Satellite Pro L630 need very long to start

Takes forever to initialize, cleared start menu, no change.
Seem to coincide with addition of monitor screen. With the help of Toshiba Dynadock



Have you noticed a faster start-up if the Dynadock is NOT connected?
Clean the BONES and the registry? If this isn't it!

I can recommend nice tool called CCleaner it s free of charge and you can clean the registry, start menu and all entries background processes that would be loaded initially.

In my case, it helps a lot!

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  • Satellite A300-23d needs too long to start

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A300-23d.
    The problem is that it takes too much time on the login screen 'Please wait '.

    I did try the recovery since the DVD and start the system, but still have the same problem, and diagnose the startup has not detected any problem.

    Can someone please?


    I think I could help you
    I had the same problem with my laptop. The start-up procedure is too long (about 3 min).
    I have updated the Tempro software and disabled some background processes in the MSCONFIG Startup tab.

    This has helped to decrease the boot time of one min.
    I think it's very good improvement.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P100-203 takes very long to start upward

    I bought my computer Satellite P100-203 in October 2006, since day 1, it takes a lot of time that the computer is ready with commissioning. WXP MCE is installed. I think that a computer with Intell T2500 dual core 2.0 GHZ/1024 MB should be ready in a minute...

    Someone at - it an idea may be what the problem?

    Hello fred,.

    Believe me, the laptop with dual core 2.0 GHz CPU doesn't faster start as a laptop with a Pentium 4 2.0 GHz.
    The question is. What and how many applications will load at start up?

    Many applications making it slow and long start-up procedure. I think that you use Anti virus software. If you disable the startup of these applications at the beginning, the phone should start a lot faster

  • Satellite A300-1QD needs too long to start

    Hi all!

    I'm sorry first of all, my English is very bad - but I hope you can help me.

    I have owned my laptop with Win XP-Home Edition and I have performance problems.
    As a first step that the hard drive has been changed because they said, it is the problem.

    Now, I need the NB for work or school.
    It's so slow that he needs about 5 minutes to start.
    I checked the hard drive and the RAM with a special test program an everything is OK.

    My friend told me, I should look on a chipset-trials-of program on the toshiba site. I can't find someone.

    Maybe someone in this forum knows about this problem.

    Thank you much for the help!

    en layer


    You are currently using Windows XP or other OS?

    I think it's just a software problem and should apply to performance tweaks to make Windows faster.
    First, you must remove all unnecessary software, such as trial versions or more. Check-online Add/Remove programs from the control panel.
    After that, clean the registry of Windows using CCleaner.
    In addition, turn off all programs that you start n t need in msconfig (start-run-msconfig online online).
    Last but not least to defragment your HARD drive.

    Here in the forum, there are some very interesting discussions on how to make Windows faster. If you use the forum search to find the discussions he s really useful!

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L630-167 - Win 7 connection to the very slow connection menu


    I have a Satellite Pro L630-167, which is connected to my network works.
    I have this problem where the screen stays just on the Please wait screen, it seems that the laptop is that connects something, but not really do anything.

    However if I had to start the computer in safe mode with network it works fine.

    Any ideas?

    I really need some help here.

    Kind regards



    Have you noticed the problem even if the laptop is not connected to the network and if you want to load your user profile on Windows 7?

    If this isn't the case, then I guess that it has something to do with the network, and in this case, I recommend asking the network administrator for a few suggestions.

  • Satellite Pro L630-12: the Ethernet controller v v. WLAN network card

    Basic questions:
    My Satellite Pro L630-12F has (A) an Atheros AR8151 PCI - E Gigabit Ethernet Controller, and (B) Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter.
    Toshiba continues regularly informing me that a Wireless Lan Driver update was released, which I need to install.

    First question: is Wireless LAN Ethernet controller driver or the network card?

    I have check the versions on my machine of both (A) and (B) with the PC diagnostic tool and find that (B) is the latest version ( and (A) is a very old version ( I download the latest version ( of "Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter" for my machine from the Wireless LAN Driver download page (Windows 7 (64)) and run the file. But, everywhere I look, my machine continues to say that the version of (A) is (

    Second question: am I update the Ethernet Atheros controller when I download and run the Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter?
    If Yes, then why doesn't it show the latest version information?

    Sorry for the basic questions, but I found no explanations in various forums on the difference between 'ethernet controller', 'network card' and 'Wireless LAN' after searching several times. I'm afraid that Toshiba keeps informing me that I don't have the latest version of the wireless LAN driver despite my efforts to follow their instructions.

    > First question: is Wireless LAN Ethernet controller driver or the network card?

    Ethernet controller can be both; WLan and LAN in your case I guess that WLan is Ethernet controller, it would seem if the WLan driver is not installed

    Your laptop L630-12F seems to bear card Broadcom BCM94313 WLan and the driver can be found here:

    > Am updated the Ethernet Atheros controller when I download and run the Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter?

    This is driver LAN!

  • Satellite Pro A120: Need to update the BIOS after upgrade CPU


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 and I need to update the bios of a change in cpu cause.
    The laptop works very well, but for some reason any with the new processor fan runs always full.

    A lot, I searched but found nothing.
    The model number is PSAC1E-0QL04CG3 of ideas where I can find the bios?

    THX in advance,


    First of all: update BIOS doesn t help you.
    Why do you think that BIOS update should help reduce the activity of fan?

    I guess that your new processor is faster. Right?
    So it offers more performance and this leads to higher heat dissipation... so finally the CPU must be cooled and this can be done only if the cooling module would turn faster you agree with me?

    By the way: the update of the BIOS is on the page of the Toshiba UE driver. Since the satellite Pro A120 is very old series, you will need to search for drivers in area Archive (Type of product-> Archive)

  • Satellite Pro L630-L14 - the unhandled exception message

    I'm no expert, but I was hoping that someone could tell me how to get rid of / fix an error message thatI do me whenever I put on. The unhandled exception, said "access to PathC:\ProgrammeData\ToshibaEurope|. Registration\se fittings xml is denied. "

    I had a Trojan horse affecting this laptop two weeks ago and he (or hidden) wiping most of the material I had on this machine.
    Thanks I've got it running again, but this unhandled exception appears every time so I have to type Quit or he keeps coming back.

    I have no idea how to fix this problem. I checked everything and so has my son, remotely and this morning I ran MalwareBytes and allowed the two files, but I still get the message unhandled exception.
    It's annoying because I don't know if I need to have access to this road. If someone can tell me how do I cure this I would be grateful, but please keep in mind, I'm just a user with limited experience. It's a Satellite Pro L630-L14 and I got just TWO MONTHS! stevmk2


    I think the problem is the Trojan horse you had. It was probably something has changed on the access to the files/folders. If you can t remove the Trojan with Antivirus software, you must reinstall the whole operating system. Therefore, you can use the recovery disk as described here:

    > I got it just TWO MONTHS!
    Who makes no difference, how is the laptop. This viral infection can happen after a few days and it s depending on your antivirus software you use, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the brand of laptop.

  • Satellite Pro L630-12F constantly read hard drive

    My laptop 2 months old, satellite pro L630-12F, running windows 7, just started to constantly read the hard drive in windows. The light is still on. When I try to do something, it takes forever-. for example, click on the start menu. Wait a minute, while the cirlce thing appears and the start menu.

    If I do too much hard drive starts to make a ticking noise and possibly a BSOD appears and it restarts.

    If I try to stop or restart it takes forever to do.

    When I go into safe mode, it just does the same thing.

    Any suggestions as to what is happening and how I can fix this problem?

    At first I thought that the constantly HARD drive activity can be because of preinstalled McAffe and HDD scan but this info on ticking noise and possibly a BSOD is really strange and I'm afraid that there must be another reason m.

    Have you noticed this behavior from the first day or later?
    It will be interesting to know if the same behavior is with its own OS preinstalled. Can you install new OS by using recovery image and test it with the factory settings?

    In the worst case I mean that the HARD disk must be exchanged.

  • Satellite Pro L630 connect to TV Toshiba

    I'm trying to connect my laptop to my TV. The specifications are:

    Laptop: Toshiba Satellite Pro L630 - 134.
    TV: Toshiba Regza CT-42RL853.

    I am trying to achieve connectivity via HDMI. Once I have connected the TV to the laptop, I try to switch the display. However, the laptop does not see the TV (made to each function F5 or via Control Panel). The other view is not be found even when I select detect.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Things I've tried:
    Looked in the BIOS but no parameters to allow another external screen.
    Tried to look in the settings of the TV to see if there are access port to allow/disallow settings but nothing appears.
    Shot to the top of Toshiba Media Controller on laptop. He seems to see the tv (screen name on the right side). However no image displayed on the tv.

    Someone else has solved this problem?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hello Sean

    To be honest after reading your ad, I can't say with certainty what can be the problem. The fact is that, in most cases, it takes work and if there is not a small problem.

    In the past, I have connected several laptops from Toshiba on my BRAVIA LCD TV and everything went well every time. On television, you must enable HDMI port you use. If you have more HDMI ports do not forget the right turned to television.

    On the other hand, if your TV is recognized by your laptop when you press FN + F5, you should see several options there. You see it or just one option (LCD)?
    Are you using the original pre-installed OS that you got with your laptop (original drivers)?
    Have you tried using different HDMI cables?

  • Satellite Pro 4200 - need help for Windows 95 & drivers!

    Hello! Years ago my mother, I bought a fully functional, great Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 working the place taken sales... Since that day, my laptop has not been used. But now, I found a few games nostalgic childhood of mine, who works only with Windows 95. I wanted to play, and I decided to install Windows 95 to my laptop. The installation process went well, it was a bit complicated at first because of the startup disk and such. But I managed to install a working fully Windows 95 in my laptop! But it gives me only 16 colors and no option to choose the resolution! So I found out that I need to install the video card drivers.

    I have google a bit and discovered that my laptop has chart S3 Savage IX. I failed to find the appropriate drivers for it. Until I went to your site to support canada and traveled for a pilot of similar laptops. I found Windows 95-98 compatible drivers for my card. The installation process was easy, is well past and fine! I then could choose 256 colors and another resolution (which I did not actually change...). I changed the colors and then restarted. Everything went well until windows 95 logo screen came suddenly to the top and after that I only saw colors and black borders. He did not start Windows properly. What can be wrong? At I have download the wrong drivers? Windows told me 2 different versions, IX and MX. I tried them both. Tried to change the Hz also, but nothing helped. Please help me!

    Thanks in advance,
    Jupstejuho of Finland.

    P.S Sorry for my bad English...

    Edit: OH, BTW is the exact version of my OS: Microsoft Windows 95 Finnish b with USB support (I Don t know the version very very accurate actually... but I just mention that it is version B of the operating system.) Could this be the problem? I also tried the same driver downloaded from toshiba europe Web site, but it won't let me just install the drivers 'already installed' and they really are. I did not uninstall them, I tried to run the uninstall utility, but it doesn't work...!

    Post edited by: jupstejuho


    Maybe chose a resolution not supported?
    This happens to you at all resolutions, or only one?

    Normally, you can download all the drivers on the European site of Toshiba, but I only find Satellite Pro 4220, 4240 and so far but not 4200.

    However, have you tried to do a BIOS update?
    Before installing the graphics driver, you need to update the version of DirectX.
    You can find the Toshiba site:

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro U200 - need drivers HDD Protection & footprint of VISTA 64-bit

    I have toshiba Satellite Pro U200 [Greece] and I need drivers for fingerprint utility and disk protection hard can you help me? It is very important too me.

    I think that gives you about boyfriend chance seems Toshiba 64-bit tools and drivers at the moment unfortunately, nothing to see :(

  • Satellite Pro A10 - need a part number for power adapter compatible

    My son has the older Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 Intel Celeron 2.0 GHZ 256 MB 30 GB DVD/CD-RW 14tft monitor.
    His diet no longer works, can someone tell me the power adapter part number that I am looking for a new one for him.
    I need to get a reference number and any number of compatible power cards.
    Appreciate any assistance.
    Thank you

    Hi Jane,

    I think the part number you need is PA3283E-2ACA

    Find out on the following link: -. duct_uid = 64945 & _LOC = UK

  • Satellite Pro C650, boots OK, after Windows starts to the top of the screen becomes white


    I have a Satellite Pro C650.
    It starts very well.
    I see Windows commissioning - after start-up - the screen goes completely white.

    Has anyone seen this?

    Am geussing there could be a loose view link - but I have the screen displays the start-up and initial windows startup sequence.

    Kind regards


    I put t think that your display is faulty.
    What happens if you access the BIOS at the beginning?
    To access the BIOS F2 press and turn the device on/off.

    Access the BIOS and let it run for a few minutes and check if the display starts at White.

    In addition its recommended to connect an external monitor and generate the display 2. If the 2nd screen is not OK, then the graphics chip could be the troublemaker.

  • Satellite Pro A120: Need all drivers and the easyguard for Win 7


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120, that I bought in 2007 and I am very satisfied.
    It had Windows Vista professional, but I have recently installed Windows 7 and it is where my dilemmas has started.

    My touchpad is not working properly, its scrolling feature works, to be specified. I installed the latest driver for ALPS touch pad, but the problem remains.

    Then, when I checked the system, I noticed two devices listed and it says that there are no drivers installed for them. I can't know what devices are and where to find the drivers.
    They are here:
    1st: ACPI\TOS6208\2 & DABA3FF & 1 driver not installed!
    2nd: ACPI\TOS620A\2 & DABA3FF & 1 driver not installed!

    And my third problem is about the sets of Toshiba programs and public services.
    My laptop came with Toshiba Easyguard, with protection against theft and other programs of Toshiba, and now I've lost all. Is there a way I can get them?

    I must say that I have no intention to return in Windows Vista, if any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you all for your responses and help!


    In my IMHO the additional features of touchpad and other devices don't work correctly because the installed drivers are not designed for Win 7 and are perhaps not fully compatible with Win 7.

    Who knows if drivers Win 7 would come out for series Sat A120 we will see
    At that time I didn t find Win 7 drivers specific for A120.

    But if there are some beta Windows 7 drivers on the US page:

    Maybe you are lucky and some drivers running on your A120.

Maybe you are looking for

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