Satellite Pro P300-1AY does not see wireless networks

I have a Satellite Pro P300-1AY and the unit does not see wireless networks.
I replaced my card and it does not solve the issue.

I set up another type of card and those who work well, it is only when I get an Intel 5100 (512AN_MMW) the unit does not see any network.

I use win XP. Any idea?


You have the latest version of the BIOS?
If this isn't the case, then you should first update the BIOS!

The latest version of the BIOS is on the European driver Toshiba page and it can be modified running Windows OS.
As far as I know, you must use 2.5 or later version BIOS.

Check it!

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  • Satellite Pro P300-156 does not illuminate

    I've had this laptop for 2 years, it was working fine this morning and I pressed the power button to turn on the sleep mode. I went back to the laptop a few hours later to turn it back on and the power light lit for about 2-3 seconds, then came out and nothing happened. Whenever I press the power button, the same thing happens, the light appears for 2-3 seconds then turns off and the laptop does not start. This produces both with the power adapter connected and disconnected. When the power connector is plugged the adapter power light and battery light comes on.

    Does anyone have any idea can be what the problem is or if it can be fixed?

    Thank you

    Disconnect the power and remove the battery. Leave it for a while and try to start the laptop with AC power only.
    Please let us know what exactly happens when you try to turn on your laptop.

  • Why Satellite L300-10 q does not recognize wireless network

    This new laptop works well on a wired LAN but does not recognize a wireless local area network. Received the message no network found. In the same room with another PC laptop Toshiba the wireless LAN is located and has good signal strength.
    The wireless LAN switch is on and the 'antenna' pictogram led burns red.

    Seems that it is not configured for detection. No idea how to solve this problem?


    You´re sure you checked all THE settings? I mean, if the local wired network works and the wireless is enabled, you need to check all the parameters available that could be done. One idea would be to check the L300 on another access point to make sure that the problem persists on different brands of wireless routers.

    Please check this first and make sure that your settings are all on "automatic" so if you do not find the reason, come back and we will try to find another solution.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro P300-1AY: Vista does not display computers XP network group

    On my show w Satellite Pro P300-1AY with Vista, my old XP computer is not always displayed in the list of working groups.
    On my old XP computer, I still see the new Vista computer

    Can you tell me why the Vista computer not always displays the XP computer in the network group?

    On the commputer of Vista, I traced a directory on the XP computer and it will connect even though the task force list does not show the XP computer under the list of networks


    Have you disabled the firewall on the XP computer?
    Maybe a 3rd party security software is blocking it.

    Check the registry and go to:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE es\lanmanserver\parameters
    In this case don't Scream no entry with the name of Hide.
    If you have such an entry, delete it.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro P300-1AY - screen and keyboard issues

    Satellite Pro P300-1AY

    First and most importantly, I suspect that the backlight may have gone in my laptop screen.
    If, for example, it's just something simple like a loose connection, this is an easy solution?

    Otherwise, no idea how much it would cost for a replacement?

    Secondly, I switch to a different keyboard layout.
    Anyone know where I can find a Belgian AZERTY keyboard for this laptop?

    Thanks x

    > First of all and above all, I suspect that the backlight may have gone in my laptop screen.
    > If, for example, it's just something simple like a loose connection, this is an easy fix

    Hmm. Maybe it's s inverter a FL. The FL inverter is a small part that controls the screen backlight
    Generally disassembly laptop procedure is very delicate and looks like you've never disassembled the laptop so I would not recommend to do anything which could damage the other parts get in touch with a local ASP and ask for help.
    Usually the FL inverter should not be expensive pieces but I have no idea on costs

    > Does anyone know where I can find a Belgian AZERTY keyboard for this laptop?
    and once again all spare parts can be ordered from local ASP.

  • Updating the BIOS is dead the satellite Pro P300-1AY

    Hi all

    found this forum and really hoping that he can help me!
    I bought a satellite Pro P300-1AY two years ago, it cost me £900 nr so I thought it would be worthy of a purchase.

    A year ago the USBs stopped working, I do it every working solution I could think of anything will do, finally gave up and learned to live without USBs!

    However, a few weeks ago, the laptop at the start stop, I didn't get was the black screen. Probably a video problem I did all the memory check hard drive everything else, however, it was only an intermittent problem, I found if I he tilted on the side she would begin, another thing to live with!

    But two days ago, I heard that if I've updated the BIOS, it could solve all my problems. so I went to the Toshiba site, found the BIOS updated and downloaded, but to halfway through the installation, the laptop froze and I couldn't t he put it off and had to take the battery out to turn it off!

    And ve you may have guessed, he's now won t start. Even its worst, LED lights, and if I put a disc in the cd I can hear it whirring, but that s it.

    Is - this irreparable? I ve heard of priming of the cd with the original BIOS with a combination of keys or I'm hoping against hope?
    Ty for your time in reading :)


    > Is it irretrievably? I ve heard of priming of the cd with the original BIOS with a combination of keys or I'm hoping against hope?

    Well, usually the BIOS could once again be reflashed, but you would need a traditional version of the BIOS update.
    This version is available for Toshiba FSA.

    So you will need to get in touch with a local ASP technician that could reflash the Rom BIOS module.
    Eventually, after this update the specifications would be stable.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A200 - 23 c does not see the 2 GB Memory Stik Duo

    For me for laptop Toshiba Satellite A200 23 C. I

    t does not see memory card 2 GB Memory Stik Duo. I changed operating systems that did not help.

    All devices to see this card but on my laptop is not present.

    Other maps of working memory. How it can be a business.

    If possible, write in Russian and in English not absolutely understand that.

    Thank you

    First of all in this forum, you can post only in the English language. Other languages are not tolerated.

    Back to your question;
    Have you checked if your laptop Satellite A200 - 23 c supports this type of card?

    I ask because not all cards can be used in the slot of the card reader!

    As far as I know this laptop supports:

    -SD Card 8MB - 2 GB
    -SDHC 4 GB card
    -16MB - 2 GB xD Picture card
    -Memory Stick 8 to 256 MB
    -Memory Stick Pro 256 MB to 2 GB
    -MultiMediaCard 8 MB - 1 GB
    -miniSD (with SD adapter) 32 MB - 2 GB

    The Memory Stick Duo is NOT supported!

  • Satellite P300 and Win7 - cannot see wireless networks


    I have Toshiba Satellite with Win7x64 and I bought on eBay an AR5008.

    If I boot Linux I can connect to wireless networks.
    However if I boot in win7 that I can't even see wireless networks. If I run diagnostics I get the radio is turned off.
    Even with ConfigFree I get the same message, even if the switch on the front of the laptop is on.

    What can I do? I tried all the drivers!


    Normally, you can enable or disable the WLAN connectivity by using the equipment and the FN + F8 key combination switch.
    Did you check that?

    I guess for the FN + F8 key combination you need value-added package. You can download it on the Toshiba site.

    Last but not least, works WLAN with preinstalled OS from Toshiba?

  • Satellite Pro C660-1NQ does not detect the WLan network

    Hi guys,.

    We have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-1NQ here that does not at all, detect the wireless network
    I checked the Device Manager and the wireless card does not show here.

    I tried scanning for new hardware, but nothing was found. I tried to turn the wireless off tension with the function and the keys F8 but not yet showing in Manager devices or any new hardware...

    Any ideas as to what I can try next?

    See you soon,.


    It seems that the laptop would support the Wlan Atheros 802.11agn card.
    Usually the Atheros Wlan card must appear in Device Manager as on the menu network cards.
    If it s not appear do not then I recommend that you install the WLAN driver which can be downloaded here:

    Choose the Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter Windows 7 (32/64) or newer
    I hope this helps to detect the WiFi chip!

  • Satellite Pro M70-113 does not start up - it hangs at the logo screen


    I have a toshiba satellite pro m70-113.

    Sometimes when my laptop turns off mode standby automatically, due to inactivity and then if I press a key on the keyboard to wake up nothing happens and I have no other choice but to it stop completely by pressing the button for 5 seconds.
    But when I restart it works well, that is to say, it starts very well.

    But today, when it is in a similar situation, I restarted the laptop, the screen move after the logo screen toshiba. I have the power on several times, but without success. It crashes just on screen toshiba logo.

    After a few restart I pressed ESC while restarting and the toshiba logo changed to the texts POST bios screen.
    And I found that the text will not go forward after having reached:
    Find disk 0:
    Maybe default feel HDD initialization...
    The captured image is here:

    Note: this is a capture when, I don't know how the system has just begun works very well and can be seen that the HARD drive is detected normally this time. While the earlier version, it will not proceed after having reached "Found Disk 0:

    So, the problem is that at the time of the problem, the hard drive was not read / initialized or something like that.

    And I remember that when I tried to reboot my laptop and it did not work. It was running on battery and when I switched power supply that worked.

    So it is a problem that has been fixed in a bet to update BIOS, but for another laptop (see laufendspass post) his link on this forum is here:

    And my current bios version is 1.1 and an update is available for v1.30... (But I have not yet updated)

    Another problem I had met some time was same this post mentions to be corrected during the update of the bios.
    i.e. "corrected: a computer that is turned on to State power and running on battery power, may crash if the user is connected to the AC adapter while it is start.»

    So, for this, all mean that these problems can be solved by an update of the bios v1.30 which is available for my Satellite m70-113?

    Please answer.

    Hi Ashish,

    The fact that the initial POST process cannot access your hard disk suggests you that there is a possible problem with the drive, maybe he is not in place correctly when power is applied to it. The contents of the disc should be OK, then I suggest you take a good backup of your system (or at least your personal data) If you manage to get your notebook to boot successfully.

    I do not think that an update of the BIOS will affect any on that since the problem does not seem to have a certain 'trigger', and if the BIOS cannot access the hard disk then no matter what version of BIOS you are using.

    Kind regards

  • "SHIFT" on the Satellite Pro C660 key does not work

    G ' Day,.

    I have a little problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro C660.
    Unfortunately I had to remove the keyboard and thus dislodged the
    fragile plug to connect to the computer.

    The 'Shift' key refused to work since. All other keys work as usual.
    The only problem is the 'Shift' button does not.
    I tried to gently move the plug but made no difference so now have to
    Use a USB keyboard.

    Can you please help with suggestions for this problem?
    Thank you for your time.

    See you soon,.

    I really put t know what you think when you know that there is no connection for each unique key, but for the entire keyboard.

    To be honest I ve changed keyboard several times but never noticed this problem.
    Are the two SHIFT keys off function?

  • Satellite Pro L50 - A does not illuminate


    I took a few steps on this forum but no luck so far...

    My L50 - A Satellite Pro was working fine up until yesterday, but today, only it just won't turn on. A small orange led light appears when I connect to the power cable...

    That's what I've done so far-

    1 power cable removed
    2. using a needle, pressed force shutdown (stop) at the bottom for 10-12 seconds
    3. then I pressed the start/power button on the front for 60 to 70 seconds
    4. I have connected the feeder and then to new press button start / stop at the front for 60 to 70 seconds

    Yet the laptop does not start!

    any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Hmmmmmm... It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Have you used your computer laptop usual ot, you might update something?
    In general, there are steps that you did which could be responsible for your problem?

  • Satellite Pro M10 PS630E does not start after upgrading CPU

    I tried to install a new processor for my Toshiba Satellite Pro M10-PS630E.
    He initially has a 1500, I tried to put a 1766.

    I follow the maintenance manual, later the computer change is not star upward.
    When I connet to power it show that the luminous power of orange/amber color and make 5 flashes, then 3 and then restart blinking.

    My question is "is it posible to do a reset of the bios parametrers" or "reset the CMOS?
    Is it possible to get it working again.


    The flashing light means that it has detected a hardware problem on the motherboard!
    Perhaps you have used a wrong CPU and is not compatible.

    Perhaps the BIOS does not support this processor and therefore this flashing error code appears.

    What say you can't update the BIOS! First of all, that's not possible since only focused on the victory of BIOS is available for download. You must run the Windows operating system to update the BIOS.
    Secondly the update of the BIOS won't help you with this problem!

    You must use a CPU that is fully compatible!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro U300 OS does not recognize PS/2 Port TouchPad

    I have a similar problem.

    My system doesn't recognize that the PS/2 Port TouchPad exists on my Satellite Pro U300. He acknowledges that it no longer works but when I go to Control Panel then mouse it does not appear in the list of devices.



    I m do not know what problem describe you exactly.
    Do you mean that your notebook computer touchpad no longer works, or did you mean the USB mouse?

    If you mean touchpad, so you should try to reinstall the driver for the touchpad.
    The European driver Toshiba page provides Synaptics touchpad drivers series Pro U300 for Win XP and Vista.
    But generally the operating system should automatically recognize the touchpad and touchpad should work even using the common internal Windows driver.

  • Satellite Pro - Win7 - Msg does not


    Pro has 2G memory 40 GB of storage

    I'm having endless problems with the Win7 "Not responding" message in various applications. Laptop gets slower and refuses to open programs after about 3 hours. Have to reboot after a few messages not only respondents, also I have to restart.

    Sometimes the problem not responding in Outlook Express, it removes the mails. Not nice.

    All over the web people have similar problems. Bought new Pro and click on ok for a few months and then the aging began.

    Have Toshiba go an anser?

    Thank you


    Hello, Charlie

    Can you please tell us what laptop Satellite Pro you have.

    As you can see at the top of the page, this forum is the forum users, so here you can discuss with others who own Toshiba laptops and want to share opinions and experiences. Here you will not find an official statement.

    Back to your question: you're right, many people have the same problem, and many other different problems, including problems with the laptop is slow. My opinion is that in most cases people have not powerful enough laptop, they don t have optimized operating system, and in general there are a lot of different things that make the laptop slow.

    I put t know how you use your laptop, are you still using original OS that you got with your laptop and what settings do you use and it is not easy to say what the problem is here. Your laptop with 2 GB of RAM is not the fastest, so I would like to know have you tried to optimize the operating system.
    Have you disabled certain applications at startup?
    What antivirus application do you use?
    Windows updates are set to automatic?

    Many background activities can slow down your laptop or be responsible for certain conflicts.

Maybe you are looking for

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