Satellite Pro R50 - B - 12 p - how to activate the bluetooth Assistant

Does anyone know how to turn off the bluetooth on a Satellite Pro R50 - 12 BA Wizard?

If I uncheck and apply the "enable bluetooth Assistant" box, the box is always reticked when I log in.
How can I keep it unchecked permanently?

PS, I learned by warranty Toshiba that I would have to pay to get the software support for this problem.
So I buy a laptop for my school, download the provided faulty drivers and have to pay for repair?

Come on Toshiba.


Are you using the Windows 7 system?

If so, I think that Bluetooth is displayed in the list of applications that will be always loaded during system startup.
You can disable this in msconfig.
In RUN, type msconfig. Then switch to the Startup tab.
Search here for Bluetooth a uncheck the brand.
Now restart the system.

By the way: software issues not covered by the warranty.

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    First check to see if your computer supports BT
    If the laptop supports BT, then you should find a BT tag at the bottom of the unit.
    If there is no label then your machine was not equipped with internal BT module!

    If the laptop supports BT, then use the FN + F8 key to go to the BT
    Then BT should start installation and configuration.

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    I think that this problem could be solved by the BIOS updated.
    Please take a look on Toshiba European driver page and download the latest version of the BIOS.

    I read here in the forum to the similar topic with another series of notebook and the BIOS update does work.

    Good luck

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    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

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    Set the WLAN switch on position (orange WLAN led should be LIT) AND then use FN + F8 key combination to activate the BT module.

  • Satellite Pro R50 - B Series 10 Windows shutdown problems

    Hi out there!

    I wanted to just inform you on an enoying but reproducible BUG:

    Toshiba Satellite Pro R50 - B series:

    You must disable the Intel Management Interface in the Device Manager in the contrary case, the computer laptop didn't shutdown completely / Standbymode will not work.

    Question (Bios V1.4 - Intel ME 11.00.1166):

    Work more than 30 min. then try closing. Screen goes blank - but the LED on the stay before the fan stays on until the battery is completely discharged. Or try to go to sleep mode. Even the stop.

    Just disable Intel ME Manager of year Windows devices you fine.

    Waiting to hear from Toshiba - I m a reseller, so the same problem exists on > 10 notebooks here.

    Best regards, Bernhard

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem with my Satellite Pro R50 and Windows 10.
    Just installed the updated Toshiba Win10 drivers, but not a solution.
    Help, please!
    Best regards, Oliver



  • Satellite Pro R50 - B - 10 K - RAM upgrade

    Hello everyone,

    I just want to know if the back of the satellite Pro R50 - B - 10 K gives access to the Ram and maybe to HD without opening the machine.
    Thank you in advance for your answer.


    Unfortunately this model does ram or hard drive to the cover on the underside, so if you want to have full access to two hardware components, down the cover should be removed.

  • Satellite Pro R50 - B - feature touchpad does not work

    Hello guys,.

    I have a problem with the touchpad of a Toshiba Satellite Pro R50 - b pssg1e - basically, I can move the cursor, but I can't use it to scroll or anything else.

    I encountered this problem of first on windows 8.1 and I thought he was not yet a driver for the touchpad. Now, I have installed Windows 7 64 bit and still the same problem. Idon't understand the problem, I installed all the drivers from the Web site, including «touch pad driver made by Alps» Electric

    In Device Manager, the mouse is recognized as just a Ps/2 compatible mouse. And in the mouse settings, I did not advance tab where I can activate additional functions of the touchpad.

    PS. the touchpad is enabled, so no, the solution is not fn + f5.

    Thank you in advanced!


    Laptop Satellite Pro R50 - B should support the touch pad with gesture function.
    In the 40 user manual page, you can find information about the movements that are supported (tap, pinc ir stretch and two fingers scrolling).

    Two fingers scrolling present works as follows: place two fingers down and drag them vertically or horizontally anywhere on the touchpad. This allows you to use the window scroll bars.

  • Function keys do not work on satellite Pro R50 - B


    I've owned only my laptop a few months now and have not been able to find why my "key service" do not work

    If anyone has had this problem and how can I fixed that

    Thank you


    Posted by david radish

    I've owned only my laptop a few months now and have not been able to find why my "key service" do not work

    If anyone has had this problem and how can I fixed that

    Thank you


    I have a satellite Pro R50 - B preloaded with Win 7 Pro.
    On the bottom row of the keyboard the second key to the left is a FN key.
    Press and hold the FN button active the function keys on the top row.
    I think that's how its supposed to work.
    If you cannot use the function keys, it could be linked to the FN key.

  • Touchpad not working not not on Satellite Pro R50 - B - 10 G

    G ' Day

    I installed Windows 10 Pro on Satellite Pro R50 - B - 10 G and the Touch Pad and the function keys don't work no more.

    I turned around & around this problem bloody without any success


    I'm a crazy old man & no free self-taught

    Thank you for your time


    You have installed all available Win10 updates?

  • Screen with Satellite Pro R50-B-14U problem


    I was just given the Satellite Pro R50-B-14U pc.
    After I upgraded from 7 to 8. 1 and I did the updates Toshiba/windows screen randomly goes off, then on again after a second at intervals of about 1/2 hours.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall the video drivers, but the problem persists.

    How can I fix it?
    Thank you.

    According to the specifications of the laptop you original Win8.1 DVD facilities, so I assume you are using for the installation of the OS.
    Have you noticed these problems immediately after installing the OS or later after the installation of updates?

  • Satellite Pro R50-B-12U - cannot start some application

    I have a new laptop Satellite Pro R50-B-12U. When I put in place, I gave my name and my password when you are prompted.
    I installed HMRC PAYETOOLS-RTI, but cannot enter it as a box arrives with 'You may need to check if you are allowed access to the following location on this computer' assistance please contact the manufacturer of your computer or your COMPUTER person support.

    I don't understand why I get that I have not set up a separate administrator and user.
    There is only me. I can use the program without any problem on my old laptop.

    Please help a user computer very not warned!

    This application is not known to me, but I think you should check the application developer / support manufacturer page how to install this software...

    It seems that there is a location on the HARD disk that is not available for a common user...

    But generally, you can start each application with the admin rights.

    Right click on the exe file and in the Security tab, you will see that access to the right for all users of accounts available on your laptop.

  • Satellite Pro R50-B-12U and memory update


    I have a Satellite Pro R50-B-12u with 4 GB of RAM.
    I bought a 4 GB of additional RAM stick but can not see how adapt you it.

    My last Satellite Pro had a memory of flap at the back, but everything I see on the back is about 20 screws but no flap!

    Can someone please help me or point me in the right direction?

    Thank you in advance.



    Satellite R50 does not separate memory Bay.
    The memory modules and slots are hidden under the hood.

    To have access to modules, the cover must be removed.
    But I wouldn't recommend doing this because it would negate the warranty!

    I guess that your warranty is still valid and in this case only the authorized technician must perform these updates to keep the warranty valid.

  • Installation of recovery on Satellite Pro R50-B-107 image


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B-107 and I just had to wipe the hard drive, now I'm wondering, how to install windows from the recovery disk?
    I can't find such an option, just cleaning and repair opportunities.

    Greetings, disconnected!

    You want to install WIN8.1 64-bit you got on DVD?
    By the way: you created a Win7 version recovery media that you got as a pre-installed operating system?

    If this is not the case, do so before you do anything else.

Maybe you are looking for