Satellite Pro P100: How to activate the sound of keyboard typing

How can I turn on the audio / sounds on my keyboard so that it creates a beep or similar, whenever I have to press a button - I need this because I keep missing keys and make a lot of typos.

I tried all obvious and don't see any mention of how to do this anywhere?



I can just confirm that there is no standard option WXP and for that and you need some additional software.
Expensive chain, you are great. I really wonder how you find it. ;)

A BIG Thank YOU for your great job offers!

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  • Satellite Pro A100 - how to activate the shortcut keyboard-support on Vista?

    Hello. I've recently updated my satellite pro a100-828 to windows vista, and things work well to a large extent with two exceptions:

    1. I can't figure out how to activate the shortcut keyboard-support: media-keys to the left and the fn keys do nothing. There seems to be no shortcut keyboard-utility for windows vista in the drivers * tion. So what to do?
    2. the standby electricity utility is not available, which is good because of the power saver new vista. Except that I can't dim the screen, so the battery does not last me too long. How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards


    These problems can be solved in a few minutes. You only need the added package Toshiba. It contains the driver for the FN - key, Toshiba Power Saver and more useful tips.

    Here you can download: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite Pro U200 - how to activate the bluetooth connection

    How to activate the bluetooth connection?


    First check to see if your computer supports BT
    If the laptop supports BT, then you should find a BT tag at the bottom of the unit.
    If there is no label then your machine was not equipped with internal BT module!

    If the laptop supports BT, then use the FN + F8 key to go to the BT
    Then BT should start installation and configuration.

    For more details, see this forum and this Toshiba BT Portal:

  • Satellite Pro A200 - how to activate the new device LAN card?


    I have a Satellite Pro A200 and I replaced the card with an Intel 5100 (512AN_MMW) wireless and it detects OK and installs the drivers etc, but it does not work because he says that the switch is turned off on the front of the laptop. The switch is on I also tried pressing fn + f8, but it still does not work.

    The laptop is running Windows 7 64 bit

    Kind regards.

    Hi evo8.

    What card WLAN have you had before and do the work of a former?
    I think that it of difficult to say why it doesn t work but maybe this card is not compatible.

    By the way: do other FN keys FN + F8 work or simply not?

  • Satellite Pro A300 - how to get the sound on the TV with VGA cable?

    Hello world

    I have a real problem connecting my Satellite Pro A300 to my Samsung HDTV.
    The video works fine - I used a VGA connection on the laptop and the TV.

    The problem I have is healthy.
    I want the sound either also come from the TV. I tried a jack of 3.5 m from the headphone jack of the laptop to a red and white connection RCA audio on the TV, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Does anyone have any ideas or advice?
    I need of additional drivers, etc., or do some settings need to be changed etc etc.


    Normally, to use the 3.5 mm jack plug in the headphones, you need an adapter cable.
    At one end, it has a 3.5 mm jack and the other side to connect red and white audio RCA connections.
    Here is an example of what I mean:

    I m using such an adapter without any problem. You n t need an additional driver, or something more. It's the same as if you were using a helmet. :)

  • Satellite Pro L770 - how to activate the HDMI connection?

    I have a problem with my HDMI! I connected the HDMI cable to my laptop (L770) and my TV and TV recognized that an HDMI cable is connected. Now, I want to activate the HDMI connection on the laptop with +, but I only have the 4 following posibilities: LCD, LCD + CRT, CRT, LCD + CRT judgements.

    Who could tell me, how do I activate the HDMI? Sould I see a HDMI device in my Device.Manager?

    Thanks 4 your help.


    Hmm, in some cases the BIOS contains an HDMI output option.
    In your case, I recommend to check this.
    I have not very well if this available but it s m of a value in a control.

    But usually the Fn + F5 should work as described in the user manual... did you check that?

  • Satellite Pro A120 - how to identify the sound card


    don't know if you can help me on this one, I have more or less the same problem.
    Bit long-winded, but we broken rececently, very clever thieves, stole a number of point with my computer with disks of Toshiba bag. (LOL) the lap top was next to the bag on the desk, they left.

    Since then contracted a virus which means I had to completely format the hard drive and installed XP.

    No problem, but now I can not find the audio drivers right. Q. How can I identify the sound card on the top of the Tower?

    You n t know what sound chip has your laptop?
    On the Europe of Toshiba page you can find the drivers for this model of laptop.
    I can see that the Realtek sound card driver has been released and so I'm 100% sure that the sound chip was made by Realtek.

  • Satellite Pro U200: How to activate the license of OneNote

    My U200 came with pre-installed OneNote, but it keeps asking for a license number. It's something and it is installed but you need to go and buy a copy, or if there was a license with the PC?

    Thank you

    Please check out what two other threads on the same topic:

    You can find the registration key at the bottom of the recovery of Toshiba CD cover

  • Satellite Pro 4200 how to avoid the mistakes of the ACPI

    Satellite Pro 4200 how to avoid the ACPI errors after installing SP2 for windows XP Prof
    The problem is that my computer after installation service Pack 2 need about 15 minutes from time of shoutdown - what should I do to avoid this problem.
    Piotr Plecke

    in this case it would be interesting what Type of laptop it is exactly.

    You will find this model on the bottom of your laptop. There is a review of it.

    Some models have a Bios update available, others not, for example.

    Please send additional information!

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro P100: How to recover BONES after replacing HARD drive


    I bought a satellite Pro P100, and I want to change my hard drive
    I have the CD restored, but I think that this will not work with a new hard drive!
    What can I do to recover my windows?

    Sorry for my englich!

    Thank you

    Hey Phillipe,

    Your recovery CD works on what hard drive install you in your laptop. Are the only factors affecting the hard disk of your choice: -.

    1. compatibility of the BIOS (should not be a problem with the P100 model)
    This model mainly old laptop impact where the BIOS could not recognize larger drives.

    2 form factor
    You should make sure that the disc you choose has the same physical dimensions as your
    existing drive.

    3 speed
    Disks hard more quickly improve access times so check out 5400 and 7200 RPM. (there may be a problem
    with the generation of heat so 5400 RPM is probably better than 7200)

    The are no problem with Windows licenses as the license applies to the operating system itself and not on the hard disk on which it is installed.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite Pro P100 - how to enable Intel virtualization technology

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite Pro P100 P/N PSPA4E-00X00HEN, which I just installed Windows 7 RC.

    I desperately need to run Virtual PC 2007 (other versions do not work) on this subject, but he wants that Hardware-Assisted Virtualization allows in the BIOS (Phoenix Technologies V4.70).

    I've just updated to the latest version of the BIOS, but it didn't ease for SIAS in it.
    I checked the specifications of the processor and there is no installation of Intel virtualization technology.

    From what I've read on the internet, even if the processor is capable manufacturers on the computers/laptops, in the Toshiba case, program the BIOS to their liking which will turn on or off certain functions.

    What I want to know is, it will be another update to enable virtualization or there at - it another way to do it.

    Thanks in advance.


    To my knowledge, the use of Virtual PC 2007 does not require a virtual technology supported by the hardware (CPU).
    I have used Virtual PC and Virtual Machine on PC without the ability to VT.

    But you're right. Intel CORE2 DUO T7400(2.16GHZ) processor supports VT

    Unfortunately my knowledge the P100 BIOS does not support the option to enable/disable VT.

  • Satellite Pro L40 - how to enable the WLan using ConfigFree

    Can you help me?

    My English is bad I do not end.

    The question is:
    My computer is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 and I use the ConfigFree for the wireless, but it seems that the WiFi network is disabled.

    Help please!
    I want to know what's wrong

    Thank you!!


    Your wireless network card is recognized correctly in the Device Manager, or you may notice a yellow exclamation?
    Her check first because otherwise, you can get the WLAN to work.

    In addition, you can activate WLAN with the material on the laptop switch which must be set on and the FN + F8 key combination.
    Check it!

    After this Free Config should find your WLAN router if you are in the range of that.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L300: How to get the sleep settings

    Before you have to play with the Satellite Pro L300 laptop recently (on the instructions of the Tech) when I close the lid of the laptop that he went to sleep BUT when I opened the lid eventually, I had to press the power button to restart the laptop.

    But now, he's just on stand by.
    How can I get this back to how it was (having to press the button to exit stnd - in)-help!

    I tried to turn off Toshiba power saver and using the windows settings but nothing
    I have treid working :(

    Can anyone help?

    I get at the end of my home with this computer laptop blinkin :(

  • Satellite M35X-S163 - how to activate the touchpad scrolling feature?

    How to activate the functionality of scrolling on the touchpad of my laptop Satellite M35X-S163?


    The touchpad scrolling feature can be enabled in Control Panel > mouse.

    You'll find the option but don t forget that the driver for the touchpad should be installed and you can find it on the Toshiba site:

  • Satellite Pro U400: How to configure the VLAN for the Marvell Yukon LAN control.

    Hi all
    I need to access the 2 VLANS with the controller LAN Marvell Yukon 88E8072 for my Satellite Pro U400. I installed the necessary Configuration utility network Marvell tell me after installation, VIRTUAL local network settings must be mounted in the Device Manager (Windows 7, right click on computer, properties, click device/network management adapters/double on Marvell Yukon 88E8072 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller), I can't find a thing to configure here but wake-on-LAN.

    Any suggestion? Thank you!



    I think that in this case, you can use a network switch.

Maybe you are looking for