Satellite Pro L500-1 t 8 - How to install Win 7 if the recovery partition is damaged


I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1 t 8 and his hard drive was damaged, so I can't recover the special partition (I tried also with the start of 0 - key).

I have not create a windows restore disc 7 because no one told me to do!

I would like to reinstall my copy of windows 7 licensed slot (for now I installed ubuntu linux).
How can I do?

Thank you

No way to recover a real PC Toshiba laptop? Is this true?

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    We recently bought the netbook above, that came pre-installed with Windows 8.1 pro.
    I want to install Windows 7 on the computer.

    Initially when I looked in the bios was not the option for the CSM,
    So I updated the bios, and now I have the MSC option.

    Unfortunately, there is still no option to toggle secure startup, so whenever I chose the csm, I am unable to perform a pxe boot.

    Anyone know what I need to do. surprisingly, Toshiba said they would need to load if I get any help with this. I only bought the netbook last week.

    Secure boot should be available on the Security tab

    Here is a picture where this option is visible: [Pic1 |]

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    Please see: How to replace lost Microsoft software

  • Satellite Pro U400 - BT does not work after installing Win 7


    I have a problem with my bluetooth device. I have Toshiba Satellite Pro U400.
    My previous operating system was Windows Vista business and I just replace it with Windows 7.
    Since I installed it my device Bluetooth does not work anymore.

    I have had no problems with it with my previous Windows.
    Now, the following messages will appear: "Bluetooth stack for windows by Toshiba is incompatible with this version of windows" I have windows 7 Professional.

    I tried to update the drivers, but I was told that I have the best and latest drivers.

    Can someone help me?


    Seems that you are still using an old battery Bluetooth.
    You this should remove the system and need to install a new one which you can download here:

    You can find the pile of BT for Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit version

    Welcome them

  • Portege Z930: How to install Win 7 after the installation of Win 8


    There are a few weeks upgraded Toshiba Portege Z930 to Windows 8. Before the upgrade made the backup of Windows 7 on USB flash and it worked. Now recovering Win8 to Win7... Recovery starts fine - choose 'out of box' recovery and get ERROR 05-0172-0001.

    How to return to Windows 7?


    I guess that your BIOS contains the option to switch between the UEFI and BIOS of the CSM.
    It must therefore return to the CSM BIOS and must disable secure boot if it has been previously activated.

    Then you can reinstall Win 7

  • Satellite Pro L500 - how to turn on hardware virtualization?


    Please can someone tell me how to activate it? I have updated the BIOS to 1.9 and still can not see as an option? Secureable tells me that this cell phone it will work, but it's off!

    Thank you very much

    Hi nickcrush,

    Hardware virtualization isn't according to the version of the BIOS, the question is if your CPU support this feature.

    Satellite Pro L500 are equipped with different s CPU, so I recommend the Intel page. Check the details of your CPU if it takes support this feature or not.

  • Satellite of 850 - is it possible to I install Win 7 - if so, how?

    I was in a hurry to get a laptop for a job and got a Toshiba Satellite 850, which comes with 8 pre-installed windows.

    I absolutely hate it and assumed I can just wipe everything and put it on a windows 7.
    After reading many advice forums, it seems that this machine is designed for windows 8 and I can't remove it easily. So I am completely and totally disappointed.

    Is this really the case? Please tell me this isn't.

    I urgently need an answer that I start to work in the morning and I need Win7 installed to work.

    You really are a funny guy blame you laptop manufacturer, because you are not able to install Win 7?
    I guess you do this out of ignorance... you don't know how exactly...

    All first of all laptops of all manufacturers of laptops that are pre-installed with Win 8 supports secure boot UEFI BIOS. Here are the requirements of Microsoft.

    Second: It is possible to install Windows 7 on all laptops; It doesn't matter which was preinstalled. But he should know how to do this...

    You said that you are owner of the Satellite 850. But what series? L, A AND C?

    Now some basic info:
    To boot from external sources: CD/DVD drive, USB, etc. You must disable secure boot and go the CSM UEFI.
    It seems that you have done this that s good.

    Keep the SATA option in AHCI mode.
    When setting up installation of Win 7, you will be asked to add drivers (SATA drivers)
    Download driver Toshiba UE page, put it on the USB key and add it to the installation of Win 7.
    Now Win 7 must see HARD drive and you should be able to install Win 7 on the new partition.

  • Laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1 t 8 - Win7 recover without partition


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1 t 8 and his hard drive was damaged, so I can't recover the special partition (I tried also with the start of 0 - key).

    I have not create a windows restore disc 7 because no one told me to do!

    I would like to reinstall my copy of windows 7 licensed slot (for now I installed ubuntu linux).
    How can I do?

    Thank you

    Any help?

    Thank you

  • Satellite Pro L500 - Webcam stopped working

    The Web camera integrated on my Satellite Pro L500 stopped working with the following message:
    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Toshiba\Toshiba Web Camera Application\TWebCamera.exe

    The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe for more details.
    The event log points to microsoft.vc80.openMP.

    Could someone tell me please how to fix the web camera. I use it very rarely, so I don't know exactly when it has stopped working.
    Thank you.


    What do you think about reinstalling the webcam software? Maybe it will work

    Please see the Toshiba driver download page: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Just search your laptop model and the available downloads. If you find it, download the new Camera Assistant Software but before you install it, first remove the old version and restart your computer.

  • Satellite Pro L500 - stops when the power cord removed

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 stops when the power cord is removed even with the battery to 100%. I removed the battery and all the indications associated with battery answer correctly. For example turns off, Toshiba Health Monitor also indicates when the battery is removed. If installed Health monitor indicates that the battery is at 100%.

    Someone please help. I have not installed anything new.


    For me, the matter is clear: the battery can't hold a charge so the laptop will be shut down because it has no power.

    I think you need to replace the battery with a new one and you can get a provider of service authorized in your country. Simply contact the guy and ask that they can tell you how much it would cost.

    You can find a list of all FSA here: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite Pro L500 - F3 - F200 - 0002 ERROR at STARTUP


    Last night I went to reformat my laptop, to halfway through I thought no I won't do this more then I clicked Cancel. Now whenever I try to turn on my laptop, it just gives me the ERROR saying F3-F200-0002 and won't start. I tried pressing F8 at startup, but there is no option for recovery or repair in the menu mode just safe mode debugging etc.

    I was looking at forums and discovered I should press 0 constantly while the laptop boot and it will bring up recovery Wizard. Anyway, when I do this it says HARD drive recovery mode, then said Windows is loading files, then it goes to a page saying ERROR F3-FF00-0006.

    I was told to download this file ( but I don't know how to run it on my laptop which is broken (I'm on my computer of nans for the moment). I tried to put it on a USB key and mortising the USB in, but it won't work.

    I need urgent assistance that I use my laptop for my work (I work from home, using laptop computer). We have a lot to say if you could help me fix it at home, I have no money at the moment to be able to get a recovery disk or send the computer for professionals to fix store.

    P.S. I'm on Windows7 and my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L500.

    As I know the installation of recovery should not be interrupted. If you do you not have access to the wizard of recovery more. Now, all you can do is install image recovery using recovery DVDs.

    If you have created a? Otherwise you can order under

    Otherwise that you can try to install the version of the OS if you have the original installation disc for Microsoft.
    You know, now the situation is quite complicated.

    By the way: in another ad with the description of the similar problem some people wrote that this error message can be caused by damaged HARD drive. I can't confirm this, but anything is possible.

  • Satellite Pro L500 - press Fn key blocks the laptop computer to blue screen

    Hi all
    First post so please ask if I did not include all the necessary information.

    I have the Satellite Pro L500-1TX (Win 7 32 bit os) and everything worked fine including the Fn menu drop-down button.

    Now, whenever I press the Fn key, it blocks the laptop to a blue screen. The computer then restarts automatically and that it was an unplanned shutdown offers the usual safe mode option.

    Unfortunately, I do not know when this started as I do not use the fn often hesitate so just do a system restore. I don't know how far back to go. It was several weeks before I associated accidents hit the Fn key.

    Any suggestions as to which Toshiba drivers may need to be reinstalled. The computer otherwise works fine.

    Cheers in advance

    Great! Thanks for this feedback that I also found other threads about Support Flash Card utility and it is the tool command keys FN so read the forum in other threads contributes without doubt! ;)

  • Satellite Pro L500 keyboard does not

    My Satellite Pro L500 keyboard has sudenly stopped working, how to run other than a remote keyboard?

    > keyboard has suddenly stopped working

    You didn t post lots of details about the keyboard, but I think there could be a simple hardware malfunction that can be solved only by the replacement of internal keyboard.

  • Satellite Pro L500 does not burn DVD

    I have TWO laptops Satellite Pro L500 with a TSSTCorp TS-L633C DVD - RW. BOTH have the same problem - burn a DVD fails during the finalization process, regardless of how fast you burn at.

    Burn the CD works fine.

    Burn fine blank DVDs on a laptop Satellite L500D using the HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT20N drive, as well as on an another Satellite Pro L500 which is to use a Pioneer drive.

    Two laptop computers with problems are ongoing running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, but nothing else than the software that came with the laptop. Both are new straight out of the box. Driver is the current version driver, from what I can find.

    Any suggestions? When a laptop has shown problems, I thought that maybe it's the reader, but now 2 notebooks of totally different stores showing exactly the same problem?

    Thank you.


    Have you tried burning programs such as Nero, Ashampoo Burning Studio? Check this box and we post

  • Satellite Pro L500 - cannot install the Realtek LAN driver

    Hi all

    I got a Satellite Pro L500 Windows 7 pro with disk created from computers, cell phones, but now cannot install a Realtek LAN driver for the laptop.

    The installation of the driver software program doesn't seem to work properly all the time, tried several times to install with only once a realtek 'repair' option becomes available.
    When I managed to install the driver I got an error "the device couldn't start. After restoring I also had problems with a "controller driver simple communication PCL.
    which seems to have been an Intel MEI according to the SAT, DEV info displayed in the information systems.

    If these problems are linked and how to install the driver required in an automated system if the system does not correctly detects hardware?


    I m not owner of the Satellite Pro L500 but have you ever tried to install the latest driver Realtek LAN official site of Toshiba? > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

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