Satellite Pro M70-220 - how to start the Advanced Boot Menu

Which key have to press on my Satellite Pro M70 - 220 starting Win XP, in order to enter the "Advanced Start Menu" - in other words, the menu that gives various boot options, such as safe, last good start Congiguration, start Windows Normal Mode, etc. ?

On my old laptop Satellite 5105 - S702, it was the F8 key, but by pressing the F8 key on my M70 Pro does not bring up the 'Start Advanced Menu".

The Advanced Start Menu came on its own a few days previously after an abnormal stop, so it seems that it does not exist on the M70 Pro.

Thanks for any advice anyone has to offer.



The Advanced Boot Menu can be reached by pressing the F8 key.
It s a Windows menu basic and it s any laptop it is.
It should work on all computers.

Maybe you can not activate the Start Menu advanced because the Windows operating system is confused upward.

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    Hi all!
    I recently bought a toshiba M70-220, I discovered that the GPA or accelerated graphics port is not available, I don't know if it is preinstalled, so I would ask anyone there for please help me with what I have to do to enable the AGP, I appreciate all the efforts of everyone. Help, please. Thank you very much.



    If you have an Intel graphics card, then I recommend to check OpenGL settings in the properties of the graphics card.
    In addition, you can try to start the dxdiag and you will find detailed information. There you should find the AGP texture acceleration option.

  • 160 GB hard drive update for Satellite Pro M70 - 220

    I want to upgrade my satellite Pro M70-220 portable HARD drive the current 60 GB HDD to a 160 GB HARD drive and you drive would be grateful if someone could provide information on the standard/type of HARD drive I should like being looking for and, if possible, specific manufacturer's recommendations and the model number of an appropriate 160 GB of disk HARD.

    Thank you



    The laptop uses a simple 2.5 SATA HDD.
    It's not really important what the speed of the HARD drive is supported, but I recommend to use the 5400 RPM or faster 7200 RPM HARD drive

    Generally all HARD drive size should be compatible because the SATA controller has no limitations.

  • Re: How to use Recovery Expert Mode in Satellite Pro M70-220 product recovery CD

    I would appreciate advice on the following points.

    My Satellite Pro M70-220 (PSM75E-00D008G3), portable computer has 4 partitions created by Acronis Disk Director costume v9:

    C: OS - Win XP Pro SP3
    D: programs
    E: data & downloads
    F: backups

    After you start the laptop in Win XP, I inserted the recovery CD Toshiba in the DVD - RAM drive
    and sailed to the BMP file, R:\G_INST\BMP, where I found the file "menu.bmp", which gives 2 recovery

    * 1. Retrieve entire hard drive *.
    Caveat. All data stored o your computer will be lost.
    Preinstalled software factory will be installed.

    * 2. Recovery expert Mode WARNING: *.
    This is for PC experts only.
    Preinstalled software factory can be installed on an existing partition.

    My questions are linked using the "Recovery Expert" Mode:
    -I'll be able to use the "recovery of the Expert Mode' the recovery CD to reinstall Win XP Pro (pre-installed software factory) on my C: partition, while affecting only not partitions D, E & F?
    -I'll be able to format the C: partition by using the "Expert recovery" Mode, without formatting of other partitions?
    -What is the exact procedure of "Expert Recovery Mode"?
    -where can I find more information on the procedure of "Expert Recovery Mode"?

    Thank you


    > I'll be able to use the "recovery of the Expert Mode' the recovery CD to reinstall Win XP Pro (pre-installed software factory) on my C: partition, while affecting only not partitions D, E & F

    Yes, this should be possible. Using the Expert Mode of recovery, you should get the ghost window where you can select the partition where the OS is to be installed. In this case only that partition would be formatted.

    > will it be possible to format the C: partition by using the "Expert recovery" Mode, without formatting of other partitions?

    Yes, theoretically it should be possible.

    > what is the exact procedure of "Expert Mode of recovery"?
    As I mentioned above, this mode allows you to restore the operating system on a partition of some and only this partition will be formatted.

    > where can I find more information on the procedure of "Expert Mode of recovery"?
    What looking here in the forum?
    I found this thread:ᲆ

  • For Satellite Pro M70-220 laptop cooling pad

    I want to buy a block of cooling for my laptop Satellite Pro M70-220 (PSM75E) and would appreciate advice and recommendations on the most appropriate cooling pad. Plateau broken down to use the desktop, rather that the tower would use.

    The dimensions of the base of the laptop are about 34.5 cm (W) x 24 cm (P) - (or 13.5 ins (W) x 9.5 ins (D)).

    The laptop has 2 vents in fan - a vent is located on the left side (half back) of the laptop, and other the vent is located on the left side of the base in line with the side wind. Subject to correction, I feel that the cold air is sucked through the vent base and is blown through the vent on the left side. If that is correct, then I guess the cooling pad fan would blow air on the basis of the laptop, thus completing the airflow of the computer laptop cooling fan.

    Thank you

    Alan CB

    Hi Alan

    Before starting to discuss cooling pad, I want to ask you why you need. I have Satellite M70-159 and have never even think to buy this extra part.

    Have you ever watched on the net and found something that may be good enough for you?

  • Satellite Pro M70-220: Microsoft Kernel DLS driver reinstall

    I'm having a problem with the "Microsoft kernel DLS synthesizer" (on my laptop Satellite Pro M70-220).
    that very well, I would appreciate some help to solve.

    My questions are in * "BOLD" type * at the bottom of this post.

    In the device under the "Sound, video controller & games" Manager type of device, I found a yellow exclamation point
    mark against "The Microsoft kernel DLS synthesizer".

    When I right click on the entry for device 'Microsoft Kernel DLS Syntheizer' and select 'Properties', the
    more info is given under the general tab:

    Microsoft kernel DLS synthesizer
    Device type: sound, video controller & game
    Location: Location 0
    Device status: Windows cannot load the driverfor of this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or
    missing (Code 39)
    Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

    Before clicking on the resolution of the problems, I checked the info on the "Driver" tab, which is:

    Microsoft kernel DLS synthesizer
    Driver provider: Microsoft
    Driver date: 01/07/2001
    Driver version: 5.1.2535.0
    Digital signer: Microsoft Windows component Publisher

    When I click on the button "Driver Details" tab driver, the information given is:

    Microsoft kernel DLS synthesizer

    Driver files:

    Provider: Microsoft Corp.
    File version: 5.1.2600.5512(xpsp.080413-2018)
    Digital signer: Microsoft Windows Publisher

    On the 'Détails' tab in the properties box, the given info is:

    Microsoft kernel DLS synthesizer
    Device ID of Instance
    \DMUSIC SW\ {8C07DD50-7A8D-11D2-8F8C-00C04FBF8FEF}

    * Troubleshooting: *.
    When I click on the "store" on the general tab, a page "Toshiba Help & Support" is displayed.
    who gives the instructions to uninstall and reinstall the device. Uninstallation instructions are simple:

    Go to Device Manager > right to uninstall click Device > click Surdesinstaller > in the "withdrawal of the device confirm.
    Dialog box, click OK.

    My concern is with the "relocation of the device" instructions, which are:

    Close all programs > start the Add Hardware Wizard > click Next and Windows Search Plug &
    Play devices.
    If no device Plug & Play are found, a list of devices appears > click on "Add a new hardware device" > click Next > click
    "manually install the hardware that I select in a list" > click Next > in the "Common material Type" list
    Click the appropriate device category > click Next > in the manufacturers list, click the manufacturer of your
    device > in the "Models" list, click the name of the model OR click "have a disk, if you have an update or
    the manufacturer provided to install for your device driver > click Next and follow the instructions in the wizard
    to complete the installation.

    * Issues: *.

    * 1. What is "Microsoft DLS synthesizer" and what is its role? *

    * 2. Is "Microsoft DLS synthesizer" a device of internal device, as opposed to a 'Plug and Play '? *

    * 3. With respect to relocation instructions: *.
    * - what category of device "Microsoft DLS synthesizer" would be listed under? *
    * - in the list of "models", what the "model name" would be for the "synthesizer DLS of Microsoft? *

    * - for 'Disc' alternative option, where can I get/download a update or provided by the manufacturer *.
    * driver for "Microsoft DLS Synthesizer" of? *

    * - one disc 'a' Wizard allow you to select the folder on the hard disk that contains the *.
    * Downloaded (s)? *

    Note: I'm leaving the principle that the driver is corrupted so I'll have to download and install
    the uncorrupted driver.

    * Please indicate if there are any other installation information that I'm aware of.*

    Thank you very much for any assistance anyone who can offer.



    I've never heard of the Microsoft kernel DLS synthesizer and that's why I studied a bit.

    I found this MS developer site:

    It is said:
    The component of the Microsoft kernel DLS synthesizer provides the port of DMusic, content class miniport driver in the dmusic.sys file

    It seems that most of the problems with this kernel occur due to lack of SP2.
    If you have installed Windows XP you need to update the operating system to the State.
    All service packages must be installed!

  • My Satellite Pro M70 itself turns off in the middle of the secuence of startup

    My Satellite Pro M70 itself turns off in the middle of the secuence of startup

    After turning on if it passes the test post and enters the menu grub (Linux + Windows) or BIOS
    without problems, but most of the time after the start of the BONE found in the start - up, suddenly it powers off the power.

    The problem becomes bigger and bigger as punishment I can boot any operating system

    As seen on messages more soon as I cleaned the vents of CPU with a spray suddenly sure I wasn't a problem of overheatting.

    Someone has an idea of what can happen?

    Thank you

    Hmm, the laptop passes the MESSAGE correctly and it stops during the initialization of the operating system. Is this good?

    Well, in this case I would exclude the RAM to malfunction.

    I put t also think that it's an overheating problem because the laptop should work a little longer until it would be closed due to high temperature.

    What about the HARD drive malfunction? Are you sure that the HARD drive is ok?

    In my opinion, you should check the HDD and maybe try another.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro M70-113 does not start up - it hangs at the logo screen


    I have a toshiba satellite pro m70-113.

    Sometimes when my laptop turns off mode standby automatically, due to inactivity and then if I press a key on the keyboard to wake up nothing happens and I have no other choice but to it stop completely by pressing the button for 5 seconds.
    But when I restart it works well, that is to say, it starts very well.

    But today, when it is in a similar situation, I restarted the laptop, the screen move after the logo screen toshiba. I have the power on several times, but without success. It crashes just on screen toshiba logo.

    After a few restart I pressed ESC while restarting and the toshiba logo changed to the texts POST bios screen.
    And I found that the text will not go forward after having reached:
    Find disk 0:
    Maybe default feel HDD initialization...
    The captured image is here:

    Note: this is a capture when, I don't know how the system has just begun works very well and can be seen that the HARD drive is detected normally this time. While the earlier version, it will not proceed after having reached "Found Disk 0:

    So, the problem is that at the time of the problem, the hard drive was not read / initialized or something like that.

    And I remember that when I tried to reboot my laptop and it did not work. It was running on battery and when I switched power supply that worked.

    So it is a problem that has been fixed in a bet to update BIOS, but for another laptop (see laufendspass post) his link on this forum is here:

    And my current bios version is 1.1 and an update is available for v1.30... (But I have not yet updated)

    Another problem I had met some time was same this post mentions to be corrected during the update of the bios.
    i.e. "corrected: a computer that is turned on to State power and running on battery power, may crash if the user is connected to the AC adapter while it is start.»

    So, for this, all mean that these problems can be solved by an update of the bios v1.30 which is available for my Satellite m70-113?

    Please answer.

    Hi Ashish,

    The fact that the initial POST process cannot access your hard disk suggests you that there is a possible problem with the drive, maybe he is not in place correctly when power is applied to it. The contents of the disc should be OK, then I suggest you take a good backup of your system (or at least your personal data) If you manage to get your notebook to boot successfully.

    I do not think that an update of the BIOS will affect any on that since the problem does not seem to have a certain 'trigger', and if the BIOS cannot access the hard disk then no matter what version of BIOS you are using.

    Kind regards

  • Can Satellite Pro M70-199 (PSM76E) - I upgrade the hardware

    Satellite Pro M70-199: PSM76E

    How can I PUT it? (HW)

    All you can do is upgrade the RAM and HARD drive.
    If you need more space on the HARD disk, you can upgrade the HARD drive. This should t be a problem.
    The RAM can be upgraded to max 2 GB using memory DDR2 PC2-4200

    The CPU or the graphics card update is not possible.


  • Satellite Pro M70 usually power up when the AC


    I bought my dad a Satellite Pro M70 for his birthday and it was used for about 3 months. All of a sudden without any reason that it not power up if it is not connected to the AC. The battery registers itself as 100% charged.

    When on AC, everything is fine no problem.

    But when it is not plugged into the AC, it lights. When put under tension however you can unplug the AC and it will all work very well again.

    Any ideas?

    Should I try a BIOS update? or does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Thank you


    This problem appears at the beginning?
    Sounds a bit like electroninc power supply malfunction and in this case, you should always ask the service provider to Toshiba for assistance.
    Don t worry, seems, the guarantee is valid and each procedure must be done for free.

    But I m interesting if this will help you:
    Please, try to disable powerplay in the properties of the graphics card and do not set the CPU at low speed in Toshiba Power Saver mode fixed.
    Check this option.

  • Satellite Pro M70: Unable to connect to the WLan with ConfigFree

    Salvation in the Forum.

    I have problems with a satellite Pro M70, about gaining control of wireless connections.

    When I scan with "The Radar" I have ConfigFree for available wireless accesspoints, I get several points available, but it is not able to connect to one of them. I can read their status and see their marker of WEP encryption.

    When I try to connect to one of them, I get a pop-up dialog, that said (translated from Danish) 'suppliers another software is in control of the wireless network card. When you try to configure a connection through the classic way to windows, windows States that "windows is not able to configure this wireless connection - if you have another program to manage wireless connections, you must use it". I guess it refers to ConfigFree...?

    Is the unnamed "other provider" associated Windows or perhaps associated McAfee (Security Suite 2007)?

    If you are familiar with this problem or something like that I'd be please to know.

    Also - where can I enter keys for WEP encryption for my friends in ConfigFree WLAN routers?

    > Trying to make a connection through the classic way to windows, windows States that "windows is not able to configure this wireless connection - if you have another program to manage wireless connections, you must use it". I guess it refers to ConfigFree...?

    It should not be a ConfigFree. According to you, an Intel ProSet utility or a Client Atheros wireless network adapter might be controls the Wlan configuration!

    Please check if one of the two control the WiFi network tools and turn off!

    > where can I enter keys for WEP encryption for my friends in ConfigFree WLAN routers

    You should have three different tabs in the utility Configfree.
    The second device settings provides the list of devices, and you should see the wireless network connection.
    Choose and use the button network connections.
    There you should find some encryption settings!

    Also check the profile settings tab and the option called security settings

  • How to activate Bluetooth on the satellite Pro M70-220

    Hi all!

    I need help on how to turn on bluetooth on my laptop Toshiba M70-220. Please, help me on this. After a search through the many features of this machine, I can't activate this thing, or maybe it is not yet installed, but then again there is a tab for bluetooth. I appreciate all the efforts of anyone. Thank you.


    As in the previous mentioned ad, this unit doesn't support BT
    Therefore, you can use an external BT solution as a key USB BT

  • Satellite Pro S500-14Z - how to access the BIOS?


    on the Satellite Pro S500-14Z I can´t access the BIOS via F2 and can´t change the bootpriority through F12. By pressing F2 or F12 during startup, the S500 beeps and restarts. When you first start, I had access to the Bios and set the password and active supervisor module TPM. Since I have no access to the BIOS before Windows starts. Is there another key to access bios (I tried ESC, DEL, F1, INS) or how can I change the pw supervisor (I know my real password!) and disable the TPM?

    Thank you

    Hi karlS_1,

    Normally you can access the BIOS if you press F2 before Windows starts. It works with an external keyboard?

    You can change some settings in the BIOS using Toshiba HWsetup. This tool is preinstalled on your laptop and you can change the order of boot with this tool.

  • Satellite Pro A120-154 - how to remove the HARD drive password?


    I have the following problem: I set a password for the HARD drive in my old Satellite Pro A120-154 years ago, and now I want to remove or change the passowrd since I'll give you this laptop for my nephew. Instead I don't know the password, I am not able to change or remove, not with the password of Toshiba uitility program and not with the BIOS set up.

    Further I can't find any info on this in the user manual. How can I do this?

    Thanks Tino


    I found several useful documents from Toshiba on HARD drive password. Please take some time and pick up some info on HARD drive password and how it works.

  • Satellite Pro S500-10F: how to disable the fingerprint reader

    We just purchased a portable Satellite Pro S500-10 which has the fingerprint reader. Does anyone know how we can disable this facility of the laptop, we do not remove program only disable the installation.

    Thank you

    You can disable it in Device Manager. If it's not ideal, I guess you could send the laptop to an ASP to have the fingerprint reader physically disconnected.

Maybe you are looking for

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