Satellite Pro L300 - commissioned only in safe mode

Hay, my Satellite Pro L300 computer can be started in SafeMode only because if I start it normally it access to the desktop and then freezers.

Can someone help with this problem?

Hey Buddy,

If the computer starts only in safe mode, this means that something has confused the OS

Since when have you noticed the problem?
No doubt it can help you to restore the system to a previous point. If it doesn t help your only option seems to be to reinstall Windows I think. Therefore, you can use the Toshiba Recovery drivers with tools disk :)

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  • Satellite Pro L300-1AQ only to charge the battery while the phone is in use

    I have a Toshiba SP L300-1AQ.

    In the last month we started having problems with it quit unexpectedly, even on power outlet.
    This morning I used it for about a half hour. When I started the battery level was 39% full, so I plugged it into the outlet. The fire area on the front of the laptop came and taskbar in Windows icon showed it was plugged and load (battery light was orange).

    After half an hour, I checked the battery and it was down to 16%. I turned down the brightness of the screen to try to reduce energy consumption, but less than a minute at the level of the battery was down to 15%. The toolbar icon and power lights both still power showing tasks. The power adapter was cold to the touch. I expect that it is hot. It seems to me that the power adapter does not provide enough power to run the laptop and recharge the battery. If the laptop is in sleep mode, the battery may charge.

    We need a new power adapter?

    Thank you



    It's really hard to say what the reason is but first of all, I think its hardware problem and not software related.
    Maybe the card mother doesn t charge battery problem more or the AC/DC adapter is defective. So can you test another adapter AC/DC to a friend for example? It would be interesting to know because if an AC/DC adapter works it seems to be a problem with the motherboard.

    I don t have Satellite Pro L300, I only Satellite L300 but it works really well and I can t notice a problem with the battery charging. It s all ok again :)

  • Satellite Pro L300 shows ACPI ATK0100 Kernel Mode Driver error

    I have a Satellite Pro L300 with Windows Vista and it has been fickle to say the least, making me restart the system several times.
    The last two times she since continued to come up with an error message saying "cannot open ACPI ATK0100 Kernel Mode Driver", and I understand that it is perhaps what is originally that there problems later.

    I tried updating the BIOS, reinstall the drivers and, seeking answers and, of course, reinstall the whole system, but I still get this message every time I turn on my laptop and I really don't want that it gives me the blue screen of death again - please help me!

    Thank you.

    Stand by.

    You ve done clean install of Vista with initial recovery DVDs and you get this error in any case (no additional software is installed)?

  • Satellite Pro L300D-20R closing in safe mode

    Hi people,

    I sometimes run comprehensive analyses using Avira antivirus and Souleymane free like Ccleaner in safe mode. However, when I boot in SafeMode aggressively, the fan runs all the time and then my laptop stops. This also occurred when I was using the help function this is not only limited to execution of the anti malware scans. I tried to use 'start repair' but there is no fix. Then I used the Toshiba HDD recovery to restore the factory settings, but that didn't work either. In normal mode, it analyzes free anti-virus and anti-malware and works OK.

    All advice appreciated.


    I'm pretty sure that the problem is not due to due to a virus or something else. Peut t-virus shut down the computer immediately; they can slow down performance, delete files, etc.

    It is interesting to know that the fan runs at high level all the time, so I could imagine there is a lot of dust in the radiator and fan which blocks the flow of air. In your case, I would try to clean the system of cooling as expected [HERE |] and check if it worked or not.

  • Satellite Pro L300 29V - hard drive is dead

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-29V only about 2 months, and suddenly the hard drive (very full) is apparently dead.

    Initially the laptop starts Windows correctly, but now the HD is not yet recognized in the BIOS. If it goes beyond the Toshiba splash screen, I get the thing PXE saying "a cable is unplugged. I tried to re-allocation of places the reader twice, but still nothing.

    It's really disturbing, because I had transferred recently practically my whole LIFE on it on other computers which many many many hours of musical recordings that I can't really afford to lose.

    I think I'll have to buy a HD dock and see if I can read and copy the data.

    Does anyone else have this problem? It is likely that the drive could have been erased?

    I should also mention that a day or two before this happened, my girlfriend was using etc. Open Mobile (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word,) - computer I pressed the power button that normally makes hibernate - and when I turned it back, rather than resume where he left off, the computer started from zero and no work/windows were saved.

    I'm afraid that might be some stupid day, Avira, or on the Windows updates without end that has damaged something...

    EDIT: OK, I have a picture of the error I received before complete failure, but I can't download it here. Here is the text (on a blue screen):

    A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    Check to make sure any new hardware or software is installed correctly.
    If it is a new installation, ask your hardware manufacturer or software, the windows updates, you might need.

    If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable the BIOS memory options such as implementing caching or shading. If you need to use safe Mote to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.

    * Technical information: *.

    * STOP: 0 X 00008086 (0 X 00000000, 0 X 00000000, 0X00000000, 0X00000000) *.


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    Hi mate,

    First of all, I must say that I have this Satellite L300 too. But I didn t have no problem, the HARD drive works fine for 1.5 years and I use this laptop for Internet and emails everyday. I m very satisfied.

    However, what do you hear now?

    I hope that you can copy your data to another device and you will need a new HARD drive for your Satellite Pro L300. That's fact!
    In addition, there are a few good programs that they can the recovery of data from faulty hard drives. Just search with Google, you will find some interesting links.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite Pro L300 - Dual boot with the AHCI mode

    Type of product > Notebook
    Family > Satellite Pro
    Product series > Satellite Pro L series
    Model > Satellite Pro L300 24L
    Model short-term > PSLB9E


    XP and Seven is installed in dual-boot on my laptop and I use EasyBCD to choose which system I want to start.

    To start XP, I need to enable "Compatibility" (Controller SATA in BIOS mode) and seven is "AHCI" must be activated.

    Is there a way for my two OS was started without making changes in the bios?
    Y at - it an update to correct this problem (or alternative)?

    Thank you in advance.

    Yes you can do it but I'm afraid, you must reinstall Windows XP Home edition m.
    Why? Because before beginning to install Windows XP Home edition, you must change it to AHCI mode, launch the installation of Windows XP Home edition and before you start you need to load the SATA driver (via F6 I think).

    Long time ago, we have discussed a lot about this on this forum then use the advanced search anc check options other postings on this subject.

    By the way: check

  • Satellite Pro L300 - Display works only on the external monitor

    I received my new Satellite Pro L300 tonight & followed the instructions one by one. Although the power etc. lights were turned on, I had no monitor display at all. I then plugged on my old pc monitor who * fact * work. I tried pressing Fn + F5 but still nothing on the screen of the laptop?

    Thank you, Adam.

    I think you need to bring your laptop to an ASP. They can check your laptop and exchange all necessary parts.
    I think that your laptop is under warranty, if the repair is free for you :)

    On the Toshiba site, you can search an ASP: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good luck!

  • BSOD on Satellite Pro L300

    Hello world

    I've been using my * 28W Satellite Pro L300 * since 2 years now, and since the last summer he ain't no fun.

    The laptop suffers * BSOD * one after one, making the job impossible. BlueScreenView, it is especially halmacpi.dll who is responsible, and the error code is * 0 x 124 *, which is for material that I know.

    I've tried everything described on various forums, including virus and rootkit search, updated all drivers and BIOS, checked the base with SpeedFan temperature - everything seems OK, but always reappears the BSOD. I have nothing overclocked, running Windows 7 32 bit with all latest updates.

    There is no BSOD when booting in safe mode. If anyone has some thoughts on this, I'll be happy to see them!


    Have you tested the mobile functionality with clean operating system preinstalled (original toshiba recovery image)?

  • Satellite Pro L300 - use of the power cable between the countries

    I'm buying a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L300 T4200 everything here in New Zealand, where I will be staying for the next six months. However, I'm heading back to Alaska (United States) in April.

    Someone could answer my concerns about the use of power cables and to buy once back in the States. for the most part is it safe to use a USA power cable in this laptop bought NZ without breaking something to bits?

    THX, kim3300

    When you return to the States, I think that you must travel kit adapter power supply only.
    I recommend you consult your dealer and gathering information that it will be the best for you.

  • Satellite Pro L300 - installation of Linux RHES4 cannot find HARD drive


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 and it comes with preinstalled Vista, I loaded the XP due to the fact that I was going to see if I could load linux Redhat Enterprise 4 and dualboot both operating systems at the same time but discovered this "DOUBLE BOOT" means that you can have 2 operating systems but can only bott one or the other...

    Anyway, my problem is that I want to just install Redhat Enterprise 4 linux on my laptop, but when it comes to partition the hard drive I get an error message saying "cannot find the hard drive to create file systems" then click OK and restart.

    Any ideas people?



    I m not a Linux expert, but I think that the reason is missing SATA drivers.
    Normally, on each notebook with SATA HDD, you need SATA drivers to recognize the HARD drive before installing OS.
    If you install Windows XP or Vista, you need storage for this Manager. The drivers can be loaded with an external floppy drive.
    But I put t know how it works on Linux

    An alternative you can change in the mode of AHCI Compatible HARD disk BIOS. Then, you don't need drivers and your disk should be recognized correctly.

    Otherwise, I recommend this thread:

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L300 - sound is not working properly

    Hi all!

    Last week, I bought my Toshiba Satellite Pro L300.
    I have had no operating system with the laptop, but I had my own XP, so I changed the SATA drives in compatibility mode and installed windows XP Pro.
    (By the way this is a Vista laptop officially)
    I installed all the drivers, but I have a problem with the sound. It has a bad quality, but this isn't the biggest problem.
    If I start listening to music, the sound stops every 3-4 seconds for a fraction of a second. It's as if the processor worked (like the computer was loading, and the processor is a bit overloaded) I usually have this experience if I run many programs simultaneously on my old computer, it slows down and the music stops for a second. But on the new laptop, I run winamp, I have dp nothing but listen to the music, and I get this problem.

    Can anyone help? Is it because of XP? Or the driver does not work properly? Or I have a big problem and should go back to the store?
    Please write!


    Did you notice HARD drive activity when this happens?
    Maybe some anti-virus works in the background.

    Maybe you can order original Toshiba recovery DVD for your laptop model. Check it out under the

    Using WXP only? I ask this question because I believe that you can only get to this Vista laptop.

  • Satellite Pro L300 keeps closing

    I have a series of satellite Pro L300 running Windows Vista Business and have problems with him closing by itself without known reason, then it restarts only sometimes.

    The startup repair does nothing.


    I think it might be related to high temperatures.

    Have you noticed a hot air coming from vents?

    Usually the laptop stops automatically to avoid that the pieces of equipment against damage.

    So you need to check if the vents are clogged with dust and debris in most cases you can remove it using a jet of compressed air.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L300 - screen resolution maximum?

    I just bought an external monitor for my L300. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080, but the maximum available on my L300 is 1280 x 800. The utility Service Station tells me that all my drivers are up to date - is there a way I can increase the graphics resolution? Any suggestions much appreciated!

    Details: Running Windows 7 Pro SP1 on a satellite Pro L300 PSLB9A - 02K 002

    Hi PeterSouthon,

    Need to unlock the other screen resolutions. Simply uncheck the option Hide modes that this monitor cannot display as you can see on [THIS |] photo.

    After unchecking this box, you should be able to use the native screen resolution of your external display.

  • Satellite Pro L300 does not illuminate

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 and I've had it for about 2 years.
    But yesterday I closed the laptop as usual. But later I went back to it and tried to turn it on. But it does not work. Instead, when I press the power button the LED next to the battery symbol flashes orange/orange 6 times and then turns off.

    Can someone tell me what it is? I tried to let it load, but that has not worked. The amber light is the only light that flashes. It does not recognize that I plugged in the charger and I don't think that the battery was flat. So I'm angry and helpless right now.

    Can someone help me please?

    See you soon.


    There are several indicators;
    DC, while running, the main battery, LED HDD/ODD.
    So I guess the power LED flashes in orange. Right?
    This means that something was wrong on the motherboard.
    Maybe power supply electronic malfunctions

    In this case, there is no much to do only mobo replacement could help to...

  • Satellite Pro L300 starts flashing led no-battery

    Hello world

    My Satellite Pro L300 stopped working suddenly: nothing terrible happened, such as fall or other accident, so I can't explain what went wrong.

    The situation is: I have the laptop with the battery inside and connected to the power cable. I press the power button and battery led 5 times with the orange light just flashes. It doesen't start, not even the fan, just stay still. Same thing if I disconnect the power cable.

    If I remove the battery it doesn't blink even led orange.

    Does anyone know what could have happened?

    Thank you very much and sorry for my bad English!


    Hello Silvia

    I can't say for sure, but power led flashing is typical when there is a problem with power supply and electronic power supply.

    If you cannot start the laptop with AC power only (remove battery) then you need professional help with this.
    Sorry, but I m afraid there is nothing you can do about it.

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