Satellite Pro L850 (PSKG9A - 00C 001) BT allow

I decided to activate the built in Bluetooth via Device Manager to use its features. Then I went to turn on Bluetooth in the system tray, but it asked me to connect.

Some how been disabled Bluetooth it caused to the system try and FN + F12 not (wireless toggle)

> I decided to activate the built in Bluetooth via Device Manager to use its features.
Why have you tried to activate the BT in Device Manager?
Usually, all BT/pile drivers are installed, if not necessary to activate the BT in the BIOS.
Bluetooth and WiFi can be enabled using the same combination of keys of POWER.

What system do you use? Usually, the unit has been pre-installed with Win 7

I put t know what Wlan card laptop, but my experience uses the laptop supports map combo Wifi/BT. A module sharing connectivity WiFi and BT.

So, probably, you need to reinstall the package of filter driver BT (Atheros or Realtek according to the Wlan card you have) and Toshiba BT stack.

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    Hi guys,.

    Have a problem with my Toshiba Sat Pro L850 PSKG9A - 001 00C

    Whenever I close my laptop screen and put the computer to sleep, then then wake him up once again.

    My screen is at MAX brightness (blinding close) and I can't change it with my keyboard shortcuts and it said brightness is at level 1!


    You can change it in some power plan settings you use?

  • Satellite Pro L850-1NR - dualboot Win7 / Win8

    Hello world

    I use my L850 - 1NR Satellite Pro for the school. I go to a technical school for information technology, and we use windows 8. The problem is that * Windows 7 preinstalled * on my laptop and home, each PC works with Windows 7.

    When you buy a Satellite Pro L850 1NR, you get two * installation Windows 8 CD *, if I want to make one * dualboot Windows 7 and Windows 8 *. I know how to create a new volume on my hard drive, but when I run the first disc, the only option is to remove Windows 7 and install Windows 8.

    Is it possible to dualboot this and if it is possible, what should I do?  :|


    Windows 7 is pre-installed on your laptop. 8 win was provided on DVD discs.

    In both cases; Win 7 and Win 8 is part of the image of Toshiba.
    Toshiba is a package containing all the drivers, tools and utilities.

    It s is not possible to keep the Win 7 on the HARD drive and install 8 additional to win using the recovery disk provided.
    Why? Because this isn't clean system Win 8, but as mentioned; his image.

    But in general, its possible to have a system dual boot (8 Win and Win 7). The start menu will be created that will allow you to choose between Win 7 and Win 8 OS.

    You will need to create simply new partition in Win 7 system.
    Then, you must start the MS Win 8 disk clean and could install the 8 Win on the new created partition.

  • Satellite Pro L850-1DT impossible to install Win 7 driver wireless

    Please, I beg you.

    On costs to install Windows 7 64 bit downloaded all drivers wireless I can find on the site of tosh.
    No work.

    Find in this page ended
    Says spec card Atheros.

    Try reinstalling the driver atheros, it gets a little then disappears and nothing happens.
    Tried the driver atheros here too, but moved, but no functionality.

    At one point, I tried the function and F12 key on and outside, that seemed to allow some stuff of bluetooth and wireless.
    I have "Network controller" and "Unknown device" in Device Manager with yellow exclamation points.

    Heeeeellp please.

    You're right, it seems that the laptop Satellite L850-1DT was equipped with the Atheros WLan card and the Atheros WLan driver should be right.
    This Atheros card also supports Bluetooth function and what an additional driver must be installed for both WLan + BT working.
    First you must install Atheros WLan driver suite by packet filter for driver Atheros BT and battery Toshiba BT.

    Of course, all other tools like value added Package for Windows 64-bit must be installed too!

    I hope this helps.

    By the way: driver can be found on the page of the Toshiba UE driver
    Here you choose the Satellite Pro L850 PSKDHE

  • Satellite Pro L850 - keyboard / touchpad does not work

    Hi all!
    I just bought new Satellite Pro L850 with windows 7 64 bit on a recovery partition.
    I have a big problem of internal cause keybord does not work under windows. In the bios, I can do anything I want. But the first configuration of windows (I can not deal with same user name and the name of the computer), keyboard does not work. I own windows version (with programs toschiba - recovery partition).

    It seems that this is not a cause of hardware under the work of bios keybord problem.

    Extra I have updated the bios last version 6.50, but not noticed any changes.

    Please help me with this question, cause I don't have any idea what to do now.

    Good day and w8 for answers


    PS. external keybord on usb work!

    Post edited by: pcz

    The whole story seems incredible. Keyboard and new laptop does not work?
    Install the check and image recovery again if the situation is the same. If the problem persists contact your local dealer, explain the situation and ask for Exchange.

  • Satellite Pro L850 - Synaptics finger scroll

    I would have preferred a finger scrolling along the right and below of the touchpad (as my old Toshiba Satellite) but this Satellite Pro L850 1MJ has two fingers to scroll in the middle of the touchpad that is counterintuitive (push up to scroll to the bottom) and more importantly means that I have to hold my hand in a position that kills my wrist.

    If I go into the settings of the mouse, I can pass various options "multi-finger" two-finger scrolling and there is a separate option "scrolls" - on / off if I check the box on I get a graphic demonstration of scrolling with a finger, but it does not actually turn on scrolling with a finger.

    Can I get a finger scrolling on this laptop? If so, how?

    'Settings' tell me I have v7.5 Synaptics TouchPad on PS/2 Port and v16.2.10.3 14 Aug 12 Synaptics pointing device

    All the responses received with gratitude, preferably before my wrist decreases!


    I don't know what version and settings you have but if synaptic settings on your machine it looks like this that do not use two fingers to scroll and activate the scroll option.
    Click on this option and the animation, you will see how it works.

  • Satellite Pro L850 audio plays through 1 headset only

    I'm running the Pro L850 PSKG9A-009001 phone, which is a little over 3 months out of the box and the first audio went well when the headphones are connected. A few weeks ago, this changed, and now when I plug in my headset I get only audio through the headphone output A: I tried different pairs of headphones with the same result. When I use the headset in other devices, they work perfectly. What is important audio plays in stereo through the speakers of the laptop when there is no headset connected.

    I tried to reinstall the audio drivers realtek of the cd included, but can't find, and driver updates on the toshiba site. I also checked to make sure that this isn't a question of settings and I am unable to find a cause. I really wish I could hear the sound of the two channels and after trying everything I can think and isolate the question rightly the audio input jack; the feeling that there could be a problem of dry solder on the audio output jack.

    But I thought I was opening the issue to see if anyone has any ideas, I didn't think, who can quickly resolve the question, before I look at the supposed long process a warranty claim.

    I agree with you. This problem may be related to the port, audio output, especially if there is no problem with the internal speakers and if they do not work properly.
    Let's see which will show the other people about it, but what you can do now is to contact the nearest service provider of Toshiba, to explain the situation and ask for help.

  • Satellite Pro L850 1DR - problems with Windows 7 update KB2887069

    I have problems to install the KB2887069 update.

    It seems to install OK... prompt me to restart... when I do it, says it configures... GETS to 7%, then starts rebooting... watch it configures again... up to 7 or 9%... and then reports it is defect and restoring... restarts again... and it is quite... not installed and reference to Windows Update confirms it failed.

    All the other updates I had installed today very well once I realised KB2887069 was the problem and failed to update.

    I am running Win 7 Prof Serv Pack 1 64 - bit on a Toshiba Satellite Pro L850 1DR. I use my AV Microsoft Security Essentials software.

    For now I had to hide the update... but all of the bright ideas how overcome the problem. I tried the Microsoft site, but there is still no answers who brought a solution for me.

    Thanks in anticipation!

    I googled around for KB2887069 update and it seems that you are not alone with this problem to Microsoft Update. I also found your request in the forum, Ms.

    In other words, that's not a problem of mobile by this must be resolved by Microsoft.

    I read in the MS forum on this issue and this issue is still under investigation.

  • Satellite Pro L850-1DZ - wireless keeps dropping

    Hi all. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have a Satellite Pro L850 1DZ and my wifi guard fall then plugging himself. It does this to Uni, in my old House and the new. The router was changed when I moved. It can fall so im sitting next to the wireless router and when im in another room. There is not no more wireless phones. Any ideas?

    Thank you very much

    Does it happen with the AC adapter plugged in, or by using only the power of dough mode?

    In which case it would only happen by using battery power mode, I recommend to change the saving parameters as shown here:

    Watch wireless adapter power saving Mode settings
    Also an update of the WLan driver would be recommended.

  • Satellite Pro L850-1 p 7 - wireless LAN problems

    I recently bought a L850 Pro Satellite 1 p 7 and led to a new installation on Windows 7 (64-bit)

    After the new installation, I manually installed the driver for the network card, I then shot all windows updates.

    In Device Manager, I noticed that it lacks a few downloaded drivers so a load of drivers who have resolved most of the issues.

    I don't have one that is still yellow, it's for network controller.

    My one question is with wireless network.

    I tried to install several drivers, but cannot get the wireless network card to show in the settings of the card.

    I can see a bit of reading I have a wireless / Atheros Bluetooth combo.

    Reading some other threads that I downloaded the value added package, the package of Atheros Bluetooth and Bluetooth stack filter. After that I turn on Bluetooth with F12 function key, it warns me about issues with Bluetooth and wireless on at the same time.

    I also noticed that windows tells me there is a problem with the Bluetooth software and am trying to get download and install driver_bluetooth_TC00131900C

    This does not seem to fix anything.

    Has anyone else had this problem and the fix is? I really need to get my wireless working...

    See you soon


    You are right, that the Satellite Pro L850-1 p 7 was equipped with the WLan ATHEROS 802.11 A/G/N WB222 card, which also supports Bluetooth.

    > Reading some other threads that I downloaded the value added package, the package of Atheros Bluetooth and Bluetooth stack filter.
    It is almost correct. But you forgot to install the Atheros WLan driver.
    You must first install the Atheros WLan driver then the filter package Atheros Bluetooth and battery Bluetooth.

    This should be the key ;)

  • Satellite Pro L850-1UJ: how to create DVDs from recovery partition recovery

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro L850-1UJ with Windows 8

    I created a new partition (if I could use it as a data room)
    i.e. C: windows system z AND my data

    After that, I couldn't use the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR to create recovery DVDs
    BUT the score still exists and I can see the inside of the windows files

    It IS a way to extract the files from the recovery partition or any other idea how I could fix the partition scheme so the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR he might recognize

    Thank you very much for your time...

    After changing the structure of the partitions on the HARD drive, sometimes that recovery media creator Toshiba cannot find the files for recovery. These files are marked with special markers which, in your case, will be more found.

    I m afraid is now too late to make or change anything. You're not the one with this problem. We always write here that the first step should be the creation of recovery media and later you can do what you want. You can even remove.

    Now, you can just order new recovery disc to

  • Satellite Pro L850: ATI Catalyst was able to start after the update of Windows

    Satellite Pro L850 with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit running OK with default Toshiba Catalyst Control Center and the 8.982.10.6000 video driver version. Video chipset is AMD Radeon HD7670M.

    This week, Windows Update offered an update of WDDM1.2 for HD7670M video driver to version 9. I thought it was OK to install it, as he came formally to Microsoft. The updated video driver installed OK.

    After a reboot everything works perfectly except the specially modified Toshiba Catalyst Control Center. CCC reports that "there are currently no parameters that can be configured using Catalyst Control Center". After that I drove back the new video driver version 9 to version 8.982.10.6000, CCC started working again.

    I checked for my laptop model Toshiba product support page, but it is not a new CCC by download. Toshiba will never be released a new CCC that works with the new Microsoft video driver? What alternatives are there?

    As far as I know these drivers are offered as option drivers and you should not install them. Stay with the original drivers. Don t update a driver offered through Windows update.

    Have you tried to roll back the OS to an earlier time before this update has been installed? If it does not do it and check the functionality.

  • Password lost for my new Satellite Pro L850-1DT

    I bought a new Satellite Pro L850-1DT and went through the installation process. He suggested to install a password to logon to safety. So I put an and confirmed. The pc has agreed. The pc then rebooted to install new programs. He asked me to put my password to logon, I did. He said then that is the wrong password. I tried again and again, with different permutations, in the case where I had made a mistake in the initial configuration. No luck. I can't access.

    Y at - it someone who did something similar and who knows of a possible solution to get access. At this point without disk recovery, because I don't have a lot. Please help if you can.

    Oh man why are you doing these stupid mistakes? :(
    You can set the password later. At first, it is important to complete the installation of windows, check the machine and see how it works.

    Your problem is that you don't have a recovery disk. Using the recovery disk, you can reinstall OS and everything will be OK. Now same disk image installation HARD recovery cannot start without this connection password.

    As much as I know there not that you can do about it. I hope someone on this forum has the solution for you. Otherwise order the original restore on disc

  • Satellite Pro L850-1DV: manual driver installation repair md5 command

    Technical support could please provide some details on the correct order to install the downloaded drivers from Toshiba for a Satellite Pro L850-1DV for Windows 7?

    Also, is there another method to install the drivers to download and unzip the 44 separate drivers?
    I remember there are 47 drivers that are installed during a repair recovery partition but 44 available for download.

    I guess things like the creative software recovery media are not included in these downloaded drivers, or something else that does not included?
    I would like to try an install of Windows 7 media.

    I could also ask if anyone with a L850-1DV and appropriate tools, such as a Linux installation might be able to tell me the sum of md5 checksum for the recovery hard disk partition. That would be fantastic!

    Best wishes,

    Try this:

    Windows 7 SP1 of Win7 64 bit
    SW Chipset installation utility
    Intel Management Engine Interface
    Driver Intel
    Driver Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    Realtek Audio Driver
    ATI HDMI Audio Driver
    HD 1.12.0300 SRS Premium Sound Technology
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
    Realtek LAN Driver 7.48.823.2011
    Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver Package v1.0.12 Filter
    Battery Bluetooth for Windows by Toshiba v9.00.00
    Bluetooth Monitor v4.08
    Intel USB3.0 Driver
    Realtek 6.1.7601.30130 card reader
    TOSHIBA value added package 1.6.0021.640203
    TOSHIBA Sleep 1.4.0022.000104 utility
    TOSHIBA resolution + plug-in for Windows Media Player 1.1.2004
    TOSHIBA Media Controller
    TOSHIBA Media Controller plugin
    TOSHIBA Network Device ID registry setting tool - 20
    TOSHIBA Web Camera Application V2.0.3.33

  • Satellite Pro L850-1 p 8 PSKG7E - unable to see BT devices

    I have a Satellite Pro L850-1 p 8 PSKG7E-00C002EN. Initially, I had a problem with the software, acknowledging the equipment. Resolved by reinstalling the filter of Atheros driver. Now all it works and the latest drivers are installed.
    I have a phone, a Nexus 7, a car and Panel PV all see each other by using their BT, which go hand in hand.

    Application via bluetooth which worked on a previous works Tosh Satellite Pro links table of PV in a PC-based.

    The laptop refuses to see devices nevertheless say that it works correctly and all other devices are visible to the other.

    BT RFBUS Toshiba 8.0.2005.0
    BT RFCOMM Toshiba 8.0.1129.0
    BT RFHID Toshiba 8.0.830.0
    BT RFUSB controller Toshiba 8.0.2005.0 14

    As far as I can see there is no entry of BT in the BIOS.
    I tried the FN F8 in both States.

    Can someone give me advice?

    When you use BT on your laptop, it is important to activate the BT module correctly. I guess it works with FN + F8. When the BT is Manager of BT should start and in the taskbar, you should see a blue symbol BT.

    When you turn on the BT don't boot manager or not? Click on this symbol with the right mouse button and choose the option Add a new connection. Scan the area and hope that your device should be found (enable visible modus).

    You are right about the BIOS. There is nothing related to the features of BT.

Maybe you are looking for

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