Satellite Pro C850-1HE does not receognize new RAM Micron modules


I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite C850. I bought it on amazon UK and it came with 2 GB of RAM.

I'm really happy with it, but 2 GB of ram is no longer enough.

Last week, I bought 2 GB more RAM.
The packaging said KomputerBay, but the manufacturer is in fact "Micron". So I installed and activated on my laptop, but my laptop does not recognize the memory of Micron.

The bios says I have "2048MB" of ram installed, instead of 4096 MB. Therefore, Windows and Linux can recognize only 2 GB of ram.

Then, I removed the ram original samsung and pressed the power button with only the Micron ram installed. Unfortunately, the computer has not yet shown any image on the screen.

I have already tested the Micron on an old laptop Toshiba Satellite L650 module and it works like a charm. Thus, the ram is not defective. In addition, the ram is placed correctly because CPU - Z it detects correctly:

Also, I've updated the BIOS and I use recent toshiba Web site orders. Is there anything I can try to make this ram works on my laptop?


> Is there anything, I can try to do this ram works on my laptop?
I don't think so. For me it's the compatibility issue. Send it back and buy 100% compatible module for your laptop model.
Your laptop model can be improved up to 16 GB and compatible RAM modules have tracking numbers:
2 GB DDR3-1600-PA5037U-1M2G
4 GB DDR3-1600-PA5037U-1M4G
8 GB DDR3-1600-PA5037U-1M8G

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    My satellite pro C850 1HE keyboard intermittently stops working correctly, and begins to open programs, for example, by pressing F will open the file search, C open computer this kind of thing

    is there a permanent solution to this problem?

    This is not something to do with installed programs is not something to do with the browser settings.
    restarting the computer works in a short time, but that is a long time, it's really annoying because I use this for work and study!

    > is there a permanent solution to this problem?

    The question is what causes this problem? Is it related hardware or software related issue?

    Why n t connect a USB keyboard just to check if the same would happen?

    In case the USB keyboard would work fine, I guess that the internal keyboard failures and the solution would be a simple replacement of the defective part.

  • Satellite Pro C850 - peripheral Audio not installed

    Satellite Pro C850, suddenly had res cross on its icon and no noise. Says the audio device not installed. Have tried deactivation/activation and also updated, no joy.

    Can anyone help?

    Fixed it, to download a driver.

  • Satellite Pro A100-080 does not start - stays dark after 3 beeps

    After a week off, the Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-080 (PSAASE-00G004GR, 4 GB RAM) of my kids start not anymore.
    When turn on/off the system, he * will beep 3 times * (one long, two short beeps), the HDisk light flashes 'blue' and then nothing more. A/c and battery power LED are 'blue', which seem to be OK status.
    No other useful help, as the screen remains dark.

    We had upgraded to 4 GB MEM (Kingston) a year ago and I already tried the old used 1 GB (included with purchase) or the replacement of 2 x 1 GB since December 2007, but equal status with these modules. This is not
    a defect of memory.

    I hope that this is not the motherboard, probably only the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 graphics included adapter?
    Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?

    Thx for a short help.


    Generally this type of beep codes are hardware related or with other words, hardware is defective. So I think it's a hardware problem and an ASP must check your laptop computer to identify the cause of this.

    On the Toshiba site, you will find a list of aspic: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • Satellite Pro C850-1EQ does support Sata III?

    I just got a new laptop Satellite Pro C850-1EQ and seeks to replace the slow drive 5400 RPM with an SSD.

    I can't find this machine anywhere - SATA specifications it supports Sata III (6 Gb/s)?

    Thank you



    As far as I know, that it supports SATA II (3 Gb/s)
    But you could install some software like diagnostic tools * SiSoft SANDRA *.
    This would allow all of the details about the hardware configuration.

    Could you confirm that its SATA II?

  • Satellite Pro L550 - WLAN does not work after Installation Win 7/64 Pro News


    I installed a true Win 7 / 64 professional version full on my Satellite Pro L550-199, PSLW9E. Now, I can't turn on my WLAN. There is no such thing as the large buttons-FN. I tried a lot of driver, that I found on the Toshiba Support page.
    Whitch is the right, or Win 7 / 64 professional not supported with WLAN?
    How can I pass on WLAN without the FN key?



    To activate the WLan, you need to install the Wlan driver first.
    The wireless network card is recognized correctly in the Device Manager?
    Otherwise, install the WLan driver compatible; As much as I know the WLan card is Realtek RTL8191SE 802.11bgn

    Then once the Wlan card is recognized correctly, you must install the VAP (value added package) and Flash Cards support utility!
    These two tools are required to operate the FN keys and switch WLan using Fn + F8!

  • Satellite Pro L50 - A does not illuminate


    I took a few steps on this forum but no luck so far...

    My L50 - A Satellite Pro was working fine up until yesterday, but today, only it just won't turn on. A small orange led light appears when I connect to the power cable...

    That's what I've done so far-

    1 power cable removed
    2. using a needle, pressed force shutdown (stop) at the bottom for 10-12 seconds
    3. then I pressed the start/power button on the front for 60 to 70 seconds
    4. I have connected the feeder and then to new press button start / stop at the front for 60 to 70 seconds

    Yet the laptop does not start!

    any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Hmmmmmm... It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Have you used your computer laptop usual ot, you might update something?
    In general, there are steps that you did which could be responsible for your problem?

  • Satellite Pro M10 PS630E does not start after upgrading CPU

    I tried to install a new processor for my Toshiba Satellite Pro M10-PS630E.
    He initially has a 1500, I tried to put a 1766.

    I follow the maintenance manual, later the computer change is not star upward.
    When I connet to power it show that the luminous power of orange/amber color and make 5 flashes, then 3 and then restart blinking.

    My question is "is it posible to do a reset of the bios parametrers" or "reset the CMOS?
    Is it possible to get it working again.


    The flashing light means that it has detected a hardware problem on the motherboard!
    Perhaps you have used a wrong CPU and is not compatible.

    Perhaps the BIOS does not support this processor and therefore this flashing error code appears.

    What say you can't update the BIOS! First of all, that's not possible since only focused on the victory of BIOS is available for download. You must run the Windows operating system to update the BIOS.
    Secondly the update of the BIOS won't help you with this problem!

    You must use a CPU that is fully compatible!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L300 - touchpad does not work

    Hi all that I need help urgent because it drives me crazy. First of all, I use XP PRO. My laptop is fairly new, only around the age of 4 months, I had no problem with it at all. I formatted my laptop yesterday and reinstalled all the drivers that I downloaded here:

    and everything works fine except the touchpad. I have already installed shared, utilitarian toggle the touchpad Module and I have the latest BIOS installed and reset all default settings and I made sure that the touchpad is enabled in the BIOS, but also pressing FN + F9 to enable during Windows.

    I installed the latest touchpad driver Synpatics I downloaded from the homepage of Synaptics. But for some reason any, that it does not work, I don't know what is the problem here. My touchpad worked before I formatted my laptop, it worked fine and has never had any problems. Will you please tell me what is wrong because I need to use my touchpad sometimes as well, so I can't use a mouse all the time.


    > I installed the latest Synaptics touchpad driver that I downloaded from the home page of Synaptics
    I think that you question refers simply to the driver for the touchpad that is missing or incorrect.
    I put t know how it works on Toshiba notebook Australian, but the Toshiba European Satellite Pro L300 units needs touchpad different drivers. some use the Toshiba touchpad driver and some units need a driver for the Synaptics touchpad.

    In your case, I recommend this controlled again.

    By the way; My touchpad is always disabled so that en external mouse is connected.
    It is parameters that control it. Please check in your touchpad properties too!

  • Satellite Pro M10 - infrared does not work properly


    I have a Satellite Pro M10 and my infrared does not work. I downloaded the zip file with the drivers from this site. Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it always happens in the Device Manager under "unknown - SMC IrCC - Fast Port infrared (IR Module: HP). (with an exclamation point). When I look at the properties it says under device status:

    This device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

    Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

    However, under Driver Details is said:

    I extracted the zip file in my home directory of c:\downloads\infrared.
    whatever I do, it does not now. It worked when I bought it, but I have too many things on the system for a new installation. Which brings me to another question. Is it possible to re - install windows without losing all your data, etc.? I did it with other systems (95,98) Windows. But it seems that the Toshiba recovery disc means any wiping.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    If your HARD disk contains two partitions and you have saved the data on a second you can reinstall the operating system on the first partition using recovery DVDs.

  • Satellite Pro C660-1NQ does not detect the WLan network

    Hi guys,.

    We have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-1NQ here that does not at all, detect the wireless network
    I checked the Device Manager and the wireless card does not show here.

    I tried scanning for new hardware, but nothing was found. I tried to turn the wireless off tension with the function and the keys F8 but not yet showing in Manager devices or any new hardware...

    Any ideas as to what I can try next?

    See you soon,.


    It seems that the laptop would support the Wlan Atheros 802.11agn card.
    Usually the Atheros Wlan card must appear in Device Manager as on the menu network cards.
    If it s not appear do not then I recommend that you install the WLAN driver which can be downloaded here:

    Choose the Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter Windows 7 (32/64) or newer
    I hope this helps to detect the WiFi chip!

  • Satellite Pro U400 - BT does not work after installing Win 7


    I have a problem with my bluetooth device. I have Toshiba Satellite Pro U400.
    My previous operating system was Windows Vista business and I just replace it with Windows 7.
    Since I installed it my device Bluetooth does not work anymore.

    I have had no problems with it with my previous Windows.
    Now, the following messages will appear: "Bluetooth stack for windows by Toshiba is incompatible with this version of windows" I have windows 7 Professional.

    I tried to update the drivers, but I was told that I have the best and latest drivers.

    Can someone help me?


    Seems that you are still using an old battery Bluetooth.
    You this should remove the system and need to install a new one which you can download here:

    You can find the pile of BT for Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit version

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A210 - USB does not

    I have a new Satellite Pro A210 with downgrade to XP.
    I have a problem with the USB. When I plug a USB device, for example. camera or a flash drive I get the usual sound of a USB device is connected but no folder appears and the device does not appear in my computer, or disconnection of the usb device icon at the bottom right of your desktop. When I unplug the device I get the sound of the disconnection.

    The Toshiba PC diagnostic tool tests the USB also ok.

    It has been produced since I first got the computer.
    I've since updated to the latest version of the bios and use windows update to upgrade to service pack 3 and all other updates available, the problem is always the same.

    Any ideas?

    You have mapped network drives?

    Sometimes readers in network can hide removable drives such as USB keys.

    If you start while the USB is connected, it must assign a letter from reader properly.

  • Satellite Pro U300 OS does not recognize PS/2 Port TouchPad

    I have a similar problem.

    My system doesn't recognize that the PS/2 Port TouchPad exists on my Satellite Pro U300. He acknowledges that it no longer works but when I go to Control Panel then mouse it does not appear in the list of devices.



    I m do not know what problem describe you exactly.
    Do you mean that your notebook computer touchpad no longer works, or did you mean the USB mouse?

    If you mean touchpad, so you should try to reinstall the driver for the touchpad.
    The European driver Toshiba page provides Synaptics touchpad drivers series Pro U300 for Win XP and Vista.
    But generally the operating system should automatically recognize the touchpad and touchpad should work even using the common internal Windows driver.

  • Satellite Pro - Win7 - Msg does not


    Pro has 2G memory 40 GB of storage

    I'm having endless problems with the Win7 "Not responding" message in various applications. Laptop gets slower and refuses to open programs after about 3 hours. Have to reboot after a few messages not only respondents, also I have to restart.

    Sometimes the problem not responding in Outlook Express, it removes the mails. Not nice.

    All over the web people have similar problems. Bought new Pro and click on ok for a few months and then the aging began.

    Have Toshiba go an anser?

    Thank you


    Hello, Charlie

    Can you please tell us what laptop Satellite Pro you have.

    As you can see at the top of the page, this forum is the forum users, so here you can discuss with others who own Toshiba laptops and want to share opinions and experiences. Here you will not find an official statement.

    Back to your question: you're right, many people have the same problem, and many other different problems, including problems with the laptop is slow. My opinion is that in most cases people have not powerful enough laptop, they don t have optimized operating system, and in general there are a lot of different things that make the laptop slow.

    I put t know how you use your laptop, are you still using original OS that you got with your laptop and what settings do you use and it is not easy to say what the problem is here. Your laptop with 2 GB of RAM is not the fastest, so I would like to know have you tried to optimize the operating system.
    Have you disabled certain applications at startup?
    What antivirus application do you use?
    Windows updates are set to automatic?

    Many background activities can slow down your laptop or be responsible for certain conflicts.

Maybe you are looking for