Satellite Pro L40 - how to make a dual boot with two recovery disks

A small question;
How to dual boot with two recovery disks ive got with my laptop (Satellite Pro L40)

discs 1 & 2 are windows vista buisness
discs 3 & 4 are windows xp profesional
Disc 5 is updated the bios

The guy where I bougt garage computer (a metal regular store named expert) says that it is posible with discs tose.
I have
I already have a partition, but when I boot from disks, is not has the option to select a partition

Thanks already


> Satellite Pro L40 - how to make a dual boot with two recovery disks?
Short answer: you can't do that. Maybe if you have two hard disks (I tried didn't) but as much as I know your SP L40 has only one.
Ask this smart guy, how to do this. Maybe it's a useful tip.

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    I have just pursached a Satellite A300-1ND with Vista Home 32 pre installed.
    I intend to install XP SP2 as a dual operating system.

    Where should I start? What should I be wary and be careful?
    What bios update (XP update last 1.7)?

    Thanks, I appreciate all the help

    Before you try to install Windows XP to create a new partition.
    Then boot from the XP CD and install it. After that, you must restore the bootloader of Windows Vista using EasyBCD, for example.
    All that s!

    I found a solution here that might be useful for you:

  • Satellite Pro L40 - how to enable the WLan using ConfigFree

    Can you help me?

    My English is bad I do not end.

    The question is:
    My computer is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 and I use the ConfigFree for the wireless, but it seems that the WiFi network is disabled.

    Help please!
    I want to know what's wrong

    Thank you!!


    Your wireless network card is recognized correctly in the Device Manager, or you may notice a yellow exclamation?
    Her check first because otherwise, you can get the WLAN to work.

    In addition, you can activate WLAN with the material on the laptop switch which must be set on and the FN + F8 key combination.
    Check it!

    After this Free Config should find your WLAN router if you are in the range of that.

    Good bye

  • How to create a dual boot with Vista installed on my Satellite U400?


    I just bought a U400 - 17 H with vista installed on the HARD drive. I would like to create a dual boot with XP Pro.

    I have only a drive HARD aleady with 2 partitions (1 for vista) + 1 for data.
    I want to cut the partition vista in two 2 pieces to install XP Pro.
    At the end I'll have 3 partitions 1 vista (65 MB), 1 xp (65 MB) and 1 data (125 MB).

    Is it easily to create a new partition ok (I guess only on vista)
    but is there a program dedicated to install another OS and create a dual boot.

    Please help me because I like many things the other way around. I'm sure it's possible, but what are the right process to have at the end of two BONES and the choice at the start of the laptop

    Thank you


    Create a new partition for Windows XP and install it. There is no problem.

    After that, you need to restore the Windows Vista boot loader. You can do this with EasyBCD. Install and start the program.
    Go to the tab "Add/Remove entries". You will see that there is only one option available in the bootloader of Vista at the moment. In the "Add an entry" section, replace the drive in the menu drop-down of C:\ E:\. Change Type "Windows NT / 2 k/XP / 2 k 3" and the name of "Microsoft Windows XP". Then click on 'Add an entry' and 'save '.
    Then go to the "Manage Bootloader" tab make sure "Reinstall the Vista Bootloader" is selected, then click on "write the MBR.

    Now you can restart the laptop and you should have a full system dual boot to work.

    Good bye

  • How can I configure dual-boot with Windows XP and Windows Vista?

    Vista/xp problem

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    Thank you

    Hello Matthew forse,.

    Here is an excellent tutorial on how Dual Boot Vista and XP.

    Follow the information contained in the 4 pages to the letter.

    I use it in my I.T. business on client computers and recommend it carefully.

  • Satellite Pro L40 - how to recover the system?

    Hello world

    My wife has a virus on his laptop computer. I think that it is the antivirus 2010. I can't access all the programs, and the recovery disk reads or that the virus has stopped working also the cd player. How can I re format the hard drive?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi rab75,

    How have you used the Toshiba Recovery disk?
    I doubt that the virus has stopped working CD player. Maybe in Windows but if you use the Toshiba Recovery disk you will need to boot from the disc.

    So I put the disk in the CD/DVD drive and boot from this drive. Some files are loaded and you get the recovery disk screen where you can start this procedure. You must follow the instructions on the screen and a few clicks are needed to complete the installation of recovery. :)

    Check it!

  • Satellite Pro A200: XP + Vista possible installed dual boot?


    I don't know if I'm here the XP OS but I post because it is OS related.

    My Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7) works well with XP but I want to create a sandbox (partition) for/with Vista.

    Basically, I know that it is possible to run XP and Vista on a system. * Goal *, computers laptops satellite Pro A200 are delivered with a BIOS for XP and Vista, and with the information you need to install the right pair. For me, this means that you will install the BIOS for XP when running BIOS for Vista and XP in Vista.

    Is it possible to install Vista on a Satellite Pro A200 with XP as main OS and have installed XP BIOS?
    Boot loader would be Acronis OSS like this charger already managing my two XP partitions.

    Thank you very much for any information!

    Best regards


    In my opinion there is no serious reason, why you should t be able to use Xp and Vista on your Satellite Pro A200.

    Okay, there's a different BIOS for Vista 64-bit, 32-bit and Win XP, but your Vista should also work using the BIOS for Win XP.

    I have other laptops Satellite series and I m able to use XP and Vista at the same time. I mean I have a choice to start Vista or XP ;) and I m still using the old version of the BIOS.
    OK some functions are not available as FN keys, but this is not very important for me.

    Well, to cut this story, I think you can use Vista and XP without changing the BIOS ;)

  • Dual boot with two hard drives

    Have a Seagate 250 GB SATA drive (drive C) running Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2. I installed a second hard drive Seagate 500 GB (drive D) and cloned drive C, using the software Seagate of cloning. All right.

    I put the boot sequence in the BIOS to get the D drive before drive C. Alàs, the system ignores the D drive and boots in the drive c (the only way I can start in drive D is to physically unplug the drive C).

    How can I implement a system dual boot so that I could choose at will which drive I want to use.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Hi dozetricker,

    Please see article with some information about your question:

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Satellite Pro L40 - how to move from a Vista to XP

    Hi all

    I would like some info on "how a Vista to XP downgrade?
    I have an original XP SP2. Please help...
    I tried before, but the sound does not work... help please

    Apreciate will please and thanks in advance.


    Usually, you can find and get these fixes Windows on the Microsoft page.
    You can also try Google. Simply search for the KB888111 and KB835221.
    Many websites of third 3rd provides these patches too.

    I had the same problem in the past and resolved is to install the patches mentioned before installing the audio driver.
    As I remember, audio device marked with exclamation yellow must appear after the KB888111 and KB835221 and portable installation restart a new high definition.
    You must install the audio driver to get rid of yellow exclamation point and to get the sound functionality.

    See you soon

  • How to create the dual boot with Red Hat Linux and Vista on Satellite A200

    Hi all!

    I have a Satellite A200 pre-installed with vista home premium and I would install another OS that is Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 7.
    Can someone advice me how do? I'll be very grateful to receive your answers. Thanks again!

    Well, I put t use this Linux distro on my laptop but I used the Knoppix Live CD and it was very easy.
    It was not necessary to install anything. I simply booted from the Live CD and I could use the full Linux operating system.

    So, it might be better to use this Linux live CD instead of the complete installation.
    I think that the main problem would be available to the driver.
    The fact is that Toshiba does not support Linux on laptops and so Linux drivers are not available.

  • Qosmio G20: How to make a dual-boot?

    I have three partitions on my Qosmio G20.
    I run WinXP on one and use a larger data.
    The third partition is able to run Vista in (whenever that will happen).
    I did it on other PCs with a RAID-0 configuration, but which required a floppy with the RAID driver during installation.
    There is no floppy on the Qosmio, so how can I work around this obstacle?



    Usually the Windows operating system offers a clean startup application.
    You should get a boot order (manager) automatically if you have installed two different systems on the device.
    But nevertheless you can use also 3rd party applications

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  • Re: Satellite Pro A210, stil does not start after you use the recovery disk

    Hi, my computer laptop girls stopped booting, I tried everything to fix this, but it seems to be on a loop.

    He runs the repair of your computer, but after a while, I get the message, this computer cannot repair this fault automatically (or something similar), there is also a message that says - if you have connected a camera or to this computer's portable music player, remove it now and restart.

    I tried to start in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and last know good configuration but still no joy, so I eventually ran the recovery disc. Once it was finished, I was to square.

    Does anyone have an idea of what I can try next - other than to throw it out the nearest window.

    Thanks in advance.


    Never heard talk of this error but sounds strange
    If I understood your first assignment; you were able to complete the installation of the OS from the recovery disc. Is this good?

    Well, in this case the HARD disk must be OK because the files were copied correctly

    I searched a bit in google and didn t have found a solution to 100%.
    Some have said that new OS install should solve this perhaps you could use clean up Windows Vista, Win XP disk

    You can also try to format the drive HARD integer first. Delete all partitions on the HARD drive, and then try again

    PS: You can check the HARD drive using the + Hitachi Drive Fitness Test. +
    Its free tool. You can find using google

  • Satellite Pro A300-1 has 8 error received trying to create Recovery Disk 2

    I just got my new laptop A300-1 has 8 today and as recommended in the manual I tried to create the Vista recovery disks using the recovery disk pre-installed program. I created the 1 disc successfully, but when I tried to create the disc 2, it worked a little, and then I got an error:-

    File not found: -.


    Error code: -.

    020150 20-00000000

    Any help to solve, such as Iif I can't create the disc, it looks like I might have to return it...

    My apologies if this has been previously answered, quite new to all this.

    Thank you very much.

    Are you trying to use DVD-R virgins?

  • Wireless connection on Satellite Pro L40

    I have a Satellite Pro L40 and I am facing a problem with the Wi - Fi connection. When I turn the laptop on no wireless connection is located. To connect, I have to turn off and restart and free Wi - Fi is computer laptop connects to the Internet.

    I have checked the settings etc. and can't find anything wrong. LAN switch is on.

    An offer of help.
    Thank you.


    Hello Gom

    If you visit this section you can see numerous threads on WLAN L40 laptop. Check it please. There may be some useful information for you.
    For example check this one.

Maybe you are looking for

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