Satellite Pro L300 - how to disable the built-in webcam

I don't like my integrated webcam.
So I bought a new.
But I want when the video call feature or something that have integrated starts up not my logitech one.

How I can either:
Disable my only integrated? [note: I have uninstall the software, but it always does.


Make my logitech one by default if its used each time?

Help please its stressing out me!

I have a Sat Pro L300

Thank you guys!


I put t know what software you use but generally you can always choose the favorite webcam or microphone in the settings of the software.

For example, I use Skype and Skype settings, I can choose between the internal webcam and my external webcam.

In addition, you can disable each device in the Device Manager I that you would disable a Red Cross, then it should appear to the disabled device (webcam)

See you soon

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    You should set this option to full screen in the games you play. Checked for these options, because you are given something like graphics, solution details and in most cases should be windowed.

    One thing you might try is to uninstall your current display drivers, and then reinstall new ones. Make sure that you use tools like ccleaner cleaning record or similar.
    Check if you have installed all the latest updates of windows and directx version, if you are using Windows XP.

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    Of course you can turn it off.
    You must remove the software from the camera in msconfig start up.

    So go to start-run-msconfig online online
    Go to the Startup tab and disable the camera software. Restart the computer laptop and that s all!

    Good bye

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    Thanks to all in advance


    Hello and welcome to Toshiba support forum.
    At has first of all tell us please what Satellite Pro you exactly.
    What operating system do you use?
    What is the problem with the webcam?

    Each laptop model comes with preinstalled OS and webcam should work fine.
    I presume that you should have Win7 64 bit, right?

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    You want to disable an internal device?
    I wonder why

    However, you can disable it in Device Manager should mark the sound card, and then turn off.

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    As I m not wrong not the driver is from Texas Instruments

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    was soon simon


    The volume indicator belongs to the Toshiba control utility.
    The exe file is called Volumeindicator.exe

    On my laptop, this tool is running in the background of the OS and I can disable in msconfig-> Startup tab

    Select this check box.
    Run msconfig, go to the Startup tab and uncheck the Volumeindicator.
    Then, you will have to start again.

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    I want to be able to use my logitech (plugged into USB Port) instead of integrated cam chicony webcam because I like it better. When I go on some chat sites w video option site usually selects the cam (from settings) and integrated SEES no one if I turned it on or not.

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    Thank you

    Hi crispy40,

    In my opinion the easiest is to disable the webcam in Device Manager, then right-click on your internal webcam and select Disable. The internal webcam is now disabled and usually only external one should be recognized.

    Check this box!

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    in this case it would be interesting what Type of laptop it is exactly.

    You will find this model on the bottom of your laptop. There is a review of it.

    Some models have a Bios update available, others not, for example.

    Please send additional information!

    Good bye

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    It's strange. The integrated Viewer - Viewer by default - is described by the expression 'Preview in Firefox' and you will have changed to "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)".

    Well... you or an add-on or another program on your system must be changed.

    What happens if you disable the Adobe Acrobat plugin (not the extension to create a PDF file, leave it active). Here's how you can try this:

    Open the page modules using either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click on Plugins. On the right side, find "Adobe Acrobat" and change the permission 'never enable '.

    Then in the Options page, Applications Panel, change your preference for "Portable Document Format (PDF)" to "Always ask" so you get the dialog box to download instead of the PDF, open in a tab.

    It sticks?

  • Satellite Pro A300 - How can I turn on my webcam?

    Satellite Pro A300 - How can I turn on my webcam? Operating windows 7. The computer is clean.


    The webcam can be used with programs like Skype communication where you can make a video call. Of course, there are other messengers or programs they use the webcam.

    But you must install the software/driver webcam that you can use. This software can be downloaded from the official website of Toshiba (Camera Assistant Software): > support & downloads > download drivers

  • Re: Satellite Pro L300 - how can I reset the BIOS password?

    I put the password on the BIOS and electric start and I forgot the password.
    How can I reset the password?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300.

    You must bring the laptop to an authorized service center to remove the password.

    Which country are you? Check your local Toshiba Web site for a list of the ASP (service centres).

  • Satellite Pro L300 - where to get the recovery DVDs


    Can someone help me please.

    My satellite pro L300 laptop has crashed I have repaired.
    Unfortunately, I have no operating system such as Windows Vista recovery disk.

    I can't find how to get these discs on Toshibe website or to be honest, that these disks are correctly as.

    Any help would be appreciated...


    The laptop supports recovery of HARD drive option. This means that you can reinstall the image of Toshiba without using the recovery DVD. You must boot up the laptop and press the F8 key. The advanced boot menu is displayed and there you choose the first option to fix my computer. Then choose recovery Toshiba (last option) and start the installation.

    After this installation, you can use the Toshiba pre-installed called TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator to create an own recovery DVDs software of engraving

    But if you have formatted the HARD drive, the repair option won't work because the recovery folder has also been removed. In this case, you will not be abele to create clean restore DVD.

    But you can order it here:

  • Satellite Pro L300 - which improved after the BIOS update

    Hello users,.

    I just finished an update of the BIOS on Satellite Pro L300 using Updater Insyde Bios. I tried the Toshiba site to see what's new or what has improved since the update my bios 1.7version v2.2. But there is no search results. I also went to the site Web Insyde, but neither have they put up what has changed or improved?

    Is there a documentation or information which could help me to know how my laptop has improved or better after the update of the BIOS and what has changed since my update of the BIOS?

    Thank you


    I assume you mean a changelog of the BIOS. Well, normally this document is placed on the Toshiba page where you can download the BIOS update.

    If you can't find such a t changelog, there is no available changelog. All that s!

    In addition the BIOS update should be performed only if it of really necessary. This means that if everything works fine, I don't see a reason to update because this update is a bit risky.

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    Hi mate

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