Satellite Pro L300 PSLB1A: Recovery disk doesn't work no-error 0xc000000f

I get error 0xc000000f on restart and if I try the recovery disk I get error error: 10-FC12-0241
operating system is vista professional and toshiba laptop L300 PSLB1A - 02S 008



You mean that you cannot start the laptop using the Toshiba Recovery disk you created?

Go into the BIOS and check if the CD/DVD drive is recognized. It should appear on the first page of the BIOS.
If the CD/DVD drive is not listed, then you should set the compatible SATA mode and must save the changes.
After this attempt to boot again from the recovery disc.

I also searched on the Toshiba driver European page for info and found a few details;

There is an update of firmware for CD/DVD TS-L633A and TS-L633P player.
This Firmware solves "sometimes not able to writing on DVD + R media'.
The problem occurs only on DVD + R media, other media type have no problem.

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    Hi all

    I have a Satellite Pro L300 1AI running Windows Vista the computer starts and works fine but the backlight on the screen doesn't seem to work.

    Y at - it none of the Vista settings that can affect this (other than the Fn key command on the keyboard and settings) in Control Panel? Strangely, it seems to have happened since I installed Skype but I don't see how this could possibly affect it.

    Any help is much appreciated...


    What s wrong exactly? Brightness screen laptop s is too low?
    Everything you see on the screen as behind a thick fog?

    Well, usually the FL Inverter control the backlight of the screen and if the FL inverter starts to malfunction, so you would get the problem like this.

    There is no alternative to replace this inverter FL.
    It s a small part behind the frame of the screen I think that it s a job for a technician in ASP.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L300-291 - how to get the work of resolution 1920 x 1080?


    Really bad, my old PC and laptop can connect to my external monitor to 1920 by 1080, which is the native resolution of the screen, even made my Xbox 360. But won't my Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-291, it tops out at 1680 by 1050 and will not display anything higher. I tried the latest drivers without success. What is a physical limitation on the laptop?

    Thank you


    Hey Buddy,

    I agree with the user above:
    -Check the user manual and
    -Check out the features of your graphics card

    Then you will find information which screen resolutions are supported and not. In addition, don t compare it with other laptops or devices. Not all laptops are the same, there are different hardware, etc.

  • Satellite Pro M30 - 344 recovery disk availability?

    Toshiba dear owners,

    Someone has in stock / on sale... The recovery disk
    the value of the M30 344 in English. My game is only
    in German. (Win XP Home / Pro)

    Thanks in advance,


    As Feliks said installing WXP Microsoft version full English and use the drivers from the download page. You can find them in all languages.

  • Necessary product for Satellite Pro M30-304 recovery disk

    How get the recovery disk of the product for my M30 304 because my original product recovery cd is scratched and no longer works?

    As suggested by the previous user, you can order the new recovery CD of the ASP in your country or you can install a clean in the CD of Microsoft Windows operating system, then you can install all Toshiba drivers needed and tools from the European of Toshiba driver page.

  • Satellite Pro L300 create backup disks, TRDC Launcher error window

    Error messages saying "no HARD disk recover space! "\n the Toshiba Recovery Disk create cannot be launched.

    This is a brand new machine and tried to make a backup of performed complete recovery, there were leaving them 1 C:

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you Sam

    > This is a new machine and tried to make a backup of performed complete recovery, there were leaving 1 C:
    Brand new machine should support 2 partitions and on the E partition, you should see a recovery of HARD drive folder that contains the image files that are needed to create a recovery disk!

    He s strange, but I think that you cannot create a recovery disc because there is no file on the E partition recovery

  • Satellite P10-304: 2nd recovery disk does not work

    I'm selling my laptop.

    Went to use recovery of original product CD provided along with the PC.

    1 disc worked OK - unfortunately 2nd disc (undamaged) stops at about 60 percent and gives the following message;

    error number 437
    Can not read the file
    version: 7,00 (Apr 2001 19, build 254).
    License: XQ199905
    command line arguments: - clone, mode is pload, srx = x: \01367000.GHO:1, dst = 1:1 - batch

    PROG mode: prog_local
    Name of the path:
    dump file: x:\01367001.GHS
    dumpPos: 0
    flagexplode: 10

    State of IRQ of mouse: no IRQ (0)

    Help, please!?!

    I have a buyer waiting and everything seems to be Dutch!


    It's not easy to say what's wrong with the 2nd recovery disk.
    I would recommend formatting the HARD drive completely and try again to recover the operating system. If it doesn't work, well try to contact Toshiba. Here, you can order the recovery CD. Maybe the problem of recovery will be solved as a gesture of goodwill.
    Nevertheless, the recovery cd is not expensive.

  • Satellite C670D - 11K - Toshiba recovery disks does not work

    I tried to recover the Satellite C670D - 11K using new factory system recovery disks provided by Toshiba. Both drives do their thing until the end when I get these messages:

    Files\mcafee\virusscan/dat\000.0\ c/program Error (error = 1117)
    Error restoring image
    request could not be performed due to the i/o device error
    Error image x could not apply for win 7 V:\\HDDRecovery\SWIMG\15434XSP. Water rain Index 2 in c HARD drive management

    Only option after this point is to press a button any and I get the white screen Toshiba

    When I turn on the laptop I get message "boot mgr is missing." I tried the disc of recovery a couple of times since and things don't get any better. In fact I just get a black screen with cursor after

    Suggestions this is appreciated please? I was thinking of buying the recovery disks would be a solution simple but should I give in and go to a professional now?

    Thanks, Paul

    I assume you are using recovery discs that you created using Toshiba recovery disc creator tool, right?
    It seems silly now, but something went wrong and I m afraid recovery disks are now useless. It turns out that you can't change anything or force the cell to the recovery image installs successfully.

    The only thing you can try is -
    I don't think this will help, but you can test it in any case.

    Now, you have two options:
    -for the restore disc original order from Toshiba
    -install the clean version of the OS by using the Microsoft installation disc

  • Satellite P300 - 13 M - recovery disk do not work


    I have a Satellite P300 - 13M. I want to reinstall my Vista, but the recovery of the program disk do not work.
    I do not have to uninstall the program, it is also on my list of software. I can see the program in C:\Program Toshiba Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator, but when I click on ToRDC.exe it does not start.

    These are all the files in the map:

    13/08 / 2008 17:30 < DIR >. +
    13/08 / 2008 17:30 < DIR >... +.
    28/02 / 2008 20:49 < DIR > Img +.
    19/03 / 2003 13:14 msvcp71.dll + 499.712
    21/02 / 2003 21:42 msvcr71.dll + 348.160
    30/10 / 2006 08:27 + 7.958
    27/10 / 2006 23:36 tdcmdpst.inf + 4.093
    18/10 / 2006 11:50 tdcmdpst.sys + 16.128
    11/03 / 2006 03:30 122.880 TDComSet.exe +.
    21/11 / 2007 17:09 TDMSTING.dll + 262,144
    21/11 / 2007 17:23 TODDSrv.exe + 129.632
    12/06 / 2007 13:59 1.212.416 ToRDC.exe +.
    + 14/02 / 2006 16:23 TosChk.dll + 57.344
    24/06 / 2007 19:39 TrdcHelp.html + 9.657
    25/10 / 2005 08:53 VXBLOCK.dll + 28.672
    + bestand (en) 2.698.796 12 bytes +.

    I also have the map on E:\HDDRecovery with all the files in it (4.12 GB).

    Is there a way that the program works or can I make HDDRecovery map an ISO image and burn it to a cd?


    > I do not have to uninstall the program, it is also on my list of software. I can see the program in C:\Program Toshiba Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator, but when I click on ToRDC.exe it does not start.
    Sorry for my question but what you want to do exactly?
    You want to retrieve the laptop using the recovery disk or you want to create a recovery disk?

    The Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator creates the recovery disk using files in HARD disk recovery file that is placed on the second partition.

    If you want to recover the laptop, then you simply boot from the recovery disc.

  • Satellite P100 - 160 PSPAAE - recovery disk does not work


    My problem is that when I used the restore disk provided with the laptop it froze the computer when he was to "expand our files (0%). »
    I thought that drive was defective, so bought a new drive of Toshiba (£30) but get the same error.
    Machine is now starts rained because the recovery disks erased the hard drive before freezing.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    To be honest, this is the first time I see this error
    I doubt that the recovery disk is defective or the drive HARD because as you say it was possible to install Win XP on this laptop

    I would recommend formatting the HARD drive again to erase all partitions and format the HARD drive using the Win XP disc. Then take the recovery disk and try to reinstall the new Vista operating system

  • Satellite Pro L300 (PSLB1A) touchpad and keyboard problems

    One of my school L300 keyboard and touchpad stopped working after a months of normal use. It has been reported, and on the advice of our technician, I used the disc of the cure to reinstall everything back to the original state. However, this does not have the problem. Now, I need to go through the normal configuration screens and am required to enter a user name that I can't do! This means that I can not check the drivers etc. The keyboard works fine in the BIOS, but not once windows starts.


    Set the default BIOS settings and try again.
    Starting installation of recovery can you use keyboard (arrows, ENTER) or mouse in the Toshiba Recovery menu?

  • Satellite Pro L300 some FN keys do not work on XP

    I bought a L300-164 on Monday. However, there is no preinstalled opsys. I installed a Win XPSP2 (HUN) on it and downloaded the drivers from

    First I have installed chipset and video drivers, then I installed "common Modules". After you finished and restart I tried to install 'orders', but who says "common modules" are not installed.

    So I installed 'save energy' and tried to install it once more the 'controls '. Now, it has been installed normally. Finally, I put on "hotkey utility" and "touchpad utility power. So everything seems to be all right on the machine, but a few FN keys do not work: F6 and F7 doesn't control brightness, F2 is not change power mode and F9 switch touchpad power (of course in a hurry with the FN). However, volume knob works, ESC as the work of mute and Fx buttons also work elsewhere.

    Y at - it ideas to make these buttons work?

    Sat L300-164 seems to belong to the PSLBDE series, and you must download and use the drivers from the Toshiba European designed for the series Sat L300 PSLBDE page.

    Is the common Modules is a key driver that is important for the functionality of the FN button.

    I would recommend so reinstall the common modules again!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L300 1AD is unable to install the Windows XP display driver

    I just installed XP on my Satellite pro because my internet modem doesn't work with Vista.

    I went to the main site of Toshiba to install display drivers, but they moved it, it keeps bringing the message "this driver is not for this computer please contact manufacturer.

    I put t understand why because all the other drivers that I downloaded on the same work, it's just the display one page. Does anyone know what's wrong?

    You have downloaded the latest driver for Satellite Pro L300?
    On the Toshiba site it s version

    An alternative, you can try the drivers from Intel, but normally the Toshiba driver should work.
    I always use the driver from Toshiba and never had any problems.

    Furthermore, I looked on the Toshiba site:

  • Satellite Pro L300 - cannot use the 4 GB memory full

    My laptop is Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 model: PSLBDE-003005AR

    I upgrade my memory to 4 GB using 2x2gb PC2-5300 667 Mhz memory. When I installed the memory and I turn on my laptop the installation always pop up. When I removed the 2 GB of memory to do only 2 GB I spend on my laptop and it works.

    I am using windows Vista premium 32-bit edition. I wonder why I do not work with 4 GB of memory. I installed the memory correctly, but it does not work to 4 GB.

    > Laptop is a Satellite Pro L300 PSLB1A - 01 L 019. Lists of the Toshiba Site the maximum memory 2 GB spec however sheets provided with the laptop shows a maximum of 4 GB of RAM.

    This chipset uses this device?
    There are different L300 with different chipsets and different hardware components.
    Some L300 would be able to support 4 GB and some are limited to 2 GB of RAM.

    So if Toshiba says 2 GB are max so it's good and you will not be able to use 4 GB of RAM.

    Welcome them

  • Creation of recovery disks on a Satellite Pro L300 running XP pro


    you want to create a recovery disc for my Satellite Pro L300. Operating manual provides instructions for Vista but the machine comes with XP Pro.

    Can anyone help?

    Can you please send the exact model number? I just want to check the specification.

    Anyway, as far as I know this model was supplied with preinstalled VISTA 32 bit BUSINESS and WXP recovery DVD. You always have this DVD?

    I m not 100% sure, but I think that WXP had no option for recovery disk creator. The whole story started with Vista.

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