Satellite Pro L20-184: Question about upgrading CPU

I bought a Satellite Pro l20 184
I can replace the Pentium M 735 2 MB of L2 cache processor
FSB 400 1.7 GHz?



Hello Constantin

The answer is that no, it is not possible to replace the processor in a Toshiba laptop. The processors used in laptops are connected to the motherboard using a process called TCP (tape carrier package). It is a method of permanent connection and is used in the interest of miniaturization and heat dissipation.

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  • Satellite Pro A120-107: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    Hello world

    I have a 120-107 I am generally satisfied but the hard drive is too small and I think the upgrade in about 100 GB. What should I look for when buying? Any suggestions on the best drive to get? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks


    "you just have to take care, that you buy a Sata Drive in the"form factor"2.5". That's all.
    As I know, the biggest that drive was delivered with this machine was a 120 GB SATA drive.

    Regarding the manufacturer: do not hesitate to take all the manufacturers that you like. The best would be Toshiba at all ;)

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  • Satellite Pro L20 and DVD drive upgrade

    Hi all, starting at this forum.

    Satellite Pro L20

    I just upgraded the drive cd - rw to a dvd - rw drive. The drive came a host of work so it s in full working order. The drive is not recognized as a DVD player, but works like a cd - rw. Update the BIOS of the Toshiba site gives an error once decompressed.
    Does anyone know what I need to do to get it work correctly?

    Thanks for your help

    This new optical disk drive is compatible with this model of laptop?

  • Satellite Pro A10 - need information about upgrading RAM

    Dear members of Ant
    Regarding the above machine: Please can someone advise:-how many slots memory has.
    I think it's two but do not know.
    Also size maximum memory can this module we have in this laptop please.
    If it's 2 @ 1 GB per module, then we would have a total of 2 GB.

    Is the standard hard drive on this computer, a hard drive of the laptop. Can I get out the small 20 GB one and replace it with a larger. for example 120 GB etc.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Satellite Pro A10 two memory locations are available. Laptop computer can manage with 1 GB of RAM and you can use two compatible PC2100 512 MB (PA3164U - 1 M 51) modules.

    This old machine uses 2.5 HDD with old IDE connector. I found some info that it has been bundled with 20GB, 30GB and 40GB HDD. I think you can improve it with up to 100 GB HARD drive but just to be sure he has the same connector on the HARD drive.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.
    For more information after the exact model number please.

  • Satellite Pro S300-10J - Question about the power of the microphone


    I would use my S300-10J for acoustic measurements on the speakers. (DIY)

    For this configuration, I am using a microphone electret, the IBF EMM-08:

    for power, it's what suits him: 1.5 - 10 v / approx. 0.5 my

    The s300-10J who provides or not?

    Anyone who can recoomend a card external sound that has this provision? (if my laptop does not work)

    Thanks in advance,
    Bart Segers


    I can't give you details on the microphone of the satellite Pro S300 tension because I didn t find all the details about the tension of mic jack, but I guess that it s a voltage standard as on others, laptops different.

    As far as I know the external portable media microphone who need 1, 5V DC.
    So I guess that the S300 this support too.

    That's all I can say about it.

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  • Satellite Pro A200GE - 26Q: Question about Windows update "TOSHIBA x 64 ACPI Compliant logical value.


    I have a Satellite Pro A200GE-26. It has a core 2 duo T7200, running vista 32 provided with the computer (now sp1).

    Windows Update offers me the following optional update: 'TOSHIBA TOSHIBA - other hardware - x 64 compatible ACPI value logical and general-purpose device' but I am concerned that at present in Device Manager, the computer is listed as "ACPI x 86 based pc.

    Does anyone know why windows update offers this for me and if I install it?

    Thanks for any help!

    This update is available for all units of Core2Duo.
    As you already wrote it is optional, and you must not install it. If you use original recovery image Toshiba you have no need for the functionality of the laptop. Using the recovery image or you have installed your own OS?

  • Question about upgrading CPU for Satellite A30 104?


    My Satellite A30 104 recently came at the end of its warranty and had to open the heatsink for cleaning, and seeing that the CPU was available, I wonder if there should be (likely) to upgrade.

    The processor is a Celeron 2.6 GHz (Northwood). I'm no more grunt, I would prefer a more low-power chip, while the cache L2 much bigger of a Pentium 4 is also desirable. I would be very grateful if someone could give advice if upgrades are likely available, and if so the chips would be appropriate? If I can give any more useful technical information, please ask.

    Thanks in advance.


    Usually it s not advisable to upgrade the CPU on laptops, because no one can tell if the laptop runs correctly and stable after the upgrade.
    The heat and the temperature inside the laptop could be a serious problem.

    In any case, I think that the laptop supports an Intel 852GME chipset.

    The Intel 852GME chipset is optimized for the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor, has a main bus at 533 MHz and up to 2 GB memory DDR 266/333/200 at high speed.

    But I'm not sure about m making it s 479 or 478

  • Satellite A100-529 - Question about upgrading CPU


    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite A100-529 and I want to change my Celeron M 380 for something better, but I don't know what the CPU can insert to this computer.

    When I was looking for similar templates I got same CPU with the same chipset. I don't know how to take apart my Toshiba CPU and change, I also have the latest BIOS.

    Technical details are in links with screenshots.
    What the best processor I can use on this computer?

    Thank you very much.

    [Screenshots |]


    As Akuma already written, you can choose a CPU of the other models. Look on the lower side to identify your model number.

    But don t forget that the CPU upgrade is risky. No one has tested this before CPU in your laptop and my cause overheating or something else. This upgrade is official not supported:

  • Satellite L30-134 - question about upgrade CPU and video performance

    Hi have updated my satellite l30 - 134 with a bus t2450 dual core @2 ghz 533 Mhz = cpu is runing swell-marks look nice... BUT - my video performance droped a lot - grafics 2d - to top but 3d grafics are very poor why? driver problem?
    have also 2 g ram 2 x 1 g kinmax @ 6xx runing @533

    can anyone help? see that are some similar configs on this site... then maybe you can help me
    I'll try editing a xp 64 bit (curently runing xp sp3 32-BIT)

    > I'll try editing a xp 64 bit (curently runing xp sp3 32-BIT)
    Forget that don t recommend install Win XP 64-bit.
    Why? Because the Win XP 64 bit was not so popular as Win 32 bit or Vista/Win 7 64 bit and you won't find many drivers for Win XP 64 bit.
    Stay with XP 32 bit or you can change to Win 7 64 bit.

    Regarding the graphical issue;
    Have you noticed that also using the old CPU (Intel Celeron M Processor 410)?
    If this were not the case, then I guess this could be a problem between the CPU and BIOS.
    Otherwise I would recommend upgrading the graphics card driver.

  • Question about upgrading CPU for Satellite L30-101

    Is it possible to upgrade my processor from a 1.44 to what higher?

    No, there is no way because:

    -It s too expensive
    -It s complicated Exchange when you´re no technician for laptop
    -you won´t win any show (especially when the performance vs price comparison)

    Instead update your RAM and your HARD drive since that these components are comp. evolutionary and better will give you better performance.

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  • Question about upgrade CPU on Portege M100

    On my Portege M100.
    Can I switch my Banias 1.2 Ghz chip to a Dothan 2.0 Ghz chip now that BIOS 1.5 supports Dothan?


    I agree with robin. Computers mobile processors are usually not extensible for different reasons. One of the serious reasons is the BIOS compatibility and the second reason is the dissipation of heat.
    Faster CPU produces more heat, and this could lead to overheating problems.

    To cut this story; upgrading the CPU is not possible

  • Question about upgrading CPU on Y40 - 80

    I just bought a gaming laptop Y40-80, while I did not know that the character of 'U' on behalf of the central processing unit means low power, although whether an i7 processor, it's too slow for games. Now, I have to update or leave it useless. So can I upgrade the cpu on my laptop, if possible, how many might take and what it takes, thanks

    TigerSTV wrote:

    Mine is version 5500U, as I thought it would be fine in a first time, it turns out that to be truly behind the entire operation of my computer, even there is not the choice I can do to improve it? Either officially or not

    As noted above, you are stuck in the U type of processor as shown in the picture. For the replacement of the informal, you need to go to another site that specializes in this task.

  • Satellite Pro P200 - 1EE: Question about two partitions on the disk with Vista


    I've had my laptop for 2 months now and when I click on computer to watch my hard drive there are two; 1 called vista (: c) and other data (: E).
    Why is it two hard disks?
    And called Vista one 21.5 GB free and the other has 71.2 GB free.
    So if we get full my laptop will automatically use it?

    Thank you.


    According to my experience, the Vista operating system to the second partition for data backup. It s necessary and important if you want to restore or repair the Windows operating system. This is a new feature in Vista!

    > So if you get full my laptop will automatically use it?
    No, it will automatically switch to the other partition if the first partition is full.
    You must point to the second partition if you want to store data on this second partition.

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro L20 - CPU / battery upgrade

    Hi all

    I have a L20 the Satellite with the Celeron 360 Pro. I have seen that you can get another satellite pro L20s running Pentium m 730 1.6GHZ CPU. I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the processor in this machine. The power of thermal design of the Celeron is 21W which is slightly lower than that of the Pentium-M 27W, but should not running too hot as it has speedstep, the only problem is that the Pentium versions seem to have Intel graphics and the Celeron have ATI x 200, it's a different motherboard or the same?

    If anyone knows if the upgrade is possible can you please post and let me know. Thank you!
    Also, I noticed there is a battery 4300mAh who would last longer 200mAh battery I have, it works on 14.8V where as mine is 14.4V would this work in my laptop, im assuming that it should?

    Maybe this thread will help you to get more information on the upgrade of CPU:

    User Grze22gorz went the Celeron M for Pentium M processor and the system works properly.

    Additional threads;

    I found the part number of the battery (8 cell, 4300mAh): PA3420U-1BRS Toshiba Option European and accessories site and it s certainly consistent with Sat L20 and Satellite Pro L20

    Good day

  • Upgrade memory for Satellite Pro L20

    I use a satellite L20 pro - PSL25E. That this PSL25E means in terms of satellite pro L20 - 102 until xxx. On the support site to keep just the numbers but not this alphanumeric expression. I need this in order to select the upgrade module suitable.
    If this can be answered, could someone tell me which module to upgrade should I choose in addition to the existing 512 MB?
    Thanks in advance


    It of nice that you have found the laptop model after your own investigation.
    However, in my opinion the portable Satellite Pro L20 all support the same kind of memory, if it s L20-259 Pro or Pro L20-174

    The units are supported on these modules:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)

Maybe you are looking for

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