
SMBIOS Version 2.7
Embedded Controller Version 1.70
BIOS Legacy Mode
* I asked this question on the Microsoft forums and I've learned to run the troubleshooter of material (did not help) and if defective, to search for the latest drivers for keyboard - seems to me later for my model, such as the toshiba site list any keyboard updates.*
I also grabbed the driver files if this will be of no use at all:
PS/2 standard keyboard

Can anyone give me any help? I'll buy a USB keyboard in a few weeks anyway, but for now, it's really annoying not being able to use these keyboard shortcuts: P


> I asked this question on the Microsoft forums and I've learned to run the troubleshooter of material (did not help) and if defective, to search for the latest drivers for keyboard - I seem to have the most recent for my model, as from Toshiba Web site does not list the keyboard updates.

It seems that this opinion is not from Microsoft staff, but some users of the forum.
You should know that the drivers of keyboard (developed by Microsoft) are still part of the Windows System. Any Windows OS you use, the keyboard driver would be always installed as part of the OS. This means that the drivers of special keyboard DON T exist but system uses own driver...

You can check the functionality of the keyboard in USB external keyboard.
If external keyboard works properly, the internal keyboard is malfunctioning and must be replaced.

If the external keyboard does not work properly too, then I recommend you to recover the laptop using Toshiba HDD recovery. Otherwise, there could be question of motherboard (keyboard controller).

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  • Re: Satellite Pro A200-1NB - Fn keys do not work after installing XP

    Dear all,

    I bought the new laptop A200 1NB.
    Yesterday I have downgrade from Vista to XP everything is fine.

    But a problem arose, some of FN + F key do not work, F5, F6, F7, F8, etc. (FN + ESC, F1, F3 work there).
    Can you tell me what is wrong with my pc and how can solve this problem?

    In the meantime your ASAP solutions,
    Thanks in advance...

    You must update the BIOS to the version of XP, and you must install all available Toshiba XP drivers and utilities.
    It's a secret all ;)

  • Satellite L50-B-127 - some keys are not working and touchpad blocks constantly

    Before leave here an apology because I'm Portuguese and my English level is very low.

    My computer is a Toshiba Satellite L50 B 127

    Lately, I noticed some anomalies which appeared me on my computer (which should take about a year). When I speak of anomalies refer to the keys you use rarely, and at this stage do not work (example: arrow left, Z,...)
    Not to mention that I noticed that my touchpad is constantly blocking, that is to say after the buttons to work, the cursor does not move, being sometimes more than 20 seconds to wait for the cursor to return to normal.

    If anyone has had this problem or knows the cause and the solution? Recognizing a response as soon as possible

    Hello everyone, I'm here to post my problem that has caused me a lot of problems and troubles and especially apologize because that throughout this text should meet several errors since my English level is low

    My computer is a toshiba satellite L50 B 127 and has a little more than a year of use

    Lately, I found some anomalies in my computer including some keys from one day to the other crashed, these keys are not widely used (arrow to the left, z, dash). In addition, my touchpad has been constantly block of minutes in minutes, even if the buttons on the touchpad still work, the truth is that the block cursor for a few seconds and then comes back to work as if nothing had happened. In 10 minutes, however this situation occurred four times

    I would be grateful if someone knew the reason why this happens or even the solution to answer me as soon as possible

  • Satellite Pro L20: FN + F8 key does not work after the installation of new

    I just reinstalled xp on my laptop and I can't find drivers that work my hardware (F8) wireless function key.
    Unfortunately I don't have the CD of drivers Toshiba with me, I work as an expat abroad so I count on the official website of Toshiba for my drivers.
    I downloaded all drivers successfully vital but can find no reference on the site that will help me with the problem.
    I tried to turn on the radio via the LAN setting but when I try to activate I get the message telling me to turn on the hardware!
    Any suggestion would be accepted with gratitude.

    Thank you


    On the Toshiba driver page, you will find the installation instructions how to install all the drivers of Toshiba.
    It is very important that pilots will settle in the right order.

    In addition, if you want to spend on the WLan, you have to activate the WLan switch on the side of the laptop and also to enable the antenna WLan with FN + F8.

  • Re: Satellite C650 - some keys do not work normally

    Toshiba Satellite C650 series, reinstalled Windows 7, problem with the keyboard, some keys do not work normally, some keys are intchanged... for example. the sign @ is located above the right shift key but now the types of the '2' i.e. the SHIFT key functions of these keys are reversed... the same with other keys 2-3... What is the problem? How to solve it?

    Thank you & best regards

    You have preinstalled Windows using original recovery image, you got with your laptop (Win7 preinstalled Toshiba)?
    I ask this question because I want to know if the keyboard is compatible with the language of the OS.

    Have you tried to change the keyboard input language?

  • some keys do not work on laptop

    some keys do not work on the laptop.


    Maybe it's a hardware problem, but it is always worth trying the following.

    Shut down the laptop, unplug the AC adapter and then remove the battery.  Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.  Reinsert the battery and plug in the AC adapter.

    Robinet tap away at the key esc that you start the computer to launch the Start Menu, and then select f10 to open the bios menu.  Press f5 to load the default values (sometimes it's f9, but the menu below indicates the correct key), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press ENTER.  Press f10 to save the setting and still use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press on enter.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Some keys do not work in Satellite C850-B374 bought in April 2013

    [I noticed that the BACKSPACE key and] support key and + = equal to the key, enter key does not work. It did not work when I bought the pc.

    These keys were not working from the moment that I bought the computer. This is a drawback that I can't use the BACKSPACE key.
    How to activate these keys in this laptop?

    > It did not work when I bought the pc.
    Why do you keep cell phone if there is a problem? In this case, you must ask for the replacement and exchange it.
    In any case, contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They must check the functionality of the keyboard and in the worst cases swap the keyboard.

    To be honest, I can't imagine that there is a software related problem. All you can do is check if the new BIOS update is available or reinstall OS to see if this will help. In my opinion you should not do this. Laptop is new with warranty for Toshiba service should fix this for free of course.

  • Satellite A500-15N: FN keys do not work


    I hope someone can help,
    The function key does not work in windows (I mean here the keys Fn + F6/7 change the brightness during the windows loading screen). There also seem to be buttons along the top of the keyboard (commodity the power button), but these also does not work and never have (and if they are sposed to light up they don't do that either). To let you know where I am, I received my upgrade to windows 7 and installed as the instructions in the package yesterday, (although I had the lappi for a week, I waited for the upgrade before installing anything) but once it was installed, I found he had installed the 32-bit version After trying to re - install vista 64-bit of the unsuccsesfully partition, I finally have reistalled Windows 7 64-bit DVD upgrade, (I think I should add that when it has finished installing any additional software IE.) Toshiba software, McAfee, etc. was installed)...
    I downloaded all the software Toshiba on the site, including the update of the bios (V1.50) and the update of recovery, I searched on the web and the forums and although have managed to install the infrared port that there appear to be no driver for on the dirver for this notebook page, these keys Fn stupid are making fun of me anyway... Please help :D

    THX Telico

    PS. I have a Tosh A500-15N and I forgot to say that I tried to do a new installation to see if that would solve the problem, but the ability to recover from the hidden partition is not available on the list, you get to by pressing F8 as windows starts (although the partiotion still exists)

    Post edited by: Telico

    Hey man, you made it so complicated but in fact all it is so easy and it s pitty, that you have not written of this before you start the upgrade procedure.

    I did update Win7 on friends Satellite A500 month last successfully. This means, he had the factory settings (Vista 32-bit) and we have installed Win7 upgrade using the Toshiba upgrade kit. Laptop works perfectly.

    Back to your question:
    HARD drive recovery option (F8 and repair my computer) is available with the factory only settings.
    If I understand you right, you did a fresh install of Win7. This option won't be available more, and the image recorded on the second partition is useless now and can no longer be cast.

    You can get it if you reinstall Toshiba recovery image. Have you created any such recovery disc recommended by Toshiba?

    I checked Toshiba support and download page and Win7 64 bit is supported on your laptop model and you can do clean install Win7 and install all missing things also. You will be the factory settings but works fine Win7.

    If you need more information please let us know.

  • Satellite A205-S5843: map unknown WLAN & some keys do not work

    OK one problem im probably get laughed at the other does not

    First problem.
    I don't know what a network card.
    My first thought is wireless internet, because it says it has a wireless in there, but I can only connect to a network and nothing else even in my apartment has wireless I can only connect to the network... plz help the noob!

    Following problem.
    Some of my keys will not work... nothing has been spilled on it because I refuse to let any liquid near him by fear of death...
    Keys that don't work are the Z, R, Y, the arrow keys, press FN and the /? button.
    It used to work and now it is not a site suggested that I press FN and press the f11 key.

    I did and it would work for about 5 minutes and then nothing... now the FN function not and im so confused and angry... it is my laptop for college and it really hurts when I have to use the mouse to click on the screen keyboard all the time... help plz


    The A205-S5843 belongs to the American TV series.
    I checked the hardware specs for the Toshiba page and it seems that this laptop was equipped with the Atheros 802.11 wireless LAN card b/g.

    The Atheros Wlan driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page we or this portal of Toshiba Europe WLan:

    Regarding your problem of keyboard/button.
    You guarantee that this is not a software problem?
    I want to say have you tested if the keys/keyboard of laptop s works with the original image of Toshiba OS preinstalled?

    In my opinion this behavior strange keyboard looks more hardware issue more software problem, but it s worth it to check if the new facility would solve your problem
    But if you see any improvements then the keyboard should be checked by an authorized partner.

  • Some keys do not work on my laptop Satellite C

    because today, I have some problems with some keys on my keyboard, my Z-(left next to the Z) and my FN key is not working (I had to copy and paste the XD Z) but this problem is really annoying is there a way to fix this?

    It is unclear to me that the simple keys to repair can be performed.
    In this case, the entire keyboard must be replaced.

    I put t know which model of laptop and how old there but it is possible that some of the keys are broken.
    What you can try is to remove the check and cap - keys if key is dirty and see if there is a contact problem.

  • On Satellite Pro A300-10 q keyboard does not work

    I have a Satellite Pro A300-10 q under XP.

    The function keys were not working so I downloaded the common Module and Hot Key Utility.
    After that the touch pad mouse and keyboard no longer works as well.

    Help, please?

    You can use keyboard in the BIOS (arrows) or when you start the operating system in safe mode?
    Which version WXP have you installed (SP?)?

    After please s part number for laptop (PAxxxx-xxxxxx)?

    I have Satellite A300-1LI with WXP and everything works perfectly.

  • Satellite A300 - 20 p: FN keys do not work with Win 7

    FN keys do not work on win7 satellite A300 20 p


    Have you installed the added value package as well?
    This because this package is required for some features to work.

    In addition, you should go to Toshiba-> Flash cards and need to check if the flash card function is enabled

  • Satellite A350-13 a - function keys does not work

    I have the Satellite A350-13. I installed Windows 7 for 2 weeks.

    The function keys does not work although I have installed the Toshiba value added package, which is responsible for the activation of the function keys.

    What the solution to this problem?

    > Function keys does not work although I have installed the toshiba value added package, which is responsible for the activation of the function keys

    Next to the VAP (value added package) you need to install the Flash Utility card support!
    Card Flash utility support controls the keys FN and not the VAP! But VAP is also needed.

    Good bye

  • Z50-70 portable - some keys do not work

    So I got a laptop Lenovo Z50-70.

    Some of its keys work not at all, not even during startup. I had a portable dual-boot (with 16.04 Ubuntu and Windows 10) and it seems that some of these keys do not work on any of the operating systems installed. Keys that don't work are: z, x, c, v, m, comma, point, enter, return.

    What I noticed on this key, they are good at the line at the bottom of the keyboard (except entrance) entire letter.

    I tried to take the battery, turn the unit off. Restart with the battery or the power supply. Nothing has worked. Laptop warranty has expired as well.

    Laptop 2 years ago. I had a similar problem with the key "1" at the time. But the problem there was that was "press button" permanently. I took, cleaned and still didn't work. Turned out to be working the next day for one reason or another.

    Nothing has happened before and after the last use of the laptop. Last night while writing of the code worked well. But in the morning he started to act like that.

    Any adivice is welcomed. Thank you!

    Everything was OK. I have reset the default BIOS values and still nothing.

    I need to change they keyboard it seems.

  • Satellite M30-S350. Fn keys do not work after reinstalling the operating system

    I reinstalled the system on my laptop and now the Fn keys do not work. How do adjust me them? And yet... How to disconnect the touchpad?


    It seems that what he is an American unit and was designed specially for the American market.

    But have you used the Toshiba Recovery CD?
    If this isn't the case, then you must install all the drivers Toshiba and utilities in the correct order.
    Chipset utility
    common modules
    graphic driver

    The FN keys supports different function. To use these options, you will need several drivers. For example, use the FN + F5 (the display switching), to the Toshiba Hotkey Utility to display the devices & Toshiba display device change Utility and toggle the Touchpad to install Toshiba Touchpad enable/disable utility

    As you can see it good drivers are needed. Please visit the Toshiba us and download the right driver for this laptop

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