Satellite Pro U200-> black screen after startup


It happens from time to time when I try to start my PLUA1E Satellite Pro U200-02802QS4, then I get a black screen even from the BIOS.
What is wrong and how to fix this?

BTW, I already have this BIOS version: P0044v370.exe installed.


This happens from time to time?
This means that you can not reproduce this problem?

Hmm that's not easy to say what the issue might be.
Maybe the BIOS update will help you at the moment you can find BIOS 3, 7 victory on the European driver Toshiba page.
If you have a lower BIOS version installed, then I recommend an update.

It is also possible that this problem is related to some of the material; motherboard, screen, etc.
In this case the part should be replaced but first of all it of necessary to know what part is affected and I think that the technician of the ASP for this

What do you think???

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  • Re: Satellite Pro A200 - black screen after the BIOS screen

    I'm new to the forum and have a big problem. So, any help is welcome and appreciated.

    My Satellite Pro A200 turns black after the BIOS screen and a black screen with a blinking cursor. Also just as the screen goes black a beep can be heard which shows windows boot.
    I can access the toshiba Setup screen but not the installation of security mode.

    Kind regards


    You wrote that you can access the BIOS, but have you checked if the HARD drive is recognized properly? Perhaps because the computer cannot start HDD isn't recognized then you should check this.

    If the HARD drive is recognized, I would try a Toshiba Recovery disk recovery facility. It seems that Windows isn't able to start and if you reinstall the whole system should help get rid me of this. Go to the start menu and select the CD/DVD drive as a boot device.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite C660D 15F - black screen after startup

    Satellite C660D 15F

    Hi guys,.

    I have a big problem with my laptop. When I started to-go from sleep - two days ago I heard the computer starts normally but the screen remains black. No mater how many times I tried to restart, the screen shows nothing, no message no picture. The normal operation of the side light remains on but the keyboard lights stay offshore. I can hear the computer normally (the fan etc..).

    I tried to hit SHIFT F8 start buttom on the first night, and the image was on the first attempt when I started the machine and everything seemed normal again! The next few days, I got a black screen once more and the case never worked again, no matter how many times I tried.

    Can someone help me please get out of this mess? Has anyone had a similar problem? How do solve you?

    My machine is now exactly four years.

    Thank you very much for your ideas! I really need to access some files on there!


    Disconnect the power and remove the battery. After doing this press the power for 30 seconds about and try to reset your machine. Leave it for a while and try to start with power current only.

  • Satellite L500-1XJ - black screen after startup

    We have a portable Satellite L500-1XJ that our 3 year old got to and pressed the buttons on the key board. Now when you turn it on the screen gives aflicker then rest dark.
    I tried FN + F5 and FN F7 to see if it was passed to the external screen or brightness was rejected, but makes no difference.

    Do you have advice as to how I might be able to solve the problem?

    > Now when you turn it on the screen gives aflicker then remains grim. I tried FN + F5 and FN F7 to see if she was reactivated on the external screen or brightness was turned down but
    > makes no difference.

    It looks like serious problems with the related material to the mobo (vga). You can access Bios at startup, or the display is just dark? External monitor is connected to the laptop?

  • Persistent black screen after startup on Satellite Pro A210 (PSAFHE)

    Need help, need advice on how to solve a persistant problem with black screen after put into initial service.

    Initially its fine but after the initial Toshiba of the screen just goes black, and the rest in this way, the PC stays on. Have you tried F8 options but all result in the same.

    Help please.


    You can access the BIOS by pressing F2?
    Boot from a boot as Recovery DVD disk?

    If both is not possible, I'm afraid you have a serious hardware problem m.
    In this case, I get just speculate on the affected parts. Maybe his problem GPU or motherboard who knows

  • Black screen after startup - Satellite A105-S4334

    It gives me black screen after the display of the logo just after the appearance of the cursor and nothing I can do except hold the button 'Disable' of windows, and then restart again, it shows the menu to make it start in safe mode... network mode... normally or lastest know good windows start...

    When he starts for the second time it works very well, he does it all the time and now I'm reinstalling windows for the 2nd time (factory State) any solution or explanation for that matter?


    It is not easy to say why this is happening. Have you standing connected an external device, such as USB, printer or something similar?

  • Satellite Pro U200 - no sound after installing Windows 7


    I have a problem with sound after installing Windows 7 on a (PLUA1E) satellite Pro U200. No Win7 audio driver available on the Nordic pilot site. Help, please.


    Hey Buddy,

    Have you already checked the site Web of Toshiba itself?

    I found a driver for Vista 32 bit and Vista drivers most also work on Windows 7 so it s worth a try! :)

  • Corrupt BIOS V5 531 Acer black screen after startup, f2 and f12 also. Repairable?


    Yesterday I tried to install Win 7 if I could play D & D Neverwinter on Arc after using * nix systems study (looking to start a career as an administrator). I had plugged into a power strip that was, unbeknownst to me, turned off and I went to make coffee and watch some news. When I came back to check the progress of my laptop was powered off and since then I havn't been avle start without being blocked at a black screen after the start page of the bios. The f2 and f12 also leads to a black screen, I can not change the boot device or enter the bios Setup.

    Is - fixable at all? For example, is the a key-combo, I can use it to restore from a backup bios? Or, do I have to bring in a technician who can install a new chip bios or flash this old some how? Or did I brick pemanently my device?

    V1.22 is what you want to be part of a unit of Windows 7.

    The problem is if it crashed during the upgrade process, it will take some special tools clearly on the chip on the MB and recharge it with a new BIOS. I would contact your local support team to see what options are available.

  • Black screen after startup for 30 sec as if my network is enabled.

    So my problem is that I mentioned above. If I disable my router with its button to completely close and bad to start the computer, my PC starts in 5-7 seconds.

    If I turn on my router my PC goes black screen after the loading screen logo of blue windows and wait like 30 sec or sometimes 1 min, before sharing the login screen.
    I tried to make my static rather than dynamic, same IP occur.


    Thanks for the updates.

    Did you check with the router manufacturer to see if the firmware updates are available for the same?

    Since the problem started once you have this connection, you must get in touch with the ISP or router manufacturer to check the issue.

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

  • After logging on my Satellite Pro only black screen and the cursor are visible

    I have a windows vista pro (PSAASE-00G004GR) satellite after turn on and typing the password for windows vista, the screen goes black but I see that the cursor moves & because it seems that the hard drive also works in th background, but I can't see anything except the mouse cursor , I tried to boor with other options (LAST WORK safe MODE KNOWN FEATURES... etc) but it's still the same only black screen and the cursor...

    I do not prefer the product cause of my data recovery on this subject, any ideas?


    You have the Satellite Pro A100 PSAAS hmm if you want to save your personal data, I recommend to remove the portable computer HARD drive and try connecting it to another computer via an external USB HDD controller. These cases of 2.5 HARD disk are not expensive and you can buy it in every store of the computer.

    Then you could try to recover the laptop delivered together with the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    But wait; have you tried to connect the laptop to the external display?
    Check it!
    Maybe you could see something on the second screen.

    I think that this procedure could be useful to clarify what s wrong.
    To me this question looks like a small little dysfunction of the FL inverter.
    In this case the installation of the new operating system will help you not to solve this problem.

    But who knows the verification is necessary to find what could be wrong.

    Good luck and bye ;)

  • Satellite Pro C660 - black screen and a cursor flashing during startup

    When my laptop start, after it shows the press f2 or f12 and then from windows, it goes to a black screen with the cursor blink.

    The lights are on at the front, but there is no activity on the hard disk, such as the indicator light does not blink.

    Need help. Thank you.

    I think that your HARD drive is dead.
    You need to replace the HARD drive with a new 2.5 SATA HDD.
    Replace the HARD drive and install the OS by using Toshiba recovery disc.
    I hope you ve created one in the past

  • My Satellite L505D goes to a black screen after startup

    It seems to boot up properly and everything. It starts Windows 7 and goes to the user selection screen, but since there is only 1 user, it only says: Welcome to the loading circle. But when he tries to load the page office or home or whatever you call, all that happens is the mouse.

    I can move the mouse normally, my anti anti-virus pop ups see the place if necessary. On my last attempt to try to solve the problem, I got my user to open the file, but has happened automatically. I tried taking the battery twice thing. If any ideas on why the screen just looks like a black screen and the mouse visible.

    PS: I use the keys ctrl + alt + del function to get these options appears.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to understand why all this is happening, but what you can try is to start the operating system in safe mode and roll back the OS to an earlier time to see if it works.

    Can you please try this and post comments.

    Do as a first step. Later, we see what can be done.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - black screen with a blinking cursor


    I'm new to the forum and have a big problem.
    So, any help is welcome and appreciated.

    My Satellite Pro A200 turns black after the BIOS screen and a black screen with a blinking cursor.
    Also just as the screen goes black a beep can be heard which shows windows boot.

    I can access the toshiba Setup screen but not the installation of security mode.

    Kind regards


    Please go into the BIOS settings and check if the HARD drive is listed there.
    The blinking cursor is a typical sign of a malfunction of the HARD drive.
    Eventually the HARD drive is dead and you need to replace it and reinstall the operating system.

    Good luck

  • Coke spilled on Satellite Pro A100 - black screen & flashing light


    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro A100, and this morning my daughter spilled coke top.
    It was not much and it only seems to be on the top of the screen (as the laptop was closed)

    However it was a bit on the keyboard and when I opened it it seemed to be a crackling sound from speakers?
    I turned off and unplugged the power outlet and it was built next to the radiator for the last 4 hours,
    I tried it again now and it started, there were still crackling and then the screen went black, but the 'on' will Flash blue, the capslock flashes as are the other two on the keyboard.

    Is it buggered or is there anything i can do to fix it?

    Any help would be apprciated.


    My laptop couldn't t start because my girlfriend accidentally spilled water on the keyboard.
    The laptop turns off and I was not in a position of power upward again.
    Whenever LED books went ON and after a few seconds the laptop stop again.

    I thought that the motherboard was dead, but I tried to replace the memory modules first and bingo!
    One of the modules has been defective.

    I replaced it and the laptop turned on properly.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite C660D (PSC1YE) black screen after BIOS update

    I tried to update my Bios on my Satellite C660D portable (psc1YE) last week (big mistake).

    Something went wrong during the update and now when I power on I just get a black screen (LEDS and fan).

    After reviewing, the conclusion is that I damaged the BIOS that must now be blind flashed.
    So I got the hand on a 512MB memory stick, formatted using FAT through windows XP and used Wincris to create a startup disk after you have added the file bios.rom (renamed Bios.wph) which I extracted the last update of the BIOS on the Toshiba site.

    My memory stick has three visible files on it, Phlash16.exe, bios.wph and minidos.
    I plug laptop with battery, DVD player and power disconnected to stick, and hold Fn + B re-connection cable cable, turn it on.

    The fan whirs at full speed, and the USB lights up and flashes then for a minute, as if being read. No matter how long I let on, the fan will continue whirring and the USB is on and when I unplug and put in still works a black screen.

    I tried different sticks, (up to 4 GB with FAT32 format), programs of different startup (for example, the HP utility) drive but still no luck.

    Can someone tell me what I do wrong? I tried to look for a newer version of Phlash16 just in case that was the problem, but can not find one any where (mine is version 2008)

    All advice would be greatly appreciated even if it's just to tell me that I'm wasting my time because the pc is not repairable.

    I can't tell you if you waste your time or not because I n know if the motherboard ROM module is OK or not

    In most cases, it should be possible to reflash the ROM module using the BIOS crisis disk but this disc is available to authorized Toshiba service technicians and as much as I know reflash this methods is not always the same

    However, in some cases it might be possible that the mobo could not be fixed by disk crisis, it would be the worst case

    I recommend you to contact a certified maintainer Toshiba to check guys would be able to use the crisis disk and could test whether its possible to reflash the module ROM
    Is it not would be not possible well in this case you would need new motherboard :(
    But lets hope do ' t you need...

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