Satellite Pro M30, it is recommended to install the new nVIDIA display driver?

I own a laptop Satellite Pro M30, which includes a GeForce FX Go5200 GPU from nVIDIA. On 27 July, nVIDIA has released a new driver and related software (version 61.77), as indicated by nVIDIA, fits all the its GPU.

I tried to install this new driver on my laptop (after removing the old driver following the instructions by nVIDIA) but it does not install. Does anyone have an idea why?

Why the new driver is not displayed on the Toshiba support site driver for this laptop?



All drivers are designed and tested to laptops and Tom is right about producer for laptop. This means that you can find the download page for all drivers needed on Toshiba.

As much I know Toshiba supports the drivers shipped with the device drivers and updates if necessary.

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  • Re: Satellite P500-12F - cannot install the new nVidia display driver

    Good evening

    I'm sorry for stupid question, but I don't know what to do. I have the Satellite P500-12F.

    I tried to download the new graphics drivers for the NVidia card, I went to the site of NVidia and downloaded a new driver, which dates back to December 2009, instead of mine, which is July 2009, however, when I try to install it, the system indicates that Joana does no hardware that is compatible with the new driver.

    Could you tell me, what am I doing wrong? I could use any guidance as well. Thank you very much!


    Why you try to use the nVidia display driver? These drivers are not pre-tested on the laptop and installation is at your own risk! In the worst case, you could destroy the graphics chip.

    As Akuma written already using the latest drivers Toshiba because they are pre-tested.

    Why you want to update the display driver? You are not satisfied?
    Remember: never change a running system! ;)

  • Satellite Pro L300 1AD is unable to install the Windows XP display driver

    I just installed XP on my Satellite pro because my internet modem doesn't work with Vista.

    I went to the main site of Toshiba to install display drivers, but they moved it, it keeps bringing the message "this driver is not for this computer please contact manufacturer.

    I put t understand why because all the other drivers that I downloaded on the same work, it's just the display one page. Does anyone know what's wrong?

    You have downloaded the latest driver for Satellite Pro L300?
    On the Toshiba site it s version

    An alternative, you can try the drivers from Intel, but normally the Toshiba driver should work.
    I always use the driver from Toshiba and never had any problems.

    Furthermore, I looked on the Toshiba site:

  • Satellite Pro M30: Can I update or change the video card?

    Can I update or change my PM735 Satellite Pro M30:Centrino video card / 1.7? Thanks /.


    Short and simply answer no it s is not possible because the graphics card of the notebook computer is a small, small chip that attaches to the motherboard.
    The laptop with the desktop, you can compare t. It s a different technology.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M30: Is it possible to restore the disk Win XP at least

    I recorded the M30 Pro of the Satellite with Win XP Professional 5 years on the Toshiba-Europe website.
    Is it possible to restore the disk Win XP at least?

    I'll ask Toshiba for assistance (already done) or there is a way to create the disks on mine?

    I'm sure someone went down this way (ar tried at least).

    PS: it is a time for the upgrade of the HARD drive.

    Thank you all.

    Sorry, but I don't really know what you are meaning by the Win XP disk restore.

    The Toshiba laptop was delivered with the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    If you want to restore the OS from Windows XP that is installed on the HARD drive, then use this disk and reinstall the WinXP.
    To start the installation, you must boot from the recovery CD.

    If you want to create a clean image and then install Win XP with a CD of MS Windows, download the Toshiba driver and create the image using the tool like Norton Ghost third 3rd for example.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A120 - 169 PSAC1E: Impossible to install the 64 bit OS


    I have the Satellite Pro A120 (169) model PSAC1E-04X024BT and I inserted 2 x DA-PA3513U-1M2G (Dane-Elec 2 GB SODIMM PC2-5300) memory, so a total of 4 GB of memory.

    I know to have 4 GB in a BONE, you need to run a 64 bit OS.
    But my processor is an Intel Centrino DUO T2050 1.6ghz (Intel Core DUO T2050).

    After reading the manual I was convinced that I am able to run a 64 bit OS... but the time of its installation, the Setup program will not continue... as my CPU is 32-bit...

    Is this true? Or do I have to change something in the BIOS? (Version 3.4)

    Thank you


    Yes, it true s that your processor supports only 32 bit and not 64 bit.
    Here, you check only the Intel specifications posted by redhawk.

    Sorry mate, but on this laptop, you can only use a 32 bit OS.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro R50-B-15 q - cannot install the driver for the system of

    I have problems to install the Toshiba VAP software game in order to get the special function keys to work.

    As the installation starts, it installs the driver of Toshiba system, then it starts to install the Flashcards section.
    Flashcards installation fails indicating to the driver system must install first, but this has apparently already installed successfully.

    If anyone else has had this problem and how to solve?


    This system is running?

    The VAP is now available for Win 7

    The pilot of the system was released to win 8.1

  • Satellite Pro P200 - 1KE Vista loses contact with the second internal HARD drive

    Vista Business SP2. I have a Satellite Pro P200-1KE, with two 160 GB drives: a Hitachi configured as C: (operating system, programs, etc.) and E: (data, other programs). The second is a Toshiba MK1637GSX. This little about it and nothing of any importance and is normally configured as d. Unfortunately this hard drive has now become invisible to Vista, although it is still recognized by BIOS and Device Manager. In managing computer does not appear in the list in the upper pane, it comes without a letter from reader below. I have tried everything I know to get recognized, including the following:
    (In no particular order):

    * Remove computer - managed, reset as a single Volume: it always fails
    * Reformat to NTFS using Linux GParted or utility disk Linux (via a USB stick with Linux ice Peppermint on that nerd), sometimes combined with the restoration of the system - it works, but only for a single session. She always disappears again when you restart
    * Remove the driver from Device Manager and pointing plug-and-play with Windows System 32 and Windows Update - which seems to return the driver - but does not recognized disk, unfortunately
    * Meanwhile, throughout all this, Vista insists on finding a driver for "unknown device" that she sometimes found and (allegedly) installs and sometimes find one fails to install.


    Anyone know anything else I can try - preferably without having to reinstall the entire operating system, or run the risk of using Toshiba Hardware Setup that does not seem to come with all the instructions and enigmatic, who wonder if I want to delete stuff 'selected', without showing me what kind of things I am alleged to have selected for removal!


    If this second HDD is not so important to try to start the original installation disk Microsoft (Vista or Win7) to see if the second HDD will be recognized for the installation procedure.
    You can also try to install Win7 on this second HDD to see if the installation is correctly finalized. Later, you can check if you can start the second HARD drive preinstalled OS.

    Test just to see if this problem is related to Vista only.

  • Satellite C50D-A-133 with Win7 - cannot install the USB 3.0 driver

    I Satellite, C50D-A-133 with Win 7 x 64 and cannot install the usb 3.0 drivers.
    I download the driver from the support site of toshiba for usb 3.0 for win7 x 64 and it starts to install the driver, but in the end it saids...
    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an erroe trying to install it.
    AMD USB 3.0 host controller
    The system cannot find the specified file.

    I try to point the location of the driver but same error.
    Other drivers installed ok only gives error

    I ve downloaded and unzipped the driver and everything seems OK.
    As far as I know laptops equipped with platform AMD isn't chipset driver and after installing display driver must be installed USB driver.

    Try to download it again and start the installation manually.

  • Satellite A500-19N - how to install the original Nvidia display drivers?


    I use a satellite A500-19n.
    Is it possible to install the original drivers (nvidia - mobile) on my laptop?
    When I try to install them I have always an error message "no driver found for your hardware"...
    There's a Geforce GT 230 M in my computer, so I wonder why this happens...

    I want to install the original drivers because they are generally better than the standartdrivers...
    Thanks ;)


    I advise you to try to install the Nvidia drivers, you must use the pre-tested driver Toshiba as it has heat protection. But anyway if you want to install it, step this link

    You will use you own risk.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro 4600: sometimes applications stop running with the new RAM

    Hi all

    I was wondering if anyone out there can shed some light on my problem. I've recently upgraded for an extra 256 MB on my Satellite Pro 4600. The laptop showed the increase in RAM. Since the installation, for some reason any after running for awhile applications (this varies between 10 minutes to a few hours like laptop start up), applications stop running. I can not open new applications. When I restart, I can run the applications in my laptop as usual again.

    I received my offtek RAM. Manufacturer part number is the same as specified in the manual of my laptop.

    Please someone has an idea?



    Please check the number of PA of the 256 MB chip, the number of PA is properly PA3005U - 1 M 12.


  • Windows Vista install the new WD hard drive empty - does not not :(

    It was my original question:

    And now...

    I got my CD of HP recovery and ordered a new WD 500 GB HDD... same features as the seagate who pooped me and I can't get windows install on the new HD

    No matter what I do, computer wants to open the Recovery Manager and according to the available procedure does not work.  It works me in circles asking for #1 drive, then the drive recovery supplement and back with no progress.

    What I have to do is use this form: but only the Recovery manager opens when I boot from the CD.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    If I followed your questions correctly... you had a BIOHD-2 error, ordered HP recovery discs, replaced the hard drive and tried to restore your system with no luck. Is that a correct assessment of the situation?

    OK, you need to make a Windows Vista install screen... not who's going to go with your HP recovery CD/DVD. The disks do not contain the Windows installation routine, only the HP Recovery Manager. These discs contain more or less, an image of the HP installed OS and software, plus some drivers and applications. To the best of my knowledge, you should have three DVDs (1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3/3) more an additional drive. You should boot from CD 1 of 3... Then, when asked to insert the 2/3... Then, when asked to insert 3/3. And finally if/when necessary additional drive.

    At HP; Recover the system after the hard drive is replaced (Windows Vista)


  • install the new laptop Hard Drive

    Hello LR Adobe Support.

    I have 5 LR installed on two computers one single office, another laptop. Hard drive portable c when the bad my Builder said I had a connection problem crossed that my programs would not start all the time. Anyway I did install a new SS drive can I install on my new HD LR? I have the drive both of the copies I own with serial numbers.

    Thanks for your help


    First of all, it is an open forum, not Adobe support... so MOST of the answers here are other users (and, the LR5 is an old version, so I don't think that Adobe provides support)

    When you have a non-functional computer and cannot turn it off, click on the link below

    Serial number and activation support (no-Cloud) to adjust the number of activations

    You install programs exactly in the same way you did the 1st time... Put your disc in the drive, and enter your serial number when asked

  • Satellite Pro L300 - how Windows easy transfer on the new HARD drive?


    I recently got a broken hard drive of a laptop larger than mine.

    I would like to put in my computer, but I don't know what would be the way to transfer the partition of installation (or better yet also already installed windows partition).

    Will I be able to reinstall linux in a few minutes, but for windows it's something else.
    Do you have an idea of the procedure?

    The best would be to make a mirror copy, or something like that for me, to have just to extend the size of some partitions.

    Thank you.


    I recommend the creation of an image.
    You can create either an image that contains only the content of a partition or the whole HARD disk content.

    There are different image on the market tools. For the most part, you will pay for this software.
    But you can also use an internal utility for Microsoft Windows 7. Its share of the Win 7 system.

    If you are using Windows 7, I recommend this solution.

    Here's a nice page of Microsoft on this tool and how to do it:

  • Satellite 2450-401: "IDE 1 ERROR" after installing the new NEC AD - 7543A thin disk

    I have a Toshiba 2450-401 and I buy a slim NEC AD - 7543A labelflash drive.
    When a reboot my Toshiba raise an error: "IDE 1 error".
    This is a message of incompatible equipment? There is a solution for this error?
    How can I solve this?


    What to say dudea? ¦a? ... seems you have made a big mistake and purchased a bad CD/DVD drive.
    This error message is only displayed if the drive supports bad master\slave or c - salt settings!

    You should know that not all readers are compatible and can be used in the laptop!
    AFAIK the operating manual provides information on some readers supported!

    But if you na? t know this drive is compatible, try to contact the service provider allowed in your country and order the support one new!

    Good luck

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    I get an error message that says invalid or missing resource files in the Directory installation please reinstall reader of the Extender. have discovered that it is not necessary how to solve this problem have tried system restore but did not work