Satellite Pro L630 connect to TV Toshiba

I'm trying to connect my laptop to my TV. The specifications are:

Laptop: Toshiba Satellite Pro L630 - 134.
TV: Toshiba Regza CT-42RL853.

I am trying to achieve connectivity via HDMI. Once I have connected the TV to the laptop, I try to switch the display. However, the laptop does not see the TV (made to each function F5 or via Control Panel). The other view is not be found even when I select detect.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Things I've tried:
Looked in the BIOS but no parameters to allow another external screen.
Tried to look in the settings of the TV to see if there are access port to allow/disallow settings but nothing appears.
Shot to the top of Toshiba Media Controller on laptop. He seems to see the tv (screen name on the right side). However no image displayed on the tv.

Someone else has solved this problem?

Thanks in advance.



Hello Sean

To be honest after reading your ad, I can't say with certainty what can be the problem. The fact is that, in most cases, it takes work and if there is not a small problem.

In the past, I have connected several laptops from Toshiba on my BRAVIA LCD TV and everything went well every time. On television, you must enable HDMI port you use. If you have more HDMI ports do not forget the right turned to television.

On the other hand, if your TV is recognized by your laptop when you press FN + F5, you should see several options there. You see it or just one option (LCD)?
Are you using the original pre-installed OS that you got with your laptop (original drivers)?
Have you tried using different HDMI cables?

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    I have a Satellite Pro L630-167, which is connected to my network works.
    I have this problem where the screen stays just on the Please wait screen, it seems that the laptop is that connects something, but not really do anything.

    However if I had to start the computer in safe mode with network it works fine.

    Any ideas?

    I really need some help here.

    Kind regards



    Have you noticed the problem even if the laptop is not connected to the network and if you want to load your user profile on Windows 7?

    If this isn't the case, then I guess that it has something to do with the network, and in this case, I recommend asking the network administrator for a few suggestions.

  • Satellite Pro L630-12: the Ethernet controller v v. WLAN network card

    Basic questions:
    My Satellite Pro L630-12F has (A) an Atheros AR8151 PCI - E Gigabit Ethernet Controller, and (B) Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter.
    Toshiba continues regularly informing me that a Wireless Lan Driver update was released, which I need to install.

    First question: is Wireless LAN Ethernet controller driver or the network card?

    I have check the versions on my machine of both (A) and (B) with the PC diagnostic tool and find that (B) is the latest version ( and (A) is a very old version ( I download the latest version ( of "Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter" for my machine from the Wireless LAN Driver download page (Windows 7 (64)) and run the file. But, everywhere I look, my machine continues to say that the version of (A) is (

    Second question: am I update the Ethernet Atheros controller when I download and run the Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter?
    If Yes, then why doesn't it show the latest version information?

    Sorry for the basic questions, but I found no explanations in various forums on the difference between 'ethernet controller', 'network card' and 'Wireless LAN' after searching several times. I'm afraid that Toshiba keeps informing me that I don't have the latest version of the wireless LAN driver despite my efforts to follow their instructions.

    > First question: is Wireless LAN Ethernet controller driver or the network card?

    Ethernet controller can be both; WLan and LAN in your case I guess that WLan is Ethernet controller, it would seem if the WLan driver is not installed

    Your laptop L630-12F seems to bear card Broadcom BCM94313 WLan and the driver can be found here:

    > Am updated the Ethernet Atheros controller when I download and run the Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter?

    This is driver LAN!

  • Satellite Pro L630-L14 - the unhandled exception message

    I'm no expert, but I was hoping that someone could tell me how to get rid of / fix an error message thatI do me whenever I put on. The unhandled exception, said "access to PathC:\ProgrammeData\ToshibaEurope|. Registration\se fittings xml is denied. "

    I had a Trojan horse affecting this laptop two weeks ago and he (or hidden) wiping most of the material I had on this machine.
    Thanks I've got it running again, but this unhandled exception appears every time so I have to type Quit or he keeps coming back.

    I have no idea how to fix this problem. I checked everything and so has my son, remotely and this morning I ran MalwareBytes and allowed the two files, but I still get the message unhandled exception.
    It's annoying because I don't know if I need to have access to this road. If someone can tell me how do I cure this I would be grateful, but please keep in mind, I'm just a user with limited experience. It's a Satellite Pro L630-L14 and I got just TWO MONTHS! stevmk2


    I think the problem is the Trojan horse you had. It was probably something has changed on the access to the files/folders. If you can t remove the Trojan with Antivirus software, you must reinstall the whole operating system. Therefore, you can use the recovery disk as described here:

    > I got it just TWO MONTHS!
    Who makes no difference, how is the laptop. This viral infection can happen after a few days and it s depending on your antivirus software you use, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the brand of laptop.

  • Satellite Pro L630-12F constantly read hard drive

    My laptop 2 months old, satellite pro L630-12F, running windows 7, just started to constantly read the hard drive in windows. The light is still on. When I try to do something, it takes forever-. for example, click on the start menu. Wait a minute, while the cirlce thing appears and the start menu.

    If I do too much hard drive starts to make a ticking noise and possibly a BSOD appears and it restarts.

    If I try to stop or restart it takes forever to do.

    When I go into safe mode, it just does the same thing.

    Any suggestions as to what is happening and how I can fix this problem?

    At first I thought that the constantly HARD drive activity can be because of preinstalled McAffe and HDD scan but this info on ticking noise and possibly a BSOD is really strange and I'm afraid that there must be another reason m.

    Have you noticed this behavior from the first day or later?
    It will be interesting to know if the same behavior is with its own OS preinstalled. Can you install new OS by using recovery image and test it with the factory settings?

    In the worst case I mean that the HARD disk must be exchanged.

  • Satellite Pro L670 - connection via HDMI to TV Toshiba

    Hello! Guys,

    Newbie here so be gentle.

    My son bought a Tosh L670 with HDMI output. He tried in vain to connect to our Toshiba LCD 42 "HD Tv via the HDMI 3 connection. All he gets is a blue screen on the TV. Anyone know how to get the laptop appears on the TV please... before it does my head! We tried every HDMI connection and get the same result - a blue screen on the TV.

    Be forced for any advice you can give.

    When you connect your laptop to TV HDMI port check that you use on TV. Also make sure that sure this port is enabled on the TV.
    After checking all this use the FN + F5 key combination and switch to TV mode.

    Using the FN + F5 key combination, you will have several options. This is also described in the document s user manuals.

    If please test and let us know if it works or not.

  • Re: Satellite Pro A40 - connection to the local network


    My names Andy and not bieng a total beginner computer, I tried to install all the drivers for my laptop model a SPA40 old fathers PSA45E-001VM-EN. (European model I think) everything looks ok, except that I can't get the ETHERNET driver.

    When I go into the Device Manager there is NO controller network displayed in the list and there is a yellow exclamation mark against two controllers ethernet ib the OTHER DEVICES tab looking here, I downloaded the atheros wlan xp file -, broadcom wlan xp - installed and nothing changes, we used to be able to go on the net and with the wifi card in the pci slot wireless go so I know its capable I think it's just the order of drivers and the drivers themselves,

    Then someone can point me in the right direction before as I have send myself crazy with this...

    You can

    regards and thanks in advance



    The drivers that you downloaded are WLAN Card and has nothing to do with the connection to the local network (Ethernet) normal

    I think you should check the Web from Toshiba site to download the latest LAN driver. You can find the drivers for Satellite Pro A40 in * archives *.
    ttp:// h

  • Satellite Pro M70 - connection network wireless & query Update Driver problem

    I have a portable Satellite Pro M70 under Win XP SP3 and would be very happy of little help and answers to the following problems:

    1 Wireles Internet connection problem: my laptop Satellite Pro M70-220 (part number: PSM75E-00D008G3) is an adapter Intel(r) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection, with driver version, according to Device Manager

    I am staying with someone, and I'm trying to use his internet connection through its network (WPA2) secure wireless home.
    I could connect my laptop to the wireless network, but I can not get Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to work on it.
    I tried the Intel Wireless driver update to the latest version of the driver, but got the same result, and I'm back to Driver version

    If you'd be grateful if someone could advise me on what could cause this problem and how to solve it.

    2. wireless driver update: site Web de Toshiba advised me for the two years that there is a driver update available (Atheros Wireless Driver v for my laptop, but I have NOT installed, because the wireless network adapter Intel(r) PRO/Wireless 2200BG, NOT of Atheros.

    Ques:am I correct?

    Question: Why the Web from Toshiba site recommends the Atheros wireless driver update?

    Thank you


    Hi Alan

    Can you use IE and other applications if the WIFI network is not secure with WPA2?
    You can test using WEP?
    Just to be safe because of securing WLAN.

    You are right. Your model has Intel WLAN card and if you need a new driver just visit Portal Toshiba WLAn under

    I really don't know what service or upgrade of system you are using, but if everything works well you don't need any update to date.

  • Satellite Pro M30: connection problem!


    After I connect to the Internet via modem, the machine (specifically, the status bar) freezes. In addition, could not start the MSN (6.2). After about 10 minutes, the system works normally and very well. Help, please!

    Data sheet:
    Satellite Pro M30
    Centrino 1.6
    Windows XP, SP2

    Kind regards

    check your XP firewall settings?

    If the firewall is active, no program could pass the wall!

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L500 - no license for Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

    Hope someone can help me. I'm going along in circles.

    November 8, 2010 I bought online at Toshiba Toshiba Bluetooth Stack (Premium Edition) for my Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 so that I could use my dongle (non-Toshiba) existing. It works well until a few months ago.

    Thinking that the dongle was packed that I bought another one.
    However, even though I know that it is not working I could not make it work on my Toshiba laptop I get the error after the Toshiba Bluetooth stack as follows:

    "Thank you for the evaluation of battery Bluetooth for Windows by Toshiba. The evaluation period is now expired. You can purchase a license for this version of Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba. "

    This seems to involve I came at the end of a free trial period but I did not because I bought the full license in 2010. I tried various things, but I can't go beyond that. I'm not a computer boffin, but I can reasonably find my way around a laptop. Can someone please, please help me?

    Post edited by: Jeannie


    Have you tried to reinstall the battery Bluetooth using once more the license provided by Toshiba?

  • Satellite Pro A300-15V - Question on Toshiba startup items

    Hello everyone!

    I need help in the Organization of my startup list:

    (Why should Toshiba button support I this program if my laptop doesn't have multimedia keys? OR maybe this program for something else?)
    ItSecMng (although I have disabled the Bluetooth Manager to run when starting from this point still remains in the startup)
    Agent of filtering of Audio Conexant high definition (what is this program? Do I really need to start?)
    TOSHIBA Power Saver
    Toshiba Flash Cards
    RAID event monitor

    So, my friends. Could you give a valuable suggestion whether or not it is prudent to disable startup above entries? I want to speed up my laptop at the highest possible level.

    Thanks a lot for your time!

    Kind regards

    My laptop:
    Toshiba Satellite Pro A300-15V (PSAJ5E) => NOT have multimedia keys except the FN keys.

    Hi Osman,

    Akuma wrote, all processes are needed, such as Conexant sound, Support Button and Flash cards for FN keys and illumination.

    Don t do worry about these programs, everything is ok and that they are necessary for your laptop.

    If you want to improve performance, disable other programs you don't need and defragment your HARD drive at any time.

  • Satellite Pro A100-828: Need drivers Toshiba Umbuntu Linux

    I have the toshiba satellite pro A100-828.
    Ubuntu feisty fawn works wery well but best I need display driver for my laptop.
    I want to use beryl, or Combiz desktop.

    Ubuntu will now display the X server at startup of system crash when I installed the ati linux driver.

    the output of

    Cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | tail

    could be interesting.

  • My toshiba satellite pro is connected wireless through a 3g dongle but I can't seem to print on my epson BX600FW printer despite the use of the ad-hoc method

    I am really struggling to connect and print wireless. I rang EPSON who suggested that I connected using the AD-HOC method. This method applies to the use of a laptop computer and a wireless printer but without router.

    You are therfore impression on an AD-HOC (as and when) basis.

    I followed the instructions and created an AD HOC network. The 3g dongle works wirelessly and I can use internet. He told me that the signal strength is excellent. But when I try to print there is no answer. He just informed me that there is no network connection.

    I've been around the houses of connection / disconnection to nothing does not. If I tried to remedy the situation from now until midnight, I'd be no closer. Me, that I tried to believe you. So folks, has anyone got any ideas? If I thought that buying a router, that it would be useful, I'd be out immediately and buy a.

    Any notice received with gratitude. Thanks in advance.

    Hi charleskeen,

    ·         What operating system do you use?

    ·         Have you ever been able to print before?

    Some printers require the initial Setup wired print wireless.

    Make sure you have the latest drivers as well.

  • Satellite Pro L630 - NTDLR missing


    Having a Satellite L630 which I installed WinXP (compatibility mode) and finally installed CheckPoint Full Disk Encryption (FDE) 7.3 HFA1. Restarts, she now comes up with an error "NTDLR is missing." Before installing the EDF, it was fine.

    It was over on the Satellite U400, A10 and other models, and all have taken the DIP in the same method/procedure fine.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Mohsin.ikram,

    I have never heard of this dip Financing program, but if this happened directly after installation, it seems to be a problem of compatibility of FDE tool and has nothing to do with Toshiba.
    Looks like that it messed with the registry

    You can start the computer in safe mode?
    Otherwise you have to reinstall Windows I think

  • Satellite Pro M30: compatibility with a TOSHIBA 320 GB external USB HDD


    I was looking for a new external hard drive when I came across the disc toshiba 320 GB external hard. However, under the heading "compatible notebooks" it did not have my model. Is this a problem that suggests this will not work on my laptop or it's just a schoolboy where my laptop was unsuccessful?

    I have included the Web page that has the compatible machines. ldCategory = 4699 & OPTION_ID = 120291 & toshibaShop = true & tab = 2 #2

    Your help would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards


    I put t know why the Pro M30 or M30 is not listed under compatible devices and supported but I n t think that there might be a problem.
    This external HARD drive using a USB connection and as far as I know the laptop supports 3 USB 2.0 ports. It seems the HARD disk should work

    But I think that each dealer would also test the HARD drive before you buy.

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