Satellite Pro L100 - Crash during the update of the Bios


I am the owner of a Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA4E)

On the Toshiba site I downloaded the BIOS update. While installing I read that it was necessary to supply cable is plugged. Before I could cancel for the cable, he had started and then frozen. The computer stopped working and so I turned it off! Since then, I've read that it was a very big mistake!

When put on the fan starts and I can hear etc cd drive spinning. After 15 seconds, the screen is blank, the computer starts beeping!
Is there a way to solve this?

Thank you very much


Hi Richard

Seems not good buddy from your description, that something went wrong during the update procedure and now the ROM module has been flashed properly.

Maybe you area lucky man and the motherboard isn't too bad, but only the Rom module must be flashed again.

Unfortunately, this must be done by the technician of the ASP. You will need to contact the ASP in your country for assistance.

Good luck and have a nice day

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    My Satellite Pro A110 crashes during the transfer of the large data in LAN. The network driver is a Realtek RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Ethernet NIC I've been looking through this forum and found some wire whit exactly the same problem, saying that the solution is to update Realtek lan set up in BIOS, not the computer BIOS, but I can't find any link to download the necessary upgrade file. Can anyone tell me please where to find this upgrade file or send it to me directly?

    Thanks in advance

    Is - this transfer of data in the company where you work? Do you want to download data from the server, or how to understand this? How to understand what you mean under big data?

    Have you tried downloading data on the Internet? For example, if you try to download some trailer HD (more than 200 MB)?

  • Satellite Pro A60 crashed during the update of the BIOS

    Updating to BIOS ver 1.70 to 1.90 (from Windows XP) my Satellite Pro A60 off without any warnings. After about 5 minutes of waiting I went it. And... computer just several beeps and stops again.
    Anyone has idea what it means? Is it possible to turn it on again?

    Hi Vladimir,.

    I suspect that your BIOS is damaged when your A60 turns off. Unfortunately, this means you A60 are a failure now his POSITION leading to generate failure codes series.

    As Felix said codes tells the Toshiba Service Agent exactly what the problem is so you will need to contact them for assistance.


  • Satellite Pro A100 crashed during Windows BIOS upgrade, now does not start.

    Satellite Pro A100 crashed during the upgrade of the bios from windows (upgrade the bios using windows), now the laptop will not boot. I press the on switch and it gives me just a blank screen, so I think that resets itself. I really need help solving this because I have a University paper due in the next few days and I need my laptop!
    Close for any help.

    It's a scream! :_| : O

    This looks like a damage ROM module!
    How did you do the BIOS update? I have red in this forum that a wrong procedure or wrong BIOS can damage the motherboard.

    I think that it s a deal. I put t know if it s needed to change the entire motherboard or update the BIOS again but I n t think you will be able to do it yourself.

    I think the best way is to ask the Toshiba service partner in your country.
    I think they'll give you more details on the handling of the Fryer

  • Satellite A210-15Y crashed during the update of the bios

    The worst case has happened and the laptop computer crashed during an update of the bios. I know that there is the possibility to repait the bios with a tool of recovery from crisis. For this purpose you have to press 2 keys (in most cases FN + B or Win + B) during the connection of the supply cable and the next start. I tried many books, but nothing happened. Can someone tell me the keys on which I have to press a 210 - 15Y satellite and maybe where I can get an image of cd of the tool of the crisis, because the laptop does not have a floppydrive?


    As far as I know that the BIOS crisis procedure may be crazy by a technician of the ASP.
    You can not download a version of traditional BIOS who can update the BIOS from a USB FDD floppy.
    You can download only focused on the victory of the BIOS that can be run so that windows operating system is running.

    In my opinion, you should get in touch with a local ASP!

  • Satellite Pro L100 crashes

    Hi, I have a two years, Satellite Pro L100. So far it has worked pretty well, although there are about 6 weeks it started automatically stop when I was in the middle of using it. At first I thought it was a heating problem, so I was sure to keep it on a hard flat surface and have a fan where I still work. I also thought that it may be a problem with the dvd drive, so I stopped using that and did a system restore a few weeks ago.

    Lately but it became more and more common - stop 7 times today, sometimes after only for about 10-15 minutes. I'm still clueless as to what is the problem - I run virus checks and there is no problem. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do?

    I am writing my thesis to the University, which is due soon and find this problem (and the additional stress!) not useful!

    Would it perhaps be a design defect (I got only two years). Someone else has reported similar problems?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    Looks like the cooling system could be full of dust.

    If the machine is still under warranty I recommend strongly to send the machine to a service partner chartered for a checkup of material.
    If this isn't the case, then proceed as follows:

    Buy a box with compressed air and blow a few some hollow air ventilation holes but be gentle when blowing. The fan may be damaged when breath too long, so I suggest to call 2-3 seconds, wait a second and then repeat the procedure until the dust has been completely removed. In addition I nettoieriez all around the holes of ventilation with a small brush.

    Welcome them

  • Why isn't the Satellite Pro L100 124 on the Web from Toshiba site?

    In Israel, we have this model:
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L100-124 PSLA1E - 00500DG 3
    I tried to look it up in the computers.
    Toshiba -, but found nothing?

    Why? is it a fake?


    Maybe you know it or not, but Toshiba offers many laptops of the same series but the laptop are not very different. Void models are perhaps different in the hardware configuration. You know it; different sizes of HARD drive, processor, etc.

    I googeld a little to this numer and I found the laptop on a site of Poland from Toshiba. It s a Polish language: & tab = 3

    However, you can visit Toshiba Europe site and you will find the different specifications and also the series Satellite Pro L100:

  • Satellite Pro A10 stops during the installation of Windows

    I have a satellite Pro A10, which stops during the installation of Windows. The installation gets to the part where I need to select the HARD drive to install, then the system off just. I can restart it immediately, and the sdame happens.

    If I enter the BIOS, everything is detected OK, and I've updated to the latest version (V1.4). Also when in the BIOS, the system will remain under tension for ever and a day! and no downtime. I have a couple of diagnostic CD, then run the tests is the same thing, but I ran the seagate diagnostic tool and the HDD OK passes, as does the main map, but cannot perform detailed testing that the system shuts down during the tests.

    I suspect an overheating issue but would like advice.

    Hmmm it s very strange. I thought that the HARD drive could malfunctions but it of very impossible if the HARD drive has passed the Seagate diagnostic test.

    However, it would be very interesting to know if the installation of the OS would end with another HARD drive.
    You know, it of always difficult to provide an exact solution without any diagnostic tests.

    For me, it really looks like a hardware malfunction. So perhaps it would be advisable to contact the authorized Toshiba maintainer for a control of the laptop.
    Guys could run tests and would situate the fault quickly.

  • Satellite Pro 4600 cannot load the BIOS update

    Satellite Pro 4600. When starting I access Windows 2000 screen and then get the blue screen "The ACPI BIOS in this system is not fully compatible with ACPI." Please contact etc etc for BIOS updated. I downloaded version of update of the BIOS 2.60 since the Toshiba site and installed with a message "installed successfully". I always get the "bluescreen". Where I'm going wrong? Help would be appreciated.

    Y at - it the ability to boot the operating system in safe mode? It works correctly?

    Did you have a new installation Win2000?
    Give us more information.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - question on the BIOS update

    I have a Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E) with Windows Vista and XP that have been installed recently.
    In the driver of Toshiba page (BIOS update) says:

    "This Bios is only compatible for portable computers with Windows Vista!"

    (1) should I update my BIOS (1.4) or it'll be a problem for my windows XP?

    (2) anyone has try?

    (3) is there documentation on the BIOS updates (bug fixes, etc.)?


    I will try to be very short with answers:
    1. If you use Windows XP Home edition on your laptop have BIOS update with the version 5.30
    2 this version of BIOS is available for days and it is possible that many people already tried. By the way: until Toshiba out something that is tested and verified.
    3. Unfortunately there is documentation about bugs and patches, but the fact is that Toshiba has designed the 5.30 version to support the features of Windows XP Home edition on the models of laptops designed Vista

    Good bye

  • Satellite L450D PSLY5E freeze during the BIOS update - now does not turn on

    Hi guys,.

    I have a Satellite L450D. I recently tried (unfortunately) update the BIOS after a clean installation, because the FN key no longer working to bring up the toolbar.

    Winphlash program froze near the end and the system remained frozen for a good half-hour. The only way out was to remove the battery (as I know in any case).

    Now, the system will light with battery in or out and plugged in. I guess I've damaged the hard drive or the card mother or something.

    Is it possible to fix? Or is it?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    BTW - I know now not to update the BIOS unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary and well advised.


    > I guess I've damaged the hard drive or the card mother or something.

    The disk HARD isn t damage but the Rom module where the BIOS is stored was not flashed properly.
    I guess that this happened because the flash procedure was interrupted.

    I'm not sure if this can be fixed perhaps the service guy could flash the ROM module with special disc of crisis of the BIOS.

    I keep fingers crossed

  • Satellite 1900 203 stops during the bios update

    I downloaded the BIOS update for my Satellite 1900 203 and put it in the floppy drive. the problem is that when updating the computer suddenly stops.
    I think the problem is in the software, but I can't get a solution of it...


    I would not recommend to download and install the BIOS on Toshiba Canada website!
    As far as I know your laptop was designed for the European market and you should always use the driver, BIOS of the Toshiba site European and tools!

    But I agree with dnf666. If the laptop works properly it s not necessary to update the BIOS!
    And note: the bad BIOS or bad BIOS can damage the module ROM!

    On the Toshiba page, you will find a teaching how BIOS should be updated on several models of laptops!

  • Satellite Pro A10 hangs during the installation of Win XP

    Hi guys,.

    just thouth I would ask why my new laptop will not install XP.
    Only, it crashes during installation. No n' achete purchased on this occasion, had no operating system installed.

    I wonder if it's a driver problem, using my xp disc I bought, but like I said that just, it will hang during installation.
    What I need to intergrate drivers somehow?
    I'm guessing that this is the problem?

    If so, how do I?

    see you soon

    I really wonder that your new laptop is probably produced about 5 years ago. ;)

    In any case, to install WXP use WindowsXP SP1 installations CD (factory settings). If you want to discuss a little more please explain to us what exactly is happening.

  • All new Satellite Pro L300D crashes all the time


    I'm a little base when it comes to laptops.
    I just bought this new L300D to ebuyer

    I started and I have an anti-virus etc. But without apparent reason, the computer crashes.
    The only way out is pressed the switch out. Everything is frozen.

    It will do about 2 times and then after restarting it seems to work ok.

    I got windows to its original by HARD drive recovery settings and it did make a difference.
    I am as I say not a computer wizz.

    Can someone tell me how I can stop it crashing, it's really annoying.

    Kind regards


    Does this happen often?
    I mean that the Windows operating system could break sometimes without any serious reason, sometimes a software compatibility issue might be the reason why the OS freezes.

    But I have this problem would fall so I recommend you contact an ASP in your country. It could be related to defective material

    Your laptop is under warranty (we hope) then the warranty should cover all hardware issues

  • Satellite Pro A120 - screen of the BIOS open for a second

    My screen BIOS, but only for a second, then goes, I can't keep the BIOS screen to check anything.
    Any ideas anyone

    That is the first time I m reading about it
    Have you tried to update the BIOS?

    Latest BIOS version found on the page of the European driver Toshiba
    Ensure that Hat you choose the good BIOS and update of system performance.

    After that, check if you can access the page of the BIOS.

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