Satellite Pro C850-1EQ - 8 tiles Windows does not work


I'm desperate for help try to solve this problem with my laptop. When I got my laptop (at Christmas) the majority of the tiles on the home screen windows 8 worked, however after a week or two they have gradually stopped working, which is very frustrating.

When I click on a tile, it opens on the screen but the wheel continues to turn and nothing loads. I spoke to Microsoft online, however, they said that the problem with Toshiba as the laptop was purchased with Windows 8 already integrated.

Suggestions, they did involving anti-virus and updates did not work.
The most frustrating part is the Windows tile store does not work so I can't try to updates or new downloads to see if they will not solve the problem.

Of course, I can use my laptop without the tiles, but I'm upset that I paid extra for Windows 8 and chooses the best part of it not working!

Any advice on what to do next would be great, thanks in advance.


Guess what? Try to restore the system Windows 8 back to the factory settings.
Here you will find documentation how to do this:

[Windows 8 recovery & repair |]

I recommend using the option * reset your PC *.

+ This option "Reset your PC" is useful when a PC is changed hands, or when you want to get a completely fresh start on a PC, without previous files of the selected configuration. +
+ The delete all, then reinstall Windows option permanently removes your personal files and the PC applications and returns 8 Windows to its original state. That the State of origin is a clean install of Windows 8, nor the default configuration of OEM factory, depending on the medium used for the operation. +

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    Hi all

    A few weeks before it has the feature of pointer (touchpad) on my TOSHIBA laptop suddenly stopped working for me. Ever since the error, I have connect a mouse to the laptop via a USB port, which can and has become rather a nuisance. Unfortunately, I have not the slightest idea when technology is wrong, but is there a way that the error can be corrected?

    Laptop model: SATELLITE PRO C850-15 t

    Thank you very much!


    What kind of error is displayed exactly?
    I do not know what operating system you use, but have you tried to reinstall the driver for the touchpad?

  • Satellite Pro L10 - FN + F5 view command does not work

    When I attach my Satellite Pro to an external CRT, LCD monitor or projector, I get the same problem each end every time.

    the Fn + F key to toggle the display of control does not work.

    When I start the laptop with the attached external display device, everything is fine, and the display is exclusively channeled in the external display. but as soon as windows has started, the display switches to the screen of the laptop, and there is no way to make it back.

    y at - it an update for this problem, or another solution I know not?

    Thank you.


    Seems to be a simple software problem.
    I put t know how long you OS runs on the laptop, but maybe some files registry entries are corrupted and therefore the FN key does not work as it should.

    Could help to reinstallation of the OS and the use of the recovery CD

  • Satellite Pro L20-212 - USB 2.0 does not work


    I own a * Satellite Pro L20-212 *, * Windows XP (SP2) is installed, but USB2.0 does not work *. I see nothing on USB 2.0 in the Devicemanager and the speed of the USB 2.0 devices attached is at the level of the USB 1.1.

    I don't know what information is needed to help me with this problem as it should normally work on my laptop (and I know that the laptop has USB 2.0 ports).

    What I have to install a special driver to use USB2.0 or is there any software on my laptop that I need to activate?

    Thank you very much


    Did you install the image on the Toshiba Recovery CD? This image contains the Windows operating system, Toshiba drivers and additional utilities. After installation, everything should work fine, and also the USB ports should work also.

    The USP ports, you can find in Device Manager in the serial BUS controller universal section. Open the tree and check if there is some yellow exclamation points.
    Then try to remove the Device Manager, the controllers and the USB hub and restart the laptop. After restarting again the OS should recognize USB controllers deleted again.

    I hope that this accelerated procedure will help you.


  • Satellite Pro A60: TV S-VHS on does not work

    I have a Satellite Pro a60 and I'm pulling out my S-VHS to function... This does not work very well.

    I connected all the cables right and right click on the desktop, again choose preferences, then on Preferences, but I can't find anything on the transmission of the video signal.

    I have not though as the configuration standard of Toshiba, but that shouldn't matter. I'm running WinXP SE, but the drivers for my card ATI is about two years old and I can not find a suitable one anywhere, this is the problem, or should I program utility ATI?

    Best regards!


    You should also check the TV settings. You must choose the right channel.
    As in the previous announcement suggested, you can change the display device using the FN + F9 key combination.
    If you want to play the DVD with the WinDVD player for example if you first need to change the output of the TV and then start the WinDVD.

  • Satellite Pro 4200 overheating because the fan does not work

    I have a satellite Pro 4200 and it keeps overheating because the fan does not work I went in and everything seems ok but then I power it upward but the fan does not work someone can help? all cables are connected the fan run at all.


    And how to help her in this situation? If you are sure that it cooling fan doesn t work 100% needs to be replaced.
    By the way: did you clean the unit and remove the dust?

  • Re: Satellite Pro L500-1VX-accessibility (FN key) does not work correctly

    I need your help to fix this problem on my Accessibility button does not work, when I press the FN key to turn my wireless on it does not work.
    When I go to program files > Toshiba > utilities > TACSPROP.exe a warning alert telling me it does not allow in this operating system.
    And for your information I have Windows 7 32 bit.

    If you are very popular to tell me what to do with this problem.


    All the stuff for Win7 32 bit, you can find on the Toshiba support page in the download section > > support & downloads.

    As Akuma written already install the most recent value package and check the functionality of the FN keys.
    Wireless network card is installed correctly?

  • Satellite Pro A120: DVD/CD-RW drive does not work

    Hello: the dvd/CD-RW drive does not work. apparently it has been disabled somehow! Any ideas on how I can turn it back on?

    Have you tried the Device Manager and it says it works normally!

    Any ideas please?

    Thanks :)

    > apparently it has been disabled somehow
    I put t think that the disc has been disabled!

    How someone or something should turn off the drive? You have disabled the drive? I don't think so!

    You said that the drive appears in Device Manager. So I guess that the drive is enabled and is recognized by the OS.
    You are getting error messages or what's wrong?

    Perhaps the reader can read or burn CDs or DVDs.
    This happens if the lens of the drive cannot calibrate properly and can not handle the inserted media.

    Maybe the replacement drive is required!

  • Satellite Pro A300 - 1 H 2 - Windows does not recognize the HARD drive


    I'm a newbie, which has probably asked bin before so if You ' l excuse me, I have a satellite pro A300 - 1 h 2.

    I got the volume of unmountable boot blue screen, then tried to adapt to a new samsung drive. I put in my windows disc it will load all the drivers, then says that there is no hard drive?
    In the bios, it recognizes it?

    Thanks if anyone can help


    The problem is that your laptop supports the SATA HDD controller but the system OS does not contain the SATA drivers
    You can assign in the compatible SATA mode BIOS.
    This allows you to install the operating system without installation of the SATA drivers.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A300D - reinstalled XP - now its does not work

    Recently, I had a virus on my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro A300D-14O, which meant that I had to take it to get reinstalled Windows.
    This tech guy who I gave it to a do.

    However, now, the sound does not seem to work properly.
    The volume on the laptop wheel itself does nothing.
    I tried to open Control Panel to check the sounds and audio devices, but I could not change anything in the boxes.

    I tried to download a driver from toshiba Web site was updated, but I thought that it could not find the device driver support.

    Can anyone help?


    You must install the Win XP SP3!
    This package must be installed BEFORE installing the audio driver.

    Install SP3
    Then remove the audio driver (already installed) system
    Go to Device Manager and remove the sound chip of the list of devices
    Restart the device
    Now reinstall the sound card driver.

    Should work as it worked in my case as well

  • Satellite Pro U400 - sound of the wheel does not work anymore

    The wheel of sound control in my Satellite Pro U400 works not properly since last month.

    Now, I have to use the volume bar in Vista to adjust properly. When I try to lower the volume by turning the wheel, as I did before, he constantly increases the volume after reducing to a few percent. If I flip it is very very slow, sometimes it decreases the volume a little, but other times it increases. Also when I'm in a word processor, turn the wheel to the right input 'c' character ' on the screen.
    There is no problem when I try to increase the volume, it does its job.

    Do you think it is related to hardware or can it be a problem of driver or something. Is there a solution?

    Thank you


    In your case, I would setup a pilot of his most recent. Search on the Toshiba site and check: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    I had this problem on another laptop Toshiba also and after reinstalling with the recovery disk the problem has been resolved. I also tried updating the drivers and so far, but without success.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro P200: Reinstalled audio driver - microphone does not work

    Satellite Pro P200, bought Jan 2008.

    Managed to disable onboard intervene somehow, trying to disable them so that when I got the USB speakers loud the built-ins would not interfere with the sound.

    Driver installed P200_X200_Audio_Vis3264_6015477_1.exe.

    Speakers work fine now - microphone is not.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Dave

    Did you check the audio settings in Windows Vista?
    Maybe the microphone is muted or the volume is at the lowest level. Did you check that?

    In addition, I would recommend reinstall the sound card driver. Remove the old version first and then restart the computer and install the latest version on the Toshiba site.

    You use the factory settings or you have installed your own version of Windows?

  • Re: Satellite Pro A100 PSAA3E: after XP installation does not work


    I recently bought a psaa3e Satellite Pro A100.
    I formatted and installed Win XP. Everything works except the sound.
    In Device Manager its shows a PCI device problem.

    I think I need the pci to install before my sound card is recognized.
    I could be wrong and often am installed all drivers I could find on this site for my laptop.
    Any suggestions please, its driving me crazy.



    The solution is simple.
    After installing Xp, you must install all the service packs. SP2 is important.
    In addition, you will need to upgrade the XP to the last State. All fixes and patches must be installed also.
    The * KB888111 * and * KB835221 hotfix * must be installed before installing the audio driver.

    After installing the hotfix, restart the computer, and then reinstall the audio driver!

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro 6050 - out port (RCA) TV does not work XP

    I received a Satellite pro 6050 which had Vista installed on it, I downgraded it to XP, but the port RCA no longer works (worked on vista).

    Can anyone suggest a solution?

    Thank you


    > I have the display mode to extend the desktop on the second monitor, and I think it sends the output SVGA mailed rather than the TV output
    This could be the key; try to use the FN + F5 keys until you have to spend on TV and not on the external monitor.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 6100: error message - cooling fan does not work

    I have a SP6100 and it keeps giving me an error message about the cooling fan does not. Then he tells me to stop immediately and runs very slowly. The fan come on, but after three or four short bursts it stops and the message appears.
    Is it a mechanical problem with the fan? I took out the radiator and the fan, and it was clean and not sticky.
    What is a system problem? The BIOS has recently been updated.
    Should I just invest in a new cooling unit and if so where would I get one?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you.


    I recommend to contact the ASP (certified partner) because it can test your device and can do a diagnostic test.
    You can be sure that the laptop will be repaired correctly 100%.

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