Satellite Pro M70 - need to controll mass storage driver for Win7


I installed win7, everything seems to work ok, but in device manager it is a yellow exclamation on mass storage controller.

Can you please if I can get this driver and the name of it.

Your help is appreciated


Perhaps you need chipset driver?  :|
Check the type of chipset of your notebook and then visit the page for Intel and looking for Win 7 drivers that would be compatible with the chipset.

The Everest Home Edition is a useful tool which can help you to obtain information on the pieces of hardware in your laptop.

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  • Satellite Pro M70: Where to find the new driver for intel 915GM

    I downloaded the new driver for the chipset intel 915GM, and when I install games doesn't seem to work properly, that is to say he's going to choppy when you move the mouse over the buttons.

    If I go back to my old driver, everything seems fine. I don't mind using an old, I'm just confused why it will not work properly. The Readme file included with it just confuses me, but it says something about the installation of a patch for its hi-def?


    I have the same unit but with inside ATI graphics card. Sorry if I misunderstood something, but why you want to install driver chipset? Must the chipset driver be updated until you try to install the graphics driver?

    In any case I recommend you to use only the designed Toshiba chipset driver. It is tested and adapted for this hardware platform. I'm not 100% sure but I assume that your graphics card is with shared memory. Am I wrong?

  • Satellite Pro M70: Need of original discs and says Configfree switch is off

    1. I can't find all the original disks for my M70 Sat.Pro - of the suggestions.

    2 Configfree is installed and running, but it keeps informing me that my wireless switch is turned off. It is of course.

    Any suggestions please

    Tobi is right. Original recovery CD, you can order as a partner in your country. If you need addresses, you can find them under Downloads support &? Find an authorized service provider.

    With ConfigFree problem is very strange. Are you using the right version of ConfigFree for Satellite Pro M70?

  • Satellite Pro M70-113: cannot install Vista graphics driver and lines appears on the display


    I have satellite pro m70-113 with ati x 700 graphics card.

    When I installed vista, he installed the default drivers for the x 700 'mobility radeon x 700-microsft Corp.-WDDM '.

    I've updated the display drivers for vista, that released by toshiba 2 days back... but the driver is not updated to the latest version, only the catalyst control center is installed when I ran the update of the driver of toshiba.

    The problem is that whenever I put my laptop in standby or hibernation and resume... the screen shows thin lines vertical/horizontal... and I can't use the laptop... and I have to still put the system to sleep, just to hope that it is not blocking the screen this time...

    This problem is 25% of the time only when resume...

    This problem is not resolved by the update driver for toshiba has released a few days back... as is not installs the drivers (I can't even install the drivers with the option "update drivers" of Device Manager and select file driver update from toshiba.) It says windows find new driver, but could not install the driver... Contact the manufacturer...)

    This snap shows the problem... :

    I updated the driver from an earlier version of catalyst, as it is downloaded from the ati site before that toshiba has released the update... this time it updates some 8. XXX version but the screen problem remains...

    Second, this update of the driver leaves me not sleep my system... the process starts for a sleep, but go back to the locked screen without making sleep ever... so I have no choice to get stuck with the default Windows... drivers having only the problem of the screen... and not the problem of sleep...

    Anyone here with a solution?

    Thank you.


    I have Satellite M70-159 and I noticed the same thing several times. For most Vista works well but I don't remember cases in which the described problem occurs. I was just curious on M70 Vista and have had no time to intensive testing.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to know if you have already updated the BIOS to the latest version 5.10. If this is not the case to do this and watch carefully if the problem persists.

  • Satellite Pro M70 - connection network wireless & query Update Driver problem

    I have a portable Satellite Pro M70 under Win XP SP3 and would be very happy of little help and answers to the following problems:

    1 Wireles Internet connection problem: my laptop Satellite Pro M70-220 (part number: PSM75E-00D008G3) is an adapter Intel(r) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection, with driver version, according to Device Manager

    I am staying with someone, and I'm trying to use his internet connection through its network (WPA2) secure wireless home.
    I could connect my laptop to the wireless network, but I can not get Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to work on it.
    I tried the Intel Wireless driver update to the latest version of the driver, but got the same result, and I'm back to Driver version

    If you'd be grateful if someone could advise me on what could cause this problem and how to solve it.

    2. wireless driver update: site Web de Toshiba advised me for the two years that there is a driver update available (Atheros Wireless Driver v for my laptop, but I have NOT installed, because the wireless network adapter Intel(r) PRO/Wireless 2200BG, NOT of Atheros.

    Ques:am I correct?

    Question: Why the Web from Toshiba site recommends the Atheros wireless driver update?

    Thank you


    Hi Alan

    Can you use IE and other applications if the WIFI network is not secure with WPA2?
    You can test using WEP?
    Just to be safe because of securing WLAN.

    You are right. Your model has Intel WLAN card and if you need a new driver just visit Portal Toshiba WLAn under

    I really don't know what service or upgrade of system you are using, but if everything works well you don't need any update to date.

  • Satellite Pro M30 need to update my graphics driver


    I need to update my graphics driver for my laptop but I don't know what the hell to do. Can someone please help me out and point/show me what to do, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you

    Hi Mark

    Visit the Toshiba download pageand check if the most recent driver for your unit is listed there.

    It is recommended to use the Toshiba driver designed because of the material.

  • Satellite Pro A120: Need all drivers and the easyguard for Win 7


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120, that I bought in 2007 and I am very satisfied.
    It had Windows Vista professional, but I have recently installed Windows 7 and it is where my dilemmas has started.

    My touchpad is not working properly, its scrolling feature works, to be specified. I installed the latest driver for ALPS touch pad, but the problem remains.

    Then, when I checked the system, I noticed two devices listed and it says that there are no drivers installed for them. I can't know what devices are and where to find the drivers.
    They are here:
    1st: ACPI\TOS6208\2 & DABA3FF & 1 driver not installed!
    2nd: ACPI\TOS620A\2 & DABA3FF & 1 driver not installed!

    And my third problem is about the sets of Toshiba programs and public services.
    My laptop came with Toshiba Easyguard, with protection against theft and other programs of Toshiba, and now I've lost all. Is there a way I can get them?

    I must say that I have no intention to return in Windows Vista, if any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you all for your responses and help!


    In my IMHO the additional features of touchpad and other devices don't work correctly because the installed drivers are not designed for Win 7 and are perhaps not fully compatible with Win 7.

    Who knows if drivers Win 7 would come out for series Sat A120 we will see
    At that time I didn t find Win 7 drivers specific for A120.

    But if there are some beta Windows 7 drivers on the US page:

    Maybe you are lucky and some drivers running on your A120.

  • Satellite L300D PSLC0C - need to sound and display driver for Win XP

    Hello everyone

    I have toshiba Satellite L300D PSLC0C.
    I recently installed Windows Xp on it and now I'm not able to get the display driver and audio drivers.
    I tried after the display drivers and sound respectively, but they both failed to install
    [Display driver | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 178 & selProduct = 784 & selSho rtMod = null & language = 13 & selOS = 10 & selType = 11 & yearupl = DST & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = all Machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 4 & is lectedLanguage = 13 & type = 11 & page = 1 & ID = 63947 & DISO = 10 & driverLanguage = 42]
    [Driver sound | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 178 & selProduct = 784 & selSho rtMod = null & language = 13 & selOS = 10 & selType = 42 & yearupl = DST & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = all Machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 4 & is lectedLanguage = 13 & type = 42 & page = 1 & ID = 63958 & DISO = 10 & driverLanguage = 42]
    Also I get an exclamation with PCI device and Bus SMB controller in Device Manager. I tried following Chipset utility, but it did not work.
    [Chip Set Utility | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 178 & selProduct = 784 & selSho rtMod = null & language = 13 & selOS = 10 & selType = 94 & ADOs = yearupl & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = all Machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 4 & is lectedLanguage = 13 & type = 94 & page = 1 & ID = 63940 & DISO = 10 & driverLanguage = 42]
    I'm really looking forward to any help on this


    Because the laptop uses the ATI graphics card, you will need to install the driver of ATI graphics card. I think that you need the driver for the ATI Radeon X 1200 control some pages like and similar
    The chipset driver is an ATI due to AMD CPU driver.

    Audio driver seems to be Realtek.
    I recommend that you visit the page of Realtek and download the driver of the page.

  • Satellite Pro L100: Where to find the audio driver for Vista?


    have someone a Windows vista sound driver for a toshiba satellite pro l100?



    It seems that for L100 Vista drivers are not available at this time.
    But in my opinion it s that a matter of time when Vista for L100 drivers will be available.
    You can check this page from time to time:

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro A100 - where can I find the driver for ethernet controller?

    I recently changed my OS from Vista to XP and I'm not able to find a driver for the ethernet controller in my Satellite Pro A100 PSAAPE.

    Anyone know where I can get this driver from?

    Thank you!

    > I had already checked and cannot see the pilot
    I don't believe that. I checked the Toshiba download page, and you can see two LAN drivers for your model laptop.
    Install the latest version 9.2.24 and I think everything will be OK.

  • Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7: Where to find the driver for Win XP ATI


    Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7, I bought and it is with Vista on early. I decided to upgrade (/ downgrade) it to XP, but there is problem with the driver for graphics (Radeon HD 2600 Series).

    I can't find anywhere ati drivers (in fact I found it on the site, but on this forum that I read that Toshiba drivers are changed so that the Radeon is overheating) and I am wonderig if Vista that works under XP (I downloaded all the drivers but ati one)?

    .. and is possible to downgrade my Vista to XP Pro through Miscrosoft website (or something like that) or do I have to reinstall using my old copy (provided with the old Toshiba)?

    Sory for my English

    Is it so important to install the drivers in good condition?

    What do you mean by; There is a problem with the driver ATI XO?

    The European driver Toshiba page provides all the necessary XP drivers and tools.
    The ATI GPU driver came out too!

    An important note; If you want to install XP on this Vista machine, you must update the BIOS to the XP compatible version!

    Regarding your question about the downgrade from Vista to XP Pro via Microsoft site;

    Short answer; No this is not possible!

  • Satellite Pro M70, Possible replace the DVD - RW drive?

    I thought that in the future come lightscribe Slim DVD - RW. Is it possible to remove the build - in the disc that came with the computer, with a slim-line DVD - RW. I think the connection, it is standard on all readers optical slim for laptops, or is it IDE/SATA or something like that?

    Hi whc

    Physically, it is possible to remove all parts of the laptop. On your device should not be a problem at all. The problem is the compatibility of the player.

    Each car will not work (can not recognized correctly) on each laptop Toshiba and, in my opinion, you should check the compatibility of the player by the service partner before buying one of them. Your unit is a mobile most recent with fantastic super multi DL drive. As James said, wait and you'll see if Toshiba will be those and also compatible drivers for your device.

  • Old laptop - Pro 490 - need help with the graphics driver for Win 98

    I downloaded the display drivers, but these seem to be the same ones that Windows 98 is installed but the screen is not 'full' but just a window in the middle of the screen.

    I have also 1 device that does not have a pilot.

    Is someone can you please tell me where I can get a set of drivers for the laptop? Win98SE drivers seem to be a little short on the toshiba web site (unless I'm blind)

    Otherwise I'll have to use the recovery CD to install windows 95 and then upgrade to windows 98... do not look forward to that.

    Any help greatly appreciated


    In my view, the drivers for Win98 and Win 98SE are the same.
    But this unit is very old and Toshiba doesn't conceive these drivers more.
    I suggest to look on the sites of manufacturers of equipment. Maybe you'll find some drivers for Win98


  • Satellite C50-B-13D: can not find the driver for Win7 32-bit graphics card


    Basically, my problem is that I went from Windows 8 for Windows 7 and I can't find the card drivers, graphic corresponding

    I tried to install almost all pilots inter there, but non of them work.

    So, I would be happy if someone could help me,
    I need a graphics driver VGA standard for windows 7 ultimate (32 bit)

    Hi Emil

    I m wondering really why to install the 32-bit version if the 64-bit version is fully supported and you can find all necessary drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page.
    As you probably know, 64-bit version would be better due to overall performance and RAM usage.

    Can you please tell us which GPU Intel is in your machine? I can't find the exact model name. It must be integrated Intel GPU with shared memory.

  • Need PCI Simple Communications Controller driver for Win7 for Portege A600-122


    I put Windows 7 x 64 on my Portege A600-122 and have a "PCI of Simple Communications controller" in Device Manager. It seems that it is because the Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) driver is not installed.

    I am struggling to find it, there is a [driver Windows 7 x 86 | TYPE = FORWARD & SOURCE = SMP & COUNTRY = 242 & RQS = TRUE & MODEL = PORTEGE + A600 & SERIES = X8100601H & service = UK & LOCAL = & OSBUILD = 7600 & SUB_TYPE = SMP & OSBITSIZE = 64, & PANUMBER = PP A61E - 008008EN & ERROR = 0]

    and a [driver Vista x 86: TYPE = FORWARD & SOURCE = SMP & COUNTRY = 242 & RQS = TRUE & MODEL = PORTEGE + A600 & SERIES = X8100601H & service = UK & LOCAL = & OSBUILD = 7600 & SUB_TYPE = SMP & OSBITSIZE = 64, & PANUMBER = PP A61E - 008008EN & ERROR = 0]

    but I can not find a driver Windows 7 x 64, will make one of the above, or there at - it another link to the x 64 driver?

    Thank you


    Please, try to download and install:

Maybe you are looking for

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