Satellite Pro L300-1FL - WLAN network adapter does not exist

Model: Satellite Pro L300-1FL (PSLB9E)
Operating system: XP Pro SP2
Wireless card: PA3616u-1mpc (atheros AR5007)

the laptop came with pre-installed vista, everything worked very well (including wireless), although a little slowly, but decided to downgrade to xp. integrated SATA drivers into my xp with nlite installation disc. XP installed fine. visited the toshiba support site and downloaded all the drivers for xp and install.

Despite the installation of the wireless driver there is still no present in the wireless network card device driver. It is an "unknown" device listed, which I think is the wireless card.

at first I was not sure what card appeared so systematically installed that all options of wlan of the toshiba download page [intel/atheros/realtek], none has worked. little more digging autour and discovery was a then reinstalled atheros atheros wlan client on the toshiba site. still did not work. found a update atheros ar5007 driver installed, still no joy.

forward wireless switch is on [the orange light] and has been throughout the process. have you tried enabling / disabling fn + F8, which doesn't do anything.

I think I read somewhere (having read much too many post on this over the last few days!) that update the BIOS to version 2.4 can solve the problem. However the version offered for my model by the toshiba page BIOS update is 2.1 (which I've updated when you install all drivers in xp) and I'm not that eager to update the BIOS to a version that is not supported by toshiba, because I have no idea how fix an incorrect BIOS prevents starting the computer.

When you look at the BIOS option "wake we wireless" is grayed out and not selectable. There is no other network without wire/related parameters. This might infer that the BIOS does not recognize the card wireless for some reason any. whereas he should have before, I started to lose its time, as worked it fine under vista wireless. so I think that upgrading the BIOS might have broken, although I can't be sure that I've updated the BIOS until I realize that the without wire did not work under XP, so it could have been broken before the BIOS update. Does this sound plausible? also, I have no idea how if is take to solve this - you can downgrade the BIOS?

any help greatly appreciated - have been pulling on my hair for 2 days now and there is only so much googling, you can do before find yourself you constantly re - visiting the same sites over and over again!

Thank you

~ andy

worried that he may have been conflict for different drivers wlan I had initially installed, so have done a complete re - format and re-installation of xp. Install the drivers, including the wlan driver atheros. but still no adapter wlan in Device Manager.

the unknown device in the other section of the Device Manager is listed as an ethernet controller; However glancing upward from the PCI/VEN # (C & DEV_001C 168) on the basis of data from the provider PCI identifies that this is indeed the atheros card.

This means that it is not a hardware/BIOS problem as I previously suspected. XP can 'see' the device, but for some reason, the driver won't work. Hmm

someone at - it had a similar problem? is it just a matter of finding the "correct" driver

Thank you

~ a

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    I tried to update the drivers, but it gives just the same error message. I also tried to do a restore of the system since a week ago, but it has not fixed either.

    I found a youtube video that said that the problem can be caused by a software conflict and change value from registry, but that no longer works, and now I'm full of ideas.

    How have you tried to update the driver WLan?
    Have you tried to uninstall the driver first, and then after reboot again to install the new driver downloaded from Toshiba UE driver page?

    Try it!

    You said you reset the system in the past?
    How? Have you used the Toshiba recovery procedure and have you installed already preinstalled system once more?

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    See if this graphics driver to W7 32-bit works.

    Wireless and bluetooth driver this driver should work...

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    Thanks in advance!


    BIOS bug? I don t think so

    First of all, you must make sure that this isn't a hardware problem. In this case, insert the Toshiba Recovery CD and reinstall the operating system of this device. This will outline the laptop to factory settings. Notes; This would format the whole HARD drive.

    After the new installation, you must activate the WLan switch on the side of books, and you can then use the switch button FN + F8 to select the WiFi network.

    I assume that you have already configured your Wlan router. So the same settings such as the SSID, encryption of WLan, etc. must be defined on the laptop too.

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    I have a short model "Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-156" (PSLB1E).

    The system state is:

    I used the recovery CD (to install Windows XP and other software on this CD).
    I've upgraded to the latest version of the BIOS (1.50, 10/07/2008) for my laptop and I downloaded all updates for Windows XP.
    I installed the latest WLAN driver for my WIFI (Realtek RTL8187B) card.

    The problem is still there:
    Every 12 hours (exactly on the minute!) drops connections.
    Not only the Internet, but the local connection.
    It is even a kind of matrices.

    Both a connection to a local computer and "mIRC" (ssh/telnet-program) to "PuTTY" (program-chat-IRC) says "network error caused abortion of software".

    These ping connections not, they die instantly in a tenth of a second.


    I guess it can be caused by a 3rd third party tool that was installed on your laptop.

    I mean it of really strange that disconnected EXCATLY after 12 hours of use.

    "I have goggled a bit for the message: network error: Software caused connection abort."
    And found that this error is displayed if the Windows network code decides that your network connection is dead. This will happen when you remove the cable network Ethernet-connected computer, or if Windows has any other reason to believe the entire network has become unreachable.

    I think you should check the settings of your WLan router. My router refresh / disconnects after 23,59 hours to ensure that the IP address has changed.

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    Edit: The book is a Satellite Pro L300-1CZ

    Kind regards

    Hello Christer

    Sorry, but it is not easy to understand what you are writing about. Reboots, go... hmmm.
    You have installed some Microsoft updates or done something that may be responsible for this strange question?

    Have you tried to restore OS hour earlier before it started?

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    You need the driver for the ethernet controller.

    How to disable the card wireless using the key, you must read the user manual.

    I have a 6930p which was the model that preceded the 8440p and there is a black band with a few icons lit above the keyboard and mine has a blue icon wireless.  If I touch that, it becomes orange which means that the wireless is turned off.

  • Satellite L300-2This - wireless network adapter is not listed in Device Manager

    PL. seated me in solving the WIFI issue in my newly purchased Toshiba Satellite L300-2This (PSLBGE 020004AR)

    1. me confirm - this model is equipped with WIFI as shown in the Web of Toshiba site but my device manager it is not displayed at all. (using Windows XP)-its only display Realteck LAN

    2. I installed the drivers from the site web of Toshiba - but always hardware WIFI not be picked up by any driver. Device Manager showing that a single 'Ethernet LAN' not installed-may be it is the WIFI card but once again on three pilots (real teak/intel/Ac..). which is the right selection computer-based laptop model No.? as none does not detect the hardware.

    3. confirm me - this model is NOT - equipped also BluTooth?

    Appreciate the quick response in this regard.

    Violaine Asim

    Hi mate,

    Just a simple question: have you activated the wireless network adapter using the hardware on the computer switch portable and key combination FN + F8?

    Satellite L300 is permanently equipped with wireless network card because a friend of mine had the same specifications.

    However, you should try to update the WLAN driver. Check the download page of the Toshiba driver for an update.

    Welcome them

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    I got the volume of unmountable boot blue screen, then tried to adapt to a new samsung drive. I put in my windows disc it will load all the drivers, then says that there is no hard drive?
    In the bios, it recognizes it?

    Thanks if anyone can help


    The problem is that your laptop supports the SATA HDD controller but the system OS does not contain the SATA drivers
    You can assign in the compatible SATA mode BIOS.
    This allows you to install the operating system without installation of the SATA drivers.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A300 sleep and extended functions does not properly

    I have a new satellite Pro A300 PSAJ1E - 01E00VIT, and I find this problem:

    Sometimes (not always: maybe it depends on which program is running) in trying to put the computer to sleep or into hibernation, it does not stop, but only stop the monitor (Panel), while the fan goes on and the power light is green. Of course, a lot of energy consumption of battery!

    Then there is no other way to take off the computer by pressing the power button for a long time... but this is not correct!
    NB: my computer is always connected to a local network, and generally there are some browser windows open when I put it in stand-by mode.

    How can I fix?

    You must update the BIOS and must always close the programs and applications that ruin on the laptop before activating the standby mode or hibernation would be.

    I found this solution in this forum, and according to some people here it has solved similar problems

  • Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter does not


    My Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter has stopped working. I tried to update a driver he says not installed correctly. I am running windows 7 32 bit

    There should be a little more characters for your PC model Toshiba laptop.  For example, here is the support page for the Toshiba Satellite L300 - ST3502-->

    If it was your model, you click on the "Drivers & updates" tab, click on the "Wireless" link under "filter by" and then look for the link "Atheros Wireless LAN Driver for Windows 7 (32/64)" you get to a page where you can download the driver installation package.

    Download the driver appropriate for your computer (which may or may be not the same as in the above example) and run the installer.

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    Although I can set the sensitivity etc. I would really be able to use the shortcut to disable the mouse momentarily while typing. My keyboard shows that, if I press fn and F9 the i should be able to disable the mouse but the function does not work. F9 all other functions seem to work.

    Do you know if there is a solution to this?

    I am running windows 7 pro 32-bit service pack 1.

    What you can try is to reinstall extra package from Toshiba.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - no wireless network card are not not in Device Manager

    Can you help me - Toshiba Satellite Pro A10
    Model no PSA15E-01PFQ-FR
    Series No Y3602494G
    Windows XP Pro

    On the front of this laptop is a wireless switch - this switch is set on, Windows XP Pro can't find any wireless device - Windows Device Manager shows not all adater wireless. You can advice please - what do I need to install driver - this laptop supports wireless?

    Thank you very much



    Usually, if you have a laptop wireless switch should have a wireless LAN card too. In your case I would try to install the driver. Then the WLAn card should appear correctly in Device Manager: > support & downloads > download drivers

    If that doesn t work, you can try a BIOS update.

    Are you running the factory settings or you have installed your own version of Windows?

  • Satellite L650-11R - broadcom WLan 802.11n does not


    I had some problems with my internet and everything trying to solve this problem, somehow I uninstalled my network card and its drivers.

    After that (I reinstalled several times), unit is here, but it says in Device Manager that is activated, but when I go to the device in network settings, it says that it is diseblaed and its painted in grey (I clicked, window opens saying "enabaling"... but nothing happens after that). Also, I know that of not work beacause it does not find my home WIFI network and other devices in the House are connected to the home network. In the right corner of the screen there is red ' x'.

    Also, when I run windows repair to see what is the problem of network it says that my network card is probably bad drivers and I should change that.

    I tried a lot of drivers for broadcom 802.11n on the internet, but nothing seems to work.

    My laptop is Toshiba satellite L650-11R
    network card: broadcom 802.11n
    am on Windows 7 64 bit home edition

    Help me to find drivers or tell me how to install correctly with corect NIC drivers.

    Please help, thanks in advance!

    I solved my problem. All the drivers that I tried to install worked

    The real problem was antivirus, I uninstalled Zone Alarm security and now I have internet!

  • Satellite Pro P100-465 CD/DVD drive does not.

    My Satellite Pro is new and I was very happy with it until I started one day find my CD/DVD drive not recognized.
    Initially that the drawer does not open yet, it does now but only after a few presses the eject button. When I put a disk in it spins and the drawer light flashes briefly, but then nothing?
    The CD/DVD drive is not displayed in Device Manager is?

    Can anyone help please?


    I'm not an expert so take what I say with a large pinch of salt and check again! I have a similar problem with my A100 except the works of CD tray very well but the machine will not play some DVD and won't play any CD several people have suggested that download ITunes affects your registry files and shortly after that the machine does not recognize the CD/DVD driver.

    The error message that said something like: "i/o device error".

    Have you tried to download a new driver? I have that have not yet done and came here to seek to verify this info myself.

    Anyone else heard about Itunes affecting your laptop in anyway?

Maybe you are looking for

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