Satellite Pro L650-168: wind cooling module is not Cup-is this normal?

Hi all

I just bought a new Toshiba laptop (L650-168), and one thing immediately caught my attention: the 'event' for the fan on the back (in the upper left corner), which is 'fired' but not cutting (see an image in the

It isn't my first Toshiba laptop, since I've already bought a P200 and an A300. Both have this event cut correctly.
I can understand Toshiba use same back for laptops needing an air vent and those who do not and that in the air this last case mouths are not cut, but I want to be sure that this is the reason, because the temperatures are warm enough in my opinion:
-idle: 50-55 ° C 60 ° C for GPU and CPU
-load: 80-85 ° C for the CPU and 70-75 ° C for GPU (not at the same time)

Thanks in advance!



I think it's ok.
The photo shows the other cooling holes placed near memory Bay, above the slot in the upper left corner and from memory.

I think that it of not a lack of design. I think that this air intake is not necessary in this model of laptop.

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    I have a SP6100 and it keeps giving me an error message about the cooling fan does not. Then he tells me to stop immediately and runs very slowly. The fan come on, but after three or four short bursts it stops and the message appears.
    Is it a mechanical problem with the fan? I took out the radiator and the fan, and it was clean and not sticky.
    What is a system problem? The BIOS has recently been updated.
    Should I just invest in a new cooling unit and if so where would I get one?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you.


    I recommend to contact the ASP (certified partner) because it can test your device and can do a diagnostic test.
    You can be sure that the laptop will be repaired correctly 100%.

  • How to regulate the speed of the fan on Satellite Pro L650 - 15 c?

    I can regulate the speed of the fan in my laptop (Satellite Pro L650 - 15 c)?

    The reinstallation of Windows 7 the fan is always moving up. How can I set this fan?

    greeting of the developing countries


    Open windows power management and settings for the management of the power supply you use. You will find the advanced power option. Open it and you will find Toshiba power saver options.

    Open all the available option and check the settings of the cooling method. Set to optimized battery option.
    This should reduce the speed of the cooling fan.

    Please test and validate the results.

  • Upgrading RAM on toshiba satellite pro l650

    I have 2 toshiba satellite pro l650. first of all an i did a RAM upgrade 8 GB (2 x 4 GB DDR3 1066 MHz Kingston) 1 year ago and work. Now, I would like to upgrade to the other laptop. I bought 'Impact HyperX HX316LS9IBK2/8 2 x 4 GB 1600 MHz CL9 SODIMM 1.35v DDR3L' but do not work! I thought that they were defective and I branch "QUMOX 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) 204 pins DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM" but also these don't work on my toshiba! Why not work? What can I do?

    I presume that there is compatibility problem. Best thing you can do is to use two identical RAM modules.
    Can you please put name of full model of your laptop so that we can check what RAM modules are 100% compatible.

  • Cannot adjust brightness screen on Satellite Pro L650

    I am running Windows 7 64 bit on my Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 and I cannot adjust the brightness of the screen. Fn + F6 key and Fn + F7 do not work and there is no entry for it in the control panel.
    I tried to download drivers VAP 1.4.1 as explained in Toshiba newsletter help, but there was no need for this template.

    Could you please help me with this?
    Thank you

    Are you using the original OS that you got with your laptop or your own installation of the OS?

    As far as I know it should work with the settings. If you have changed something?
    You can use other fnctions FN?

  • Satellite Pro L650 turns off after start; DC In and Power LEDs blink on stop

    A friend Satellite Pro L650 having worked well until yesterday, all of a sudden turned itself off. Now, at startup, it lights up normally for about 10-15 seconds before turning off suddenly. Turned off, the DC in white/blue LED and the orange Power LED Flash on a broad set of intervals of approximately one second. This extinction happens if I leave Windows or press F2 to enter the BIOS setup.

    I guess this blinking is intended to serve as a kind of diagnostic code, but I have yet to track down what it means. Can anyone help?

    To avoid confusion, power without the product stack the same, sudden stop experience, except the two LEDs remain solidly lit this time. With or without battery, trying to turn on again immediately after that a shutdown produced no response at all. Remove the power cable and immediately it reconnect again and turn then produced a brutal power off, but in less than 5 seconds. More wait between attempts to market seems to give a little longer powered on State, but without fault, the machine turns off just suddenly. With its short time 'turned on' we are talking, there cannot be any kind of thermal protection?

    I had an old Satellite L450D lying around that uses coincidentally the same AC PA-1750 adapter, but use it made no difference. Of course, the battery does not have the L650!

    The only previous numbers, that I am aware of this machine have been intermittent case of Windows reporting "Plugged in, not charging", but as my friend use it exclusively on the network, it was not a problem.

    Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated...


    What is an unmoderated forum?

    Can someone help with my problem?

  • Satellite Pro L650 - 1 L 4: battery will be discharged when the laptop is disconnected

    Hello together,

    I have a problem with my 5 month old laptop Satellite Pro L650 1 L 4.

    When the laptop is unplugged it will pay the battery. About 44% within 24 hours.

    Of course, options like BIOS "Wake we Lan ' and something like which are completely disabled.
    And of course the laptop is turned off completely and not the Sleep Mode.

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards



    Please check if the wake-up on LAN is also disabled in the properties of LAN card (Device Manager-> LAN card-> properties-> Advanced tab).
    I also recommend checking the WLan card as well.
    Please also check if attached USB devices don't lose the power of the battery.

    But also a malfunction of the accumulator may be possible... so it has to be checked also...

  • Satellite Pro L650 - 1 CG-output HDMI not working not

    Laptop: Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 - 1 CG, Intel i3 - 350 M, ATI 5650, 4 GB RAM, 320 HARD drive

    When I connect my laptop to my HD Toshiba TV and select 'Connect to a projector', all I get on the TV is a black screen.
    Catalyst Control Center can 'see' the TV and I can adjust the options of resolution for both screens, but no matter what options I try, I can't the TV to show a picture / sound.

    The TV is obviously detected SOMETHING, because it goes from a blue screen to black. Device Manager, I can see the HDMI Codec but even though he says he is activated, I can't put it as default. It says below that it's 'unplugged', and when I run the HDMI control program, it says "To use the HDMI control, you must activate it".

    I have all the latest ATI drivers / sound, as well as virtually all the drivers up to date there. In addition, there is nothing wrong with the cable or my TV, my PS3 is using the same connection.

    Hi were reluctant,

    Normally, you can switch between monitors or switch to an external monitor only when you press the FN + F5 key combination.

    In addition, I would recommend turning on the external monitor first, then switch on the laptop. You can also choose the right channel to HDMI in on your TV. Then, press FN + F5 to switch to your TV.

  • Satellite Pro L650 - 1 L 4 - values of the display panel

    Please could someone tell me the specifications/characteristics of the area of display in the Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 - 1 L 4, mainly the values for brightness!

    I want to buy exactly this phone and also need to use outside, so brightness is really important! I've already found a few values for the L650 - 15 p, but they were really bad, and I hope that they are not the same for all types of the L650...) :

    Thank you


    I found the exact product specifications on German
    Toshiba page:

    As you can see the screen 15.6% and a screen resolution of 1,366 x 768 with LED background light.

    All that s what I could find.

  • Satellite Pro L650-1QG: incompatibility of keyboard key

    Dear audience,

    I am not satisfied by the keyboard of my Satellite Pro L650 1QG I5-4 settings.
    Before I had a Satellite S5200-701 that has worked well for almost 8 years after, I replaced almost any critical component to half-life.

    Finally the controller was unserviceable and last week the laptop worked no more after this problem has resided for six months but the laptop did not fail until last week prompted me to install and use my new laptop.

    I felt very comfortable with my old laptop and its parameters.

    However, the new laptop has an inadequate setting of its keyboards.
    "ALT GR" is replaced with my old keyboard and hold the 'CTRL' key has exactly the same position as on my old laptop so that it is possible that I write a 'CTRL-Q' when I tried to type 'ALT GR Q' or '@' which happens quite often and stops the program (EXIT).

    How can this problem be solved. Is it possible to get a fix? Either by replacing the CTRL key with a deaf person, or changing the configuration of the computer?

    I'm not sure I can adapt to this problem from any 'normal' keyboard is different and similar to my old laptop and work with a USB keyboard is no solution!

    Thanks, Headlost


    > However, the new laptop has an inadequate setting of its keyboards. "ALT GR" is replaced with my old keyboard and hold the 'CTRL' key has exactly the same position as on my old laptop so that it is possible that I write a 'CTRL-Q' when I tried to type 'ALT GR Q' or '@' which happens quite often and stops the program (EXIT).

    I think that there are not many options for you you used a keyboard that has supported a different layout, L650-1QG supports the 102 (Euro) A4 + 10key flat standard black keyboard that can be different from the old Satellite 5200-701 keyboard.

    Don't know if you can replace the keyboards because of the measures so maybe one and the only option for you is the use of the external USB keyboard that would be similar to Satellite 5200 701 keyboard

  • Satellite Pro L650 doesn't get often from sleep mode

    Hi, I have a Satellite Pro L650, model No.: PSK1KA-00Y01E running Windows 7 64 bit.
    This laptop does not pick up often after mode "Eve".

    Can anyone offer suggestions on how to fix this?

    What's happening:
    When the computer sleeps, either by pressing the sleep button, or by closing the lid, this seems to work very well.
    After a minute or 2, I try to get the computer goes through the lid opening, or by pressing the power button. Sometimes, it works correctly.

    Most of the time the lights white led at the front displays for a few seconds and then started. Then, press us the power button and, often, the computer starts and says that Windows has been shut down incorrectly and then completely restarts for a new session.

    Sometimes the computer does not start, and it must cut off the power, then press the power button, which then crosses a full restart of the computer for a new session.

    A few weeks ago, we installed the latest version of the bios (2.20), and the problem persists.
    Is it a driver problem or a hardware problem?
    If it is a driver problem, what drivers should I try to install?

    Thank you


    > After a minute or 2, I try to get the computer goes through the lid opening, or by pressing the power button. Sometimes, it works correctly.
    This means that this problem is not always, but sometimes only and it of not possible to replicate this.
    In this case is not easy to find a good solution for this

    > We have installed the latest version of the bios (2.20) a few weeks ago, and the problem persists.
    > Is it a driver problem or a hardware problem?
    In my opinion, it could be a software problem. I mean that the problem could be related to corrupt the OS Win. Maybe the registry is confused upward. Usually, if the laptop is in hibernation / sleep mode, by pressing power button should the reactivation of the system in this mode and not shut down the laptop.
    So maybe this is s question OS

    If I understand your message, you have just updated the BIOS but didn't try the recovery procedure. Well well, for checking if the problem hardware or software s, you should get the phone to the factory settings.

  • Satellite Pro L650 - hard disk is not initialized.


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 and I am having some problems.

    It all started a few weeks ago, I received the dreaded screen black death (windows could start, but then just came up with a black screen and a cursor. After playing well, I thought that a reinstall of windows would do the trick.

    It worked, but none of my pilots have been installed... After much research, I found my Toshiba repair disc. I put in and went to fix it. At half way through formatting the drive, it came with an error, saying that he was unable to delete a specific file, it asked me to reset.

    So I reset, and it came with a screen with "this disc is not initialized, Please initialize now."
    So I pressed Yes, and it resets, it came with the same screen. and again and again.

    So that's where I am. It is only a year old, and already got the replaced disk. I'm desperate difficulty, I don't want it to become a grammage of paper-dear...

    First of all I m wondering why the message appeared saying that the disk is not initialized have you used the Toshiba restore for the OS installation disc or have you used any other Windows disc?

    On the other hand, it might be possible that your HARD drive is malfunctioning, the cursor blinking in the upper left corner is a sign for this fault
    So I recommend you to check the HARD drive. Use a tool like Drive Fitness Test, for example, it helps you to check the HARD disk
    If errors will be displayed so the HARD drive needs to be replaced

  • Satellite Pro L650-1LP - changing language in the OS Win 7


    I have a Toschiba Satellite Pro L650-1LP with the Polish version of preinstalled Windows7.

    I want to have an English version. I understand that I must make a recovery disk and that re - install the system by choosing the language English, but I hate that job where I can take my laptop and do it for a reasonable price?

    Thank you very much

    > I understand that I must make a disk recovery and re - install the selection of English language system
    That s bad. Laptops are specific to these countries and offered products in a country specific language only on that your recovery image there is no multilingual option.

    All you can do now is to do clean install OS using installation disc original from Microsoft with the Windows version English or install the Language Pack Microsoft on existing windows.
    In any case, prior to change what any create recovery disk. You can use this disc a day if you want to have once again the factory settings.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Satellite Pro L650 - network driver Pb after re - install Win7

    Good afternoon.

    A laptop computer was infected with a virus, so I re - install Win 7.
    My problem is that all network devices don't have 'no driver for this device.
    I install the drivers I download, but the problem is the same.
    When I view the list of devices, the 3 devices 'unmanned' are:
    -Network controller
    -Ethernet controller
    -Controller PCI (for simplified communications)

    When I view hidden devices, I see 8 network cards "Miniport".

    Please, help me...
    Thank you.

    Best option for you is to reinstall Windows 7 using original recovery image (operating system) you got with your laptop. This recovery image contains all the necessary drivers for all hardware components.

    You have installed the Win7 clean version, right?
    What Satellite Pro L650 you have exactly (L650-xxx)?

  • Re: Satellite Pro L650-1QG drags terribly Windows 7 64 bit

    Hi all

    My Satellite Pro L650 1QG began trolling terribly (Windows 7, 64-bit, Service Pack): he often reacts delayed input (mouse clicks, opening new tabs in the browser, type the letters in Open Office etc.). LAGS are sometimes 3 to 5 seconds, sometimes more, sometimes less. In the meantime, cursor turns into 'swirling ring' - symbol. Video and Audio staggers sometimes playing for example Youtube-movies. This happens also in secure boot mode.

    -J' reinstalled Windows by Toshiba HDD Recovery.
    -Windows is up to date.
    -The drivers are up to date.
    -BIOS has been updated in March, as suggested by Toshiba. Everything went well for months after that.
    -Avira Antivir, Windows Defender and Spybot S & D show all hits
    -PC health show average temperature of the processor and the 'good' of the hard drive status
    -No fingerprint software is installed (which is suggested as a source of delays in the knowledge base)

    Do you know of any opportunity to identify the problem?


    Try to update the TSRI as suggested here:

    Audio playback / video multimedia file is stuttering *.

Maybe you are looking for

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